#Adulting in my opinion


More and more people are getting a hard time understanding and completing things that they should’ve learned on their earlier years. What were they doing when they were kids? Staying up late thinking how to defeat the Boss on a video game? (If you’re smiling right now, I’m probably right).

Or maybe I am lucky because I grew up in a generation where household activities and paying bills are commonly taught to students. I remember my elementary days where we learned how to sew on the first semester and learned electronics on the next. And every year, we plant vegetables and breed livestock.

I was just so surprised to see that in other country, people on my age knows how to drive a car but can’t sew a button. Worst, can’t even boil an egg. Surprised? You’ll be surprised if I tell you the next batch of Filipino kids are on their way to that situation too.

Because as I grow older, I’m beginning to notice that some teens of this generation are more aware than politics than their basic needs. Most of them even engage to more complex social dramas like relationship and barkada fights. I’m pretty sure, they know how to handle a computer very well but a little knowledge to home economics.

There are many aspects: Could be parents, status, education, and even technology can be the reason for a person with the slightest of idea how to cook rice. Internet could also be another reason (see: ).

In my opinion, I cant believe that adulthood is something people is currently worrying about. I see dozens of posts about #adulting everyday in my newsfeed and what they are worrying about makes me ask myself: how come they tweet something about North Korea yesterday and don’t know how toilet bowls work today? For me, it doesn’t make sense.

Maybe the education system is failing. Maybe they skipped class because they thought adulthood stuff is something that doesn’t need to take seriously. Maybe they’re relying to “life-hacks” too much because they thought it made things easier. Whatever the maybe(s), I’m still thankful that I belong in a generation where adulthood is a skill necessity that need to be learned.

By Rapunzel


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