An Open Letter to the Parents

open letter to the parents

Dear Parents;

This short letter is dedicated to you – our parents, who made significant efforts to put us where we are now. But if you feel that a parent should be a superior body to your children, you may stop reading now and look for a different blog. I’m saying this as polite as possible because this letter will offend your beliefs, hurt your feelings, and we – the young adults of the new generations, are convinced you will never understand the contents of this message.

Reaching this line only means you’re willing to accept the reality that some things, despite your sincerest efforts are beyond your control. You’re either the type of parent that accepts change, or you’re the controlling type but interested to see how deep the rabbit hole goes. This is an open letter to every parent and their growing children. Please don’t get upset. This is the message we wanted you to hear, even without the hopes that you will accept it. Who’s expecting anyway?

Your Generation is yours.
When you were once a young adult of your own generation, you were given a chance to draw your own future. Only a quarter of it is the assurance of the next generation’s survival – our ticket to the world. If you failed to make your life enjoyable, don’t make us chase the same car. We need proper guidance, not drivers. The world is rapidly changing and much of your generation’s principles have changed. Give us the chance to understand it so we can live in it. You had your chance, this is our time.

It’s our choice when or whom to marry.
Please, we beg you. Stop asking us when we will get married or whom to marry. Your generation’s countless mistakes in building proper relationship taught us even the toughest foundation in family home can crumble down. You can’t blame us if it’s more ideal to live alone than making a family. We have friends who got our back the same we I would do for them.

Don’t be rude to my friends.
We know some of you treat our friends as freeloaders. The world is a dangerous place and you feel threatened that we just invited that danger into our house. Don’t you know that you’re now misjudging people by their looks? How would you feel if your son or daughter was invited into a friend’s house and the parents immediately treat him/her as a thief? You, our parents, taught us the standards of a trustworthy friend; and now you’re saying our friends cannot be trusted after passing through these standards? Whoever our friends are, they’re not defined based on what you think about them. Maybe the friendship in your generation is fragile but that doesn’t mean ours too.

Stop asking us about our future family.
Because of the growing population, it is natural that we simply choose not to start a family, nor to bear a child. Whenever you ask why we don’t like to have a child, it almost sounds like as if you’re accusing us of worshiping the devil and it’s very rude. We are thankful that we have the gift of making a child or be one with another, maybe we just don’t want our next generation to suffer in a suffocating cramped world.

Our Lover is not a thief.
When the parents dislike the person for making a mistake, they simply judge the person’s whole personality and treat him/her as a threat. How could some of you think our lovers only wanted to be with us because we’re rich? Do you think every person who loves us only wants our wealth? Do you think the same to the people who want to be with you? How would you feel if somebody said that my parents were married for the wealth of the other, would you be pleased?

I’m for $ale.
Maybe in your generation, it is practical to marry a foreigner to get a better life. But in our generation, we would choose to be alone than to be a gold-digger. Values, principles, and religions, taught us that it is the inside that matters. What some of you been doing is like selling us to the foreign people so you could have a better life. But when these people can’t sustain financial support, some of you would treat them as a drag. Please, stop telling us to marry a foreigner.

We’re not born to please the neighbors.
For some reason, everything we do matters for the neighbors. What would they think if they see us like this? Why does it matter what the neighbors would think? It’s always the parents’ credibility and reputation are in the line and we, their children, must always come out looking well-respected and come home with an achievement. But we’re adults now, young and stupid sometimes but adults nonetheless. Our actions define who we are and what we achieved. If we want to do something great, we will do it, and not for the neighbors.

Our dear parents, you don’t understand how much you’re contributing to ensure our failure. Please be gentle with your words. You always say we’re just about to leave while you guys are on your way back. Accept it, the road you use to run on isn’t the same and now were specifically built for us. Again, our generation is entirely different. This is our time and you had your chance. We’re grateful to be guided by your loving hands but be little gentle, sometimes you’re making us feel like slaves. Set us free.

To live obedient with regret,

Or to die free and satisfied?


This Generation’s Future Adults
(Collective Hearts)



By SnowWhite


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