DEAD INSIDE: You killed your own feelings


Living is a crime where everyone is both a murderer and a victim.

We wake up each day hoping this day would be different from yesterday while others just got tired of hoping and end up killing themselves, at least on the inside. As a result, these people easily feel physically tired, lose focus, irritated, and depressed. One or two of your friends are like this, or it could be you.

What caused you to kill your humanity? You can say “I’M DEAD INSIDE” when you’re too fed up with things that always happen to your life that you just chose not to feel anything in order to make it through the day. Even if you tried so much to change it but nothing happens. It’s like you’re a robot or the human manifestation Squidward after everything that keeps on coming and stabs you in the heart.

There are three common causes that could force you to kill your own ability to feel:


Cause of Death: Workload

The first DEAD INSIDE reason we have is work overload or job description. When you’re not happy with your current job like you used to, you slowly lose passion for your work. You begin to feel lazy to wake up to go to work even if you know it’s your only source of income. Meanwhile, some job could really kill a person’s ability to feel; for example, if it involves hurting people in either physically or mentally like the person whose job is to squeeze the syringe in an execution chamber. That’s heavy load of emotion you would have to bear to the point that you have to be heartless in order to fulfill the job.



Cause of Death: People and relationship

One of the most common DEAD INSIDE reason is the relationship. This happens when your love life is slowly fading but it happened to you already too many times ago so you just get on with it. This also happens to people on single status, they gave up wishing for someone to come and love them loyally and unconditionally. I don’t know, maybe some people are just unlucky with finding a perfect partner.

The society could also make you say “…I’m DEAD INSIDE anyway”. You’re tired of the people around you making the same mistakes, doing same stupidity, and sometimes even involving you without your knowledge. Taking the blame is becoming a hobby for you, you’re suited for the risk because you can’t feel the pressure of burden anymore.

Some people are so heartless, they would push you to the limit that you might think that removing your ability to feel is the only way to keep on maintaining the connection with them. When you’re a family member, or an employee, or a member of a group, you can’t just simply leave so you accept the fact that they would pierce you with their painful words and carry it until you feel numb.


Cause of Death: Information

You thought there’s no pressure of knowing a lot? Well, you’re wrong. Imagine if you love your partner so badly that when you think he/she is cheating, you decided to see it for yourself. But by the time you arrive on the scene, are you actually prepared to know the truth?

There’s a reason why some things are not meant to be learned. Sensitive information of people, especially when you’re too powerless to cause a significant change, is better to keep in yourself until such time you gained that power to act. The amount of information and truth is too heavy that you just chose to keep it, hoping you’d forget it one day. But you have to be careful too because some things are not meant to be changed. Sometimes, you have no choice but to be a bystander.

You’re a human but you already lost your humanity.


We kill our own humanity because we lose faith in everything that’s been happening to us almost on a daily basis. The pressure is too heavy that the only way to get through it is to teach ourselves to endure it. We thought killing our feelings would be the best solution because feelings only cause hindrances to our daily productivity. Some people embraced the fact that they are a victim of authority, and you can’t always change it.




By SnowWhite


The Learning Bystander



In every crime scene, there are always three types of people involved: The criminal, the victim, and the witness. Most of the time, the court settles between the first two since a statement which witnesses give are merely a hearsay without a solid proof. Now there’s another person who’s in there but not really involved. He’s the person that could have seen the events but refuses to share his knowledge and keep everything inside of him. Those people we called bystanders.

This is not always about crime scenes. These things always happen everywhere in every situation. There’s always the offender who started the problem; the offended who’s the casualty of the offender; the supporter who could be on either side; and lastly, we have the bystander who knows everything but chooses not to support. A bystander is a person who is present at an event or incident but does not take part.

the bystander effect

The Bystander Effect or the Bystander Apathy is a social psychological phenomenon in which individuals are less likely to offer help a victim when other people are present. However, there are bystanders that actually stop just to see what’s happening with some only watching for the sole purpose of fun and entertainment. Other bystanders take the opportunity seriously -These are the learning bystanders.

The advantage of being a bystander is the chance of learning from behind the scenes without getting hurt or affected. Learning from other people’s mistakes makes them like a student sitting in front of a school play of historical events. Being an audience is another way to absorb information of the people involved in a particular event which they could use to their advantage when the situation happens to them. Another advantage is their claim that they are just bystanders and uses it as their ticket to leave whenever the situation is getting tighter for them.


Being a bystander also has disadvantages. I mean, a bystander can’t be a bystander forever. There will be moments that a bystander must drop the act of a person who doesn’t care and should get involved too. Another disadvantage is when they get to know a lot even the things they don’t want to know, it is the curse fated to bystanders.

What’s hard being a Bystander is most of them are becoming (or have to be) emotionally dead. The overwhelming knowledge or sometimes guilt depending on what the bystander witnessed is too great that the only way to keep them inside is to become cold. For the ones with the ability of wild imagination, putting their feet on somebody’s shoes is a common way to understand someone. And doing so, it also demonstrates the exact same emotion happened in the situation, thus receiving the same amount of pain for the bystander.

the learning bystander

The risk of being a bystander is the temptation to use other people’s information to get what the bystander wants. This is the reason why most learning bystanders evolve to an offender when they are hurt by the person whom they watched for a very long time. The worst type is the risk of becoming puppet-masters, also known as manipulators, but that is another story.

The bystander effect will remain so if not broken. No matter how much we say that keeping yourself from a distance is safer, it’s still considered inhumane to not help someone in need. A bystander who takes it as an opportunity to learn, if not helping is still heartless as everyone else.


By Cinderella


My Personal Thoughts about Lying

Somebody asked me today: “How’d you do it?”

After I told her, I am the man of my words and I never lie.

Apparently, lying is a big deal for everyone. It gives a great impact to any form of community, leaves a dent on bonds, and could even kill anybody. I just thought that whoever thought the word, he chose to use 3 letters to describe it, like the word sin and bad. Also tells us that the word must not be as powerful as words with 4 or more letters like love and trust.

If you’re the type of person who Googles everything, Lying is an intentional false statement; Used with reference to a situation involving deception or founded on a mistaken impression. What caught my attention is how Google placed the definition as only second to it’s other meaning ‘to remain or rest in a flat surface or position’. I guess, even Google doesn’t prioritise unpleasant words. And when you ask somebody to what is a lie? They would, undoubtedly, define the unpleasant meaning.

So how did I do it? How can you end a day without even making a single lie?

Lying and Age

Whether we like it or not, we all lied in some points of our lives. Some people are still lying even now they’re old. For me, lying is only for kids. Those days when your parents, teachers, and churches have done their part of explaining that lying is wrong, yet we chose to use it because it’s fun and that’s how we look to be more superior than other kids. Lying is a kid’s way to be noticed. And behind those Liars go to hell sayings, we still lie because we know very well that we can still say sorry later.

Lying and it’s reasons

Why did you lie?

You lie because you thought it can fix a problem you did for the meantime. Coz you thought if you say sorry, you’ll still get punished in various ways. So why not lie and let them think everything’s okay? You thought you’ll just gonna fix it later when they’re not around.

You lied because it’s hard to choose between needs and wants. Be it something or a person, you lied because you thought you can still choose later when you’re ready to let go the other. To things, it won’t take long. To person, it would be as long as the time you rendered moving on if you’re sincere enough.

You lied because you’re hiding something. Whatever it is that you so much protected because of whatever reason, you don’t want somebody else to know. You lied to keep them or yourself away fro harm’s way, where in fact, you are already making things worst for yourself and to them.

To sum it all up, you use lies for temporary remedies. You chose a temporary remedy that results to lifetime pain, than a temporary pain that offers a lifetime remedy.

Lying and it’s relevance to people

Lying is as complex as The Principles of Understanding Women Vol.87 if such a book exist. We condemn it but we have restrictions as to how to lie for national security. We lie to avoid mass hysteria, to keep the upper hand advantage against enemies of the state, and to remain the peace talks between rivals. No matter how patriotic they sound, it’s a lie.

Lying is a job for some people. When pretending to be someone else that is in good shape like telling your customer you’re willing to help and very happy to serve in phone, where in truth and in fact, you have cursed him dozens of times as you fake your smile, you are already lying. You’re being paid to lie.

White lies is what we call to a lie that benefits us. But that’s no different with Robin hood who steals from the reach and gave it to the poor. No matter how much you look at it, it’s still a lie.

Truth and it’s first victim

Lying is an essential part of a person. It’s what completes us and could be the reason why we sacrifice ourselves to save the other from severe emotional pain. Sometimes, it’s easy not to talk than telling them know the truth.

To be honest, being a totally honest person is not entirely good. If you want to be totally honest, some parts of your emotions must die first. The feeling of guilt, urge to sacrifice, and sympathy… All three of them will disappear forever. That’s the consequence honest.

The moment when telling the truth might hurt anyone is always present. Because you can’t be honest if you hide the truth behind words.

I chose to be Painfully Honest, than making Sugarcoated Lies.


By SnowWhite



How suspension affects you as a student

This is something everyone would definitely relate into this rainy season…

We are all once a student who would somehow, in one point, wishes the faculty to suspend classes even just for a day. And some of us doesn’t realize what happens if school work is delayed for a day, and this is that kind of regret.

-What happens if classes were suspended in day?


Here in Philippines, where pacific typhoons seemingly tests their strength before going to Asian storm rampage, most of the students will always be so delighted whenever classes are suspended because of the strong rain. And who doesn’t? I mean, no classes means no lesson stress, no traffic haggardness, no quizzes, no recitations, lesser school days in a week, more time to hangout with your friends, more time to play games, more time to sleep, and just about everything that you can only do on weekends. We will disregard the affects of typhoon and other omnipotent force to the general population for now.

If there is something that a hard-working student would understand when classes are suspended is the fact that suspensions doesn’t stop the time. Meaning, it doesn’t really delay the deadlines.

An additional free day will allow you to finish the assignments you so planned to do when you reach the school early because copying homework doesn’t really guarantee your classmate’s answers to be correct, but sharing the punishment with a friend is better than to be punished alone for not doing the assignment.

Small school stuff like assignments are okay if delayed, but what about the others like group projects, field activities, school presentations…things that will give an impact to your grades if you’re the type of student who’s not good in academics and only excel with extracurricular activities? If your teachers would be considerate, you’re very lucky if deadlines were postponed.

Class suspension also means postponed lesson. Teachers already created a lesson plan for the whole week, but it’s not really your problem as a student, right? WRONG!!! Teachers based their lessons from your textbook and your books are sufficient enough to teach you everything you need to know based on your current grade. Let’s say you have 500 school days per year and your book also happens to have 500 lessons or so, do you think those lessons at the far end of the book that you didn’t learned means nothing? You just missed the lessons, Einstein.

With suspended classes, you just missed your chance to prove yourself as a student. Everyday is a moment for you to impress your teachers that you might not be as good as top students but showing up in the classroom means you’re trying. I’m not lying to you but there are students that pass the subject only by perfect attendance.

I’m not the type of student that excel in academic stuff too, but there are times when I feel like to listen or excited to learn the next lesson at least. You know, when you wake up and remembered the next lesson is something you’re really interested into then *poof* Classes suspended! Maybe today is just meant for you to sleep all day.


By Rapunzel




One week trip

one week trip

Imagine if you’re granted a whole week leave, plus 10,000php to spend only in the vacation, where will you go?

How about we take you to our week-long trip? No heavy preparations needed so pack your bags and get ready coz today we, The Alagad ng Sining Princesses, are taking you to our one week trip.

At first, we were thinking how to make a normal day special? I mean we wake up, take a bath, eat a lot, explore things, travel around, buy some stuff, have fun a little, then we go to sleep. There’s nothing special about them.

*ehh?* (1.wake up… 2. take a bath… 3. eat… 4…)

How about we spice them up with a bit of travel destinations near you? Let’s start by refueling the battle wagon and head to Batangas!

  1. Wake up in an Island, Fortune Island, Batangas – A lot of you might be familiar with the noon time fanta-serye in GMA7, Encantadia right? Four girls with the power of elemental gems in a wondrous place with ruins that look like straight out of a fiction novel. But wait! All is fantasy, but those ruins on top of a rock? That is so real. It is located in Fortune Island, Nasugbu, just few clicks from the Batangas mainland. It is beautiful and ironic for being unfortunate as once a private owned island by Laurentina Pestano and was a devastated by a strong typhoon. What is left are the beautiful ruins on top of a rock, ship wreckage, and over-grown houses.  We spent only 2200php per head to survive there for two days and one night, sleeping on the sand beside the fire, and wake up in a blue sky and clear sea. And that marks the start of our one week journey.
  2. Take a bath in Pansol, Laguna – When we talk about bath time, nothing beats a warm bath in a hot spring pool. And when we say hot springs, Laguna is the first place that pops-out in our heads. It’s because Laguna is home to 24 mountains most of which are inactive volcanoes. The Mt. Banahaw, being an active complex stratovolcano in the province, is home to multiple hotsprings. There are many Hot Spring Resorts in Pansol and we personally prefer the pools in La Vista. The rooms are big, the rates are low, and the pool is clean. For a group of people who visited Laguna just to take a bath, I don’t think a queen-sized bed or a flat-screen cable TV is necessary. 3,500php per 11 hours divided to three of us, then 1,160php per head only! And we didn’t even have utilized the whole 11 hours, because we’re hungry.
  3. Eat lunch in Tagaytay – Who’s cold? Who’s hungry? Wear your jacket and make sure your tummy is empty. Because if we’re gonna try Bulalo, the perfect dish for cold weather, why not try it where it is the best? They say Tagaytay has the best Bulalo in the Philippines so let’s give it a try. Tagaytay City is one of the country’s most popular tourist destinations because of its scenery. The cooler climate provided by its high altitude is what makes the steaming Bulalo the ideal meal you would likely to order. Those are the days when google is at most useful to find the best Bulalo restaurant. We landed in Leslie’s and ordered what we came for. Their special Bulalo is great and only 599 php per order, good for 2 persons. Good thing, Cinderella is on tough diet. Lucky for the 2 of us.
  4. Explore the islands of Caramoan – Caramoan Island hopping is the best way to enjoy dozens of different islands in one day. Sadly, since you’re only there to see the place and not really to swim, you need to scoot early so that there’s more time to check the other islands. Swimming should be in a separate day. You had your plenty of swim in Laguna anyway so maybe 5-10 minutes in the sea water won’t be so bad. The Sand of Manlawi Island is the largest sand bar in the Philippines with 2 hectares of sand bar during low tide. The Caramoan trip for 3 persons is 2,000php per head. They even got the meals covered. Sweet~

    (m) Marvin Cruz (c) Aaron Racelis
  5. Travel Road Trip to North – We have tried this for so many times and we will still do it now. Travel Road Trip from South to North is a daring but fulfilling experience for travelers. While some people can’t find comfort in a long journey, others find it satisfying. I for example, would sometimes ride a bus from Fairview to Baclaran because I feel relaxed in a long travel. And for the ones who can’t endure the butt-aches, like Rapunzel over here, there are always bus stops that sell some sweetened nuts and walis tambo. But you know where is the good place to buy products like that?


  6. Go to Baguio and buy them yourself – Vigan is the ideal place to visit when traveling to the north, but as for the beginners, Baguio City is enough. We see caravans selling brooms, baskets, and cursed mirrors in a weaved frame but we don’t know if they really came from Baguio. So why not buy them there yourself? Doesn’t it feel good when you say to your next post “I came to Baguio just to buy a broom” or “I only eat freshly-picked strawberries.”? If you go to Baguio City to buy something, you gotta make sure you have enough cash. But for us who just visited the summer capital to only try Strawberry Taho and to buy Walis Tambo, 500php is more than enough. And lastly,
  7. Party All Night in The Quarry, Las Pinas – After all these travel destinations, there’s still no place like home. But Before we go straight home, let’s have good time in The Quarry Beer Garden to celebrate our successful one week long travel with our best buddies as we survived the horrific waves of the sea, pushed the van under the scorching heat, and the amount of patience we pour on Snow White‘s world class naps while on the trip. Just 299php for 1 bucket of cold beer. The meals are good too! We’re partying here all night because we earned it. And we’re partying here because it’s easier to go home when we get too drunk.

Next time, we’ll definitely visit the Visayan Islands. See you in our next trip.



Snow White




It’s in Iceland but not Cold


As interesting as it sounds, the Iceland springs is one of the most incredible tourist spots on earth. That’s just one of the many wonders in Iceland making this country one of my travel bucket list.

Iceland is an island that’s slightly bigger than US’s state of Maine. The country is well known for its geothermal water attractions, one of which is the Blue Lagoon. Yes, the place doesn’t just exist in Bikini Bottom in Spongebob Squarepants. The warm waters of the lagoon are rich in silica and sulfur. It’s very real and very…blue.

The country is also known as “The Land of Fire and Ice” due to its highly active volcanoes but also glaciers. The country is located just about outside the arctic circle, but despite of that the climate is temperate. The “Kirkjufell”, also known as the Church Mountain due to its shape is located north of the Iceland in the arctic circle that makes a unique combo of landscape and northern lights.


With a population of about 330,000 people, it’s not gonna be a huge surprise that most of Iceland’s stunning beauty is natural. The country has a contrasting element of heat and cold that allows beautiful geological landscapes and waters. The hot springs in the country is a must-try, with some even believed to cure skin illnesses.

So, if I want my bath time to be extraordinary, I’d visit the magical springs of Iceland. taking a bath will never be as special as this.


Fake Facebook Events


Facebook Fake Events are events that can be seen in Facebook like any other events except they’re completely fake of course, for the sake of fun and entertainment. Involving into these Fake Events is the people’s way to laugh out a problem or an issue. While others are “butt-hurt” about these events, some chooses to join the band wagon and share it to their friends.



One of the most famous among these fake events is the “Sapakan sa ACE Hardware” Event where people actually attended on the said ACE Hardware stores expecting for a boxing match to the point that the ACE Hardware had to announce that they don’t know such an event.

21740563_1658857830815424_458885456444491525_nOne of the much awaited Fake Event so far is the “Rambulan ng SHS Students vs. College Students sa PUP.” Polytechnic University of the Philippines (P.U.P.) is one of the most prestigious universities in the country. A post from a Senior High School student sparked the debate whether who’s the threatened and who’s the best between Senior High Students and College Students. The heat resulted to various meme posts and now, you guessed it, an event. What makes this event so hilarious is when a Facebook page uploaded a photo of a letter that grants the royal rumble within the campus and is even signed

Today, the “Juan Ponce Enrile Immortality Workshop” is the most talked about Fake Event with more than 30,000 Facebook users interested and 8,400 of them even going on the said event. The event is hosted by a Facebook page named ‘redslim08’ and said to be held on December 31, 2 AM to 5 AM, at Claro M. Recto, Manila. Well, we all know December 31 is a national holiday, right? And by December 31, we’re surely busy in our house preparing for the upcoming new year so there’s no way we’re going there. But if you think nobody’s going to these said fake events, check this fake event in particular:


Have you heard of “Scream like Goku in front of Washington Square Arc” that happened just recently, September 1? A lot of people actually gathered on the spot and by the clock reached 4 PM, the crowd actually started screaming like Goku in the anime Dragon Ball Z. You can even search the video of these people shouting with all their strength! Not so “fake” anymore, right?

My favorite Fake Facebook Events so far are the Naruto run events. Unlike other fake events, the Naruto run like a ninja related events have happened to many places and the one that I watched personally is the one that was held in Far-Eastern University (F.E.U.) Manila where dozens of people started running with their arms on backward position. It is believed that ninjas run this way to be more silent and faster. Regardless of what benefit they can got for running like that, they still fulfilled the event.


By Rapunzel