Toxic ka ba sa Social Media?


Ba’t ang toxic mo?

Bawat isa sa atin ay may pinagdadaanan sa buhay. At ang isa sa mga paraan upang maibsan o kahit mabawasan lamang ito ay sa pamamagitan ng pagsabi nito sa ibang tao. Sa ganoong paraan ay gumagaan ang ating pakiramdam at katamtaman lamang upang tayo’y bumalik muli sa laban. Yoong iba naman ay idinadaan sa social media gaya ng Facebook at Twitter. Nagpo-post tayo ng mga saloobin na tila nobela sa haba at minsan hindi pa natin napipigilang samahan ng masasamang pananalita.

Alam mo ba’ng Toxic ka?

Ang pagbansag ng “Toxic” sa isang tao ay hindi nangangahulugang exposed ang taong iyon sa isang nakamamatay na kemikal. Hindi rin ito nangangahulugang sexy na pangangatawan na ginagamit niya sa “makating” pamamaraan. Kapag tinawag ka’ng toxic ng isang tao, ibig-sabihin ay malimit kang mag-komentaryo o magpahayag ng mga negatibong bagay tungkol sa isang topic (Tao, Grupo, Bagay, Lugar, Aktibidad, Kaganapan, atbp.) na siya namang nasasaksihan ng publiko na sa sobrang negatibo ay nakakaapekto na sa mga tao sa paligid mo.

Sa paano nga ba natin nasasabing toxic na ang isang tao partikular sa social media? Madali ito maintindihan at maaari mong gamitin ang sarili mo bilang halimbawa. Ito ang mga senyales.

Toxic ka sa Social Media kapag:

  1. karamihan sa posts mo ay tungkol sa mga negatibong bagay.
  2. ipinapakita mo sa publiko na gusto mo nang sumuko o mamatay.
  3. hindi ka tumatanggap ng komentong taliwas sa pinaniniwalaan mo.
  4. minura mo na ang lahat.
  5. nahihila mo na ang ibang tao pababa.
  6. mabilis kang mainis o mairita sa mga simple o kadalasa’y masasayang bagay.
  7. naaapektuhan na ang ibang tao sa pagiging negatibo mo.
  8. nagiging maselan ka o mapagmataas at minamata mo na ang lahat.
  9. ikaw na ang nagsisimula ng away.
  10. sa sobrang negatibo mo, nilalayuan ka na dahil ayaw nilang mahawa sa’yo.

Kung toxic ka at gusto mo itong mawala pagkatao mo, simulan mo ito sa pamamagitan ng pag-tanggap ng lahat. Kapag natutunan mo ang Acceptance, unti-unti mo nang mababago ang sarili mo. Ngunit kung hindi mo matanggap na toxic ka at bobombahin mo na ako sa comment box, uunahan na kita…

Wag kang toxic.


By Rapunzel


What about The Wall?

I’m disappointed with you, Cena. You should’ve used that “You can’t see me” trick to get away from there.



Yesterday, I watched the second most disappointing Sniper War movie in my entire life. Next to Steven Seagal’s movie Sniper: Special Ops being number one most disappointing, where he spent more than half of the film sitting inside an empty house with his dying comrade. Have you watched The Wall starring John Cena and Aaron Taylor-Johnson? It was a real drama but if you have an experience with shooting high caliber firearms which my dad and I used to do every weekends, you’ll probably get pissed off right away and I’ll tell you why.


Again, this is just my opinion. I also included my personal alteration on how the movie should have ended for me.

Let’s start with… I’m so disappointed with you, John Cena. I know you should not be the one to blame because you’re just doing what in the script says. Staff Sergeant Shane Matthews is a sniper, a well-trained long range shooter capable of not just clean head shots but also reconnaissance and camouflage. I’m sorry, folks. I just can’t believe he just died there because of these 5 reasons:

1. He didn’t believe his spotter

A sniper’s spotter is his best buddy. In sniper movies, the spotter is the one who usually carries that odd-looking scope beside the sniper. His job is to spot enemy movements inside the perimeter. In this movie, Sergeant Allen Isaac is the spotter and the one who reported that enemy sniper is a “pro” for killing his targets with mostly head shots. But he didn’t believe him and instead decided to do something a normal sniper would not do, and that’s…


2. Walking in the kill zone

Can you believe that? It’s stupid and it’s suicide. Even a starfish knows moving towards death is a bad idea, but Shane did it anyway. And there he is, shot somewhere on his body, lying face-down on the ground. And it all happens because of his…

3. Lack of patience

When dad first allowed me to fire a sniper rifle, he told me two things: (one) “The hardest part in shooting is when not to shoot” and (two), “Patience before pulling the trigger.” Despite hearing Allen’s assessment and warning, Shane still chose to walk down there to collect the dead security guards’ radios. Although I think even doing it after a week will still get him killed, it’s obvious that the enemy sniper has just simply outmatched them.

4. He’s not cautious

If you are a sniper and good at hunting, you could bet your enemy is good at it too. If I’m in Shane’s boots, I would think that he could still be out there. Proceeding with caution is a must. I’ll be moving slowly, crouching to every object I could find. I could also do that booty dance. It’s always better to dance your booty behind a wall than in the open.


5. Random shot

It’s a good try since that’s his only opportunity to strike back. but if I were him, given the fact that the enemy sniper is a pro, I would have no choice but to rely on his professionalism to survive. I won’t waste my rounds targeting a well-hidden enemy. Here’s how I’m going to do it:


Let’s say I’m in his situation where I’m lying down on the ground. I’ll start by considering all the aspects around me: That includes my partner who is still alive and distracting the enemy via radio conversation, my rifle is just inches away from my hands, the desert is providing me a good cover, and my wound is temporarily treated by the time it touched the ground. With all these aspects and where the shots came from finally determined, I will not waste my remaining strength giving the mountain of scraps a cold barrage of rounds like what he did. Instead, I will hug my rifle, roll towards the drums within the flying sand, and restart the shooting game once and for all. I don’t know why the writer chose what just happened but it makes sense to me why the movie is titled “The Wall” and not “The Sniper” or “The Spotter”. I’m not going to tell you what happened in the end. Piece of advice: The Wall is not a war movie, but drama.


By Cinderella


10 Life Lessons from Ragnarok


If there’s an online game I would never get tired of playing, that would be Ragnarok Online. Maybe that explains why I failed Business Math in my college days and almost lost my job just last year. But guess what, I’m still playing the game. According to a Philippine Daily top-10 TV Show, Ragnarok is NOT the first online game in the country, but it is indeed the very first online game to be so popular, it got so many adaptations and keeps on coming back.

Yes, it keeps on coming back. Because on March 2015, the popular MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) Philippine Ragnarok Online was shut down completely and because not all of its best players can’t just simply move to the international server, they decided to make their own private servers with different rules and set ups for the patrons to keep the burning feeling of Ragnarok gaming alive.

The good news is; the Philippine Server is back again with its Closed Beta Test (CBT) on June 20 and is now fully operational to this date. So many excited players of all ages immediately registered and played that sometimes the server is having difficulties trying to handle all 20,000 players at the same time.

training entrance.jpg

Now what’s in this game that everyone wants to play so bad? Let me start by saying Ragnarok is a virtual simulation of living.

1. Ragnarok is an RPG(Role Playing Game), meaning it offers its players the freedom to choose what class or “Job” they want to be in the game, but in an outdoor adventure style. Unlike other role playing games, Ragnarok has a total of 8 first class jobs with specific roles to contribute in the game (Swordsman, Archer, Acolyte, Mage, Merchant, and Thief, Ninja, Soul Linker, and Gunslinger.) while basic stuff such as cooking and deliveries can be done as quests. Each character must go under training, pretty much like nursery or preparatory for children.

2. Ragnarok will teach you geography. Ragnarok is a world with cities resembling our real world’s countries that you can visit. These places are just perfect enough to make you feel you’re exploring places like Thailand, England, and Hawaii.


3. Ragnarok will teach you how to handle business. Given the fact that you act on behalf of your job is what makes the world of this game go round. But business is also a thing in this game. To earn more, some players makes business in game depending on their job. For example, if your job is the Merchant Class – Blacksmith, who are geniuses in crafting equipment, they can make weapons and sell them.


4. Ragnarok will teach you that every drop of currency(Zeny) is important. Monsters and quests have different levels and therefore, offers different amount of rewards and drops. These rewards and drops could either be useful or not for your specific job and can be sold to NPCs (Non-Player Characters) of the game for fair price. Basically, you earn depending on how you work hard. See those white bars on the photo? That’s all vendors selling something. And that’s just the tip of the ice berg. These vendors can occupy the half of the town if they all go sell something all at the same time.


5. Ragnarok will teach you that teamwork is the key. In the game, players can make a temporary group called “party” where players from different places in the country can play together as one team and each job has their own task. Pretty much the same in the real world where in some point of our lives, we were paired with someone we don’t fully know, and there are times that we get ourselves into a team. To achieve the common goal, we work hard together with these strangers and in the minute one of the members go idle (or in the gaming terms “away from keyboard or AFK”), the team will fail.

6. Ragnarok will teach you how to be a good leader. Being a good leader is no easy task even in the game. In the real world, too much tasks can give you stress. Imagine yourself thinking about the bills, then taking care of your kids, and thinking about your job, then thinking about problems, etc. It’ll make you crazy. But for some people, the more they handle stress of different problems, the more they get used to it. In the game, you invite members, you focus on your job in battle, and at the same time, also you try to manage members that don’t do their job. The more you expose yourself to these problems, the stronger you become in handling them. “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.”

7. Ragnarok will teach you whenever there’s challenge, there’s conflict. It’s common in any way that two persons try to decide who’s the best is. The bigger version of it is war. In most games, Players-Vs-Player or PVP is a common way of proving your strength and skills to a fellow player. Ragnarok also has Guild Wars called War of Emperium. Emperium is a sort of golden crystal that controls an entire castle, which is also a symbol of power and whichever guild’s Emperium is holding the castle, is the best guild.

8. Ragnarok will remind you of your daily errands. Like how we are supposed to take a bath, brush our teeth, eat right, and do our homeworks, Ragnarok has also activities that are meant to be accomplished daily. Like how you earn the feeling of being refreshed when you take a bath daily, these quests will give you a not so rare but a daily necessity reward.


9. Ragnarok will show you the fun of growing up. In real life, some people find growing up as a frustration that if they can only skip it, they would. But growing up has a lot things to offer too like getting a better job, age-restriction passes, or getting married. You can also experience these happy things in the game. But like in real life, you have to work hard to achieve them. For example in the marriage, you have to buy the ring, get the wedding dress, experience the hardship of reaching the church wearing the dress, and pay for the wedding service. All of these will pay off when you and your spouse finally get a baby.

10. Ragnarok will teach you how economy affects everything. When there’s trade, there’s economy. And economy has its own dark days. It’s that time when the price is too low, it doesn’t match your effort of getting the item anymore. And there are also times when a group of players decide to take over an entire map so that they’re the only ones who can acquire the specific rare item and sell it with a really high price. So unfair.



In the end, Ragnarok Online is still just a game, created to escape from the real world for a while. It’s a good thing that the official server of Ragnarok is Pay-2-Play where you have to load (top-up) so you can play for hours but not the whole day.

Ragnarok, for me, is a representation of the real world in 2D where you go out every day in an unexpected adventure to work hard and live, have fun and socialize with others, and to value one’s self.



[credits to the owner of these photos whoever they are.]

By SnowWhite


My Personal Thoughts about SONA 2017

I chose the word “personal” because that’s what I think the whole SONA was about for the President. Everything’s personal.

I am not with, nor against the President’s words. Making everything a personal matter is common if you’re patriotic and when we’re talking about the national security. There’s a popular saying which goes “Trabaho lang, walang personalan.” But if the job is personal, would you not take it personally?


Like the other ones before yesterday, the SONA didn’t start as scheduled; It started from the moment when the authorities barricaded the streets, before militants flooded half of the Commonwealth Avenue, and helicopters disturbed the sleeping Barangays around Batasang Pambansa Complex. Though the official SONA started at 4PM as scheduled, there are a lot of things that happened before that.

The president arrived in a white chopper. Maybe because his convoy was ambushed days before his SONA. He spent few minutes in a short meeting  with the congress leaders and started the traditional walk towards the Plenary. After making a quick joke on where he used to sit and the people who’s with him that he thought was still absent, he then started his speech.

The President indeed spoke from his heart just like Secretary Ernesto Abella said. Though the expected time to finish the whole statement was only 45 minutes, the additions made it last for 2 hours.

In his statement, he pointed out his war against illegal drugs as his major mission in his time. That f the illegal drugs will continue, it will be, and always have been, the root of evil and suffering. And the that, the option for drug traffickers is only either jail or hell.

President Duterte also explained why he declared Martial Law in Mindanao and why it is the best solution. He explained it was to prevent the rebels escape by pretending to be civilians and spreading violence in the rest of Mindanao.

He then mentioned the mining sectors and their operations that destroy the country’s natural resources. He will make sure that these mining companies will faces steep taxes if they do not spend enough on rehabilitating areas that host their operations.

When it comes to the Natural Disasters, he mentioned this “while we control the acts of man, no one can control or stop the fury and rampage of weather gone wild. When nature fights back, it does so with a vengeance.”

Bias Multimedia was specially mentioned; The President stated that ABS-CBN and Rappler are media that wants to be owned by the Americans for making news against him – the President and his governance. GMA network must have been clapping its ears all day after hearing that.

The President is right. Even I don’t understand how the Filipinos react. When they see the President killing the criminals, they bash him with everything they got. And when there’s a civilian casualty, a woman raped, or a child died, they stay quiet. As if they’re just waiting for him to commit mistakes so they could criticize him again and impeach him. It’s very obvious, truly scary, and utterly pathetic, how these specific people do everything for power.

He asked the Filipino people not to be afraid and help him fight corruption. He gave a number (8888) so people can report directly to him for free. He guaranteed to take care of everything if you help him.


The President advised the authorities to kill the rebels. Why? Like my dad said, if he will be the President, he will do the same. Because these rebels will only cause havoc in the prison cells; and the guards will have to feed them, bathe them, and give them a place to sleep. Then jailbreaks will happen and will only kill these guards and escape and go back in terrorizing people. Make sense. I agree with the President’s decision in this matter.

He also shared his reason of why he doesn’t call the Malacanang Palace a ‘Palace’. Maybe he did that to cool-off the heat in the room. That the Malacanang Palace is just a house of wood where rats from Pasig River runs freely on its halls and gardens. And the soldiers guarding the palace won’t shoot these rodents because they were the ‘Presidential Mouse’. He ended the humor by saying “P*tang*na! Mabuti pa yung mga mouse dito hindi pa pinapatay, iyong tao kinakatay ninyo.”

To provide further support to people’s needs, the President once again his Tax Reform Program which is now in the hands of the Senate. But the Tax Reform Program doesn’t seem to please the taste of the Senate, and he knows that so he already accepted whether they will pass it or not.

What surprised me is when he confronts the militants outside face to face to hear and understand what they were trying to say. He is, in truth and in fact, trying his best to meet the expectations of all the Filipinos. But the way these militants react towards his courtesy would really displease any well-mannered person. I understand that these people are furious about dissatisfaction, but resulting to rage only make things worst. And one person somewhere on the background is shouting “Di ka namin kaylangan!”, so disrespectful. I wonder why he’s in the rally while others stays in their home and understands the statement of the President.





Unfair nga naman

Teka lang! Bago mo ko awayin sa comments section, gusto kong sabihin sa’yo na babae din ako at ang blog na ito ay hango lamang sa sa isang taong nakapanayam ko sa isang makabuluhan at madugong talakayan matapos ang pang-apat na bote.


Heart broken ang siya at naisipang gawin kaming toilet matapos silang maghiwalay ng kanyang sintang-mahal. Sinalo namin ang sama ng loob niya buong gabi. Alam naman niyang kasalanan niya at siya rin daw ang unang umamin sa girlfriend niya na mayroon siyang iba dahil nakasanayan na niyang magsabi ng totoo.

Halos lahat ng lalakeng kaibigan namin nung oras na iyon ay nagsabing isa siyang magiting na boyfriend dahil malakas ang loob niya na aminin yon. Samantalang lahat naman ng kababaihan (kasama ako) ay nag-suggest na bakit hindi pa siya magbigti sa ilalim ng katabi naming puno ng mangga? Na-triggered ang mga lola nyo. Bakit daw may mga lalaking naghahanap parin ng iba kahit may girlfriend na. At dito na, mga kaibigan, naging makabuluhan ang diskusyunan. Ipinaliwanag na ni heart-broken-man na itatago natin sa tawag na “kuya sawi” kung bakit siya naghanap ng iba:

Sa anim na taon ng pagiging magkaibigan namin ni Kuya Sawi, nakita ko kung gaano niya kamahal ang girlfriend nyang tatawagin nating “Ate Bato” dahil matapos mo mabasa ang paliwanag niya, baka maisip mong kulang pa yang katawagang iyan para sa kanya. “Unfair” yan ang naging ugat nga kanyag paliwanag.

“Ang unfair lang kasi bago kami nagsimula sa relationship na’to, nangako kami sa isa’t-sa na gagawin ang lahat para mapasaya ang bawat isa.” – Naging mabuti siyang boyfriend ngunit si Ate Bato walang ginawa kundi magpa-cute upang mapalampas ni Kuya Sawi ang pagiging parasyte ni Ate Bato. Lugi nga naman.

“Noong sinabi niyang tigilan ko ang lahat ng luho ko; Paninigarilyo, Dota, monthly beer session with friends, gala, at pagbili ng mga kailangan ko online, ginawa ko. Pero noong pinangako niya na mageexcercise siya para masuot yung binili kong dress para sa kanya tatlong taon na pero wala parin.” – Di madaling bitawan ang mga bagay na nagtatanggal ng stress mo. Sana nga naman hindi nalang ipinangakong magpapa-payat diba?

“Marami siyang gusto sa buhay ngunit nagrereklamo siya pag nahihirapan siyang abutin yon.” – Naiintindihan ko ang isang ito. Usong-uso kasi ngayon sa mga nagtatrabaho ang magreklamo sa Facebook tungkol sa hirap ng trabaho. Pero pag wala namang trabaho, nagrereklamo parin dahil walang pang gastos at di makahanap ng kumpanyang mapagta-trabahuan.


“Kapag gusto niyang makibag-break sakin, nagsosorry ako at pilit na inaayos ang lahat. Pero pag ako na ang napupuno at minsan hindi sinasadyang nababanggit na ayoko na, mabilis niyang ina-accept na maghiwalay na kami.” – Ang galing galing nating mga girls diba? Alam kasi natin na masasaktan siya pag sumang-ayon tayo kagad kasi akala natin nanakot siya. Di natin alam na lalo lang natin dinadagdagan ang sakit sa puso niya. Bakit di natin subukas mag-sorry din?

I hate to admit pero may point si Kuya Sawi. Pero mali yung ginawa niya na humanap ng iba dahil kung pagod na siya, sana tinapos nalang muna niya yung current relationship niya kaysa pagsabayin and dalawang babae. Ngunit kung iisipn, a promise is not meant to be broken. Dahil unfair nga naman.


7 hiring interview habits that will set the interviewer off


How’s your job hunting? Did you passed the test and got the job? How’s the first impression of the interviewer to you? For me there’s nothing regretting in job hunting than the opportunity of getting the job but failed because the interviewer doesn’t like me.

It’s not only the resume that does everything when applying for a job. Compared to a personal interview, the resume is just a tissue paper you will be using to wipe-off your tears when you fail. In a personal interview, the interviewer gets to see if you can prove your resume is 100% legit and we’re not fooling around. The interviewer gets the chance to measure your personality and knowledge, and find whether you fit the job or worthy to sing the Call me maybe song.

I’m not gonna tell you how to impress your interviewer but I can at least make you avoid the 7 things that sets the hiring interviewer off:


1. Dead Air – Dead Air or Long Pause in most call center offices particularly in calls is not a good sign because it can make the customer think that you’re actually don’t know what you’re saying, plus it makes the call time very long. If you applied for a call center job, a dead air in the interview is not a pretty good start. Like on calls, you’re already wasting the interviewer’s time, thus failing the interview.

2. Tapping – tapping is habit that disrupts focus and is super annoying. Doing this in an interview wherein the interviewer is analyzing your behavior could cost your application to a failure.


3. Slouching – slouching or drooping while sitting gives the impression that you’re not even interested to get the job. The lazy posture can set-off the interviewer and if you still get passed to that, slouching releases the boredom feeling not just to yourself but also to the people around you in the workplace.

4. Phones – Like tapping, a phone ring or even swiping the screen is a guaranteed next level of pissing off your interviewer. This happens not just in hiring interviews but also in casual conversations. Showing that a nonsense social media status is more important than getting a job is a great disrespect to the interviewer and to the whole process.


5. Arrogance – If you let your arrogance control over your humbleness, it will be all for nothing. Overly confidence and arrogance on the way you speak or actions, can set off the interviewer. Yes, you may have just what it takes to pass everything but you speak as if you will be hired to be the boss, then I suggest you stop right there and forget about applying for a job since that’s what the offended interviewer will say to you anyway.

6. Faking the Resume – Basically lying. Of course it can set anyone off not just the interviewer when you fake something in your resume. It’s embarrassing and shameful to continue an interview trying to convince the interviewer with the lie you just put in your resume. It’s like telling on your resume that your hobby is travelling the world and answering that you haven’t tried going out of the country even once.


7. Seduction – If all else fails, show the bra. Believe it or not, seduction is a common strategy used not just by women but also men, to get hired. Aside with threatening the interviewer, girls (if the interviewer is male) will softly seduce the interviewer by showing some of her body parts to the extent that the interviewer will get more if she gets hired. While on male applicants (if the interviewer is a girl, an older woman, or a gay), he would unbutton his shirt to the extend of God knows what they will be doing next.

I hope the next time you’re applying for a job, you left all of these seven in your house. Because you’ll never know, if you get the chance to meet me as your interviewer, I might hire you right away.


By Cinderella


Top 10 of the most useless bills and laws in the Philippines


If you’ve been to Philippines then you’ve probably heard about these silly bills and useless laws.

Here are 10 Modern useless Bills and Laws in the Philippines:

10.  No Garage No Car Policy

Publicly felt on January 11, The No Garage No Car Policy is the solution for the country’s growing traffic crisis in Metro Manila. The law is supposed to be preventing car owners to have a car even without a private parking lot and when caught parking illegally on streets, the authorities will then tow the vehicle. But after few months of its declaration, car owners seem to be ignoring the rule causing traffic on two-way roads.

9. No Vehicles on Yellow Box

If you’re a driver or a commuter, you might have noticed the sign on highway crossings that say: “Vehicles in yellow box during red light will be apprehended”. This is another traffic rule in the Philippines that last for month or two but later ignored often by bus drivers. The rule is suppose to stop vehicles to run against yellow traffic light signal especially during rush hours where traffic is expected to be moderate to heavy.


8. No Riding in Tandem Ordinance

After the current president was elected, a series of extra-judicial killings targeting allegedly drug dealers have became common in the Philippines. Witnesses won’t able to identify the face of the suspects, however, 2 things are common in their statements: The suspects are 2 guys, and riding a motorcycle. With this, the government issued a ‘No Relation, No Back-ride Policy’ or simply ‘No Riding in Tandem Ordinance’ that will not allow motorcycle male drivers to ride with another male. But of course, it’s impossible to monitor a country with about 2.6 million registered motorcycles, right?

7. No Jaywalking

This probably is the most common road policy in the world. But like other countries in the world, some Filipinos are naturally born No-Jaywalking policy breakers. Some of them will even cross under a footbridge just to avoid the sweat of climbing the stairs. It even got to the point where the former MMDA chief put signs on the center island saying: “Wag tumawag, may namatay na dito.” (Do not cross, somebody already died here.)


6.  Anti-distracted Driving Law

Anti-Distracted Driving Law was one of the most recent laws that became in effect just a month ago. The law is simple and easy to follow, really. Drivers just need to remove everything that blocks their view from the road to avoid accidents; i.e, phones, car fresheners, ornaments, those nodding puppies, etc. Sounds fair, right? But what if I told you, cyclists are also included? It’s true, bicycle drivers caught violating the rule will result to confiscating the bike. oh, come on!

5. Nationwide Public Smoking Ban

As a patient of Lung Center of the Philippines, I felt really glad after hearing that finally, smoking in public is not allowed. I’m happy to see authorities cycling around on smoking areas, telling people smoking is bad for their health and so to the people around them. But then again, no matter what kind of warning they put on cigarette packs, even putting disgusting photos of seriously ill patients, people just can’t get enough puffing smokes.


4. Illegal Downloading Law

This one almost made me leave the country. If your whole life is internet, then I’m sure you’ll feel the same when some time last year, a senator proposed a bill that will make downloading illegal. Yes, we all know that online piracy is against the law but by just hearing the news, many Filipinos that rely on internet almost started a revolution. Even a picture is not allowed to be downloaded? I’d say he’s lucky the law didn’t passed.

3. Anti-Planking Law

Just when you thought laws are getting weirder. Philippines have an Anti-Planking Law. Yes, that internet mainstream of people laying face down pretending like a plank of wood everywhere? It’s not allowed here. Though, the law is suppose to be for protesters doing the planking because of the simple reason they might get ram by vehicles on highways, Filipino netizens responded faster than their raising eyebrows combined.

2. The Anti-Selfie Bill

Yes! Could you believe that?! Philippines have a ridiculous bill of anti-selfie. One of the most unbelievable bill is the ‘Anti-Selfie Bill’ because taking selfie apparently is an act of intrusion of personal privacy. The bill states “any person who willfully intrudes into the personal privacy of another, without the consent of that person and with the intent to gain or profit therefrom, shall be civilly liable to the offended party”. That’s just great because I’m pretty sure by now, 90% of people taking selfies are “civilly liable”.


1. Anti Unli-Rice Bill or Unli-Rice Ban

And lastly, the most recent, the most shocking, and perhaps most tragic, is the ‘Anti Unli-Rice Bill’. Proposed by Senator Cynthia Villar, the bill was heard in news a few hours ago that left fast food consumers shocked. Though just an ‘expression of concern’ said by the Senator, the bill if passed could lead dozens of fast food chain and restaurants in the Philippines to be heavily affected, worst, to crash. One of these restaurants is the ‘Mang Inasal’ currently owned by the ‘Jollibee Food Corporation’, with its primary product Chicken Inasal with Ulimited Rice, the bill might kill the business instantly and even send hundreds of it’s workers jobless.

Do you think Anti Unli-Rice Bill and the other laws are useless? Share this blog to make these law makers do their job better. If you think I missed a ridiculous bill or law, say it in the comments and we’ll talk about it.

By: SnowWhite