The 5th Philippine BIVOUAC MiliSim


“The only easy day… Was yesterday” – Hours before the game officially started, a quick groupie with the participants of Bivouac 5. © Mox Cadiz

Body pain, muddy shoes, and an itchy skin. That’s what I got from my very first Bivouac. Yet, I still enjoyed it.

Last June 5, 2018, the 5th Philippine Bivouac Mili-Sim (Military Simulations) Assembly happened in Camp Malauac 3, Angono, Rizal. This isn’t your average social gathering. In this Event, Hundreds of Airsoft enthusiasts come together, group themselves into 3 teams and spends 24 hours in an area to outplay, outsmart, and defeat each other. Think of it as a normal game competition and outdoor camping but in real war situations. Sounds fun? We’ll get to the best part.


Before we go any further, let us first understand what is BIVOUAC. It is not a French word nor an acronym of a very long sentence which we all know most military forces worldwide is often obsessed with. Bivouac is actually a type of temporary shelter or camp used by hikers, mountaineers, and (you’ve guessed it) soldiers. It’s not a common tent since it’s uncovered and often disregards the rule of safety. Today, The term Bivouac is now used in some countries as an Airsoft Outdoor Mili-Sim Activity.

Bivouac 5 is a result of collective ideas of the biggest Airsoft enthusiast groups and hobby shops in the Philippines. Joining the event requires some real military equipment like vests, combat uniforms, army shoes, and a working airsoft firearm. Heavy Military-grade hardware is not included so don’t expect tanks and para-drop bombs. After paying 800PHP and signing some waivers, I finally get the chance to join the 5th Bivouac Mili-Sim. The game is open for everyone but it is not for faint of heart. The firearms may not be lethal but the danger within the game site is no joke.

The bivouac 5 was held in a remote mountainous area of Angono. There are snakes in there, wild rodents, poisonous insects, and mosquitoes which may harm the player. The weather is unstable, sometimes it rains, sometimes it’s so hot. The slopes are slippery when dry and muddy when it rains. The bushes have pointy spikes and infested with bugs and caterpillars. The only water and food you packed are the only things you’ve got. And you can’t pack too much because it will be too heavy to carry. Anybody up for the 6th Bivouac?

“Who’s got the biggest stick” – Airsoft firearms laid down beside the road. © Eddie Miranda

The main equipment used in this game is a firearm known as “Airsoft”. It resembles a real firearm but only shoots small plastic projectile called “BB(s)”. Although considered “non-lethal”, these firearms can still harm an individual. They can only be operated in an airsoft permitted areas, game sites, official airsoft conventions, and indoors, given that the user is properly protected.

The mechanics are simple; Each member is given a package that includes a whistle, pieces of white cloths, hydrating powder, and blinker light. Members are then divided into 3 groups (Blue, Red, and Green) led by their commanding generals and color flags. The first team who capture’s the other teams’ flag wins. When you receive a hit, you simply turn on your blinker (with a color according to your team color) and a nearby teammate must come to you, tie a white cloth on your arm symbolizing you’re healed, and then ready to fight again. The whistle can only be used during emergency situations like if one of the players gets seriously injured. Other mechanics such as ransack, team alliances, and Prisoners of War (POWs) are within the game.

“Briefing” – © Eddie Miranda

Does this mean the Bivouac is just like a common boy scout camping? Well, not actually. Coz like I said, participants will undergo a Military Simulation (Mili-Sim); Meaning, campfires which are best done with your favorite campfire songs and marshmallows is like declaring defeat since you will be attracting enemy attention. Unless it’s your strategy to set a campfire as a decoy. Hmm, why didn’t we thought of that?

Although our team lost the fight, I’m proud that I have fulfilled my part defending my ground as one of my team’s sniper. My job is to lay down and watch the perimeter from enemy scouts that roam around the camp. I’m actually thinking about joining the next Bivouac. I’m dying for some payback.


By SnowWight



Why Dragon Nest is the Best Online RPG for Bookworms

I’m sure you have heard the online game Dragon Nest somewhere. It’s an Online RPG developed by Shanda Games, powered by Cherry Credits and now under EyeDentity Games. And today, they released a mobile version of it as one of the most downloaded and played App on leading App Stores so that everyone can play it anywhere. Therefore I believe there’s no way you haven’t heard the game.

Dragon Nest.jpg

The world of Dragon Nest is too enormous, explaining it would be exceedingly difficult. It’s not only about getting stronger and going toe-to-toe with other players. We will only talk about its aspect that most of its patrons fail to appreciate. Yes, I am talking about its Interesting Storyline in which you’ve undoubtedly noticed, I am a fan of. A mind bound by fantasies vis-a-vis by reading or watching fictitious tales are the best ones who understand the complexity of a certain nature of a tale. Like you, I am a bookworm.

I don’t know how other players describe the story of Dragon Nest but I’d choose the words courage and sacrifice. If I would compare DN to another pop fiction story, I’d rather choose The Game of Thrones because like G.O.T., not every character has a brighter fate waiting ahead of them. The more you get attached to a character, the more twist this character’s role gets. Even the character you’re playing will turn to such unexpected journey.

The story of Dragon Nest begins as the descendant of the ancients got kidnapped by the dark creatures that worship the Black Dragon and delivers her to its Nest; your primary objective is to break into the Black Dragon’s Nest and save the descendant prophet. Hence it’s title “Dragon Nest”. And it won’t be easy.

In your journey, you will meet and fight alongside the heroes that once protected the world; A world that’s on the brink of destruction under The Black Dragon. But not all heroes became as good-hearted as everyone would expect. Some of them got corrupted for losing someone they dear in the fight of regaining the balance the world. They have lost their way and will become your enemy.


You will reach the main city called Saint Haven and succeed rescuing the Prophet in exchange of your closest ally’s strength that will later end his life. You will witness perseverance, bravery, conspiracy, betrayal, failure, victory, and death. These things will make you tougher in front of challenges and will make you the world Legendia needs. You will be introduced to your own path (depending on your class) and discover more about yourself and the origin of Legendia.

As the story continues, more challenges will arise. You will be sent to another world, Mist Land –the world created by Altea’s sister Vestinel. Here you will be tasked once again to help the people who fight for the greater good, revolting against their cruel goddess. It is unfortunate that some people in the story must either die or be left behind in the process, but one must let go, in order to grow.


Dragon Nest also has a movie, but I’m afraid its story is not as intense as it was in the game. Maybe putting the reader into the shoe of the protagonist is always the best way to walk the reader through the story.

There are 15 class characters in the game of Dragon Nest to choose from (4 main, 5 special, and 6 predecessor classes inherent to the first 6 introduced characters), and 6 can be played in its mobile version. All of which have their own journey and role in the story. Some of them even have to cross the path of another, while others are initially created to put an end on one another. The 4 main characters, however: Warrior, Archer, Sorceress, and Cleric.

This is the beauty of RPG games – you can get to choose a role that suits your preference, personality, or play style. If you really want to fully understand the story, you would have to play every class, or maybe ask a friend to play the other roles. Besides, the game is meant to be played be a lot of people. You can interact with thousands of players across the globe and to complete the story with your friends.


The story is still on-going as the game hasn’t reached its final chapter, so stay-tuned fellow bookworms! If you want to discover the story too, Dragon Nest Online game can be downloaded for free in EyeDentity Games. While Dragon Nest Mobile can be downloaded in App Stores.


By Rapunzel


10 Life Lessons from Ragnarok


If there’s an online game I would never get tired of playing, that would be Ragnarok Online. Maybe that explains why I failed Business Math in my college days and almost lost my job just last year. But guess what, I’m still playing the game. According to a Philippine Daily top-10 TV Show, Ragnarok is NOT the first online game in the country, but it is indeed the very first online game to be so popular, it got so many adaptations and keeps on coming back.

Yes, it keeps on coming back. Because on March 2015, the popular MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) Philippine Ragnarok Online was shut down completely and because not all of its best players can’t just simply move to the international server, they decided to make their own private servers with different rules and set ups for the patrons to keep the burning feeling of Ragnarok gaming alive.

The good news is; the Philippine Server is back again with its Closed Beta Test (CBT) on June 20 and is now fully operational to this date. So many excited players of all ages immediately registered and played that sometimes the server is having difficulties trying to handle all 20,000 players at the same time.

training entrance.jpg

Now what’s in this game that everyone wants to play so bad? Let me start by saying Ragnarok is a virtual simulation of living.

1. Ragnarok is an RPG(Role Playing Game), meaning it offers its players the freedom to choose what class or “Job” they want to be in the game, but in an outdoor adventure style. Unlike other role playing games, Ragnarok has a total of 8 first class jobs with specific roles to contribute in the game (Swordsman, Archer, Acolyte, Mage, Merchant, and Thief, Ninja, Soul Linker, and Gunslinger.) while basic stuff such as cooking and deliveries can be done as quests. Each character must go under training, pretty much like nursery or preparatory for children.

2. Ragnarok will teach you geography. Ragnarok is a world with cities resembling our real world’s countries that you can visit. These places are just perfect enough to make you feel you’re exploring places like Thailand, England, and Hawaii.


3. Ragnarok will teach you how to handle business. Given the fact that you act on behalf of your job is what makes the world of this game go round. But business is also a thing in this game. To earn more, some players makes business in game depending on their job. For example, if your job is the Merchant Class – Blacksmith, who are geniuses in crafting equipment, they can make weapons and sell them.


4. Ragnarok will teach you that every drop of currency(Zeny) is important. Monsters and quests have different levels and therefore, offers different amount of rewards and drops. These rewards and drops could either be useful or not for your specific job and can be sold to NPCs (Non-Player Characters) of the game for fair price. Basically, you earn depending on how you work hard. See those white bars on the photo? That’s all vendors selling something. And that’s just the tip of the ice berg. These vendors can occupy the half of the town if they all go sell something all at the same time.


5. Ragnarok will teach you that teamwork is the key. In the game, players can make a temporary group called “party” where players from different places in the country can play together as one team and each job has their own task. Pretty much the same in the real world where in some point of our lives, we were paired with someone we don’t fully know, and there are times that we get ourselves into a team. To achieve the common goal, we work hard together with these strangers and in the minute one of the members go idle (or in the gaming terms “away from keyboard or AFK”), the team will fail.

6. Ragnarok will teach you how to be a good leader. Being a good leader is no easy task even in the game. In the real world, too much tasks can give you stress. Imagine yourself thinking about the bills, then taking care of your kids, and thinking about your job, then thinking about problems, etc. It’ll make you crazy. But for some people, the more they handle stress of different problems, the more they get used to it. In the game, you invite members, you focus on your job in battle, and at the same time, also you try to manage members that don’t do their job. The more you expose yourself to these problems, the stronger you become in handling them. “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.”

7. Ragnarok will teach you whenever there’s challenge, there’s conflict. It’s common in any way that two persons try to decide who’s the best is. The bigger version of it is war. In most games, Players-Vs-Player or PVP is a common way of proving your strength and skills to a fellow player. Ragnarok also has Guild Wars called War of Emperium. Emperium is a sort of golden crystal that controls an entire castle, which is also a symbol of power and whichever guild’s Emperium is holding the castle, is the best guild.

8. Ragnarok will remind you of your daily errands. Like how we are supposed to take a bath, brush our teeth, eat right, and do our homeworks, Ragnarok has also activities that are meant to be accomplished daily. Like how you earn the feeling of being refreshed when you take a bath daily, these quests will give you a not so rare but a daily necessity reward.


9. Ragnarok will show you the fun of growing up. In real life, some people find growing up as a frustration that if they can only skip it, they would. But growing up has a lot things to offer too like getting a better job, age-restriction passes, or getting married. You can also experience these happy things in the game. But like in real life, you have to work hard to achieve them. For example in the marriage, you have to buy the ring, get the wedding dress, experience the hardship of reaching the church wearing the dress, and pay for the wedding service. All of these will pay off when you and your spouse finally get a baby.

10. Ragnarok will teach you how economy affects everything. When there’s trade, there’s economy. And economy has its own dark days. It’s that time when the price is too low, it doesn’t match your effort of getting the item anymore. And there are also times when a group of players decide to take over an entire map so that they’re the only ones who can acquire the specific rare item and sell it with a really high price. So unfair.



In the end, Ragnarok Online is still just a game, created to escape from the real world for a while. It’s a good thing that the official server of Ragnarok is Pay-2-Play where you have to load (top-up) so you can play for hours but not the whole day.

Ragnarok, for me, is a representation of the real world in 2D where you go out every day in an unexpected adventure to work hard and live, have fun and socialize with others, and to value one’s self.



[credits to the owner of these photos whoever they are.]

By SnowWhite


Dating Sims is not for everyone


Your crush is inviting you for ‘dinner’ later, choose your answer:
> “YES! I would love to!”
> “MAYBE. I’m not sure with my schedule.”
> “NO. Because you are NOT REAL.”

A Dating Simulation or Dating Sims in short, is a good practice simulation to know whether you will win in captivating the heart of your beloved or he/she will dump you on-the-spot. The series of questions and outcome of those answers will determine your success and theses applications are made just for that.

There are many Dating Sims Applications developed by various gaming industries (mostly from Japan) and they are being played around the world. Some ‘Single’ in their relationship status plays the game to practice, while others in the same status (people what we call “hopeless romantics”) played the game for fun simply because they believe nobody can treat them like princesses as Prince James (name often being used as the charming leading man character of the game).

Those reasons above is acceptable. But what if the person playing the game is currently engaged in a relationship? Doesn’t it make you as his/her partner a bit uncomfortable?


There are many reasons why your partner is playing the game despite the fact that he/she is currently in relationship status with you. First, ask your partner what’s the reason for playing the game. The answer is generally one of the three:

just bee friends.jpg

  • Your partner may not be feeling the treatment he/she is looking for and it turns out that the virtual character can give it to him/her. That’s bad points for you. You have to start finding what your partner likes and do your best to give them.
  • Your partner is a bookworm. Dating sims are made like visual novels but the player can control the outcome of the story. The reason that he/she only feels excited for the hero/heroine that’s why your partner is playing it is absolutely not true. Because reading a story is like a door to another world, putting the readers feet into the main character’s boots is part of the story. You may now raise your doubts.
  • Your partner is looking for ideas. Yes, this one is a good sign. Your partner is playing the game to get tips on how to make you giggle with his words and surprises. If this is your partners reason, then I’d say your future is looking good.

Whatever your partner’s reason for playing the game, it all comes down to his/her sincerity to you. It’s still advisable to be truthful and REAL in a relationship and doing something that the UNREAL world advises you to do isn’t reality at all.



Common misconceptions caused by LAG


Have you ever been doing something with your computer that’s so much important and relies in the internet then suddenly…BOOM! LAG. Now that I’ve think of it, maybe that’s the Hulk’s secret for staying angry.


If you’re playing, you’re dead. If you’re researching, it becomes unresponsive. If you’re replying, the typing stops. If you’re surfing, the browser crashes. In effect you break the hardware, could have opened the task manager dozens of times, your hypertension goes on the top of the roof, and worst, you’re thinking that other people connected to your internet has something to do with the LAG you’re experiencing right now.



Now, let me stop you there. First of all, I know what lagging feels like. Second, the people connected to your internet (if you happen to be using Wi-Fi) are also experiencing the same situation as you are and therefore could have nothing to do with the LAG. And if they do, thinking and plotting something against them is absolutely not good.

A LAG is a situation in which the person or object is experiencing delay of movement, progress, or development resulting to not keeping pace with others. If you’re in an online game, a lag might cause you drastic unpleasant effects. Hardware over heat or limited RAM could also be a reason for lagging. It can burn your patience in seconds causing a person to snap and react in such harmful ways. Some people would even suspect the ones connected to his/her internet. You might be smiling with guilt but I’m telling you, false judgment is already there.


If you find it funny now, you may continue reading. If you’re getting pissed off, I suggest you choose a different article like ‘Angry Management’ topics because the following lines will certainly make you feel embarrassed.

  1. Thinking they’re Downloading

Again, they may not or could be doing this when you lagged. If you don’t own the internet and just connecting, remember whatever you are doing online with your computer right now might be the one to blame for getting all the bandwidth or bps (bytes per second) causing your computer and other connected computers to lag. If you own the internet, just remind them not to download when you’re playing or doing something important.

  1. Thinking they’re intentionally jamming your internet signal

Of all the misconceptions, this could be the worst. You’re blaming somebody for intentionally jamming your signal when you’re lagging. There are many reasons for weak internet connections: there are rain storms that can tear down cables and knock down power lines, there are walls like the diagram shown below, and there’s the excessive massive intake of data of a device. Whatever the reason is, thinking they’re intentionally jamming your signal is not the best way to end it.


  1. Thinking they’re turning the Wi-Fi router off

It is true that when your internet is weak, restarting your modem is one solution. But a person restarting it intentionally just to aggravate you is completely wrong. They could be doing that because they’re having the same problem as you and restarting the modem is their way to fix it. Think about it, you might have done it too without asking their permission.


  1. They’re updating all their online applications at the wrong time

Some software and applications automatically download and update whenever they are connected to the internet. You might blame the people in your house for ruining your play time by intentionally updating their apps in the wrong time. And what if you checked those peoples’ devices and they’re not doing what you’re expecting?  Maybe it’s your devices that are updating. And if no device is updating, then there are other reasons why you’re lagging.

  1. They’re watching porn

It’s always believed in computer rental shops that whenever the game is lagging, the master server’s opening sites that are somewhat malicious. Porn sites have tons of ads that bombard the IP Address which could overload and affect the computers and devices around it that are connected to the internet. This one is something that you should find out.

  1. They’re live streaming.

Live streaming of video via internet could consume massive amounts of data to keep the video playing, buffering, and to load all the suggestion videos and advertisements. They might be doing that, but I’m sure it’s not to annoy you. In this situation, if you really think what you’re doing is more important than what they’re watching, telling it to them settles it.


Sometimes it’s the internet connection itself, not the Wi-Fi signal. Most people think that the signal bar has something to do with the internet connection. The signal bars actually signifies the connection strength of your device from the Wi-Fi Modem. If you’re sitting close to the Modem / Router but your internet is really slow / weak, the result is much the same as when you’re far from modem but your internet is good.



So, before we start thinking something bad, calm down and approach the people or the modem nicely. Most things are not settled with brute strength and fight. People around you could be having a tough day or rushing something important too and they were troubled by the internet like you. Instead of thinking misconceptions, why not fix the problem together?


Voltes V – your childhood super robot


tumblr_m1uu0aASqj1qaht9xo6_400“LET’S VOLT IN!!” – And the background music will start to play in our ears in full synchronization. No doubt, you know the giant super robot Voltes V. But for children born in 21st century, they hardly know about this famous battling machine.

If children today are running home from school to grab their smart phones and check the latest trends or some doesn’t want to go home at all, we 90’s kids are rushing before 6pm because we don’t want to miss our favorite anime TV show. Enough for us to feel bad if we missed the iconic “let’s volt-in” combining transformation part.

Chodenji Machine Voltes V or commonly known as Voltes V is the very first Japanese super robot anime television series that aired on the Philippine television back at 1978.  “denji” is a Japanese word which translates as “electromagnetic” thus its name ‘Super Electromagnetic Machine Voltes V’. It was created by Tadao Nagahama in partnership with Sunrise Incorporated and Toei Animation Company. Voltes V is a giant humanoid robot, a combination of somewhat futuristic combat vehicles, to fight monsters in its size. Voltes V has cool weapons to crush the Boazanian Monster. Perhaps the most known is its ‘Laser Sword’ (that isn’t laser) to finish its enemy with a V-shaped killing slash.


While some children only give a damn on the fight scenes and why the monster does is attacking the vehicles in the middle of combination sequence, some also take note of the plot like how our mother watches telenovellas. We get worried if the camp Big Falcon gates were blocked with debris, we feel uncertain if the characters’ love affairs affect their team work, and most of all we’re looking forward for the Armstrong brothers if they will ever reunite with their father.

Speaking of characters, there are 5 main characters in this anime:

  • Steve Armstrong/Prince Allen – (Kenichi Go in Japanese original version) is the team leader and the oldest among the Armstrong brothers. He pilots the Volt Cruiser, Voltes V’s head. He’s the guy in red and the one to press the red button first.
  • Mark Gordon – (Ippei Mine in Japanese original version) The pilot of the volt Bomber, the arms of Voltes V. He’s the guy riding a horse with the whip in the opening theme. He wears the blue uniform and always Steve’s rivalry.
  • Robert Armstrong – (Daijiro Go in Japanese original version) is the 2nd in the Armstrong brothers and often called “Big Bert”. He’s a master in martial arts. He’s wearing the dark green uniform and the pilot of Volt Panzer, the tank-looking body part of Voltes V.
  • John Armstrong – (Hiyoshi Go in Japanese original version) is the youngest among the team and Armstrong brothers. He’s known as “little john”. He earned his place in Voltes V team for his exceptional talents like swimming and diving. He pilots Volt Frigate, the legs of voltes V and wears the light-green uniform.
  • Jamie Robinson – (Megumi Oka in Japanese original version) She’s the 18th heir of her ninja clan and the only girl in the team. She’s the voice of reason whenever Steve and Mark were about to clash. She wears the pink uniform and pilots the Volt Lander, Voltes V’s feet.



There are other characters such as Doctor Ned Armstrong, Steve and his brothers’ father; his wife, Mary Ann; his jealous cousin and Boazanian ruler, Zu Zambajil; and commander of Camp Big Falcon, Doctor Richard Smith.

This year in Japan, Voltes V fans celebrate its 40th year and created an almost realistic action figure of the super robot “Voltes V 40th Anniversary Soul of Chogokin GX-31V” created by Bandai Corporation Ltd. –one of the leading mecha-action figure companies that mass produce toys straight from its series. This 40th Anniversary Sould of Chogokin Voltes V has its unique features that other Voltes V action figures don’t have. The complete box set includes each part including the mysterious mechanical eagle jet piloted by Mrs. Armstrong. Each part is carefully painted and jointed to perform volt-in perfectly. With its height of 250mm/9.84”inch and ABS PVC (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene Polyvinyl Chloride) plastic material, the price is USD 211.10 and currently out of stock from its original manufacturers. Good thing, our good friend e-Bay is always there to help.

Voltes V merchandises are still being sold to market that comes out in different form possible. From toys, action figures, posters to shirt, cakes, costumes, car decals, etc; you name it…they have it.


Super robots might not be far from reality as it seems. Just recently, Japan’s heavy industry Suidobashi and its USA competitor Megabots took a giant leap (I mean literally) researching and manufacturing giant combat machines that could be piloted and equipped with different types of weapons. Suidobashi’s KURATAS versus Megabot’s Mk.II brawling day is still undecided but they will be facing off soon.

The iconic figure of the super robot Voltes V left a trail of courage to its viewers. Perhaps its impact to 90’s kids made its way to popularity that even now, we celebrate it. Voltes V maybe a fictional combat machine to maintain peace, but maybe someday, humanity may finally make it all possible.




maging alagad ng sining

When I was a kid, my mom used to buy me a children’s book. I grew up reading these books of imaginary stories and tales of wonder. Speaking of wonder, one of my favorite stories is the story of Alice and her adventures in wonderland by Lewis Caroll. Alice is a young girl who followed a bizarre looking rabbit down to a rabbit hole and had a chance to explore the mysterious world called Wonderland, which is only a product of her wild imagination. There, she would meet strange creatures such as a grinning cat, a mad hatter, a smoking caterpillar, and even a ferocious queen of hearts. All is in harmony until an accident destroyed her life as she knew it. Although not included in Lewis Caroll’s original Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, a tragedy will change everything, and thus a new story begins.

giphy (1)

In 2011, game designer American Mcgee and Spicy Horse studio, released a psychological horror action-adventure video game titled “Alice Madness Returns”. It was published by Electronic Arts Incorporated for Windows, Xbox, and Play Station. This game is a sequel to “American McGee’s: Alice”. Actually, I just finished playing it and I couldn’t resist myself from writing my reaction about it. The twist is unexpectedly incredible and taking Alice’s madness to the next level is what makes this video game one of my favorite third-person perspective games of all time.


In continuous of the story I mentioned earlier, Alice’s madness returned when the fire burned her house down which she believed is the reason that killed her family. She will then be discharged in an orphanage for mentally traumatized orphans under the care of Dr. Angus Bumby, a psychiatrist. Asked by the doctor, teenage Alice will have a chance to run around and there, she will chase a white cat that will eventually lead her to Wonderland. Her adventure in Wonderland, which is once again corrupted by a new evil force, then starts to restore balance and to discover the truth behind her past.


More and more revelations came as I completed each chapter. I met characters that I never saw in Lewis Caroll’s book, like the giant abominable snowman and the samurai bee warriors. Some characters evolved too, like the wise caterpillar that became a butterfly. Hatter even made his tea house into a giant tea factory. After I finished the game, I realized that some characters in Wonderland exist in Alice’s real life. Even now, I can’t believe that the Queen of Hearts is actually her sister Lizzy.

I also reached some places that never appear in the book like the “Tundraful” and the “Mysterious East”. These places fit and could be in Wonderland. After all, the magical land is relatively big and holds a lot of mysterious places that Alice probably hasn’t discovered yet. Another cool thing about Alice is her unique dresses that change depending on the Scenery. My personal favorite is her Japanese dress, a combination of aristocratic gothic and Japanese classic kimono. The weapons are also fantastic in appearance and destruction capabilities, designs that could really be seen and produced in Wonderland armory.


I think the biggest twist in this game is the one that connects with the saying “trust no one”. Even the kindest person you know could be your mortal enemy and sometimes, only your wild imagination could unravel the truth.