Know your Halloween

Imagine yourself suddenly chosen to name each Halloween costume that is inside the room to win a trip to your dream vacation. Can you name them all or is it bye-bye to your dream island get away?

Let me help you name and identify 20 of the most notorious Halloween character of all time:

  1. Bughuul – commonly known as “Boogeyman” has its most recent and frightening version thanks to the movie ‘Sinister’. You can tell he’s the Boogeyman by looking on his weir face. boogeyman.jpg
  2. Slenderman – is a super tall, super skinny, pale, bald, and faceless man in a suit with long arms. slenderman
  3. Davy Jones – is often mistaken as “the flying dutchman” because of the cartoon ‘Spongebob squarepants’. Note: Flying Dutchman is the cursed ghost ship. Davy Jones came from sailors’ idiom “Davy Jones’ Locker” – The depth of sea where dead sailor and shipwrecks go. If he doesn’t look like a captain, then probably he’s just another pirate.davy jones.jpg
  4. Banshee – or the wailing woman can’t be identified by the looks. A ghost lady is just another ghost until she constantly screams while crying. Then you got yourself a Banshee. banshee.jpg
  5. Wendigo – If today’s Christmas and you saw a costume of a standing deer in Christmas robe, then that’s a Krampus. but since it’s Halloween, that person on reindeer horns is a Wendigo – a Canadian folklore. wendigo.jpg
  6. Yuki-Onna – When you find a lovely lady wearing white kimono in the middle of snowy blizzard, that’s gotta be a ghost. The difference of Yuki Onna from a random Geisha is it’s plain white kimono outfit with extremely white skin and long hair. yukionna.jpg
  7. Stingy Jack – You probably know him as the “pumpkin king” or “Jack of the Lantern”. Stingy Jack is the very reason why people lit carved pumpkin lanterns on Halloween. Stingy Jack based on folklore, tricked the devil twice and forever searching for home as a lost spirit. Trivia: Stingy Jack lit a Turnip, not a pumpkin. stingy jack.jpg
  8.  Dullahan – The headless rider of the movie ‘Sleepy Hollow’. Dullahan appears to be a headless rider who beheads people in European folklore. dullahan.jpg
  9. Baba Yaga – is distinguishable than a normal witch. Baba Yaga came from Slavic folklore. An old lady that flies in a mortar and wields a pestle. baba-yaga
  10. Mary Tudor – is the real name of Bloody Mary, the ghost you call in the mirror. There’s a more challenging version where you taunt Mary by saying “I stole your baby, Bloody Mary”. Bloody Mary is more…well…bloody than a normal ghost white lady. bloody mary.jpg
  11. Sadako – is also distinctly different from a normal white lady ghost. She’s the japanese ghost who leaps from a well, comes out of your TV, and kill you in a horrible way after watching her cursed video giving you 7 days to solve it. She has that long black messy hair and stunning (literally) killer eyes. sadako.jpg
  12. Kharon – is different from Grim Ripper/Death. Kharon is the boatman in the river Styx who agrees to be your ride in exchange of gold coins. charon
  13. Kuchisake Onna – is more scary than her seasonal cousin Yuki Onna and porbably The Joker’s other wife. Kuchisake Onna which means Slit Mouthed Woman wears a decent outfit and flu mask which hides her slit mouth. She offers a chart of question and answer whether you die or live slit-mouthed. kuchisake onna.jpg

The highlights of #SenateHearing this September so far

The highlights of #SenateHearing for September so far

At least, before the month ends; here are the top 12 most memorable moments of #SenateHearing


  1. Herbert Colangco and the company. One of the trending videos of September is Herbert Colangco and other witnesses’ harana for De Lima.


  1. Cayetano’s theory of plan B of LP. Reporters flocked towards Cayetano after a fierce debate inside the hearing. His statements summed his theory of the previous administration’s plot against the current administration.


  1. De Lima’s link to drugs inside bilibid prison. Now that’s something unexpected from a former Department of Justice Secretary.


  1. Breaking news: The death of Tony Co. Just recently, a riot broke in New Bilibid Prison with high profile inmates Tony Co found dead. Vicente Sy, Peter Co, and Jaybee Sebastian injured all in Building 14.


  1. “Extra Judicial Feelings”. And who would have forgotten the former Senate chairperson’s viral sex video?


  1. Pacqiao’s 1-2 punch against De Lima. Points to People’s champion.


  1. De Lima can’t stand anymore. De Lima left the hall while Senator Cayetano is still doing his privilege speech saying she would also do her own privilege speech on the next day. Her screenshot face is priceless.


  1. De Lima out, Dick Gordon sits on the chair. Sixteen senators voted to oust De Lima and was replaced by Senator Dick Gordon the new committee chairperson. His funny interludes makes the session hall .


  1. Trillanes vs Cayetano. Cayetano schooled Trillanes about “half-truth”


  1. Senator Trillanes’s remarkable attitude of turning a fellow colleague microphone off while he’s speaking.


  1. De Lima’s emotional breakdown on her press conference.


  1. The tale of Edgar Matobato. Probably the best unforgettable moments in Senate Hearing.


‘Your Name’ : The twist and turns


Warning: Spoiler Alert


After ‘5 Centimeters Per Second’made us cry and unconventionally hate trains, the writer Makoto Shinkai, did it again with his new Anime movie: ‘Kimi no Na Wa’ or ‘Your Name’ with the animation of CoMix Wave Films and distributed in by Toho. Was premiered at the Anime Expo 2016 convention in Los Angeles, California on July 3, 2016, and later premiered in Japan on August 26, 2016.


I just can’t move-on of how ‘Kimi no Na Ka’ adds a whole new color on the commonly switching-souls story. The twist is so comprehensive that most viewers didn’t even notice what’s been layed by the writer even from the very beginning of the movie. Putting theme songs as to-make-the-story-short is also a new flavor.

It has full of twists and turns that will make you finish the movie but still asking how it happened. To help you, here are some hints that will summarize the whole story even if you don’t finish it.

Un-surprised grandmother
Ever wonder why the grand mother is not so surprised when her granddaughter Mitsuha acts differently every other day? It all goes way back from her ancestors. Mitsuha’s ability of switching soul with another person is a normal phenomenon on her family.


Taki on rooftop
                Ever noticed why there’s a scene on the start where Taki’s outside watching the comet Tiamat as it splits, but the place seem different when he tried to call on Mitsuha on the night that the comet will suppose to pass the earth? He’s on top of a footbridge or some sort. Why? That’s because the scene where Taki is standing on a rooftop is three years ago. Their timeline is not same. That answers the question why didn’t they just exchange numbers so they call on each other every day.

Photos on the wall
Taki noticed a photo of Mitsuha’s town ___ on wall of memorabilia in the middle of his date with ___ at Photo Exhibition Nostalgia. Well yes, the photos hanging on the wall are the photos of Mitsuha’s town before it was completely devastated by a natural disaster.


The string on Taki’s wrist
The mysterious red string on Taki’s wrist that he’s wearing every morning is actually the ribbon on Mitsuha’s hair. How did it happen? Coz it’s not Taki wasn’t the first one to think that he should meet Mitsuha on her place. Mitsuha, 3 years ago, tried to find Taki. And guess what, she found him inside a train. She even tried talking to him but Taki doesn’t remember her. Why? Coz Taki’s suppose to experience the switching three years after.

The News
The news of the incoming comet Tiamat is only shown on Mitsuha’s time, indicating that the phenomenon only happened three years ago.

2 comet craters
The 2 biggest hints I saw in this movie are these two giant craters. The lake is almost perfect circle, and just few kilometer hikes from this town is another crater. That means this area is actually a drop zone of meteorites ever since. It came to me when I saw the second whole they called the body of Miyamizu Shrine’s god. And this actually scared me because from that moment I knew there will be a third meteor strike like it always do every 1200 years.


And boy! I was right. As Taki discovered what really happened, he suddenly realized that Mitsuha is in the undamaged shrine crater near town. He decided to drink Mitsuha’s sake and was given a chance to rewrite the future but will forget everything slowly and that’s how he turned the whole tragic story into a new chapter.

The feeling you know the person but you can’t remember the name, a story we all can relate with.


Why Matobato’s story too good to be true

We all know that when a story is too good, you should ask yourself if the story is true.

Just recently today, a man named Edgar Matobato surfaced to be a witness for Extra Judicial Killings case in the Senate Hearing. The 57 year old self-proclaimed Davao Death Squad(DDS) member told Senator Leila De Lima everything he knows that he can remember and share for the public.untitled1

But as the interrogation gets deeper, the story seem to be more and more too good to be true. Here are some points that will give you hints that Edgar Matobato’s statements are nothing but hearsay.

  1. No basis. No evidences
    Mentioning names, places, and events are easy.
  2. Suspect Dead
    After confessing two of DDS’s members “Joel Tapales” and “Loloy Gabas”, he also said they were double-crossed and killed.
  3. Sali-who?
    Matobato mentioned a name “Sali Makdum” who’s apparently not in Google as searched by GMA News.


  4. Alligators
    Yes, he said they fed someone to alligators.
  5. Miraculously Alive
    After depicting DDS’s actions almost heartless for killing swiftly almost anyone even the ones they don’t know and the ones who doesn’t fight back, he’s the only one who’s tortured for 1 week for the reason that he’s retiring and still alive.
  6. Yes-man
    frequently saying “Oo” (yes) whatever Senator Leila De Lima asks.


  7. “What-are-you-saying?” face of Bato
    General “Bato” Dela Rosa doesn’t even know who this guy is.
  8. The details
    As Senator Leila De Lima ask questions, the story gets more detailed.
  9. Duterte was there
    Started a story how his team attacked and over-killed NBI Agent Amisola and suddenly, Duterte came and emptied two magazines of Uzi to this “Amisola”.
  10. Bravery Bias
    Bravely mentioned names involved with killings but can’t mention the person brought him in the hearing.

Senyales na kinain ka na ng sistema

Nakatanggap ka na ba ng komentong “Kinain ka na ng sistema, bes”? Kung oo, wag ka matuwa dahil bukod sa senyales ito na lalayuan ka na ng kaibigan mo, pinaparating pa niya sa lahat ang pagiging mang-mang mo.

Ano nga ba ang ibig sabihin pag sinasabing “nilamon ka na ng sistema”? Oo, nilamon na nang tuluyan. Past tense. Sila yung mga taong hindi lubusang alam ang nangyayari sa kasalukuyan ngunit nakikisali sa kadahilanang ito ay uso. Madaling malaman ang mga taong ganito dahil madalas napapatunayan ang pagiging ganito ng isang tao base sa pino-post nila sa social media sites gaya ng facebook at twitter. Kapansin-pansin ding binabase nila ang kaalaman nila sa isang trending base lamang sa maliit na empormasyong napadaan lang sa newsfeed nila.

Wag ka mag-alala, heto ang ilang mga senyales na tuluyan ka na ngang nilamon ng sistema:

1. Sheep mentality. Ito ang pinaka-obvious na senyales. Dito nagsisimula ang lahat. Isipin mo ang sarili mong kasama ang grupo ng mga taong hindi mo kilala at sabay sabay silang nagtaas ng kaliwang kamay, itatas mo rin ba ang kaliwang kamay mo?

2. Hindi ka nahuhuli sa uso. Ginagawa mo yung mga trending kahit di mo lubusang alam ang pinanggalingan o dahil nito. Kung nag-vape ka dahil uso at palusot mo lang na dahil mas healthy ito kaysa totoong sigarilyo, sino ang niloko mo? At kung ito man ang totoo mong dahilan, paki-iwasan nalang ibuga sa mukha ng tao. Hindi ho nakakatuwa.

3. Hindi mo alam yung pinapasok mo.Sige ka lang ng sige. Dahil socially accepted akala mo maganda o tama na? Hindi mo alam yung pinagkaiba ng tama at mabuti. Hindi mo alam pinaglalaban mo. Para kang si De Lima, me-ma lang.

4. Hindi mo nagawang mag-gwiyomi dati at pinagsisihan mong hindi mo yun. Yung usong-usong gwiyomi video na nag-pulbo ka pa pero hindi natuloy kasi pumasok sa kwarto yung ate mo at nahiya ka.

5. Hindi mo man nagawa ang gwiyomi, sinigurado nagawa mo na ang mag snap chat sa pagkakataong ito. lahat, ultimo aso nyong nananahimik sa tabi nilagyan mo ng caption.

6. Kasama sa budget mo ang Starbucks. Dahil daw feeling sosyal talaga pag may hawak kang venti sized mocha frappe. Binanggit mo ba ang nasabing produkto like how their barista say it upon getting your order? choz!

7. Araw-araw kang nabibiktima ni Scroll-down. Madalas din ito tawaging “nilalamon ka na ng scroll-down.” Lalo na kung kelan kailangan mo na talagang magtrabaho at saka mo naisipang sumilip ng”bahagya” sa Facebook mo…and scroll down, scroll down, scroll down…(repeat forever)

8. Speaking of forever, sino ba namang hindi nakaka-alam ng sikat na #WalangForever? Hanggat wala namang naire-report na namamatay sa sikat na hash-tag na ito ay hindi ito matatawag na delikado. Ang pangit lang, yung malakas ka mag-sabi nito pero wala pang 1 week ang break-up nyo ni bae, e may bago ka nanaman.

9. Yung iba naman, suporter ng #WalangForever pero may kasintahan. Kung tinatanggap mo ang mga katagang ito in a literal way gaya ng kung paano tinatranslate ng Google ang salitang “Kinain ng Sistema”, wala namang problema doon. Pero huwag nalang banggitin upang hindi mag-dulot ng misconceptions. Mapapa-away ka pa sa social media.

10. Buy now, pulubi later. Malakas gumastos hanggat may pera. I-treat ang sarili hanggat may pagkakataon. Bumili hanggat kaya. Mga ganitong pag iisip ang dahilan kaya’t madalas nauuwi sa…

11. Isa ka sa mga gumagapang 5 days before payday. Walang pera at gagawin ang lahat upang magkaroon ng pamasahe. May emergency escape flight kapag nagka-yayaan na sa Jollibee.

12. Naniniwala kang nagtrabaho ka ng mabuti nung weekdays upang mabuhay ng weekends. Friday na, inuman na! -sa kadahilanang ginagawa ito ng karamihan.

13. Naaalala mo ang isang produkto base sa artistang commercial model nito. Naalala ko yung lola kong nag-utos saakin bumili ng kape. Hindi niya maalala yung brand pero naalala nyang si Daniel Padilla at Kathryn Bernardo ang umiinom nito. Note: Nung sinabi kong “Nescafe creamy white?” hindi daw yun yon.

14. Naniwala kang ang demokrasyang dilaw ay makatao talaga. Oo, kahit hinain na sa harapan mo at isusubo mo nalang ng mga taong totoong nagbuwis ng buhay para lang masabi ang totoo, ipinikit mo parin ang mga mata mo kasi akala mo pag sinabi ng media na 3 ang sagot ng pangulo sa tanong na 1 + 1, paniwalang-paniwala ka naman.

15. Nung sinabi ni ex-President Noynoy na dapat tinutupad ng isang presidente ang mga salitang binibitawan niya, nakalimutan mong binanggit nyang magpapasagasa silang dalawa ni abaya sa tren.

16. Tiwalang tiwala ka sa mga nababalitaan mo sa Facebook. Baka nakakalimutan mong halos kalahating porsiyento sa internet ay kalokohan.

17. Mayroong mga kantang ‘closer’ by Ching Smokers, ‘Nobody’s Better’ by Fetty Wap, ‘Trumpets’ at ‘Running Man’ sa playlist mo. At nagagalit o natatawa ka sakin kasi akala mo nagkamali ako sa pagsulat ng Ching na sa halip ay Chain Smokers. Obvious ka, teh.

18.  Mahilig ka mag sabi ng “dapat” kahit wala namang basis. Kahit wala ka sa katayuan para sabihin yan. Gaya ng kung paano ka mag-comment sa status ng kaibigan mong broken-hearted, wagas pero nganga ka rin nman pag nangyari sayo.

19. Gaya ni De Lima, me-ma ka din. (me-masabi lang). Yoon bang talagang wala kang alam sa mga pinag-uusapan pero kating-kati ka na talaga mag-comment. Ayan, mali na nga grammar mo, anlayo pa ng sagot mo sa pinaguusapan.

20. Pokemon-Go.

Siguro naman hindi yan lahat nasa iyo. Ngayong alam mo na, wag mo nang subukang gawin yan lahat. Wag kang maging mang-mang.

Media intentionally misleading people?

Netizens are so fed up with internet and its madness. Some even believe that half of what the internet say is fake. A journalist named Elizabeth Cochrane Seaman made it clear in her blog titled ‘50% of the Internet is Fake”. In her blog she gave examples of how a simple tweets can made the internet lost their minds. You can’t entrust your life in the internet; You’re asking for a death wish.

There’s a rumor that the Philippine Broadcasting Companies have been misleading people by feeding them wrong information using the internet, television, radio, and newspapers. And today, we all have witnessed one:


On September 5, Monday, the Internet ones again set on fire as the recent news reported ‘Duterte called Barrack Obama a Son of a Whore’ in a conference.

If you still remember, Duterte promised he will control his mouth and cannot be rude because he will be representing the Philippines. As true citizens of the Philippine Republic, we are all well aware of how the corrupt people uses money to control things. even the leading broadcasting companies seem suspicious. We are also aware that our President is fierce and expressive. He is known to be very foul mouthed and vulgar with his words.

Now it all comes down to this question: Did the President REALLY called Barrack Obama a “son of a whore”?

If you just heard this gossip, read a couple of articles, and already concluded that he disrespected Barrack Obama, then I have a bad news for you. You have just been manipulated by our media, sir!.

If you missed a lesson back in your English subject, I’m pretty sure it’s the how to use comma -part. In his speech, he clearly said “You must be respectful. Do not just throw away questions and statements. Son of a whore, I will curse you in that forum.”

Did he meant Obama, or did he meant anyone who dares disrespect him with questions?

But in the medias’ reports, they’re saying as if the “son of whore” part was meant for Obama. If you missed the comma on his speech you can watch the video again and see for yourself.

Do you still remember the video of Claudine Barretto when she accidentally slipped and said the same magic word in a concert TV show? Did she intentionally meant the floor-directors for making the stage so slippery? Or the shoes perhaps? No, it’s an expression meant to be added on your statement. It is often caused by sudden burst of feelings. We Filipinos are just sometimes exaggerating things, while some are being payed to intentionally exaggerate them.

20 Reasons why you can’t beat a classic

In the world where almost everything is rapidly changing, there are still things that we can’t simply outwit.

  1. Because -it is- classic. classic
  2. Elegant. It maybe old, but till classy.classy.jpg
  3. Because it’s nostalgic. The sentimental feeling is always there. nostalgia2
  4. It’s overwhelming. Concerts today can’t match the concerts before.koncert-queen-v-kharkove-430kb.jpg
  5. It always work. Maybe not as fast compared to modern techniques, but it
  6. Old School. Parokya Ni Edgar still sounds better than any Philippine disco remix. old-school
  7. Almost as tough as a tank. Try dropping your Laptop and your typewriter 3 ft from the ground. collage
  8. Simply perfect. If you’re too complicated, try to be simple. It’s easier and perfect. simplicity-1-728
  9. Classic men. Always nailing your 20 year-old pop idols. johnny-depp-dior-1.jpg
  10. Classic women. Sexy in their own ways.women.jpg
  11. Classics can be modernized. We can’t modernize something modern, can we? collage2
  12. But we can turn modern into classic. 246723382.jpg
  13. The classic way is the most prescribed by experts. prescription
  14. And also the best described choice.  4009926052_e8c0433095_z
  15. The classics bring back memories. memories_hd1
  16. When the days was good and simple. 11786_Old-house-in-the-middle-on-the-green-field-Fresh-air.jpg
  17. And the classic courting style is sweet. 521256385c18339d02aeaf89ad942c30.jpg
  18. Classics are legends. elvis-presley-1973-performance-billboard-650
  19. Always remembered and never be forgotten. And lastly,Super-Michael-Jackson-Wallpaper.jpg
  20. Because you just can’t.


So, are you a classic person?