Common misconceptions caused by LAG


Have you ever been doing something with your computer that’s so much important and relies in the internet then suddenly…BOOM! LAG. Now that I’ve think of it, maybe that’s the Hulk’s secret for staying angry.


If you’re playing, you’re dead. If you’re researching, it becomes unresponsive. If you’re replying, the typing stops. If you’re surfing, the browser crashes. In effect you break the hardware, could have opened the task manager dozens of times, your hypertension goes on the top of the roof, and worst, you’re thinking that other people connected to your internet has something to do with the LAG you’re experiencing right now.



Now, let me stop you there. First of all, I know what lagging feels like. Second, the people connected to your internet (if you happen to be using Wi-Fi) are also experiencing the same situation as you are and therefore could have nothing to do with the LAG. And if they do, thinking and plotting something against them is absolutely not good.

A LAG is a situation in which the person or object is experiencing delay of movement, progress, or development resulting to not keeping pace with others. If you’re in an online game, a lag might cause you drastic unpleasant effects. Hardware over heat or limited RAM could also be a reason for lagging. It can burn your patience in seconds causing a person to snap and react in such harmful ways. Some people would even suspect the ones connected to his/her internet. You might be smiling with guilt but I’m telling you, false judgment is already there.


If you find it funny now, you may continue reading. If you’re getting pissed off, I suggest you choose a different article like ‘Angry Management’ topics because the following lines will certainly make you feel embarrassed.

  1. Thinking they’re Downloading

Again, they may not or could be doing this when you lagged. If you don’t own the internet and just connecting, remember whatever you are doing online with your computer right now might be the one to blame for getting all the bandwidth or bps (bytes per second) causing your computer and other connected computers to lag. If you own the internet, just remind them not to download when you’re playing or doing something important.

  1. Thinking they’re intentionally jamming your internet signal

Of all the misconceptions, this could be the worst. You’re blaming somebody for intentionally jamming your signal when you’re lagging. There are many reasons for weak internet connections: there are rain storms that can tear down cables and knock down power lines, there are walls like the diagram shown below, and there’s the excessive massive intake of data of a device. Whatever the reason is, thinking they’re intentionally jamming your signal is not the best way to end it.


  1. Thinking they’re turning the Wi-Fi router off

It is true that when your internet is weak, restarting your modem is one solution. But a person restarting it intentionally just to aggravate you is completely wrong. They could be doing that because they’re having the same problem as you and restarting the modem is their way to fix it. Think about it, you might have done it too without asking their permission.


  1. They’re updating all their online applications at the wrong time

Some software and applications automatically download and update whenever they are connected to the internet. You might blame the people in your house for ruining your play time by intentionally updating their apps in the wrong time. And what if you checked those peoples’ devices and they’re not doing what you’re expecting?  Maybe it’s your devices that are updating. And if no device is updating, then there are other reasons why you’re lagging.

  1. They’re watching porn

It’s always believed in computer rental shops that whenever the game is lagging, the master server’s opening sites that are somewhat malicious. Porn sites have tons of ads that bombard the IP Address which could overload and affect the computers and devices around it that are connected to the internet. This one is something that you should find out.

  1. They’re live streaming.

Live streaming of video via internet could consume massive amounts of data to keep the video playing, buffering, and to load all the suggestion videos and advertisements. They might be doing that, but I’m sure it’s not to annoy you. In this situation, if you really think what you’re doing is more important than what they’re watching, telling it to them settles it.


Sometimes it’s the internet connection itself, not the Wi-Fi signal. Most people think that the signal bar has something to do with the internet connection. The signal bars actually signifies the connection strength of your device from the Wi-Fi Modem. If you’re sitting close to the Modem / Router but your internet is really slow / weak, the result is much the same as when you’re far from modem but your internet is good.



So, before we start thinking something bad, calm down and approach the people or the modem nicely. Most things are not settled with brute strength and fight. People around you could be having a tough day or rushing something important too and they were troubled by the internet like you. Instead of thinking misconceptions, why not fix the problem together?


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