The Ships of the Caribbean: The Curse and the Set

alagad ng sining

Here’s another review of one of my favorite movie series, probably the first movie that pops-up in your mind when we talk about pirates, The Pirates of the Caribbean. The fiction-ish film is set in the old Caribbean in 18th Century around the 1720s to 1750s at the peak of International Trade of Sail. And these trading ships are often high jacked by pirates.

In the movie, we’ve seen different ships and their legendary captains and some of these ships are cursed including the entire crew. From The Curse of the Black Pearl to Dead Men Tell No Tales, here are the starring ships and their Sets in the Pirates of the Caribbean:

The Undying Ship – Black Pearl
Probably the most famous pirate ship in the series and captained by the main character Captain Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp), The infamous Black Pearl, the ship with black sails is known as the fastest and uncatchable in the whole Caribbean. The Curse of the Black Pearl started when its mutinous crew stole a chest of Aztec gold. “So the heathen Gods placed upon the gold a terrible curse. Any mortal that removes but a single piece from the stone chest shall be punished for eternity.” – Basically making the thief undead. Before the first movie ended, the curse was lifted that defeated Jack Sparrows mutinous first mate Hector Barbossa (Geoffrey Rush). giphy (2)What makes this ship special is the curse it still possesses even after the Aztec Gold Curse was lifted. It also shares this curse to the monkey named ‘Jack’ which most people fail to notice – it has the ability to regenerate almost undying. Throughout the series, we saw the Black Pearl withstanding cannon fires but still don’t sink. In the Dead Man’s Chest, it was sunk by the Kraken, only to emerge from Davy Jone’s Locker whole and unscratched. In the Stranger Tides, it was peppered by cannon fire said by Captain Barbossa and shrank to fit inside a bottle using black magic, but when the bottle was broken and the pearl was thrown into the sea, it emerged without any sign of damage like what Barbossa said.

Part of the Sea – the Flying Dutchman 
the Flying Dutchman was introduced in Pirates of the Caribbean: And Dead Man’s Chest. It is captained by the cruel and monstrous Captain Davy Jones (Bill Nighy). The Ship looks like a shipwreck overgrown by corrals and sea creatures. It has the unique ability to sink into the water like a submarine giving it the advantage to surprise its enemy ships by surfacing beside them.giphy (3) It’s armed with two tri-barrel cannons up-front to shoot the enemy ships it’s chasing. But what makes the ship so formidable is its ability to call and command the Kraken. However, despite its tremendous power, it has a weak spot to keep the ship sailing for eternity; the captain must place his heart locked in the chest and can only walk ashore every ten years. Unlike The Black Pearl, The Flying Dutchman is a real old tale that haunts the seas not just in the Caribbean but all the waters. Be it a joke or a campfire story, the stories of a ghostly ship and the Davy Jone’s locker is widely known across the world.

Black Magic – Queen Anne’s Revenge
The Queen Anne’s Revenge is a pirate ship that came straight out of a nightmare. By just touching the Sword of Triton, Captain Edward ‘Blackbeard’ Teach (Ian McShane) can remotely control the ship even without its captain onboard. The same sword can also control other ships around it which made the Black Pearl turn against its crew and caused Captain Hector Barbossa his leg. It was formerly named La Concorde de Nantes and struck fear to the hearts of its ill-fated victims. giphy (4) The ship also has a secret weapon located on Queen Anne’s Revenge’s Bow called the Greek fire, a twin cannon that bursts flames that burn enemy ships. While in the movie, Blackbeard is a fearsome pirate captain, in real life he pretty much is. According to the records, Blackbeard is an English pirate sailed around the 1700s, capturing a French vessel La Concorde and equipped her with 40 guns and renamed her The Queen Anne’s Revenge. He scares his enemies by lighting two slow match cords tied under his hat.

The Ghost Ship – Silent Mary
The Last cursed ship featured in Pirates of The Caribbean is not a pirate ship but a Spanish Royal Navy vessel called The Silent Mary under the command of the famous decorated pirate hunter Captain Armando Salazar (Javier Bardem). giphy (5) As The Silent Mary chases a pirate ship, the Wicked Wench who’s currently being commanded by the 1st mate young Jack Sparrow, was out-driven forcing to enter the Devil’s Triangle and where it met its doom that cursed the ship itself and its crew trapped inside the triangle only to be released if Jack officially let go of his compass. The ship suffers great damage making it look like it’s impossible to sail. It can bring carcasses to life, like sharks and crows, to help it attack its enemies. The ship can also lift its bow up, opening its hull like a big mouth and broken sharp frames as its teeth, devouring enemy ships on its path. The crew can also travel over or under water if they want, however they can’t walk on land.


By Rapunzel


Mythical Woofs and Mews

“Cats are good. Half in, half out.”
-John Constantine, Movie


We thought cats and dogs are just mere adorable pets that ruin our sleep and Instagram-worthy subjects. Did you know that back when slavery is a mainstream, your ancestors used to worship them?

Cats and Dogs and their relationship to man have a deeper root than you think. Cats and Dogs are domestic animals which we happily accept indoors like goldfish and lovebirds although it is always best advised to separate the cats (They’re real @s$#0%&$). Today, we just treat them as best friends or home companion but if you learn about these animals’ past, you might find the resemblance regarding who really owns the house.


Fenrir (Norse) – or Fenrisulfr is the giant wolf in Norse mythology. He is the offspring of Loki god of mischief and Giantess Angora. Imagine your neighbor’s husky twenty times its normal size and more scary-looking than its owner after a long day. In mythology, Fenrir was growing too big that the gods’ chains were ineffective and devoured Odin for lunch in Ragnarok (Norse’s end of times).

Great Sphynx (Egyptian) – Commonly referred to as The Great Sphynx of Giza holds the record as the Biggest Cat in the World. Dated back to 2532 BC and is measured 240 ft. long, 66 ft. high and made out of bedrocks weighing 100 tons each. These giants, according to mythology, are the guardians of doorways and passages that gives riddles to anyone who wishes to enter. You know what they say; “If you can’t understand someone, you might be talking to a sphynx.”

GodsOfEgypt_DOMTrlr1_Texted_HD 3319.tif

Cerberus (Greek) – Is another enormous dog but looks more horrifying than Fenrir, thanks to its heads. If you think, a pit bull is not scary enough, imagine a giant pit bull with three heads. Unlike the Sphynx, this three-headed dog would bite now, bark questions later. It guards the underworld and was owned by Hades. I’m not really sure how he pats a three-headed canine but dogs tend to be more jealous. Yikes!

Manticore (Persian) – Manticore is another huge feline that’s a cousin to the Sphynx. They look similar to the sphynx for having a head of a man and a body of a lion but with a flight advantage for having wings and even more terrifying due to its scorpion tail and spiky spine similar to porcupine quills (Gosh, why do these creatures have to look like straight out of a nightmare?).


Anubis (Egyptian) – Is believed to be the god of embalming and the guardian of the dead since they’re always seen in cemeteries, particularly pyramids. Because the Egyptian Pharaohs were too rich before, they built gigantic tombstones which we called now as pyramids. Anubis has a body of a man with a head of a jackal. His long snout and pointy ears will tell you that you’re currently walking into somebody’s graveyard. He guides spirits on their long journey to the other side. Good doggy 🙂


Bastet (Egyptian) – (Why do Egyptians love cats and dogs too much?) Bastet is like Anubis except with a more feminine body and head of a cat. Maybe having a dog-head for a woman certainly isn’t pleasing if you are a goddess. Despite her skinny appearance, she’s the goddess of warfare in the Lower Egypt before the unification of the cultures of ancient Egypt.

Raiju (Japanese) – You thought it was Doge? How could you! Raiju is a legendary Japanese wolf with a body consists of lightning. It is believed that it is Raiju that’s howling during thunderstorms. Raiju is the companion of Raijin, the Shinto Japanese God of lightning. Like its master that looks like a grumpy old man, Raiju is depicted as an angry looking dog with unusual bluish white fur on its body. Surely, you can’t pet him but you can power up an entire house…that’s if you can catch him.

Maneki Neko (Japanese) – Another famous feline that originated in Japan, the Maneki Neko or commonly known as The Beckoning Cat is a smiling cat that waves its paw and commonly used as a wealth charm. These figurine of traditionally Calico Japanese Bobtail Cats are pretty popular in almost every business establishments across the globe and come in many shapes and sizes. Its cold glare and shiny gold coin on its tummy attract customers.

giphy (1).gif

Fox Spirit (Chinese) – Or the Nine-tailed Fox that are regularly heard in Asian countries is a popular legendary dog with mystical powers. It has many names like Kumiho in Korea and Kitsune in Japan, but it originated in China and was actually named Huli Jing. This fox has the ability to shape-shift, meaning it can transform its appearance into a young woman to seduce men only to play with them or consume their spirits. So next time you meet a woman that’s too easy to get, think again or you might just lose your spirit. Or maybe you don’t. YOLO!


Cheshire Cat (English) – Last but not the least, we have Cheshire Cat of the fairytale Alice in Wonderland. This grinning cat of the popular children’s book originated in the country of Cheshire, England where historians believed the author Lewis Carroll, got the idea. While the other cats on today’s list are basically powerful gods, Cheshire Cat came from a simple, and rather milky history. The Cheshire’s abundant dairy farms are great in producing milk. Every cat’s dream place. I’m sure you’d grin too if you’re gonna live in a house full of your favorite dessert.

And that’s the most famous Woofs and Mews in the history. Now if you still think delaying your pet’s meal is funny, you’re basically making your former god wait. You’re lucky they’re not as big as they were before. Because if they still do, I wonder if you can still make fun of them. Who’s the meal now, hooman? WHOOO??!!


By Cinderella



What’s The Matrix Reloaded’s Point?


“The function of the One is to return to the Source”

Here’s one old topic that didn’t get too much attention. Something important that’s a part of a great blockbuster film of all time. You can still watch it but always fail to grasp its very essence. And even now you still wonder what does the Architect is talking about?

the one

We are so blinded by these useless fill-ins of Neo and Trinity making love, Speeches of hope that Zion will never fall, and fight scenes with Infinite Smith, that we already forgot the main point of the Matrix: Reloaded – The moment where Neo finally meets the Architect. It’s a bit heartbreaking though that this scene is only 7 minutes compared to its fill-ins that already stole our interest to the point that we found this most important scene extremely boring and we’re looking forward on finishing it so that the main character – Neo could start flying towards Trinity to save her.

In case you’re not aware, The Architect scene is the main part of the movie. By this moment, you’re already hooked on Neo’s gifts, that when the film brought you to the revelation (this), you would regret not taking this seriously. That’s IF you’d understand it. I’m guessing you don’t, coz you probably skipped this boring part like I did before. I didn’t care about what the architect is saying. His words are too deep, even Miriam will have a hard time looking in her Dictionary. Now the more I watch it, the more I regret skipping it.

the one 12

Like I said, the architect’s rarely used words raises more questions than answers. Thanks to pause – play buttons, we are now granted the time to analyze every line. And I guarantee you, the more you understand the Architect, the more you understand how ridiculous Neo’s path as the Chosen One. I took the liberty of studying the lines of the Architect and as you’ve guessed, it showed me answers.

Its concept is partly sublime and partly insensitive.

The idea to put every viewer in The One’s shoes worked excellently. You felt like a god where you can control almost everything. As expected, it excites you to see what other miracles Neo can do with his powers; where unconsciously, you’re getting blinded by the mere fact that the whole point of the film is to meet the Architect. That he was given that power after meeting the Oracle, choosing to believe he’s the one, and overcome the impossible so he can go to the source.

the one 1

And the movie is partly insensitive because the writers and the makers forgot that not all of their viewers can understand what the Architect is saying; that we are simply not intelligent enough to comprehend. If he just used much simpler words, maybe everyone could enjoy the main event of the film. What is he saying, really? I’ll tell you:

  • He’s explaining the failure of Matrix – Have you ever wonder if the Matrix is based on a dream, why is it so realistic and not the kind of fantasy you’re experiencing in your own dream? Imagine this: if the humans are satisfied with a candle, would anyone create a light bulb? As interesting as it may seem but a perfect world is not a functioning world. That is the reason why the Matrix was redesigned based on the real history of humanity.
  • He’s telling why everything is the fault of the Oracle – Despite the architect’s efforts, he can’t still make the perfect world and thus creating a program we know as The Oracle. She is a program created to investigate the aspects of human mind like the Key maker or The Trainman. The Oracle found a solution whereby almost every subject accepts the program by giving them a choice like a fortuneteller but like other fortune tellers, this system is unexplainable therefore unquantifiable that frustrates the Architect. Funny to know that the anomaly of the system was made by a program of the system.
  • He’s actually saying that ‘The One’ is not the only one – This isn’t new. Morpheus told Neo that at the beginning of the Matrix, there’s ‘The One’ who was granted the ability to change the Matrix as he see fit, and then he told everyone he would return to save Zion. With that idea, we thought Neo being the reincarnation is ‘the One’ (or ‘the Two’?) but wait, according to the Architect, Neo is actually the Sixth ‘The One’ and like his five predecessors, there would be a Seventh One.
  • He’s actually saying that Zion is hopeless – Because we thought Neo arriving to meet the source will save Zion and its people. But with the given choices, we understand that Zion will inevitably be destroyed for the sixth time, only to be rebuilt again by 23 random individuals from the Matrix selected by ‘The One’.
  • And lastly he’s saying what Neo’s actions could do – As you already know, the rise of ‘The One’ is just a part of a system wherein these 23 individuals will rebuild Zion, free minds from the matrix, search for ‘The One’ (which would be the Seventh), ‘The One’ meets the Architect, The destruction of Zion while ‘The One’ selects 23 individuals to rebuild Zion. What makes Neo unique from his 5 predecessors; he chose not to return to the source which would lead to the extinction of human race.

the one 123.jpg

As you’re well-aware of, there’s a 3rd movie, The Matrix: Revolution – meaning Neo somehow chose the wrong door but still saved humanity from extinction. But that’s another blog, right? With all these revelations, there’s only one thing that puzzles me. If everyone was given a choice, does this mean everyone could be ‘The One’?



By Snowwhite



8 Doomsday Concepts

And we all know when a character is plotting to wipe out the entire population, he’s probably the villain in the story.

Hold up. I know what you’re thinking. Some of you might be thinking she didn’t give an update for a month and now she’s back and suddenly starts talking about the end of the world. Don’t freak out. I just thought doomsday concepts are good topics since another doomsday prophecy is about to get blown sky high today. *Ahem! *aliens *ahem!

And where would we see these concepts in motion than in movies, right? With all those special effects and all, each scene looks so real that you can show your kids the movie ‘2012’ who were born after the year 2012 and tell them you survived all that. Best Parent Award would definitely be in your hands. From common to unique, we will rank the top 8 doomsday concept depicted in movies.


#8 Natural Calamity

Global warming and the likes resulting in global catastrophe is the most common of all doomsday concept in human history. When a movie is about the world that’s minutes from splitting apart, this is probably what’s gonna happen; Tidal waves, thunderstorms, Earthquakes, and tornadoes all happening at the same time. Yes, very common. The movie ‘2012’ is the best example so far. The film ‘Interstellar’ however, created a Doomsday concept that’s natural but unique in a sense. Who would have thought that a simple plant fungus can cause a global trouble? In this movie, the Blight is the responsible for all dying crops in the world which will push NASA to step into the unknown to find a new home.

#7 Zombie Outbreak

the 2nd most common is none other than Zombie Apocalypse concept. A lot of movies depicted how humanity will end because of a virus that can turn a person into a mindless flesh-eating (sometimes brain) undead. Although, so far, no one hasn’t really created a film or a story where everyone is already a zombie. ‘Warm Bodies’ successfully put a zombie in a protagonist role though. But other than that, every film with zombies is always about the survivors doing their best not to be a zombie dinner.

#6 Alien Invasion

The most recent Doomsday news that’s set to happen is today. where according to a popular tweet that seems to be a warning from a missing airline with a distinct message saying they encountered a presence from of are “not human”. This could be the fault of misconception or mistranslation since the language is Thai, we can’t really know for sure. ‘Independence Day’, ‘Battle: Los Angeles’, ‘Skyline’, and ‘Pacific Rim’ are the best example of these doomsday concepts where aliens are taking over the world and humans (led by the USA of course) is fighting to save the world. Cliché.

#5 Machines

Mechanical invasion is not so rare concept of Doomsday. In fact, we lots of movies where machines will take over the world. Even Einstein predicted this to happen in the future. Right now, it’s nearly impossible for an average household not having a single electronic machinery or gadget. We see phones, computers, AIs, drones, etc. every day. Even the military uses software to control our ships, planes, tanks, and subs. Imagine this equipment having their own life and suddenly decided to turn against their users.  ‘Terminator’ and ‘The Matrix’ trilogy shared the same concept and become a blockbuster hit. This could also be the reason why our grandparents are still refusing to use mobile phones and gadgets.

#4 Nuclear War

As of today, nukes are the most powerful weapon in human history. Probably because of its ability to melt a country in just a snap. Movies like ‘Terminator 2’ and ‘Terminator 3’  demonstrated its power when ‘Skynet’, a fictional neural-based conscious group and artificial intelligence gained self-awareness and decided to go against its creators by spreading across millions of computers around the world, gaining the overall control including military satellites and software. Imagine a genocidal system that reads your information and has control of your country’s nukes just decided to detonate it while in the silo or fly them to the nearest cities within the same country.

#3 Falling Rocks from outer space

We’re not talking about humanity getting stoned to death here. We’re talking about gigantic rocks, the size of Texas. The type of Asteroid that once killed the dinosaurs that are said to hit earth once again. In the movie ‘Armageddon’, the Earth almost met its prophesized fate of getting hit by another asteroid with a strength of more than 10 thousand nuclear weapons that was stopped by drilling and detonating a nuke inside to break into pieces, enough split apart dodging Earth on its course.


#2 Angels

Yes. Angels are not always the good guys at all. Remember, Lucifer is once an angel too. Because apparently, God created his angels with their own will. With their own ability to judge by their senses. And they can be disobeying individuals too, which doesn’t sit too well with God’s holiness that’s why, you see, we have fallen angels. In the film ‘Legion’,  Gabriel disagreed when God decided to wipe out the entire human population with his angels. I don’t know, maybe because flooding is too common? He believed that there’s still hope in humanity so he was banished to earth and fought alongside humans.

#1 Solar Flare

Solar Flares are by far the most unique and utterly the scariest doomsday of all time. Solar Flares happen when an eruption of intense high-energy radiation from the sun’s surface released a super explosion enough to puncture earth’s atmosphere and the ozone layer with a devastating power thousand nuclear bombs blasted altogether. The radiation would be so deadly, it can kill any living creature on the planet. In the movie ‘Knowing’, the devastating force was put on screen. It’s guaranteed to cause human extinction in the process but will not literally crack the planet in half. Like millions of years ago, the world will recover and eventually cool down. Bacteria will start to grow again and start over.


Again, please don’t be scared. I’m okay.

By Cinderella


Top 5 worst action movie sequels

Hollywood films are often the best at what they do than that of its Asian counterparts. But sometimes, they seem to either overdo an element or rather disappoint us from what we’re expecting with their movie sequels. So much so, that we sometimes wish they didn’t make the sequel at all. Today, we would talk about great Hollywood action films that disappointed us with their sequels.


How do we measure sequels? We measure them by their connections to the first film. By that alone, we can tell whether the sequel is worthy enough for you to watch or they shouldn’t have released the film because it will make us cry.


Unlike the Matrix Trilogy, we didn’t get disappointed by its sequel because the movie is supplying us the info we need to understand the whole story. As a result, each sequel (and even it’s anime series) connect to each other, thus resulting in a satisfying franchise.

#1 Resident Evil: The Final Chapter
Ahh, the epitome of a failed sequel. Resident Evil franchise almost made it through the taste of the RE fans when they released its fourth installment – Resident Evil: Retribution introducing the popular Resident Evil characters Hollywood versions in one film. In the sequel, fans are pretty hyped as they saw the lead character Alice and the other Resident Evil characters: Leon, Jill, Ada, and, the bad turned good Albert Wesker as they do the humanity’s last stand to fight the forces of the dead. Seeing that pose will send you chills and will make you expect what the last chapter would be. But then, we got disappointed on its final sequel where we learn that the no.1 enemy Wesker just lured them all in the White House just to kill every remaining force in one blow! What an A-hole.


#2 Transformers: Age of Extinction
On their first movie, Transformers sky-rocketed, winning the hearts of every fan around the world. Seeing their favorite anime Optimus Prime in the flesh (or metal) is a special kind of Jaw-dropping feeling. Then its first sequel Revenge of the Fallen came, and we learned that the Autobots are in a great fight again. Then, Dark of the Moon where we got introduced to more Transformers and more history and honestly speaking, in this chapter I felt this kind of plot is getting old. And then, the Age of Extinction where we finally realized this has to stop. And in the end, despite all bad criticisms, they still made another sequel Transformers: The Last Knight and now…okay…we gotta get out of here and just watch 47 Meters Down in the next Cinema Room.

#3 A Good Day to Die Hard
Bruce Willis should’ve ended it in 4.0 Live Free or Die Hard. Seeing our favorite bald actions star hero doing deadly stunts on Die Hard 4.0 is amazing. Age hasn’t slowed him down a bit. The story is awesome, the action is breathtaking, and the concept is unique. Until of course, A Good Day to Die Hard sequel came. It’s this America versus Russia conflict all over again where a Russian enemy (why not?) will do something that will spark a war between the two nations again and John McClane, an American operative is there to make sure it won’t happen. Sure, the place is somewhere different than its prequel but what else is missing in action movie about a hard-to-kill American besides the Russians, right? Yeah, if the Nazi is still alive, that would be Die Hard’s sixth installment until somebody actually killed McClane hard enough.


#4 The Transporter 2, 3, and…
Transporter – hand’s down. Very impressive movie, very impressive driving, very unique story, very good in almost everything. At first, I hate it when he had to do the job without his car but I remembered, it’s not about the car, but it’s about the man driving the car. Then a sequel came and I’m already asking myself why does trouble always finds this guy? I mean really, how many times does he have to get in trouble by just transporting a package in a day? No matter what he’s transporting: be it a kid, an emo girl, or a Chinese pornstar, he’s always getting involved in something bigger. But yeah, that’s where the story is all about, right? But that doesn’t make it a sequel anymore. Although fans are still getting the same jaw-dropping action (which gave them the idea what would happen if we put that fancy driving to the Fast and Furious franchise… which we all got in Furious 7) we still embraced the 2nd and 3rd installment. And then they made a remake. Ugh! Unbelievable.

#5 Terminator Genesys
Terminator 4 for me is a disappointment for showing a CGI Arnold Schwarzenegger. I still prefer the real Arnold. But it’s not about the cast that made us think the franchise should have ended there. It’s the fact that no matter how we twist the story, we all know that Humans will win against machines. So the installments are only to support how would John Conor win the war. And then Terminator Genesys. I know you’d say “Oh no, that’s not a sequel. it’s a prequel because it only brings us to the first film about Sarah Conor and Kyle Reese.” Well, lady’s and gentlemen, you’re right and you’re also wrong. Like the judgment day where the war against the machine is unstoppable, John Connor winning it is also determined. They should have created the final chapter as to how John Connor fought hard with the resistance and won the battle. That’s it! But then, what is this sudden turn of events in Terminator Genesys? Skynet suddenly changing plans? A delay of Judgement Day? And the worst part, John Connor as the enemy? I’m so done.


I could’ve added Fast and Furious but so far, but the more sequel they make, the better it gets. Their sequel always has the connection to its prequels. They even managed to put a scene in Tokyo Drift as a teaser to the next sequel, and you already know the next FF would still fit for a good rated sequel.


By Cinderella


The 5 Tribes of Wakanda

Before anything else, let me tell you that this topic will not be possible if it wasn’t because of my OCD.


After watching Marvel’s Black Panther, the fight scenes are good, the special effects are extraordinary, and obviously, you wouldn’t ask for more. But it’s not the flying ninja cat dodging bullets skills that made me enjoy the film. Instead, my attention was fully drawn to Wakanda and how their country works in harmony.

Now, before I mention a lot more, let me warn you first that there are minor spoilers ahead. Minor because this information may or may not be in the original story, it just happened that I noticed them. Besides, if you’re a fan of the original Black Panther story, you might look back to some of your old comics and find out that I am wrong. Let’s be clear that these are the things I just noticed in the film and looked, supported by some references from the wiki.

Now. If you haven’t watched Black Panther, here’s how the Wakanda became the mightiest empire in Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). Millions of years ago, a meteorite made of Vibranium struck the continent of Africa. And when the time of men came, five tribes settled on it and called it Wakanda. These tribes are in constant war with each other until a shaman was led by the spirit of the Black Panther to a Heart Shaped herb. The plant granted him superhuman abilities and became the protector of Wakanda – the first Black Panther. The four tribes agreed to live under the king’s rule besides the Jabari tribe who isolated themselves in the mountains. Until the time of T’Chala, the new king and Black Panther.

And on T’Chala’s ritual combat, these five tribes introduced themselves one by one. You thought their clothing colors and weapons are nothing to do with their tribe? They may be living in one nation but they are from different tribes. They worship different gods, Different beliefs, different fighting styles, different culture, and other things that will differentiate one tribe from another.



Here are the Tribes of Wakanda and their roles in the kingdom:

The Merchant Tribe
The Merchant tribe’s role is to maintain the economic system of the country. The elder of the Merchant tribe also has a seat on the high court. They were the first to answer on (James) Zuri’s call on who wants to challenge the prince.

The Border Tribe
Wears blue blankets and tasked to defend the country from outsiders and invaders.  These defenders look like a normal cattle herders but if you’re an outsider and gets to close, they would give you a taste of their Vibranium weapons concealed by their Vibranium cloaks that can also be used as barriers. They worship the Hyena God and uses a sickle-sword called khopesh. They can also ride Rhinos with Vibranium armor.

The River Tribe
The river tribe are the worshipers of the Crocodile god, you can notice on the chief’s clothes in the day of ritual combat. They wear green clothes and circle piercings. They also use circular blades like the ones Nakia is using in her fight against Killmonger.

The Mining Tribe
I think is the royal guard and in charge of mining the Vibranium beneath Wakanda. They wear red cloaks and red armor with accessories of golden rays that resembles the mane of a lion. They worship the lion god and uses Vibranium spears in combat.

The Jabari Tribe
The tribe that has no role in the country yet. But if so, T’Chala would appoint them as the warrior tribe. As T’Chala and M’Baku spoke to each other, T’Chala invited M’Baku and his Jabari tribe to join his cause to overthrow Killmonger. Although M’Baku respectfully declined the offer, he still joined the battle to win back Wakanda. They worship the great white gorilla-god Hanuman of the mountains and mace as their weapon of choice.

The Shamans
These priests are the worshipers of the Panther God.  They wear a distinctive violet or purple cloak. Zuri is the current shaman of Wakanda and wears the same cloak color which could explain why the first Black Panther, also a shaman, first seen the spirit of the Black Panther. Their task is to take care of the heart-shaped herbs for the next king.


See how they strictly adhere to their color?

Now I don’t know why some wear orange, yellow, or brown. I even saw pink worn by a child. Maybe some tribes have 2 colors. But hey, nobody’s stopping anyone to define their own fashion statements, right?

Black is the King’s, and maybe the royal family’s color. You wouldn’t call him the Black Panther if he wears pink right (Pun intended)? And as for the white clothes, T’chala wears when he visited the Ancestral Plain, it’s probably their traditional mourning color equivalent to our black clothes during funerals. The queen can also be seen wearing white when T’chala arrived, she may look happy but she’s grieving for his king. The past kings in the Ancestral Plain also wear white.

These tribes’ differences are what divides them, but under the King’s rule, also what keeps them in harmony for generations.

Do you agree with my OCD, now? “Wakanda forever!”


By SnowWhite


The Levels of Zombies


Hey, everybody. I know it’s a bit too early to talk about scary things but this one just can’t wait.

We have watched a lot zombie films like ‘World War Z’, and have played zombie video games like the ‘Resident Evil’. Today, we will rate these zombies from easiest to handle to the hardest to kill when you’re in real zombie outbreak situation.

Here are the 10 Levels of Modern Zombie Situation:

Now before we start, let’s keep in mind that the zombies I will be mentioning here are the most common ones that can be seen in each franchise they have appeared on. Meaning, I will be skipping zombies with special abilities like the ones we see in ‘Left 4 Dead’ game. And the candidates will came from games / movies starting year 2000 and above to make sure you’re not getting left out.


  1. The first in our list are the zombies from film ‘Shaun of The Dead’

    Shaun of the Dead is a comedy action film directed by Edgar Wright. The zombies in this movie earned the lowest since they’re very slow and they can even be deceived with child-tactics.

  2. The Walking Dead

    One of the longest running series on AMC, The Walking Dead is an action, drama, suspense series of how to survive a Zombie apocalypse. The zombies here are so slow and silent, but that’s not really the problem here. If you reached the 3rd season of the series, you will learn that every single character is already infected that when they die, even if not bitten, they will still turn to zombies.

  3. ‘Game of Throne’s Wights

    One of the most popular movie series of the century, The Game of Thrones is just not about houses fighting for the crown. It is also about stopping the “undead” to conquer the entire mainland. Wights are zombies that died in the harsh of snow regardless of what killed it. They are later reanimated by the witchcraft power of The Night King – the number one enemy in the series. The difference of these zombies from TWD’s is their ability to bear arms. A wight can still use the weapon in hand right before it died.

  4. The Dead in ‘Left 4 Dead’

    The rampaging army of zombies in the ‘Left 4 Dead’ is one of the most toughest situation you can be in a zombie apocalypse. The zombies here are fast runners and attracted to movements and sounds. Though can be deceived with a pipe bomb, these mob of angry zombies will come for you from time to time. Other Zombie movies like ‘Zombieland’ and ‘Scout’s Guide to Zombie Apocalypse’ also lands in this spot.

  5. Zombies or Plants? ‘The Girl with all the Gifts’

    If you think Plants will help you win the war against zombies, you’re wrong. In this film, let’s just say the plants started the zombie plague first. The outbreak is caused by a mysterious fungal disease causing the infected to become violent. However, these zombies seemingly behave like a fungi and sleeps on day. They also have stages of infection one in which they pile themselves together to over-grow a tall structure to sprout seed pots to contaminate the air .

  6. The infected in ‘Last of Us’

    One of the most hideous looking zombies in this list are the main enemies in the game ‘The Last of Us’ called ‘The Infected” – they are humans who have been infected and subsequently mutated into horrific new forms by the Cordyceps Brain Infection. And like other zombies, they are highly aggressive and will attack any uninfected individual on sight. Imagine a zombie with a weird plant or mushroom on its face. What scares me is that Ophicordyceps unilateralis is a real thing.

  7. The European zombies of ’28 weeks later’

    A viral outbreak had struck the heart of England 28 days later. 28 weeks later, the infection is declared quarantined with the help of National Atlantic Treaty Organization military forces. But when the two main character kids of the story broke into the quarantine zone and discovered their infected mother, the virus outbreak is once again out of control. The zombies here are fresh people so they can run at high speeds. But what’s scary about these zombies is the ability to infect a living host in a matter of seconds.

  8. The Zombies of ‘I am Legend’

    Starring Will Smith, ‘I am Legend’ is one of the most thrilling drama zombie films in the history cinema. The zombies here are called Dark Seekers, they can climb a wall, run so fast, jump high, and even can take out a helicopter with a zombie tower. Some of these Creatures also have affection and ability to follow orders from their alpha. Fortunately, these creatures are afraid of sun light therefore can only attack at night.

  9. ‘World War Z’ zombies

    The zombies in the film ‘World War Z’ could be the most terrifying zombie in this list. If you think you’re fortunate to survive the night in ‘I am Legend’, ‘World War Z’s zombies have the same abilities but can run even in broad daylight. These zombies are drawn to sound. Though can be immobilized when burned, cannot still be killed with fire. Another factor is it’s ability to infect a healthy living host in 12 seconds. The zombies are are pretty picky when choosing a person.

  10. And our top Zombie for this list is non other than the Zombies of ‘Resident Evil’

    Resident Evil’s zombies earned the most difficult to handle in all types of zombies I mentioned because of their ability to adopt and evolve. In the film, the zombies can attack in hoards but not as devastating as Tsunami zombies in World War Z. However, once enhanced, they can be controlled. While the zombies of WWZ are too picky, these zombies will bite anyone whether you’re a cripple or an infected super-soldier. These zombies can be killed by removing or shooting the head which makes them more difficult to kill.


It’s not that we can choose what kind of zombie apocalypse we would like to get, not even hoping for it to come, but we all know that the end will come and if we’re facing a world full undead people, let’s hope it’s as easy as Shaun’s.


By Rapunzel