An Open Letter to the Parents

open letter to the parents

Dear Parents;

This short letter is dedicated to you – our parents, who made significant efforts to put us where we are now. But if you feel that a parent should be a superior body to your children, you may stop reading now and look for a different blog. I’m saying this as polite as possible because this letter will offend your beliefs, hurt your feelings, and we – the young adults of the new generations, are convinced you will never understand the contents of this message.

Reaching this line only means you’re willing to accept the reality that some things, despite your sincerest efforts are beyond your control. You’re either the type of parent that accepts change, or you’re the controlling type but interested to see how deep the rabbit hole goes. This is an open letter to every parent and their growing children. Please don’t get upset. This is the message we wanted you to hear, even without the hopes that you will accept it. Who’s expecting anyway?

Your Generation is yours.
When you were once a young adult of your own generation, you were given a chance to draw your own future. Only a quarter of it is the assurance of the next generation’s survival – our ticket to the world. If you failed to make your life enjoyable, don’t make us chase the same car. We need proper guidance, not drivers. The world is rapidly changing and much of your generation’s principles have changed. Give us the chance to understand it so we can live in it. You had your chance, this is our time.

It’s our choice when or whom to marry.
Please, we beg you. Stop asking us when we will get married or whom to marry. Your generation’s countless mistakes in building proper relationship taught us even the toughest foundation in family home can crumble down. You can’t blame us if it’s more ideal to live alone than making a family. We have friends who got our back the same we I would do for them.

Don’t be rude to my friends.
We know some of you treat our friends as freeloaders. The world is a dangerous place and you feel threatened that we just invited that danger into our house. Don’t you know that you’re now misjudging people by their looks? How would you feel if your son or daughter was invited into a friend’s house and the parents immediately treat him/her as a thief? You, our parents, taught us the standards of a trustworthy friend; and now you’re saying our friends cannot be trusted after passing through these standards? Whoever our friends are, they’re not defined based on what you think about them. Maybe the friendship in your generation is fragile but that doesn’t mean ours too.

Stop asking us about our future family.
Because of the growing population, it is natural that we simply choose not to start a family, nor to bear a child. Whenever you ask why we don’t like to have a child, it almost sounds like as if you’re accusing us of worshiping the devil and it’s very rude. We are thankful that we have the gift of making a child or be one with another, maybe we just don’t want our next generation to suffer in a suffocating cramped world.

Our Lover is not a thief.
When the parents dislike the person for making a mistake, they simply judge the person’s whole personality and treat him/her as a threat. How could some of you think our lovers only wanted to be with us because we’re rich? Do you think every person who loves us only wants our wealth? Do you think the same to the people who want to be with you? How would you feel if somebody said that my parents were married for the wealth of the other, would you be pleased?

I’m for $ale.
Maybe in your generation, it is practical to marry a foreigner to get a better life. But in our generation, we would choose to be alone than to be a gold-digger. Values, principles, and religions, taught us that it is the inside that matters. What some of you been doing is like selling us to the foreign people so you could have a better life. But when these people can’t sustain financial support, some of you would treat them as a drag. Please, stop telling us to marry a foreigner.

We’re not born to please the neighbors.
For some reason, everything we do matters for the neighbors. What would they think if they see us like this? Why does it matter what the neighbors would think? It’s always the parents’ credibility and reputation are in the line and we, their children, must always come out looking well-respected and come home with an achievement. But we’re adults now, young and stupid sometimes but adults nonetheless. Our actions define who we are and what we achieved. If we want to do something great, we will do it, and not for the neighbors.

Our dear parents, you don’t understand how much you’re contributing to ensure our failure. Please be gentle with your words. You always say we’re just about to leave while you guys are on your way back. Accept it, the road you use to run on isn’t the same and now were specifically built for us. Again, our generation is entirely different. This is our time and you had your chance. We’re grateful to be guided by your loving hands but be little gentle, sometimes you’re making us feel like slaves. Set us free.

To live obedient with regret,

Or to die free and satisfied?


This Generation’s Future Adults
(Collective Hearts)



By SnowWhite


My Personal Thoughts about Lying

Somebody asked me today: “How’d you do it?”

After I told her, I am the man of my words and I never lie.

Apparently, lying is a big deal for everyone. It gives a great impact to any form of community, leaves a dent on bonds, and could even kill anybody. I just thought that whoever thought the word, he chose to use 3 letters to describe it, like the word sin and bad. Also tells us that the word must not be as powerful as words with 4 or more letters like love and trust.

If you’re the type of person who Googles everything, Lying is an intentional false statement; Used with reference to a situation involving deception or founded on a mistaken impression. What caught my attention is how Google placed the definition as only second to it’s other meaning ‘to remain or rest in a flat surface or position’. I guess, even Google doesn’t prioritise unpleasant words. And when you ask somebody to what is a lie? They would, undoubtedly, define the unpleasant meaning.

So how did I do it? How can you end a day without even making a single lie?

Lying and Age

Whether we like it or not, we all lied in some points of our lives. Some people are still lying even now they’re old. For me, lying is only for kids. Those days when your parents, teachers, and churches have done their part of explaining that lying is wrong, yet we chose to use it because it’s fun and that’s how we look to be more superior than other kids. Lying is a kid’s way to be noticed. And behind those Liars go to hell sayings, we still lie because we know very well that we can still say sorry later.

Lying and it’s reasons

Why did you lie?

You lie because you thought it can fix a problem you did for the meantime. Coz you thought if you say sorry, you’ll still get punished in various ways. So why not lie and let them think everything’s okay? You thought you’ll just gonna fix it later when they’re not around.

You lied because it’s hard to choose between needs and wants. Be it something or a person, you lied because you thought you can still choose later when you’re ready to let go the other. To things, it won’t take long. To person, it would be as long as the time you rendered moving on if you’re sincere enough.

You lied because you’re hiding something. Whatever it is that you so much protected because of whatever reason, you don’t want somebody else to know. You lied to keep them or yourself away fro harm’s way, where in fact, you are already making things worst for yourself and to them.

To sum it all up, you use lies for temporary remedies. You chose a temporary remedy that results to lifetime pain, than a temporary pain that offers a lifetime remedy.

Lying and it’s relevance to people

Lying is as complex as The Principles of Understanding Women Vol.87 if such a book exist. We condemn it but we have restrictions as to how to lie for national security. We lie to avoid mass hysteria, to keep the upper hand advantage against enemies of the state, and to remain the peace talks between rivals. No matter how patriotic they sound, it’s a lie.

Lying is a job for some people. When pretending to be someone else that is in good shape like telling your customer you’re willing to help and very happy to serve in phone, where in truth and in fact, you have cursed him dozens of times as you fake your smile, you are already lying. You’re being paid to lie.

White lies is what we call to a lie that benefits us. But that’s no different with Robin hood who steals from the rich and gave it to the poor. No matter how much you look at it, it’s still a lie.

Truth and it’s first victim

Lying is an essential part of a person. It’s what completes us and could be the reason why we sacrifice ourselves to save the other from severe emotional pain. Sometimes, it’s easy not to talk than telling them know the truth.

To be honest, being a totally honest person is not entirely good. If you want to be totally honest, some parts of your emotions must die first. The feeling of guilt, urge to sacrifice, and sympathy… All three of them will disappear forever. That’s the consequence honest.

The moment when telling the truth might hurt anyone is always present. Because you can’t be honest if you hide the truth behind words.

I chose to be Painfully Honest, than making Sugarcoated Lies.


By SnowWhite



Status: Going Strong to Going Wrong

Have you tried engaging into a relationship where people around you are convinced that your relationship is going strong but deep inside you know it’s going wrong?


They say, arguments are normal in a relationship because it’s a strong proof that the communication between a couple is there. Communication between lovers performs a major role in making a more trustful relationship. But these days, some couples only rely on social media like Facebook Messenger or Skype to maintain communication especially if we’re talking about Long Distance Relationship.

But how can we really say that the relationship you once thought is going strong is already making you emotionally weak? Asking yourself this may already be a sign that you are under unhealthy relationship. Here are the signs that your relationship is going wrong that the people around you might have missed:

1. Communications off
As I said, communication is the key to strong relationship. If your partner starts to cut your communication off, you will be fighting a war while blind. You will never know your partner’s problem therefore you can never help nor recognize if you are already the problem. He/she will still like/react to your posts, tag you to photos, tweets on your wall but the real conversation is not there anymore.

2. Left out
As your partner cuts off the communication, you will feel left out both ideally and literally. It doesn’t matter if your partner is sharing the same bed with you or miles away, when he/she starts to move away every time you try to move close, there’s no way you can reach him/her. But you, nor the people around you, will not feel it yet because you trust your partner and you understand that sometimes he/she needs time to think and solve things alone.


3. Something’s missing
Completely hidden from your friends and relatives, only you can notice that you’re starting to lose the person you love is slowly. And since other people think your relationship is doing just fine, they don’t get the picture that it’s actually crashing down.

4. Doubt
Doubt is ignited by your playful ideas and fueled by the people around you. You will realize that giving your partner the time he/she needs was a bad idea because he/she might have just used it to find someone new. Doubt will slowly corrupt you and you will feel desperate to talk to your partner. But since the communications is off, you will start to handle things more personally and hasty which will result to more complicated situations like finding out that…

5. You became the option
One of the most painful feeling you will ever experience is the feeling of being an option to anyone or anything. And it’s not just about other people, it could be a hobby, a career, or an object that makes your partner feel complete without you. You were once your partner’s whole world and now that he/she finds another happiness with someone or something else, you are now just an option – an option who can’t do anything but to wait or to let go. And since these things are only happening between you and your partner, making the first move of letting go will only make you the heartless one to dump your partner.


Regardless of how long you’re together, married or not, the going wrong status can get you without even realizing it. Whether you wait or to let go, you will still be the victim. It’s quick, it’s quiet, and has no cure.

I really feel sorry for people in this kind of situation. This is the unspoken truth about relationship we don’t often see. One or two of your friends is currently crying because of this. All I can say is good luck and next time, try to find a partner who’s gonna live to his/her words.


By SnowWhite


And How About Peter?


It’s almost Holy Week and Catholics are preparing to commemorate the Holy Sacrifice of Jesus Christ. A time we remember His journey together with his apostles. And when we say apostles, the most iconic of them all is probably Judas Iscariot also known as “Judas the Traitor”.

Surely, our parents nor preachers didn’t taught us to hate Judas but somehow, we ended up hating the man. Filipinos even uses his name for cursing when someone broke their trust.

“HUDAS ka talaga!!” 

Seriously, what does Judas got to do with your problem anyway?

And what about Peter? Unfortunately, we’re not here to add fuel on the fire of roasting Judas. We’re gonna have a small talk about how Peter should be in the same place as the traitor Judas.


Both Peter and Judas forsake Jesus but in different ways. You see, Jesus already told Judas that he would betray him from the start simply because it’s part of the plan. It is to make sure Jesus will reach the point of Crucifixion and cleanse the world with his blood. Judas successfully finished the job in exchange of 30 silver coins.

Now let’s go Peter. Like Judas, Peter was also told by Jesus of how he will forsake Him. It is clear Jesus told Peter “This very night, before the rooster crows, you will disown me three times.” and then Peter replied “Even if I have to die with you, I will never disown you.” But on the night when Jesus was captured and beaten, Peter denied Jesus for three times in front of Him. Isn’t that rather rough, don’t you think?


Judas hanged himself for what he have done. And as for Peter? After fleeing away and set apart from other disciplines, he was crucified upside-down in Rome in Rome at his own request since he saw himself unworthy to be crucified in the same way as Jesus.

What do you think? We all know Judas’s betrayal is unpleasant but how about Peter? Isn’t what he did much unacceptable and considered as betrayal? I’m not siding with Judas here but I really think it’s wrong to involve Judas’s name when cursing a traitor especially if we all know, Peter did much worst.

“Isa kang PEDRO!!” (nah~)

By: “Snow White”




White Wolf

white wolf.jpg

Dear Black Wolf;

I hope you’re finding me on the right direction. Please look closer. Please focus. Do this and you will find my destination. I hope this message Reaches you in time before you lose My tracks.

Black wolf, If you’re reading this, you will understand why I choose to hide this message in these paragraphsPlease, reconsider your actions and decisions. Whatever you will do next will carve a big dent in your memories forever. It will hurt so much that no amount of tears can erase.

Through years of wandering alone, I have learned a lot. Drama brings down the toughest organizations; Unacceptable opinions cracks the strongest bonds; Messages ignites revolutions. I saw it all, but it made me strong.

I heard that you were disowned by the pack. Please black wolf, come and find me. I left some hints for you.

In our pack, there are 2 rules that cannot be broken: “Family first” and “Respect”.
These rules made our family strong against threat but whenever there’s strength,
there is challenge. This is the moment where our family, the ones who thought us respect, are the same ones who broke it. You are now standing between your family and what is right. The terrible truth is, the reality that no matter what you choose, the pack will still leave you behind.

You are humiliated, shamed, and accused by committing dishonorable deeds by your own kind. If they are pointing fingers at you, please don‘t start fighting them. Conflict only breeds catastrophe. If you fight and win, the ghost of conscience will never stop haunting your thoughts. If you lose, your chance to walk away will be out of hand.

I know family is important to you but sometimes it’s better to walk straight than turning left or right. We’re both trained to survive independently.

Again, don’t fight them. Hurting our kind is just another proof that they are right about you. If we do it, we are no better than a thief.

Please, stay in the trail so you won’t get lost. This could be the last scent I’ll be leaving for you.

Your Real Color.

By “Rapunzel”



‘Your Name’ : The twist and turns


Warning: Spoiler Alert


After ‘5 Centimeters Per Second’made us cry and unconventionally hate trains, the writer Makoto Shinkai, did it again with his new Anime movie: ‘Kimi no Na Wa’ or ‘Your Name’ with the animation of CoMix Wave Films and distributed in by Toho. Was premiered at the Anime Expo 2016 convention in Los Angeles, California on July 3, 2016, and later premiered in Japan on August 26, 2016.


I just can’t move-on of how ‘Kimi no Na Ka’ adds a whole new color on the commonly switching-souls story. The twist is so comprehensive that most viewers didn’t even notice what’s been layed by the writer even from the very beginning of the movie. Putting theme songs as to-make-the-story-short is also a new flavor.

It has full of twists and turns that will make you finish the movie but still asking how it happened. To help you, here are some hints that will summarize the whole story even if you don’t finish it.

Un-surprised grandmother
Ever wonder why the grand mother is not so surprised when her granddaughter Mitsuha acts differently every other day? It all goes way back from her ancestors. Mitsuha’s ability of switching soul with another person is a normal phenomenon on her family.


Taki on rooftop
                Ever noticed why there’s a scene on the start where Taki’s outside watching the comet Tiamat as it splits, but the place seem different when he tried to call on Mitsuha on the night that the comet will suppose to pass the earth? He’s on top of a footbridge or some sort. Why? That’s because the scene where Taki is standing on a rooftop is three years ago. Their timeline is not same. That answers the question why didn’t they just exchange numbers so they call on each other every day.

Photos on the wall
Taki noticed a photo of Mitsuha’s town ___ on wall of memorabilia in the middle of his date with ___ at Photo Exhibition Nostalgia. Well yes, the photos hanging on the wall are the photos of Mitsuha’s town before it was completely devastated by a natural disaster.


The string on Taki’s wrist
The mysterious red string on Taki’s wrist that he’s wearing every morning is actually the ribbon on Mitsuha’s hair. How did it happen? Coz it’s not Taki wasn’t the first one to think that he should meet Mitsuha on her place. Mitsuha, 3 years ago, tried to find Taki. And guess what, she found him inside a train. She even tried talking to him but Taki doesn’t remember her. Why? Coz Taki’s suppose to experience the switching three years after.

The News
The news of the incoming comet Tiamat is only shown on Mitsuha’s time, indicating that the phenomenon only happened three years ago.

2 comet craters
The 2 biggest hints I saw in this movie are these two giant craters. The lake is almost perfect circle, and just few kilometer hikes from this town is another crater. That means this area is actually a drop zone of meteorites ever since. It came to me when I saw the second whole they called the body of Miyamizu Shrine’s god. And this actually scared me because from that moment I knew there will be a third meteor strike like it always do every 1200 years.


And boy! I was right. As Taki discovered what really happened, he suddenly realized that Mitsuha is in the undamaged shrine crater near town. He decided to drink Mitsuha’s sake and was given a chance to rewrite the future but will forget everything slowly and that’s how he turned the whole tragic story into a new chapter.

The feeling you know the person but you can’t remember the name, a story we all can relate with.



20 Reasons why you can’t beat a classic

In the world where almost everything is rapidly changing, there are still things that we can’t simply outwit.

  1. Because -it is- classic. classic
  2. Elegant. It maybe old, but till classy.classy.jpg
  3. Because it’s nostalgic. The sentimental feeling is always there. nostalgia2
  4. It’s overwhelming. Concerts today can’t match the concerts before.koncert-queen-v-kharkove-430kb.jpg
  5. It always work. Maybe not as fast compared to modern techniques, but it
  6. Old School. Parokya Ni Edgar still sounds better than any Philippine disco remix. old-school
  7. Almost as tough as a tank. Try dropping your Laptop and your typewriter 3 ft from the ground. collage
  8. Simply perfect. If you’re too complicated, try to be simple. It’s easier and perfect. simplicity-1-728
  9. Classic men. Always nailing your 20 year-old pop idols. johnny-depp-dior-1.jpg
  10. Classic women. Sexy in their own ways.women.jpg
  11. Classics can be modernized. We can’t modernize something modern, can we? collage2
  12. But we can turn modern into classic. 246723382.jpg
  13. The classic way is the most prescribed by experts. prescription
  14. And also the best described choice.  4009926052_e8c0433095_z
  15. The classics bring back memories. memories_hd1
  16. When the days was good and simple. 11786_Old-house-in-the-middle-on-the-green-field-Fresh-air.jpg
  17. And the classic courting style is sweet. 521256385c18339d02aeaf89ad942c30.jpg
  18. Classics are legends. elvis-presley-1973-performance-billboard-650
  19. Always remembered and never be forgotten. And lastly,Super-Michael-Jackson-Wallpaper.jpg
  20. Because you just can’t.


So, are you a classic person?