The beauty of Gun Fu

We seen a lot of epic fight scenes performed by greatest martial artists like Jet Li, Jackie Chan, and Bruce Lee. And intense gunneries like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sylvester Stallone, and Bruce Willis. We’ve seen it all. But what kind of action can we do to make the fight scene more blockbuster title worthy?

How about…LET THERE BE GUN-FU!!!

And oh boy! The god of film-making saw it and it was good!


That must be the history of Gun Fu. They imagined Agent J and Agent K (Men in Black) shooting unlimited hobos while running on walls or falling out from a flying helicopter with a loud “LET THE BODIES HIT THE FLOOR” chorus playing on the background and—-TADA! The Matrix was born! But Gun Fu is more complex than that.


What is Gun Fu?

According to Wikipedia (of course) is the portmanteau of gun and kung fu. It is a fictional style of sophisticated close-quarters gun play resembling a martial arts battle played out with firearms instead of traditional weapons like swords and sticks. Imagine the Spartans and their slow-mo shield-and-slash fights with Persians, but instead with guns. Weren’t it be so epic? But it would sound more like Mel Gibson’s The Patriots than 300, right?

And it was good because you don’t have to use mystical powers to prove the leading character’s abilities but still make the viewers go WHOA!


Who is the father of Gun Fu?

There is no Confucius guy or whatsoever who spread the teachings of Gun Fu. No adventurer who climbed the mountains and beat the odds to reach its temple. And no Jedi with the force of any kind from a distant planet brought this to Earth. It’s just John Woo.

John Woo could be considered as the “father of Gun Fu”, though he’s not a martial artist, he’s a director who originated the style in the Hong kong film A Better Tomorrow in 1986. And who’s the first artist who mastered Gun Fu? It was the Hong Kong’s best actor Chow Yun Fat to star as the lead role for the said movie and all other “Heroic Bloodshed” genre films (Thank you Wikipedia).

What are the most popular modern movies with Gun Fu?

After Heroic Bloodshed genre films, many Hollywood films followed the style. Neo and Agent Smith’s epic train station fight scene in The Matrix; Deadpool’s bullet countdown scene; The curving bullets of Wanted; And of course, Selene’s sexy shooting style of The Underworld movies.


Equilibrium starring Christian Bale could be the most systematic and elaborate of them all with scenes of students training the martial art slightly differential to Gun Fu called Gun Kata by anticipating the probabilities instead of pure reflex (i told you it’s “complex”). John wick: Chapter 2, being the latest movie to have this technique showing on big screen is truly much awaited.

Now that I think of it, both Equilibrium and John Wick are action movies that triggered the story because of dog.

The Gun Fu today.

Today, modern self-defense and other gun-associated training have what it seems to be Gun Fu engaging to one or more target from a very short distance, with some even combined with a bladed weapon or flashlight on the other hand (Melee). Nobody wants to walk into the middle of gun war without a good fist fight nowadays.


Come on! It’s 21st Century and everybody’s not that excited to see cowboys shooting on their horses anymore. Unless the horse is armored and got suspensions.

Napansin mo ba yung sa Commercial?

Matagal ka nang nanunuod ng TV commerials, napansin mo rin ba ang mga napansin ko?


Ang TV Ads o Commercials ay ang nagsisilbing “time-out” sa mga pinapanuod mo sa telebisyon. Madalas lalabas ito kung kelan mababaril na yung bida or malapit na sa kissing scene. estratehiya ito ng mga TV networks upang masiguradong aantabayanan mo yung susunod na eksena. Ito rin ang nagbibigay senyales na dapat mo nang silipin yung niluluto mo.

Hindi ko ugaling manuod ng TV pero pag nasa harap ko na, hindi yung TV shows ang pinapanuod ko, kundi yung mga commercials. Sa sobrang daming gimmick ng mga TV ads ngayon, para bang lahat ng eksena may easter egg na. At yun ang hinahanap ko sa mga commercials. Yung mga bagay na hindi mo basta-basta napapansin.


Alam naman natin na kapag shampoo commercials yung mga bidang babae laging naka-soft straighter hair diba? ganon din naman sa sabon panlaba kaya’t naka puti parati yung taong magiging madumi ang damit. Pero napansin mo ba na ano man ang produktong ipinapakita nila, ay gayo din ang kulay ng suot nila? Kaya’t pag ‘Palmolive’ ang shampoopink ang suot ng mga dalaga. ganon din ang dahilan kumbakit nakasuot ng kulay berde si Kris Aquino sa produktong ‘Ariel’ laundry detergent powder.

Tayong mga Pilipino mahilig sa mga inuming gaya ng beer at rhum. Marami na rin ang commercial ng mga ganitong produkto natin. Pero may naaalala ka bang may artistang ipinakita na uminom ng alin man sa mga ito naka-bote man o baso? Itinataas lang nila sabay cheers! pero walang umiinom. Kung may iinom man, hindi ipakikitang didikit ang bibig nila sa nasabing inumin.

Naabutan mo ba yung mga commercial ng sigarilyo kagaya ng ‘Winston’ at ‘Hope’? Puro kasiyahan at karangyaan ang ipinakita ngunit wala ni isa man sa kanila ang nagsindi ng sigarilyo. Marahil ipinagbabawal yun dahil maaaring makita ito ng mga bata. ganon din naman yung pag-inom ng mga alcoholic beverages.

E yung mga formula na madalas makita sa mga beauty products’  at ibang pang-bahay na hindi mo mahahanap sa  Periodic Table of Elements? Kagaya ng Zeroil” ng ‘Master Facial Cleanser’ at “Quick Dry formula” ng ‘Rejoice’. Meron pa yung “Motion Sense Technology” ng ‘Rexona’ at yung napaka-tinding “Presko Power” ng ‘Calla Detergent Powder’. Ang totoo naman kasi, yung dating formula nila ang ginagamit parin nila. Pinapalitan lang ng name at ine-enhance ng kaunti to improve the strength.

Siguradong may mga napansin ka rin sa tinagal-tagal mong nanunuod ng mga TV Commercials na nagpahagikhik sa’yo ng palihim. Pwede mo iyon i-share sa’kin para lahat tayo masaya habang nagaantay ng susunod na eksena sa pinapanuod nating telenovela.

Yung sinaing mo nasusunog na.



Field Trip inside the Quezon Heritage House

Have you tried visiting the Quezon Heritage House? Oh, you’ll love it. It’ll complete your title ‘Batang QC‘ experience. As for me, this is an experience I won’t dare to miss.


Aside the whooping 8 x 8 (sometimes 10 x 10) lanes of the longest highway in Metro Manila, The Commonwealth Highway, there are other great things in Quezon City. Its history can be seen everywhere, and most of it are inside the QC Memorial Circle.

When they say Quezon City, who would forget the person behind it? Manuel L. Quezon (MLQ), the 2nd President of the Philippine Republic, and the President of Commonwealth of the Philippines. And recently, his rest house was the new attraction in the block.

Manuel L. Quezon’s rest house is originally located at Gilmore street, New Manila but since the lot is about to get sold, the house was moved inside The QC Memorial Circle. Although it suffered minimal damages while being moved, the city government has successfully completed and opened the house for tourist attraction.


The House:

My historic tour started with the historic steps of the house. They managed to move the stairs except they only moved the 18 of the 19 original steps (must’ve been destroyed upon removal).On the 2nd floor, you will be greeted by these Machuca tiles which just like Tour Guide Elise said, “only the wealthy could afford”. All the doors were the original doors and made of wood.

The first room is Donia Aurora’s bedroom. The wooden bed that came from United States has the symbol of eagle on it’s upper part. Donia Aurora’s rosary are also sitting on it’s pillow, well preserved, beside the bed.


The next is Manuel L. Quezon’s Master’s Bedroom. On the middle, sits the Atay bed where His Excellency takes a rest from long days of work and Tuberculosis illness. The bed is made of wood like Donia Aurora’s bed with a squash-like design on the corner. If the squash is up-side down, the bed is for female.On the side, stands his wardrobe of authentic Gatsby fashion and clothing accessories: classy suits, bow ties, stetson Amsterdam hats, and his stylish walking sticks.

Next to his room is his nurse’s bedroom. It’s important that she’s beside Manuel L Quezon for medical reasons.


Out of these bedrooms is the family room with a round table for card games. Below the window is a giant plant box -gift to Donia Aurora on her birthday February 19, 1941, by Mr. and Mrs. Tapia. The dining room on the same floor has a kitchen but no stove since on their days, the meals are cooked to the back exit outside.

Found on the dark corner of the family room entrance is a narrow steel spiral staircase. and below was big guest room with the collections of his books and certificates when he was still in senate. Cozy seats and wooden tables with the image of Jesus Christ and Mary on the sides. In-cased in a glass box is MLQ’s statute wearing his tux.

Donia Aurora is the founder of Red Cross. Surprisingly, the first ever Red Cross Head Quarters was actually inside the Quezon Rest House.


The kids’ bedrooms ares also on the 1st floor. Inside are beds for each, a giant cabinets with the other made of glass, some old journals and authentic traditional gowns, all well-preserved.

Behind the house is pool. They decided to turn the pool into a fountain for tourist display, though.

Inside QC Memorial Circle is the perfect place where the heritage house should belong. Right next to the remains of MLQ himself, in the center of a great, green, and growing Quezon City.






Special thanks to my tour guide; Elise, and the Quezon City Government.


Dozen of reasons why people should always get out of their room

“there is no place like home.”

…particularly, your bed. that’s why most people would choose to stay there all day. There you go. The birth of “bed weather” , “hibernation” , and all kinds of things to justify laziness.


Laziness is not cute. It’s just laziness.It really makes me wonder why other people sees others “cute” when they do nothing all day and staying in the bed, with their messy hair and 9-day pajamas, laptop or cellphones in hand, and potato chip crumbs all over the place.

I know you would choose saving your flat than the world but allow me to give you at least 12 reasons to pull you out of your comfort zone disguised as your room.

1. Your comfort zone is not always there. You always have something to do outside. Something more important. hmm I don’t know, RESPONSIBILITIES perhaps?

2. It keeps you from being independent. And you’re already starting by ignoring the small things that should be done.

3. It makes you think that your house is the best place on earth and that is so not good. You know you gotta move on too.

4. Plus, remember that a house is different from home. You maybe happy with your home but it would have been better if that’s a home. Consider those walls and roof as part of happy you or it will be just another cell.

5. Sweat from outdoor activities is different with bed sweat. S*x is not a valid reason.

6. Every individual needs exercise.

7. There are lots of things out there that is destined for you to discover. The small window in your bed room called “computer screen” is no match with the real adventure the outside world has to offer.

8. And you forgot that you are a reliable independent person who doesn’t need a pamper. Or maybe you never was until I told you?

9. Your friends are waiting for you outside. By restricting yourself to go out, you are also placing steel walls between you and your friends.

10. though there are things that are good when done indoors, there are also things that are better when done outside. You can’t play football inside the house. But you can watch TV outside the house and it’s better with barbecue and with friends.

11.Your skin needs Vitamin D from the sun. You’re not a vampire like the ones in the online books you’re reading. Just don’t stay under the sun too much, you’ll regret it.

12. Socializing outside is far different than socializing online. The authentic you is always better than the virtual you.

and there are more.

Laziness is laziness. No matter how much you look at it, laziness is just laziness. Some people even tried to look for scientific explanations to justify their own laziness but in the end of the day, these reasons are just excuses.

Ang mga “daw” sa lamay

Akala ko pag pumanaw na ang isang tao, tapos na ang lahat. Yoon pala posible pa siyang bumalik pag ibinulsa mo yung biskwit sa lamay niya.

Hindi ko lang alam sa ibang relihiyon pero ang kristyanismong pag-panaw ng aking paboritong tita ay nagmistulang family reunion maaaring dahil nakilala siya ng lahat bilang masayahin, maingay, at aktibong librarian. Kaya naman maaaring ito rin ang dahilan kung bakit hanggang sa kabilang buhay ay naging educational parin ang mga huling sandali ng kaniyang labi sa bahay.


Ang mga pilipino ay likas na ma-pamahiin. Marami tayong pinaniniwalaan at sinusunod na rules sa iba’t ibang seremonya o pagdidiwang at isa na rito ang maimpluwensyang paniniwala natin sa mga taong pumanaw na.

Malimit na inaabot ng pitong araw ang pananatili ng labi ng ating yumaong kamag-anak sa loob ng funeral house o sa bahay. Madalas din itong ma-extend upang mabigyan pa ng pagkakataong makahabol ang iba pa nating mga kamag-anak para maka-sulyap sa huling pagkakataon.

Hindi ako naniniwala sa mga superstitions pero sa dami ng mga kamag-anak kong may edad na, napilitan akong matutunan at sundin ang bawat isa araw-araw. One superstition a day ika nga ng pinsan ko. Oo nailista ko; Ang mga Pamahiin sa mga Lamay.

  1. Bawal magwalis – Nakasanayan ko nang naglilinis ng bahay ngunit dahil dito, hindi ko mawalisan yung mga pinagbalatan ng dragon Seed ng mga bisita. Itinataboy mo raw ang kaluluwa ng namatay kasama ng kanyang mga mahal sa buhay.
  2. Bawal maligo sa bahay na may lamay – Akala ko noong una, bawal talaga maligo. Pwede naman pala, wag lang sa bahay kung nasaan ang lamay. Kamalasan daw ang hatid non. Ang alam ko lang necessity ang pag ligo.
  3. Bawal din magsuklay ng buhok – Malas din daw yun. Matakot na ang mga makikiramay sa itsura mo, wag ka lang malasin.
  4. Huwag mag-take home ng pagkain – Magagalit daw ang espiritu ng namatay at susundan ka. Sa mga bisita, nakakatakot yun. Sa mga namatayan, baka ikatuwa pa nila ang pagpaparamdam ng namatay.
  5. Bawal mawalan ng bantay ang namatay – may pahabol pa ‘to: Dapat daw malapit na kaanak ng namatay ang magbabantay (asawa, anak, magulang). Nung nagbantay ako, pinagalitan yung mga pinsan ko. Dapat daw sila ang nagbabantay hindi ako. Babangon daw yung namatay. Resident Evil anyone?
  6. Bawal matulog ang bantay – Masyadong joke time yung dahilan na sinabi sakin kaya hindi ko nalang ilalagay.

    …basta magiging saging daw. Ewan.

  7. May color-coding – Bawal mag pula, berde, o pink. Kasiyahan daw ang sinisimbulo ng mga kulay na ito. Hindi ko alam bakit hindi nasama ang dilaw e alam naman nating kasiyahan talaga ang sinisimbulo ng kulay na yon.
  8. Bawal mag-thank you – Obvious naman na hindi maganda ang dating non sa namatayan. Pero wala naman kasi ibang pwedeng i-reply, diba?
  9. Bawal bumalik at lumingon ang mga kaanak na nakalabas na ng bahay sa araw ng libing – Para daw wala nang iba pang susunod (mamamatay) sa pamilya. Alam naman nating pag oras mo na ay oras mo na, pero pag sinabi ng mga nakakatandang wag babalik at lilingon, sumunod ka nalang.
  10. Mag pagpag at wag dumeretso pauwi ang mga nakiramay – para daw hindi sumunod at mailigaw yung kaluluwa. Ewan ko lang dito pero yung tita ko kasi natural na gala yun. Sabi nga ng pinsan ko, baka mauna pa yun sa bahay pag uwi namin.
  11. Bawal iuwi sa bahay yung mga pagkain – Malas daw.
  12. Ilagay ang black pin sa ibabaw ng ataul ng namatay – Ginagawa ito upang lumaya daw at wag nang kumabit sa mundong ito ang kaluluwa ng namatay.

Ito naman yung mga honorable mentions:

  1. Sunugin ang mga baraha at iba pang mga ginamit sa pasugalan ng lamay – hindi naman kami nag-sugal, ayaw kasi nung tita ko.
  2. Pakawalan ang mga puting lobo sa oras ng libing – late na namin nalaman to kaya di na nakabili ng lobo.
  3. Dapat may rosaryo sa kamay ang namatay – parang wala naman ako napansin.

Gaya nga ng sinabi ko, hindi lahat ng iyan ay nasunod dahil sa relihiyon ng pumanaw kong tita.

Hindi kailanman naging katuwaan ang pagkamatay ng isang tao. Ngunit, ikaw man yung kaluluwa ay hindi ka rin matutuwa kung walang tigil sa pag-iyak yung mga iniwan mo. Ang mahalaga ay tanggapin natin sa ating sarili ang mga pangyayari. Wala na ngang problema ang mga taong yumao na. Hayaan mo na siyang magpahinga, wag mo na siyang hilahin pabalik sa’yo.

In Finding Mr. Right, What could Possibly Go Wrong?

I’ll tell you what could go wrong in finding Mr. Right.

Your method could be wrong. Your attitude could be wrong. Your mindset could be wrong. And everything goes infinite like the number eight (8) so I’ll give you 8 things you’re doing wrong in finding Mr. Right.


It’s almost February again. It’s almost “that time” when your newsfeed will be flooded with your posts of bitterness, wishful thinking, disappointments, and hoping some way the 14th will be removed out of your calendar. But underneath those miserable posts, your quest in finding Mr. Right is actually your top priority even if you’re hiding it. The determination on search for Mr. Right and that one real happy ending inside of you is always there.

  1. You’re looking at the wrong place – Can you find a fish on a tree? Or a bra on a men’s wear section? Stop using Tinder or other apps that offer the same kind of STD. Stop expecting that a guy will offer you a clean drink and expect he won’t leave you naked on a nearby hotel with a receipt paid from your credit card. Stop wasting time posting in Facebook, thinking one of those guys commenting on your post is the right guy. Open your eyes and look around you. Who knows? Maybe he’s disguised as your friend.15977229_552279241625015_7093385174433893963_n
  2. You’re looking on the wrong time – Like when you’re praying for something and Jesus didn’t gave it to you because it’s not for you, or not this time, or you gotta get it on your own. You gotta consider a lot, like for example your age, maybe you’re too young. I know it’s obvious but trust me, even a 10-year old kid is at it nowadays.
  3. You found him on the wrong time – You’re looking at the wrong time and found him at the wrong time is different. In this moment, let’s say you already found him but there are lots of consequences. There’s the chance that he might be in-relationship with someone (no offense to the girlfriend, if the guy is not meant for you, things won’t work out and you know it) or he maybe he’s single but not into relationship stuff and this kind of relationship rarely survives after a couple of serious quarrels.
  4. You’re choosey – (sorry for the word) your ego is so big; it won the Guinness World Record for 3 consecutive years. Beauty and Money is everything for you. You want a good looking guy, maybe driving a Porsche, and an iPhone-7 on his pocket but by the end of the day, his personality and true affection is really that counts. Don’t be a gold digger, girl. The right guy will give you everything necessary you might need in the future.16002739_1852654768396632_7526403227258201411_n
  5. He found you, you ignored him – There’s a song titled ’12:51′ that focus on a girl’s disappointment because she thought he’s just an ordinary guy until it haunts her every night. That’s true. Who would have thought the person sitting beside you on a train, or the next applicant on your office, or the cashier at the convenient store is Mr. Right. Maybe you should start being nice to everyone. You don’t want to give him the wrong impression, do you?
  6. You found Mr. Wrong – Of all the mistakes you’ve made, this is the most terrible. You want it bad that you forgot to check if you’re compatible with him. We all know opposites attract but not every time. Imagine the world with that kind of thinking and you will surely doubt how humans made it to 2017. Can you ride a bike with desynchronized axles? Harmony is what makes a couple or anything that needs an extra hand to work. Without it, you can expect more arguments than development.14671136_1634982816800565_8361382307895893349_n
  7. You like Mr. Wong – (that is not misspelled). That’s what I call to Asian guys singing and dancing for their fangirls. Even with the realization that they won’t be noticed, their obsessions with these pop artists are unbelievable. To the point that they would choose to ignore Mr. Right for Mr. Wong. Not just Mr. Wong, it could also be fictional characters from an Anime or books. I sign petition against Mr. Wong.
  8. You don’t let the reality checker in – Yes, he knocked your door twice and you didn’t let him in. Well guess what, Mr. Right’s part time job was a reality checker and you missed him twice. You’re so fed up with reality of other people around you and influenced by them that when reality is giving you the right one, you doubt it. You’re so afraid that what if you choose Mr. Wrong again, what if the same hurt happens to you like what happened to your friend? Reality is the cruelest teacher, punishments first before lesson. And you cling to its punishments and didn’t accept the lesson part.

Dear Girls;

You’re the most precious gift a guy could have for his life. You’re gonna be his greatest goal and achievements. Everything he does is not for him. A man can survive on his own, but can’t live without his perfect half. So when you found him, make every moment count.

Not So Seared Enough

“I left the restaurant wishing the food was great as its crew.”

Founded on 2015, with 1700 plus likes and rated 5 stars by 69 people on Facebook, Seared promises a pleasing dining experience to its guests making it an ideal good dinner. I guess some ideas are bad, or at least not good enough.


A week ago, I was searching for a good restaurant near Marco Polo. Then I saw this new restaurant near Home Depot named Seared. Their Google and Facebook photos looks promising so me and friends tried the restaurant on the next day. I gotta try those Spicy Buffalo Wings.

The next day, we were greeted by their impressive well lit atmosphere and their friendly crew. After finding a table, there’s the menu. We were so hungry that time so we ordered the ‘God Father’ Munchies, ‘Malcolm’s X’ burger, Tossed Salad, and my favorite Buffalo Wings named ‘Murdock’. I guess I expect too much.

The twister fries was as good as McDonald’s but the pork chop is not. The crisp and salt is just right, now that’s something that any fast-food clown can achieve.

The burger’s good but by just slicing it, I swear I imagined a mob of screaming evening Zumba Dancers on a sudden electricity black out for it’s oozing fat. It adds flavor, but it’s bad to your health.

But my buffalo wings, oh my G, they’re so dry. Even by just looking at it, you can easily figured out that these wings were just deep fried. I don’t know what kind of Buffalo Wings type of cooking they did but wherever I order a plate of Buffalo Wings, they serve it with the wings cooked together with the sauce. And the Spicy Buffalo Sauce is just a side dip.

The Salad is very small but I understand that. Everything’s fine but I’m really disappointed with their food so we left the table with out utensils on “bad experience” sign.

But then again, we have different tastes in food. You can go to Seared. It is located at Unit 9 Ground Floor, Ortigas Technopoint, Julia Vargas Avenue, Ortigas Center Pasig beside Home Depot and see for yourself.