Top 5 worst action movie sequels

Hollywood films are often the best at what they do than that of its Asian counterparts. But sometimes, they seem to either overdo an element or rather disappoint us from what we’re expecting with their movie sequels. So much so, that we sometimes wish they didn’t make the sequel at all. Today, we would talk about great Hollywood action films that disappointed us with their sequels.


How do we measure sequels? We measure them by their connections to the first film. By that alone, we can tell whether the sequel is worthy enough for you to watch or they shouldn’t have released the film because it will make us cry.


Unlike the Matrix Trilogy, we didn’t get disappointed by its sequel because the movie is supplying us the info we need to understand the whole story. As a result, each sequel (and even it’s anime series) connect to each other, thus resulting in a satisfying franchise.

#1 Resident Evil: The Final Chapter
Ahh, the epitome of a failed sequel. Resident Evil franchise almost made it through the taste of the RE fans when they released its fourth installment – Resident Evil: Retribution introducing the popular Resident Evil characters Hollywood versions in one film. In the sequel, fans are pretty hyped as they saw the lead character Alice and the other Resident Evil characters: Leon, Jill, Ada, and, the bad turned good Albert Wesker as they do the humanity’s last stand to fight the forces of the dead. Seeing that pose will send you chills and will make you expect what the last chapter would be. But then, we got disappointed on its final sequel where we learn that the no.1 enemy Wesker just lured them all in the White House just to kill every remaining force in one blow! What an A-hole.


#2 Transformers: Age of Extinction
On their first movie, Transformers sky-rocketed, winning the hearts of every fan around the world. Seeing their favorite anime Optimus Prime in the flesh (or metal) is a special kind of Jaw-dropping feeling. Then its first sequel Revenge of the Fallen came, and we learned that the Autobots are in a great fight again. Then, Dark of the Moon where we got introduced to more Transformers and more history and honestly speaking, in this chapter I felt this kind of plot is getting old. And then, the Age of Extinction where we finally realized this has to stop. And in the end, despite all bad criticisms, they still made another sequel Transformers: The Last Knight and now…okay…we gotta get out of here and just watch 47 Meters Down in the next Cinema Room.

#3 A Good Day to Die Hard
Bruce Willis should’ve ended it in 4.0 Live Free or Die Hard. Seeing our favorite bald actions star hero doing deadly stunts on Die Hard 4.0 is amazing. Age hasn’t slowed him down a bit. The story is awesome, the action is breathtaking, and the concept is unique. Until of course, A Good Day to Die Hard sequel came. It’s this America versus Russia conflict all over again where a Russian enemy (why not?) will do something that will spark a war between the two nations again and John McClane, an American operative is there to make sure it won’t happen. Sure, the place is somewhere different than its prequel but what else is missing in action movie about a hard-to-kill American besides the Russians, right? Yeah, if the Nazi is still alive, that would be Die Hard’s sixth installment until somebody actually killed McClane hard enough.


#4 The Transporter 2, 3, and…
Transporter – hand’s down. Very impressive movie, very impressive driving, very unique story, very good in almost everything. At first, I hate it when he had to do the job without his car but I remembered, it’s not about the car, but it’s about the man driving the car. Then a sequel came and I’m already asking myself why does trouble always finds this guy? I mean really, how many times does he have to get in trouble by just transporting a package in a day? No matter what he’s transporting: be it a kid, an emo girl, or a Chinese pornstar, he’s always getting involved in something bigger. But yeah, that’s where the story is all about, right? But that doesn’t make it a sequel anymore. Although fans are still getting the same jaw-dropping action (which gave them the idea what would happen if we put that fancy driving to the Fast and Furious franchise… which we all got in Furious 7) we still embraced the 2nd and 3rd installment. And then they made a remake. Ugh! Unbelievable.

#5 Terminator Genesys
Terminator 4 for me is a disappointment for showing a CGI Arnold Schwarzenegger. I still prefer the real Arnold. But it’s not about the cast that made us think the franchise should have ended there. It’s the fact that no matter how we twist the story, we all know that Humans will win against machines. So the installments are only to support how would John Conor win the war. And then Terminator Genesys. I know you’d say “Oh no, that’s not a sequel. it’s a prequel because it only brings us to the first film about Sarah Conor and Kyle Reese.” Well, lady’s and gentlemen, you’re right and you’re also wrong. Like the judgment day where the war against the machine is unstoppable, John Connor winning it is also determined. They should have created the final chapter as to how John Connor fought hard with the resistance and won the battle. That’s it! But then, what is this sudden turn of events in Terminator Genesys? Skynet suddenly changing plans? A delay of Judgement Day? And the worst part, John Connor as the enemy? I’m so done.


I could’ve added Fast and Furious but so far, but the more sequel they make, the better it gets. Their sequel always has the connection to its prequels. They even managed to put a scene in Tokyo Drift as a teaser to the next sequel, and you already know the next FF would still fit for a good rated sequel.


By Cinderella


The 5 Tribes of Wakanda

Before anything else, let me tell you that this topic will not be possible if it wasn’t because of my OCD.


After watching Marvel’s Black Panther, the fight scenes are good, the special effects are extraordinary, and obviously, you wouldn’t ask for more. But it’s not the flying ninja cat dodging bullets skills that made me enjoy the film. Instead, my attention was fully drawn to Wakanda and how their country works in harmony.

Now, before I mention a lot more, let me warn you first that there are minor spoilers ahead. Minor because this information may or may not be in the original story, it just happened that I noticed them. Besides, if you’re a fan of the original Black Panther story, you might look back to some of your old comics and find out that I am wrong. Let’s be clear that these are the things I just noticed in the film and looked, supported by some references from the wiki.

Now. If you haven’t watched Black Panther, here’s how the Wakanda became the mightiest empire in Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). Millions of years ago, a meteorite made of Vibranium struck the continent of Africa. And when the time of men came, five tribes settled on it and called it Wakanda. These tribes are in constant war with each other until a shaman was led by the spirit of the Black Panther to a Heart Shaped herb. The plant granted him superhuman abilities and became the protector of Wakanda – the first Black Panther. The four tribes agreed to live under the king’s rule besides the Jabari tribe who isolated themselves in the mountains. Until the time of T’Chala, the new king and Black Panther.

And on T’Chala’s ritual combat, these five tribes introduced themselves one by one. You thought their clothing colors and weapons are nothing to do with their tribe? They may be living in one nation but they are from different tribes. They worship different gods, Different beliefs, different fighting styles, different culture, and other things that will differentiate one tribe from another.



Here are the Tribes of Wakanda and their roles in the kingdom:

The Merchant Tribe
The Merchant tribe’s role is to maintain the economic system of the country. The elder of the Merchant tribe also has a seat on the high court. They were the first to answer on (James) Zuri’s call on who wants to challenge the prince.

The Border Tribe
Wears blue blankets and tasked to defend the country from outsiders and invaders.  These defenders look like a normal cattle herders but if you’re an outsider and gets to close, they would give you a taste of their Vibranium weapons concealed by their Vibranium cloaks that can also be used as barriers. They worship the Hyena God and uses a sickle-sword called khopesh. They can also ride Rhinos with Vibranium armor.

The River Tribe
The river tribe are the worshipers of the Crocodile god, you can notice on the chief’s clothes in the day of ritual combat. They wear green clothes and circle piercings. They also use circular blades like the ones Nakia is using in her fight against Killmonger.

The Mining Tribe
I think is the royal guard and in charge of mining the Vibranium beneath Wakanda. They wear red cloaks and red armor with accessories of golden rays that resembles the mane of a lion. They worship the lion god and uses Vibranium spears in combat.

The Jabari Tribe
The tribe that has no role in the country yet. But if so, T’Chala would appoint them as the warrior tribe. As T’Chala and M’Baku spoke to each other, T’Chala invited M’Baku and his Jabari tribe to join his cause to overthrow Killmonger. Although M’Baku respectfully declined the offer, he still joined the battle to win back Wakanda. They worship the great white gorilla-god Hanuman of the mountains and mace as their weapon of choice.

The Shamans
These priests are the worshipers of the Panther God.  They wear a distinctive violet or purple cloak. Zuri is the current shaman of Wakanda and wears the same cloak color which could explain why the first Black Panther, also a shaman, first seen the spirit of the Black Panther. Their task is to take care of the heart-shaped herbs for the next king.


See how they strictly adhere to their color?

Now I don’t know why some wear orange, yellow, or brown. I even saw pink worn by a child. Maybe some tribes have 2 colors. But hey, nobody’s stopping anyone to define their own fashion statements, right?

Black is the King’s, and maybe the royal family’s color. You wouldn’t call him the Black Panther if he wears pink right (Pun intended)? And as for the white clothes, T’chala wears when he visited the Ancestral Plain, it’s probably their traditional mourning color equivalent to our black clothes during funerals. The queen can also be seen wearing white when T’chala arrived, she may look happy but she’s grieving for his king. The past kings in the Ancestral Plain also wear white.

These tribes’ differences are what divides them, but under the King’s rule, also what keeps them in harmony for generations.

Do you agree with my OCD, now? “Wakanda forever!”


By SnowWhite


Sampung Senyales na isa kang Taong Pa-BIBO

Pabibo ka ba?

Kung hindi mo alam kung nagiging Pabibo ka na, malamang ay dahil hindi mo alam ang ibig-sabihin pag tawag ka’ng pabibo.

Ano nga ba ang pabibo?

Ang Pabibo (o Pabida) ay nagmula sa salitang tagalog na bibo na ang ibig sabihin ay batang kapansin-pansin dahil sa kaugalian nitong pagiging cute, makulit, masigla, at masiyahin na ikinatutuwa ng mga matatanda. Bidang-bida sa paningin dahil talaga namang nakaka-kuha ng pansin.


Ngunit pag tinawag kang Pabibo o Pabida, ay iba nang usapan iyan. Mayroon kang ginagawa na akala mo’y wasto, yoon pala’y labis nang kinaiinis ng iba. Ngunit sa halip na idaan nila ito sa marahas at madugong paraan, sa halip ay tinatawag ka nalang nila na isang taong Pabibo.

Pabibo ka. Hindi ka nakakatuwa.

Sandali lang. Bitawan mo muna yang lubid. Maaaring nararanasan mong matawag na pabibo dahil hindi mo alam ang ginagawa mo. Heto, sasabihin ko sayo ang sampung bagay na ginagawa mo na kung hindi mo titigilan ay sila na mismo ang sasakal sayo:

1. Mahilig kang Magpasikat

Ito marahil ang pinaka-unang dahilan upang mapaaway ka sa kanto. Lahat ng taong pabibo ay mayroon nito. Mahilig kang magpasikat. Ang hilig mong ipakita sa lahat ang mga bagay na mayroon ka. Hindi buo ang araw mo pag hindi mo nai-bida ang bagay na akala mo’ng ikaw lang ang mayroon. Kaya’t pag nalaman mong mayroon din yung taong pinagmamayabangan mo, nananahimik ka bigla.


2. Kulang ka sa Pansin

Hindi mo mapigilan ang sarili mo na mangalabit at manghingi ng pansin. Gusto mo nasayo ang atensyon ng lahat. Gustong gusto mo pag pinupuri ka ng mga tao sa paligid mo at proud ka rin kapag pinaguusapan ka nila. Ngunit naiinis ka naman kapag masama ang mga naririnig mo tungkol sayo. Wag ganon, friend.

3. Laging ikaw yung Magaling

Hindi mo maiwasang makialam sa gawain o kasuotan ng iba. Para ba’ng kaylangan mo laging magbigay ng Advise kahit hindi naman hinihingi. Sinisimulan mo ito sa pag sabi ng “Dapat kase-“. Ibibida mo sa kanila na mas magaling ka sa mga bagay na ginagawa nila. Hindi naman nila kailangan yung opinyon mo pero sasabihin mo parin syempre. Bakit nga naman hindi? Pabibo ka e.

4. Mali ang Timing mo

Mali ang tiyempo mo sa lahat ng bagay. Mali ang timing mo ng biro, mali ang timing mo ng pangungulit, at mali ang timing mo magpa-pabida. Hindi mo iniisip kung ano ang kasalukuyang nararamdaman o iniisip ng taong mabibiktima mo. May pagkakataong sasabog ang taong ito sa galit ngunit dahil mas propesyonal siya kaysa sayo, mananahimik nalang siya kaysa makulong sa pagsakal sayo.

5. Akala mo ikaw lang ang Tao sa Mundo

Alam mo naman talagang hindi mo kailangang tumawa ng malakas o mag-react ng sobra ngunit dahil gusto mo rin malaman kung lilingunin ka nila, mag o-overreact ka. Tuwang-tuwa ka naman dahil sa muli ay napalalunan mo nanaman ang pansin nila. Wag mong gawin yan parati dahil pag nagkaroon ng araw na biglang walang pumansin sa’yo, promise magmumukha kang t@#6a.


6. Sayo ang Huling Salita

EDI IKAW NA! Hindi mo maiwasang ibida ang kwento mo sa kwento ng iba. At syempre umaasa kang makatanggap din iyon ng parehas na dami ng atensyon. Sisimulan mo ito sa pagsabi ng “Ako nga e-” na sinusundan ng kwento mong mas kamangha-mangha kaysa kwento nya. At bago matapos ang isang kwento, gusto mo opinion mo ang tatapos. Oras nila yun para magpa-bida, wag kang ano.

7. Hindi ka nagpapahuli

Hindi mo hinahayaan ang sarili mong maging huli sa isang bagay o pangyayari. Kahit hindi naman kailangang nandoon ka, isisingit mo ang sarili mo, mai-sali ka lang. Nandoon ang pagnanais mong mapabilang sa lahat ng bagay na ginagawa ng mga kasamahan mo. At pakiramdam mo hindi ka nila gusto at napagkakaisahan ka kapag napapag-iwanan ka. Maaaring tama ka.

8. Nagiinarte ka

Nagiinarte ka ng wala sa lugar. Whether maarte ka lang talaga or kunwari lang. Maaaring hindi mo talaga gusto ang isang bagay ngunit hindi ito dahilan upang mag inarte ka ng sobra. Tandaan, bata lang ang nagta-tantrums sa tuwing hindi niya nakukuha ang gusto niya. Ang mas lalong nakakainis sa mga nag-iinarte ay yung mukha nila. Hindi ko rin alam pero para bang ansarap manakit. Hindi ka na bata.

9. Nagpapa-lakas ka sa isang Tao

Mayroon kang lihim na motibo upang makuha ang gusto mo kaya’t hindi mo na rin namamalayang may naaapakan kang iba. Nagiging pabibo ka na kapag ginagawa mo na ito ng madalas kahit wala namang mas malalim na dhilan o pakinabang. Wala lang, gusto mo lang magpalakas para ikaw yung mas mapansin at mas may pagkakataong magpasikat upang mas umangat.


10. Naka-focus ang Kwento mo sa mga Bagay na Magaganda

Kapag nagkwento ka, walang pangit. Puro achievements, magagandang ala-ala, mga masasayang bakasyon, mga mamahaling kagamitan, etc. Walang pangit. Puro good stuff lang dahil natatakot ka na kapag nalaman nila ang madilim na parte ng buhay mo ay lalayuan ka na nila at hindi mo na makukuha yung daily dossage mo ng pansin na binibigay nila sayo. Alam mo kung bakit? Kasi Pabibo ka.

Kaya’t wag kang pabibo. Sinasabi ko sa’yo ito hindi dahil pabibo ako, kundi  dahil nag-aalala ako sa ginagawa mo. Hanggat maaga pa ay bawasan mo ang pagiging atribida. Wag kang kang Jollibee.


By SnowWhite




At 3 AM, I snoozed my watch and realized my phone alarm didn’t go off because I FORGOT to set the time and date settings. The same phone I FORGOT to put in my pocket when I left for work just an hour later. And upon arriving the office, I realized, I forgot to log-out from last week’s shift which implies my last day from that week will not be paid. I’m just in the mid 20’s but my brain is already crashing harder than Windows95.

How did it all come to this?

Forgetfulness, is not an easy problem for the mind and no amount of sweet quote can change it. You agree with me, right?

In the other hand, this is when Forgetfulness become reliable for us – While some of us consider it as a problem, others treat it as an advantage especially when they’re trying to forget something or a certain someone. I noticed that it would take me only a year or two to forget someone I used to talk to a lot; a year or less for people I rarely spoke with; months to days for experience; and seconds or so for things I do in a daily basis like what happened earlier. Lucky for me, the only thing that reminds me of those embarrassing moments are the people around me and I don’t fully remember what they’re talking about.


According to quotes which we always see in social media, Intelligent people tend to be forgetful because there are lots of things that going on in their head. Well, even if it came from the internet with more than 90% doubt, you can very much agree with it because it simply happens every time. But if you would think about it carefully, isn’t memory sharpness supposedly a sign of intelligence? Forgetfulness is a proof that our brain is getting weaker and a weak brain is… let’s just say… “slow” brain.


I really don’t wanna use the word ‘Dementia’ because it only adds fuel to my burning fear that one of these days, my memory will lose it’s ability to recall and totally forget everything, but you will research it anyway so here it is: Dementia is a general term for loss of memory and other mental abilities severe enough to interfere with our daily life caused by physical changes in the brain such as brain injury or brain diseases. I’m sorry for sharing my anxiety with you guys. How about a little advise to ease the problem? Let me share the 5 ways to sharpen your memory I gathered earlier:

1. Veggies and Fruits
Good and healthy diet is always one of the best ways to keep our life in track. Vegetables and fruits are rich with anti-oxidants, substances that protect our brain cells from damage. We need more Omega-3 fatty acids, seafood, and fatty fishes like Tilapia and Salmon.

2. Stress Management
These days, it’s almost impossible to dodge stress. You might wanna keep your stress in check because chronic stress destroys brain cells and damages the Hippocampus, the region of the brain responsible for the for the formation of new memories and retrieval of old ones.


3. Laugh
We need more of those Laughing gas now. Not just laughter can be your medicine, it can also improve your brain because it engages multiple regions across your brain, unlike emotional responses that are limited to specific areas of the brain only. Laugh with your friends, socialize with them. Stop over thinking about the bad things that will happen ahead just for today and see how laughing can wake up your sleeping brain cells.

sleep is for the weak

4. You need sleep
You might probably heard the saying “sleep is for the weak”, but lack of sleep will only weaken your brain and its ability to think. Have you notice whenever you have less hours of sleep, it’s more difficult it is to focus on a specific task? Then why are you still awake now? Stop that coffee and try wine or grape juice.

5. Brain exercise
Think of it as a car, your brain needs a regular run to make sure everything’s in order. Basically, when oils dries up, the engine starts to fail. Your brain needs a workout. As we reach adulthood, our brain developed millions of neural pathways that helps you process and recall information quickly to solve familiar problems and tasks with minimum effort. But of we stick with these well-worn paths, the brain is not getting the stimulation it needs to grow and develop.

Of all the tips I’ve got, these five so far is the most effective for me. The internet offers more ways to prevent dementia before saying hello to old man Alzheimer’s. Keep those precious memories from fading away.


By Cinderella



The Learning Bystander



In every crime scene, there are always three types of people involved: The criminal, the victim, and the witness. Most of the time, the court settles between the first two since a statement which witnesses give are merely a hearsay without a solid proof. Now there’s another person who’s in there but not really involved. He’s the person that could have seen the events but refuses to share his knowledge and keep everything inside of him. Those people we called bystanders.

This is not always about crime scenes. These things always happen everywhere in every situation. There’s always the offender who started the problem; the offended who’s the casualty of the offender; the supporter who could be on either side; and lastly, we have the bystander who knows everything but chooses not to support. A bystander is a person who is present at an event or incident but does not take part.

the bystander effect

The Bystander Effect or the Bystander Apathy is a social psychological phenomenon in which individuals are less likely to offer help a victim when other people are present. However, there are bystanders that actually stop just to see what’s happening with some only watching for the sole purpose of fun and entertainment. Other bystanders take the opportunity seriously -These are the learning bystanders.

The advantage of being a bystander is the chance of learning from behind the scenes without getting hurt or affected. Learning from other people’s mistakes makes them like a student sitting in front of a school play of historical events. Being an audience is another way to absorb information of the people involved in a particular event which they could use to their advantage when the situation happens to them. Another advantage is their claim that they are just bystanders and uses it as their ticket to leave whenever the situation is getting tighter for them.


Being a bystander also has disadvantages. I mean, a bystander can’t be a bystander forever. There will be moments that a bystander must drop the act of a person who doesn’t care and should get involved too. Another disadvantage is when they get to know a lot even the things they don’t want to know, it is the curse fated to bystanders.

What’s hard being a Bystander is most of them are becoming (or have to be) emotionally dead. The overwhelming knowledge or sometimes guilt depending on what the bystander witnessed is too great that the only way to keep them inside is to become cold. For the ones with the ability of wild imagination, putting their feet on somebody’s shoes is a common way to understand someone. And doing so, it also demonstrates the exact same emotion happened in the situation, thus receiving the same amount of pain for the bystander.

the learning bystander

The risk of being a bystander is the temptation to use other people’s information to get what the bystander wants. This is the reason why most learning bystanders evolve to an offender when they are hurt by the person whom they watched for a very long time. The worst type is the risk of becoming puppet-masters, also known as manipulators, but that is another story.

The bystander effect will remain so if not broken. No matter how much we say that keeping yourself from a distance is safer, it’s still considered inhumane to not help someone in need. A bystander who takes it as an opportunity to learn, if not helping is still heartless as everyone else.


By Cinderella


My Personal Thoughts about Lying

Somebody asked me today: “How’d you do it?”

After I told her, I am the man of my words and I never lie.

Apparently, lying is a big deal for everyone. It gives a great impact to any form of community, leaves a dent on bonds, and could even kill anybody. I just thought that whoever thought the word, he chose to use 3 letters to describe it, like the word sin and bad. Also tells us that the word must not be as powerful as words with 4 or more letters like love and trust.

If you’re the type of person who Googles everything, Lying is an intentional false statement; Used with reference to a situation involving deception or founded on a mistaken impression. What caught my attention is how Google placed the definition as only second to it’s other meaning ‘to remain or rest in a flat surface or position’. I guess, even Google doesn’t prioritise unpleasant words. And when you ask somebody to what is a lie? They would, undoubtedly, define the unpleasant meaning.

So how did I do it? How can you end a day without even making a single lie?

Lying and Age

Whether we like it or not, we all lied in some points of our lives. Some people are still lying even now they’re old. For me, lying is only for kids. Those days when your parents, teachers, and churches have done their part of explaining that lying is wrong, yet we chose to use it because it’s fun and that’s how we look to be more superior than other kids. Lying is a kid’s way to be noticed. And behind those Liars go to hell sayings, we still lie because we know very well that we can still say sorry later.

Lying and it’s reasons

Why did you lie?

You lie because you thought it can fix a problem you did for the meantime. Coz you thought if you say sorry, you’ll still get punished in various ways. So why not lie and let them think everything’s okay? You thought you’ll just gonna fix it later when they’re not around.

You lied because it’s hard to choose between needs and wants. Be it something or a person, you lied because you thought you can still choose later when you’re ready to let go the other. To things, it won’t take long. To person, it would be as long as the time you rendered moving on if you’re sincere enough.

You lied because you’re hiding something. Whatever it is that you so much protected because of whatever reason, you don’t want somebody else to know. You lied to keep them or yourself away fro harm’s way, where in fact, you are already making things worst for yourself and to them.

To sum it all up, you use lies for temporary remedies. You chose a temporary remedy that results to lifetime pain, than a temporary pain that offers a lifetime remedy.

Lying and it’s relevance to people

Lying is as complex as The Principles of Understanding Women Vol.87 if such a book exist. We condemn it but we have restrictions as to how to lie for national security. We lie to avoid mass hysteria, to keep the upper hand advantage against enemies of the state, and to remain the peace talks between rivals. No matter how patriotic they sound, it’s a lie.

Lying is a job for some people. When pretending to be someone else that is in good shape like telling your customer you’re willing to help and very happy to serve in phone, where in truth and in fact, you have cursed him dozens of times as you fake your smile, you are already lying. You’re being paid to lie.

White lies is what we call to a lie that benefits us. But that’s no different with Robin hood who steals from the rich and gave it to the poor. No matter how much you look at it, it’s still a lie.

Truth and it’s first victim

Lying is an essential part of a person. It’s what completes us and could be the reason why we sacrifice ourselves to save the other from severe emotional pain. Sometimes, it’s easy not to talk than telling them know the truth.

To be honest, being a totally honest person is not entirely good. If you want to be totally honest, some parts of your emotions must die first. The feeling of guilt, urge to sacrifice, and sympathy… All three of them will disappear forever. That’s the consequence honest.

The moment when telling the truth might hurt anyone is always present. Because you can’t be honest if you hide the truth behind words.

I chose to be Painfully Honest, than making Sugarcoated Lies.


By SnowWhite



It’s in Iceland but not Cold


As interesting as it sounds, the Iceland springs is one of the most incredible tourist spots on earth. That’s just one of the many wonders in Iceland making this country one of my travel bucket list.

Iceland is an island that’s slightly bigger than US’s state of Maine. The country is well known for its geothermal water attractions, one of which is the Blue Lagoon. Yes, the place doesn’t just exist in Bikini Bottom in Spongebob Squarepants. The warm waters of the lagoon are rich in silica and sulfur. It’s very real and very…blue.

The country is also known as “The Land of Fire and Ice” due to its highly active volcanoes but also glaciers. The country is located just about outside the arctic circle, but despite of that the climate is temperate. The “Kirkjufell”, also known as the Church Mountain due to its shape is located north of the Iceland in the arctic circle that makes a unique combo of landscape and northern lights.


With a population of about 330,000 people, it’s not gonna be a huge surprise that most of Iceland’s stunning beauty is natural. The country has a contrasting element of heat and cold that allows beautiful geological landscapes and waters. The hot springs in the country is a must-try, with some even believed to cure skin illnesses.

So, if I want my bath time to be extraordinary, I’d visit the magical springs of Iceland. taking a bath will never be as special as this.