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Originally posted on Musings on Whatever: Funny how Filipinos remark, “It’s like you’re not in the Philippines!” when referring to beautiful places. Like Batanes which is compared to New Zealand because of its rolling hills, and some areas are even dubbed Marlboro Country by foreigners. I’d say it’s the Bhutan of the Philippines, not because…

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Our home is where we can do crazy stuff without causing damages to others. Here are 5 dangerous things we see inside our homes.

  1. Exotic pets

Imagine you’re feeding your pets – 8 Piranhas to be exact, and you accidentally dropped your 40 year old, probably a thousand dollar worth wedding ring inside the tank, how will you suppose to get it? How about you noticed your Goliath Bird Eating Tarantula got out of its tank and above is your very rare parrot? Do I have to mention your gaming room’s Xbox have some sort of a green shoe lace-looking chord mixed up with other cables and your pet Green Vine Snake is not where he used to hang out? If you can’t find the snake in below’s photo in the middle of your game, you gotta ‘abort mission’, Dave.

find the snake

  1. Electronic Time bomb

You left your battery charger plugged-in beside your bed and sudden all night away from your house. What do you think will happen next? Electronic devices such as headphones and cell phones have batteries that overheat and might explode on over-charging state. There are many reports about exploding over-charged gadgets that burned down houses because like these.

  1. Poking your phone

Not long ago, a smart phone like the ones you have on your pocket right now needs a thin stick like pointer called “stylus pen”. It is used just like a pen on a phone’s screen unlike today where phones recognizes almost anything even the owner’s finger as its pointer. But it is also not long ago when experiments were conducted regarding what will happen if you continuously poke or accidentally squeezed your phone. It also explodes – Because any device with built-in battery can explode.


  1. New and improved Hover Boards by ISIS

Ah, yes – Another improvised explosive. Have you seen the news about ISIS selling the mainstream hover boards sold in the internet? Many people have reported their Hover Boards exploding after charging days after they received it from online sellers, and the authorities are expecting to receive more complains as the demand of Hover Boards around the world increases. So if you already have these boards in your house, don’t forget to yell Allahulakbar before riding these explosives on wheels.

  1. Onions left open in the fridge

Yes, ladies and gentlemen. Left over half onions is as dangerous as eating bread with molds. Onions are proved to attract bacteria even by just cutting it open. The bacteria will breed on the onion that most likely is the one to blame in stomach problems and sicknesses. Even if you put it on the fridge inside a sealed bag, the moment you cut it open it’s already contaminated.  Unless it hasn’t reached the time of its spoilage and you cooked it like crazy, you’ll probably be okay. I think chopping and putting it in your mayonnaise raw is not a good idea.


Nothing in this world is safe anymore. Even a tiny piece of dust can irritate your eye forever. What I’m trying to point out is that we should take care of ourselves. Remember: Do not fear the technology, but improve it to make our lives better. Nature has its own way and never predictable. And be careful pulling out something like a half of onion from the fridge. Stay safe, buddy.


Common misconceptions caused by LAG


Have you ever been doing something with your computer that’s so much important and relies in the internet then suddenly…BOOM! LAG. Now that I’ve think of it, maybe that’s the Hulk’s secret for staying angry.


If you’re playing, you’re dead. If you’re researching, it becomes unresponsive. If you’re replying, the typing stops. If you’re surfing, the browser crashes. In effect you break the hardware, could have opened the task manager dozens of times, your hypertension goes on the top of the roof, and worst, you’re thinking that other people connected to your internet has something to do with the LAG you’re experiencing right now.



Now, let me stop you there. First of all, I know what lagging feels like. Second, the people connected to your internet (if you happen to be using Wi-Fi) are also experiencing the same situation as you are and therefore could have nothing to do with the LAG. And if they do, thinking and plotting something against them is absolutely not good.

A LAG is a situation in which the person or object is experiencing delay of movement, progress, or development resulting to not keeping pace with others. If you’re in an online game, a lag might cause you drastic unpleasant effects. Hardware over heat or limited RAM could also be a reason for lagging. It can burn your patience in seconds causing a person to snap and react in such harmful ways. Some people would even suspect the ones connected to his/her internet. You might be smiling with guilt but I’m telling you, false judgment is already there.


If you find it funny now, you may continue reading. If you’re getting pissed off, I suggest you choose a different article like ‘Angry Management’ topics because the following lines will certainly make you feel embarrassed.

  1. Thinking they’re Downloading

Again, they may not or could be doing this when you lagged. If you don’t own the internet and just connecting, remember whatever you are doing online with your computer right now might be the one to blame for getting all the bandwidth or bps (bytes per second) causing your computer and other connected computers to lag. If you own the internet, just remind them not to download when you’re playing or doing something important.

  1. Thinking they’re intentionally jamming your internet signal

Of all the misconceptions, this could be the worst. You’re blaming somebody for intentionally jamming your signal when you’re lagging. There are many reasons for weak internet connections: there are rain storms that can tear down cables and knock down power lines, there are walls like the diagram shown below, and there’s the excessive massive intake of data of a device. Whatever the reason is, thinking they’re intentionally jamming your signal is not the best way to end it.


  1. Thinking they’re turning the Wi-Fi router off

It is true that when your internet is weak, restarting your modem is one solution. But a person restarting it intentionally just to aggravate you is completely wrong. They could be doing that because they’re having the same problem as you and restarting the modem is their way to fix it. Think about it, you might have done it too without asking their permission.


  1. They’re updating all their online applications at the wrong time

Some software and applications automatically download and update whenever they are connected to the internet. You might blame the people in your house for ruining your play time by intentionally updating their apps in the wrong time. And what if you checked those peoples’ devices and they’re not doing what you’re expecting?  Maybe it’s your devices that are updating. And if no device is updating, then there are other reasons why you’re lagging.

  1. They’re watching porn

It’s always believed in computer rental shops that whenever the game is lagging, the master server’s opening sites that are somewhat malicious. Porn sites have tons of ads that bombard the IP Address which could overload and affect the computers and devices around it that are connected to the internet. This one is something that you should find out.

  1. They’re live streaming.

Live streaming of video via internet could consume massive amounts of data to keep the video playing, buffering, and to load all the suggestion videos and advertisements. They might be doing that, but I’m sure it’s not to annoy you. In this situation, if you really think what you’re doing is more important than what they’re watching, telling it to them settles it.


Sometimes it’s the internet connection itself, not the Wi-Fi signal. Most people think that the signal bar has something to do with the internet connection. The signal bars actually signifies the connection strength of your device from the Wi-Fi Modem. If you’re sitting close to the Modem / Router but your internet is really slow / weak, the result is much the same as when you’re far from modem but your internet is good.



So, before we start thinking something bad, calm down and approach the people or the modem nicely. Most things are not settled with brute strength and fight. People around you could be having a tough day or rushing something important too and they were troubled by the internet like you. Instead of thinking misconceptions, why not fix the problem together?

Top 6 most stunning smart phones of the modern century


You must’ve watched the ‘Transformers’ movie, right? There’s a scene in which the power of The Cube that enables to transform a machine into a mechanical life form, was channeled into a cellphone inside a sealed box and turned it into a spider-looking transformer. Well, humanity hasn’t get there yet. But don’t worry; I’m sure you’ll be thrilled of what our Smartphone manufacturers have accomplished so far.


Here are the top 6 most stunning Smart phones created so far.

Before we get to the list, let me give you a short lesson about a Smartphone. A Smartphone is a mobile phone with an advanced operating system which combines features of a personal computer operating system with other features useful for mobile or handheld use. The first ever Smartphone ever invented is called IBM Prototype Simon introduced in 1992. For kids and young-at-heart, if you think that a Smartphone is originally made for playing games, no. Its original purpose aside vocal communication is to make a pocket-sized laptop. Thus Personal Digital Assistant (PDA), also known as handheld PC was born.


Today, there are hundreds of Smartphone designs and units all over the world. Almost everyone is using Smartphones as part of their daily lives that certain jobs even require their employees as ‘must-haves’. There’s an invisible push that keeps a person stay socially connected to everyone. And these phones’ development can also be characterized, depending on the user’s preference.

  • Slim

Imagine a smartphone so slim, it can cut like a blade. Nah, I’m just exaggerating things. The slimmest phone is not a concept anymore. The slimmest phone in the world so far is the Vivo X5 Max measuring only 4.75 mm thin compared with your traditional iPhone 6 with 6.9mm. Other smartphones like iPhone 7 ultrathin is still a concept

toughest phone.gif

  • Extra Strong

Now that we’re done with the slim competition, let’s move on to toughness. There’s a smartphone that can be used as a hammer and this time I’m serious. The Oppo R5 was nominated as the world’s strongest phone. Its promotional video also shows how the smartphone breaks a watermelon. It’s unbelievably strong and deadly. Beats the former world’s strongest phone Nokia 3310 by simply being used as a hammer –nailed it.

  • Made of Blocks

Yes, like Leggo bricks. Most gadgets were thrown away as soon as a vital part gets broken but not really the whole gadget. This results to greater e-waste increase. As the e-waste goes higher thanks to our phones, organizations made an idea of how to gradually reduce e-waste. They made a phone where if one part gets broken, all you have to do is detach the part and replace a new one. You can now improve or customize your own smartphone. Phone Blocks had the concept and finally made a prototype.


folding phone 2

  • Flexible screen phone to tablet

It has all gone to this – a flexible screen. Smartphone companies have been thinking a way how to make people understand not to sit on your smartphone. Well, they found a solution – bend the phone. Samsung has finally made a phone with flexible screen and body. Now you can bend your smartphone without breaking it.

  • Phone on wrist

Many smartphones have adopted the idea of safety. Texting and calling your friends with your smartphone totally exposed to the public can get yourself in danger. So to avoid this, they put their phone on their wrist. While there are smart phones that look exactly like a watch with its strap and side buttons, there are these bending phones. After successfully producing a flexible screen, Samsung now created a flexible body smartphone. It wraps on your wrist like bangles and still works!

bending phone.gif

  • Projected on Arm

This is some next level stuff. There are many smart watches made but Cicret is so far the best. Why? Because your phone is projected directly to your skin, and you can even access/tap it. By simply twisting your arm, it activates the Cicret projecting your phone. It’s waterproof, functions like normal phone, safe on skin, and now in mass production.


There’s nothing wrong with being hooked-up with these cool gadgets but always be reminded that smartphones made the world smaller, but not necessarily closer. Interaction with real people is still important. sometimes, you have to turn your phone off and talk not like a robot but a real person.

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Lindsay1. Slip into your favorite dress and post a sexy selfie on Instagram. When he sees all of the “likes” from guys that are desperate to get with you, he might finally realize what he’s lost. 2. Resist the urge to call him out on social media or post mopey song lyrics about your breakup. Instead, post…

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12 Common Phobias that Filipinos have


Thanks to these personality quizzes of the internet, I discovered that I have a mneomophobia – a phobia which I got from my past traumatic experiences. What’s so surprising is that this phobia is not as uncommon as phobias like arachnophobia (the fear of spiders) and coulrophobia (the fear of clowns) because unfortunately, we all have traumatic memories. Even you might have this phobia.


Phobia is a type of anxiety disorder, usually described as a persistent fear to certain objects or situation. People with phobias will go to great lengths to avoid these objects or situation of their fear. Phobias sometimes run in families providing evidence of genetic connection, and may develop as a response to pressure or following traumatic events.

There’s no doubt that the Filipino people have gone through many challenges in life as what you learned from textbooks. We are colonized by many races, always in the middle of the war, became slaves and living in fear. You might be thinking these things happened in the history has nothing to do with your fear. No. A famous blogger and urban explorer once told…

“The fear and superstition always hides a bigger true story.”

-R. Joe,


  1. Heirophobia – Fear of Priests

Thanks to our dear adults, some kids are now more afraid of priests than the wound they told us where those priests will come out. Remember those moments when you accidentally fall down and hurt your knees, then your parents will scare you that a priest will come out of that booboo? Luckily for most 90’s kids who have recovered that this idea is stupid and funny nowadays.

  1. Siderodrophobia – Fear of Trains

If you think priest is not hardcore enough to come out of your fresh untreated wound, wait until your aunt say “hala ka may lalabas diyang tren!” (There’s a train coming out of it)…seriously, a train?? There are other reasons for fear of trains across the globe but if you happen to stumble upon someone scared of trains coming out of his/her wound, that person absolutely spent his/her childhood only in the Philippines.

  1. Mastigophobia – Fear of Punishments

This is the exact reason why Bantay-Bata 163, a Philippine non-profit children welfare organization is made.  I don’t know how foreign people discipline their children but most Filipino kids were taught one thing: Behave or get punished. When we break the rules…or break essentially anything in the house, we simply get punished. Your mother will now open her ‘choose-your-weapon’ options and select the right whipping equipment from hangers to slippers, and cooking spatulas to your dad’s favorite leather belt.  You name it; she’ll hit you with it.


  1. Xenophobia – Fear of Other Culture or Foreigners

Fasten your seat-belts because I’ll be bringing you back to your most hated Philippine History subject. Textbooks say Filipinos is a combination of three main races: Mongoloids that become Astronesian People, Malayo-Polynesians from Malay Archipelago, Negritos. Then enter the Pre-colonial period come the Hispanic settlement, to the late modern of World War II where migration from neighboring asian nations and warring forces is in large scale. Americans continued to protect and hold Philippines from international threat such as the Japanese Invasion and later become an Independent Country. With these colonial settlements, our history is a roller coaster ride of freedom and slavery. No wonder why some elders never watch Japanese TV shows.


  1. Metathesiophobia – Fear of Change

When you allow someone enter your life, you expect change. And for some who thinks their life is on the right track, letting anyone to enter and disrupts it will be the last thing their list. Metathesiophobia or Fear of Change is the most probable effect of Xenophobia – Filipinos who were taught that colonizing forces must be respected and followed or else…mastigophobia. It made a drastic change to our culture which is not entirely ours in the first place (again based from our history) and caused anxiety to some Filipinos. They would most likely use the term patriotism.


  1. Virgivitiphobia – Fear of Rape or being Raped

While Philippines is under Japanese invasion, women feared something else than death –Rape. Japanese soldiers were accused to slaughter Filipino men and rape their wives and kids. Women would jump to their deaths than to be a sex slave for the rest of their lives and it isn’t funny. For some Filipina survivors who were raped but not killed suffer from extreme trauma that they would freak out when you simply touch them and some doesn’t response at all. They’re must be around 80 years of age right now. Reminds me of what my American friend told me before, “Everything in Japan is sexual.” I never believed him. I never do.

  1. Mnemophobia – Fear of Memories

As the example I gave you earlier, mnemophobia is anxiety phobia you get from your childhood or early memories. When we remember something embarrassing, painful, or unpleasant experience, we (because I have this) would react or flinch. Mnemophobia is the fear of memories by remembering the past events. People having this phobia tend to forget things like Alzheimer’s and like most phobias, will anything to avoid the object of fear.

  1. Phasmophobia – Fear of Ghosts

I really think people in general are afraid of something unexplainable such as ghost. I mean when you’re alone in a hallway and you start seeing things that are too hard to explain, your senses will either tell you to response quickly or stare. Ghosts and other scary stuff outside are just things our elders used to scare us when we were little. But the truth is they scare us so that we don’t leave the house at night because back then, when you were caught in the dead of the night, death is just one of the options. Ghost stories grew as the theatre slowly evolves with technology.


  1. Claustrophobia – Fear of close places

Hanger whips, knees on salt, belt and butts are common disciplinary actions of your parents. But if they’re too strict, they would lock you in an empty dark room; Worst, in a small empty hard box. The space isn’t air-tight but enough for you suffocate with fear and your own tears, letting your imagination kills you inside. Honestly speaking, I’ve been locked in a dark room twice as my punishment. It’s almost funny that when were kids, we’re so scared that we forgot that the room has its light switch, and suddenly stopping to cry will make our parents worry and open the door.

  1. Ekrixiphobia – Fear of Explosions

War-shock – a veteran would suddenly go crazy, hurting people around him with just a sound of pop. Ekrixiphobia is a bit different. Explosions are too devastating. It can even wipe a small town with a single shell. Some parts of the Philippines have under-gone severe battle damages from World War II that you can even dig some live and undetonated explosives like bomb shells and ground mines. An explosive can cause severe shock to a victim and may grow into a phobia.

  1. Gerascophobia – Fear of Growing Old

When some kids whishes to grow old, some fears it to happen. Growing old means finding a job, more responsibilities, getting weak, and dying. Some kids are too unprepared and dependent that they wanted to stay that way. Yes, the personality of it is annoying but treatable and can change. Its phobia version in the other hand is something that we people should understand.


  1. Gerantophobia – Fear of the elders

When you’re too afraid with your grandparents in a severe way, you might probably have this. Again, it could be an influence of someone older than you or of your environment. Your grandparents’ wrinkled face and white hair are also contributing to make a scary monstrous imagination. Horror movies like ‘The taking of Deborah Logan’ and ‘drag me to hell.’

It is proven that all people have a phobia. Some even have 3. So before we judge people from their actions and attitudes, think first; maybe the guy is suffering from something. You’ll never know if you share the same phobia as his.


In addition, most Filipinos are not afraid of spiders. Nope, we don’t eat them like our Thailand neighbor but we capture  and play with them. like a cock fight.


15 Best post-apocalyptic fiction movies of all time


It was prophesied and proven wrong for so many times. It was called many names in all religions and sects. Some say it has already begun in many forms and many ways while others don’t believe at all. Most people are both fascinated and at the same time, afraid that day might come yet we exercise our expectations by making stories and films.

Some of us love to watch these kinds of films to give us a quick head start of what Apocalypse would really look like and what can we do to survive it. We imagine ourselves in the shoes of the main character answer the question “If I’m in his/her situation, what would I do?” And these movie leading characters answers the question for you as the film goes.


Before we go down to the list, let me explain the relationship between Disaster films to post-apocalyptic fictions. Disaster films are a film genre that has an ongoing disaster as its subject and primary plot device. Most of these movies don’t get a sequel since the ending could either only “the end of everything” or “new beginning”. The 2012 disaster film titled ‘2012’, for example, didn’t get a sequel. Who would’ve wanted a 2nd end of the world anyway? Unless it ends with a cliff-hanger. Post-apocalyptic fiction is a genre which involves global catastrophic risk that could be natural, man-made, medical, or imaginative.


There are lots of disasters to post-apocalyptic films created in the history of Hollywood but I selected the most watched and famous films that became once a blockbuster. Remember, these films are depicted on post-apocalyptic setting or what we call “the aftermath.” Some of these movies have a glimpse of the past right before the apocalypse started.

  • Zombieland

Nope. Zombieland is not some sort of wonderful theme park dedicated to the undead with people wearing zombie costumes. No. Zombieland is more frank than that. After a virus turns most people into zombies, the world’s surviving humans remain locked in an ongoing battle against the hungry undead. Now for the 4 survivors Tallahassee, Columbus, Wichita, and Little Rock, the world has still little fun to offer by enjoying the little things as they try to survive.


  • Shaun of the Dead

Yes, the funny way to survive. Once again, Simon Pegg proved his brilliance in making a masterpiece out of a movie. Shaun of Dead could be the funniest post-apocalyptic zombie fiction film. It is about survival, alright. But Shaun and his friends combined with lively (mostly from the band Queen’s) music makes this film a less-serious and hilarious way of surviving a zombie apocalypse.

  • World War Z

The only movie where you see zombies making pyramids to get over a wall or reaching a flying helicopter. If ever a zombie apocalypse happens, I would pray it won’t be the same as in World War Z. Zombies there are so extremely fast. They can run fast, jump high, and form a Zombie tsunami. You would never guess how the U.N. Investigator Gerry Lane (Brad Pitt) solved this global catastrophe.


  • Resident Evil Movies

This could be the most popular zombie apocalypse movie ever created. Although the first movie of Resident Evil is a story right before the virus hit the cities which is not post-apocalyptic, watching the film gives you the idea what the main character, Alice (Mila Jovovich) is facing on the next sequels. Resident Evil films will give you a thorough idea of what “extinction” is about.


  • 28 Days/Weeks Later

28 Days/Weeks Later is a zombie apocalypse movie that features its characters 28 days and weeks after the viral outbreak in Great Britain. Here’s to keep you on track. 15 days later, Mainland Britain is quarantined. 28 Days later, the first movie, British mainland has been destroyed by the rage virus that can infect a living host in seconds. 5 weeks later, infected people died of starvation. 11 weeks later, American stepped into London to give aid. 18 weeks later, the British mainland is declared free of infection. 24 weeks later, reconstruction begins. And the sequel movie started 28 weeks later.


  • Mad Max

There are 4 basic needs of man: air, food, shelter, and water. But after humanity embraced greed with oil for economic gain and power, other natural resources rapidly depleted and turned the whole world thirsty for water. In this post-apocalyptic film, water is gone. It’s unclear how it happened so fast but one thing is certain, people started killing each other for water.


  • Waterworld

In the other hand, if Mad Max is about a world of endless sand dunes, Waterworld is a world full of…well…water. In this film, nature once again, retakes every land and drowned it with salt water. Maybe the sun gets finally tired of trolling people with extreme heat so it just decided to melt the glaciers in the north and south to end it with a global endless swim. Score to Darwin Award-winning humanity, some people finally adapted and evolved in his drowning environment. The main character that’s only known as “the mariner”, developed feet webs and gills making him able to breathe underwater. He will then meet a child with a map on her back and help the search for the legendary “dryland”.

  • Maze Runner Trilogy

Finally, humanity successfully destroyed the ozone layer making the ultraviolet rays scorched earth for eternity. But you will only learn the truth on the trilogy’s first film ending scene. After escaping the deadly shifting halls of the maze, the protagonists will find themselves in a world devastated by heat.


  • Divergent Chronicles

It is clear that in this movie, humans are the ones who destroyed themselves. A world-war broke, nuke missiles fly, most of the population and major cities wiped, and then there’s peace. To ensure the prevention of another conflict, humanity is divided accordingly. The problem is whenever a system is introduced, there’s always somebody who could either be against it or too great for it.

  • I Am Legend

A genetically re-engineered measles virus that’s supposed to be curing cancer turned into a lethal strain that killed 90% of those it infects, mutates the 9% into predatory, with the only remaining 1% immune. Robert Neville (Will Smith) is one of those immune.


  • 5th wave

If neither we humans nor nature will bring us to heavens, aliens would probably be the ones to send us there. . 1st Wave – The aliens hit humanity with an electromagnetic pulse that killed all the power on the planet; 2nd Wave – Earthquakes that resulted to giant tidal waves; 3rd Wave – Weaponized Bird flu or a form of Ebola virus outbreak; 4th Wave – are the “Silencers” or Aliens that looks like humans; The 5th Wave is bombing every city via mother ship.


  • Edge of Tomorrow

Edge of Tomorrow is a looping post-apocalyptic story of Major William Cage (Tom Cruise) who lives right after dying, finding himself stuck on time, fighting invincible aliens, but giving him the chance to reshape his future.

  • Wall-E

A cute anime movie from Pixar. Human waste cannot be controlled and the only way for humanity to survive is to leave the earth and find a new planet, leaving the garbage AI robot Wall-E in charge of cleaning the garbage left by humans. In time, Wall-E will meet an advance rover named Eve and eventually fell in-love with her. Wall-E’s adventure begins when he found the last plant and puts it in a shoe.


  • Terminator Chronicles

Terminator story is much like the Matrix but with different ending. Man created machines, and then machines turned against their creators. Man fights back and wins the war. But humanity’s fate is certain, “man will win against machines” and the stories of each film is to ensure the future will happen.

  • Matrix Trilogy

“And man said, ‘let there be light’ and he was blessed by light, heat, magnetism, gravity, and all the energies of the universe.”

If the beginning of the end really exists, the Matrix’s story is what I believed in to be closest to reality.


“Then the man made the machine in his own likeness.”

The Matrix world is so complex that it will take me another article to explain. We are now in Post-modern Information Age of our time-line; we have created machines to satisfy our wants and even made machines with Artificial Intelligence that can decide. We are not far from creating a machine that looks, think, and moves like us humans. In the Matrix, machines learned to disobey orders and retaliate against their masters. Thus Humans vs. Machines began, explained in The Matrix’s side story ‘The 2nd Renaissance’ of the ‘Animatrix’ film.