Why Dragon Nest is the Best Online RPG for Bookworms

I’m sure you have heard the online game Dragon Nest somewhere. It’s an Online RPG developed by Shanda Games, powered by Cherry Credits and now under EyeDentity Games. And today, they released a mobile version of it as one of the most downloaded and played App on leading App Stores so that everyone can play it anywhere. Therefore I believe there’s no way you haven’t heard the game.

Dragon Nest.jpg

The world of Dragon Nest is too enormous, explaining it would be exceedingly difficult. It’s not only about getting stronger and going toe-to-toe with other players. We will only talk about its aspect that most of its patrons fail to appreciate. Yes, I am talking about its Interesting Storyline in which you’ve undoubtedly noticed, I am a fan of. A mind bound by fantasies vis-a-vis by reading or watching fictitious tales are the best ones who understand the complexity of a certain nature of a tale. Like you, I am a bookworm.

I don’t know how other players describe the story of Dragon Nest but I’d choose the words courage and sacrifice. If I would compare DN to another pop fiction story, I’d rather choose The Game of Thrones because like G.O.T., not every character has a brighter fate waiting ahead of them. The more you get attached to a character, the more twist this character’s role gets. Even the character you’re playing will turn to such unexpected journey.

The story of Dragon Nest begins as the descendant of the ancients got kidnapped by the dark creatures that worship the Black Dragon and delivers her to its Nest; your primary objective is to break into the Black Dragon’s Nest and save the descendant prophet. Hence it’s title “Dragon Nest”. And it won’t be easy.

In your journey, you will meet and fight alongside the heroes that once protected the world; A world that’s on the brink of destruction under The Black Dragon. But not all heroes became as good-hearted as everyone would expect. Some of them got corrupted for losing someone they dear in the fight of regaining the balance the world. They have lost their way and will become your enemy.


You will reach the main city called Saint Haven and succeed rescuing the Prophet in exchange of your closest ally’s strength that will later end his life. You will witness perseverance, bravery, conspiracy, betrayal, failure, victory, and death. These things will make you tougher in front of challenges and will make you the world Legendia needs. You will be introduced to your own path (depending on your class) and discover more about yourself and the origin of Legendia.

As the story continues, more challenges will arise. You will be sent to another world, Mist Land –the world created by Altea’s sister Vestinel. Here you will be tasked once again to help the people who fight for the greater good, revolting against their cruel goddess. It is unfortunate that some people in the story must either die or be left behind in the process, but one must let go, in order to grow.


Dragon Nest also has a movie, but I’m afraid its story is not as intense as it was in the game. Maybe putting the reader into the shoe of the protagonist is always the best way to walk the reader through the story.

There are 15 class characters in the game of Dragon Nest to choose from (4 main, 5 special, and 6 predecessor classes inherent to the first 6 introduced characters), and 6 can be played in its mobile version. All of which have their own journey and role in the story. Some of them even have to cross the path of another, while others are initially created to put an end on one another. The 4 main characters, however: Warrior, Archer, Sorceress, and Cleric.

This is the beauty of RPG games – you can get to choose a role that suits your preference, personality, or play style. If you really want to fully understand the story, you would have to play every class, or maybe ask a friend to play the other roles. Besides, the game is meant to be played be a lot of people. You can interact with thousands of players across the globe and to complete the story with your friends.


The story is still on-going as the game hasn’t reached its final chapter, so stay-tuned fellow bookworms! If you want to discover the story too, Dragon Nest Online game can be downloaded for free in EyeDentity Games. While Dragon Nest Mobile can be downloaded in App Stores.


By Rapunzel


2 thoughts on “Why Dragon Nest is the Best Online RPG for Bookworms

  1. Lagendia*, tho in the original version is called Alteia.
    Nice review, not sure of the Game of Thrones part. It’s a cruel game in a cruel setting but also has a lot of happy and uplifting moments.

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