Voltes V – your childhood super robot


tumblr_m1uu0aASqj1qaht9xo6_400“LET’S VOLT IN!!” – And the background music will start to play in our ears in full synchronization. No doubt, you know the giant super robot Voltes V. But for children born in 21st century, they hardly know about this famous battling machine.

If children today are running home from school to grab their smart phones and check the latest trends or some doesn’t want to go home at all, we 90’s kids are rushing before 6pm because we don’t want to miss our favorite anime TV show. Enough for us to feel bad if we missed the iconic “let’s volt-in” combining transformation part.

Chodenji Machine Voltes V or commonly known as Voltes V is the very first Japanese super robot anime television series that aired on the Philippine television back at 1978.  “denji” is a Japanese word which translates as “electromagnetic” thus its name ‘Super Electromagnetic Machine Voltes V’. It was created by Tadao Nagahama in partnership with Sunrise Incorporated and Toei Animation Company. Voltes V is a giant humanoid robot, a combination of somewhat futuristic combat vehicles, to fight monsters in its size. Voltes V has cool weapons to crush the Boazanian Monster. Perhaps the most known is its ‘Laser Sword’ (that isn’t laser) to finish its enemy with a V-shaped killing slash.


While some children only give a damn on the fight scenes and why the monster does is attacking the vehicles in the middle of combination sequence, some also take note of the plot like how our mother watches telenovellas. We get worried if the camp Big Falcon gates were blocked with debris, we feel uncertain if the characters’ love affairs affect their team work, and most of all we’re looking forward for the Armstrong brothers if they will ever reunite with their father.

Speaking of characters, there are 5 main characters in this anime:

  • Steve Armstrong/Prince Allen – (Kenichi Go in Japanese original version) is the team leader and the oldest among the Armstrong brothers. He pilots the Volt Cruiser, Voltes V’s head. He’s the guy in red and the one to press the red button first.
  • Mark Gordon – (Ippei Mine in Japanese original version) The pilot of the volt Bomber, the arms of Voltes V. He’s the guy riding a horse with the whip in the opening theme. He wears the blue uniform and always Steve’s rivalry.
  • Robert Armstrong – (Daijiro Go in Japanese original version) is the 2nd in the Armstrong brothers and often called “Big Bert”. He’s a master in martial arts. He’s wearing the dark green uniform and the pilot of Volt Panzer, the tank-looking body part of Voltes V.
  • John Armstrong – (Hiyoshi Go in Japanese original version) is the youngest among the team and Armstrong brothers. He’s known as “little john”. He earned his place in Voltes V team for his exceptional talents like swimming and diving. He pilots Volt Frigate, the legs of voltes V and wears the light-green uniform.
  • Jamie Robinson – (Megumi Oka in Japanese original version) She’s the 18th heir of her ninja clan and the only girl in the team. She’s the voice of reason whenever Steve and Mark were about to clash. She wears the pink uniform and pilots the Volt Lander, Voltes V’s feet.



There are other characters such as Doctor Ned Armstrong, Steve and his brothers’ father; his wife, Mary Ann; his jealous cousin and Boazanian ruler, Zu Zambajil; and commander of Camp Big Falcon, Doctor Richard Smith.

This year in Japan, Voltes V fans celebrate its 40th year and created an almost realistic action figure of the super robot “Voltes V 40th Anniversary Soul of Chogokin GX-31V” created by Bandai Corporation Ltd. –one of the leading mecha-action figure companies that mass produce toys straight from its series. This 40th Anniversary Sould of Chogokin Voltes V has its unique features that other Voltes V action figures don’t have. The complete box set includes each part including the mysterious mechanical eagle jet piloted by Mrs. Armstrong. Each part is carefully painted and jointed to perform volt-in perfectly. With its height of 250mm/9.84”inch and ABS PVC (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene Polyvinyl Chloride) plastic material, the price is USD 211.10 and currently out of stock from its original manufacturers. Good thing, our good friend e-Bay is always there to help.

Voltes V merchandises are still being sold to market that comes out in different form possible. From toys, action figures, posters to shirt, cakes, costumes, car decals, etc; you name it…they have it.


Super robots might not be far from reality as it seems. Just recently, Japan’s heavy industry Suidobashi and its USA competitor Megabots took a giant leap (I mean literally) researching and manufacturing giant combat machines that could be piloted and equipped with different types of weapons. Suidobashi’s KURATAS versus Megabot’s Mk.II brawling day is still undecided but they will be facing off soon.

The iconic figure of the super robot Voltes V left a trail of courage to its viewers. Perhaps its impact to 90’s kids made its way to popularity that even now, we celebrate it. Voltes V maybe a fictional combat machine to maintain peace, but maybe someday, humanity may finally make it all possible.


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