The 5th Wave: My Kind of Story of Survival


9ab4dd8c1349505084b80dd9cc10224dI’ve had enough of movies about an inexperienced main character, starting from knowing totally nothing and therefore making stupid decisions that leads to other characters’ misfortune right on the first parts of the movie.

Before I start a particular movie, I watch out for three things: How the movie caught my attention, how I liked the movie, and how the movie will affect me. And I could say this movie passed all the 3 criteria in winning my heart. But before I tell my personal opinion, let me enlighten you first.

The 5th Wave is about the story of a teenager Cassie Sullivan (Chloe Grace Moretz) under Alien invasion. They call these Aliens “the others”. ‘The others’ had systematic phases in attacking earth. It’s like the 12 days of Christmas but shorter and terrifying. 1st Wave – “Lights Out” The aliens hit humanity with an electromagnetic pulse that killed all the power on the planet; 2nd Wave – “Surf’s up” Earthquakes that resulted to giant tidal waves; 3rd Wave – “Pestilence” Weaponized Bird flu or a form of Ebola virus outbreak; 4th Wave – are the “Silencers” or Aliens that looks like humans; The 5th Wave is bombing every city via mother ship. Lost her mom and dad, Cassie’s desperate, with the help of her Alien boyfriend Evan to rescue her little brother Sam/Nugget (Zackary Arthur) who’s under Ben’s team in the Other Base Camp.

Here’s how this movie caught my attention:

I love action. Chloe Grace Moretz is one of my favorite Hollywood actresses because she’s young, gorgeous, and good on her roles. I first saw Chloe on her role as Hit-Girl in the movie Kick-Ass and I already became a fan of her. Imagine a young girl with guns!? Beat that, Lara Croft! After her Kick-Ass movie, I already expected she would get another same role. And boy, she got it.


The story like what I’ve said earlier is a post-apocalyptic, extra-terrestrial, tragedy drama action war film and is brought to us by one of the best leading sci-fi gaming computer-graphic companies in the world -SONY. No wonder where those special effects came from.

Now here’s how the movie suits my taste:
In the first 10 minutes, you know exactly what’s happening -That’s because Cassie  is narrating everything at the back of the scene. That’s the good thing about movies with narration, the feeling of confusion and misleading isn’t there because the movie is guiding you. It’s also on the first minutes where you will never going to ask “how come that it happened there and didn’t happen here?” question which often happens on films about worldwide devastation, The 5th Wave movie also has a short clip of what is happening in the other face of the earth when the catastrophe hits the leading character’s place. All of these breath-taking moments happened only on the early minutes, I could say the movie is already as stunner and you’ll be left out if you didn’t focus your attention (after all of these eye-catching scenes).856ddef4b7d910f7ab6ed33860367a8d.jpg

The main casts understand that their world is not like a walk in a park anymore. They (particularly Zombie’s squad 52) accepted it and embraced the fact that whether they like it or not, they have to fight. Let’s take the very first scene for example (sorry for the spoiler), you will see Cassie running through the woods and end up in an abandoned gas station. There, she stopped for a moment to get some necessities: water, toothbrush, feminine pad, canned-food, and all the basic survival needs she could find…And also had killed an innocent wounded civilian. And after all that happened to her, she still managed to be focused, stay brave, and alert. She’s your ideal companion in the end-of-the-world.

the-5th-wave-image02.jpgI’m also staring on how Cassie holds her looted Assault Rifle. She holds the gun almost professionally for an American high-school student and a girl. The Rifle she’s holding is a well-known M16 rifle used by the U.S. government for decades. Since M16 has many variants but based on its shortened barrel length, I’m guessing she looted a M4 Carbine. The assault rifle is mounted with Holographic Diffraction sight, telescoping butt-stock, and a NATO STANAG 30-round magazine. With all those specifications, I could say she picked the right tool for the job.komedi_1467281308298_162.gif

Her friends are well-trained…or in their case, extra-terrestrial trained, and one of the best selected wolf-packs in the Alien Forward Operating Base. Honestly, if I’m going to fight for my survival, I would choose a group that can fight rather than a group that can pray. Zombie/Ben (Nick Robinson)’s team is one of the best teams that the Alien training ground dispatched to clear an area of survivors that later on turned against their alien superiors. They are also well-equipped when they left the camp.

komedi_1467284081983_91.gifWhat makes the story interesting for me is that Cassie has an alien boyfriend with super strength, super speed, and hawk-eye accuracy in sniping. And if you’re a fitness teacher, you might give him an A+ for having that body muscles. Cassie really felt the heat as she peeked on Evan (Alex Roe) taking a bath on the river.

The leading team casts are only my age and younger. Seeing young people fighting the real war is somewhat inspiring. And here I am thinking what clothes to wear, what food to eat, and what gadget to buy. It hits me right into my ego.

Lastly, here’s how the movie affected me:

The movie reminds me the survival lessons I learned in my elementary scout days. I’m pretty sure they’re not preparing us for a future galactic invasion but being prepared is always the key to survival.



I am now hoping for a sequel and Wikipedia said Sony might consider another film franchise.

For me, The 5th Wave is an over-all great post-apocalyptic movie I watched. Don’t argue with me, I know Hunger Games, Divergent, and Maze Runner are far better, but these movies didn’t suit my taste. Matrix Trilogy is still the best but if Sony and its producers make the 5th Wave a trilogy, this could be my new favorite.

If the movie 5th Wave gets a sequel, wouldn’t it be titled The 6th Wave? *BA DUM TSS!*


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