8 Doomsday Concepts

And we all know when a character is plotting to wipe out the entire population, he’s probably the villain in the story.

Hold up. I know what you’re thinking. Some of you might be thinking she didn’t give an update for a month and now she’s back and suddenly starts talking about the end of the world. Don’t freak out. I just thought doomsday concepts are good topics since another doomsday prophecy is about to get blown sky high today. *Ahem! *aliens *ahem!

And where would we see these concepts in motion than in movies, right? With all those special effects and all, each scene looks so real that you can show your kids the movie ‘2012’ who were born after the year 2012 and tell them you survived all that. Best Parent Award would definitely be in your hands. From common to unique, we will rank the top 8 doomsday concept depicted in movies.


#8 Natural Calamity

Global warming and the likes resulting in global catastrophe is the most common of all doomsday concept in human history. When a movie is about the world that’s minutes from splitting apart, this is probably what’s gonna happen; Tidal waves, thunderstorms, Earthquakes, and tornadoes all happening at the same time. Yes, very common. The movie ‘2012’ is the best example so far. The film ‘Interstellar’ however, created a Doomsday concept that’s natural but unique in a sense. Who would have thought that a simple plant fungus can cause a global trouble? In this movie, the Blight is the responsible for all dying crops in the world which will push NASA to step into the unknown to find a new home.

#7 Zombie Outbreak

the 2nd most common is none other than Zombie Apocalypse concept. A lot of movies depicted how humanity will end because of a virus that can turn a person into a mindless flesh-eating (sometimes brain) undead. Although, so far, no one hasn’t really created a film or a story where everyone is already a zombie. ‘Warm Bodies’ successfully put a zombie in a protagonist role though. But other than that, every film with zombies is always about the survivors doing their best not to be a zombie dinner.

#6 Alien Invasion

The most recent Doomsday news that’s set to happen is today. where according to a popular tweet that seems to be a warning from a missing airline with a distinct message saying they encountered a presence from of are “not human”. This could be the fault of misconception or mistranslation since the language is Thai, we can’t really know for sure. ‘Independence Day’, ‘Battle: Los Angeles’, ‘Skyline’, and ‘Pacific Rim’ are the best example of these doomsday concepts where aliens are taking over the world and humans (led by the USA of course) is fighting to save the world. Cliché.

#5 Machines

Mechanical invasion is not so rare concept of Doomsday. In fact, we lots of movies where machines will take over the world. Even Einstein predicted this to happen in the future. Right now, it’s nearly impossible for an average household not having a single electronic machinery or gadget. We see phones, computers, AIs, drones, etc. every day. Even the military uses software to control our ships, planes, tanks, and subs. Imagine this equipment having their own life and suddenly decided to turn against their users.  ‘Terminator’ and ‘The Matrix’ trilogy shared the same concept and become a blockbuster hit. This could also be the reason why our grandparents are still refusing to use mobile phones and gadgets.

#4 Nuclear War

As of today, nukes are the most powerful weapon in human history. Probably because of its ability to melt a country in just a snap. Movies like ‘Terminator 2’ and ‘Terminator 3’  demonstrated its power when ‘Skynet’, a fictional neural-based conscious group and artificial intelligence gained self-awareness and decided to go against its creators by spreading across millions of computers around the world, gaining the overall control including military satellites and software. Imagine a genocidal system that reads your information and has control of your country’s nukes just decided to detonate it while in the silo or fly them to the nearest cities within the same country.

#3 Falling Rocks from outer space

We’re not talking about humanity getting stoned to death here. We’re talking about gigantic rocks, the size of Texas. The type of Asteroid that once killed the dinosaurs that are said to hit earth once again. In the movie ‘Armageddon’, the Earth almost met its prophesized fate of getting hit by another asteroid with a strength of more than 10 thousand nuclear weapons that was stopped by drilling and detonating a nuke inside to break into pieces, enough split apart dodging Earth on its course.


#2 Angels

Yes. Angels are not always the good guys at all. Remember, Lucifer is once an angel too. Because apparently, God created his angels with their own will. With their own ability to judge by their senses. And they can be disobeying individuals too, which doesn’t sit too well with God’s holiness that’s why, you see, we have fallen angels. In the film ‘Legion’,  Gabriel disagreed when God decided to wipe out the entire human population with his angels. I don’t know, maybe because flooding is too common? He believed that there’s still hope in humanity so he was banished to earth and fought alongside humans.

#1 Solar Flare

Solar Flares are by far the most unique and utterly the scariest doomsday of all time. Solar Flares happen when an eruption of intense high-energy radiation from the sun’s surface released a super explosion enough to puncture earth’s atmosphere and the ozone layer with a devastating power thousand nuclear bombs blasted altogether. The radiation would be so deadly, it can kill any living creature on the planet. In the movie ‘Knowing’, the devastating force was put on screen. It’s guaranteed to cause human extinction in the process but will not literally crack the planet in half. Like millions of years ago, the world will recover and eventually cool down. Bacteria will start to grow again and start over.


Again, please don’t be scared. I’m okay.

By Cinderella


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