Is the Social Media Keeping People to Stay Lazy?

“If it feels good, then it must be right.”

Presenting: The mindset of some people to justify laziness.

Being Lazy sometimes is not a bad thing. But if you get addicted to it, it will cling on you to the point that is almost impossible brush-off. It will stop your development and will result to unwanted effects that you were once vowed to avoid when your just a little kid.

“I want to be a doctor.”

…and where are you now?

Well, they’re not entirely lazy because laziness is when you feel tired to do everything. Most people calls it laziness when you prefer leisure over productivity, like playing video games, Facebook browsing, reading online visual novels, et cetera which are actually your hobbies. And when I say “productivity”, these are the activities that promotes well-being and generally acceptable lifestyle, like finding a job, exercise, skills enhancement, and outdoor explorations.


Social media is both the medium and at fault for keeping some people lazy. Since Facebook and other social networking sites works with the freedom to share on public, everything a person has to say is expected to influence a few who reads his wall posts. Now imagine if highly influential people started posting about feeling good in laziness.

Social media notifications can distract your working attitude and if you’re a blogger like me, you know exactly what I’m talking about. Facebook and other social networking sites are getting frequent updates than your love life. And now, your browser or mobile phone can notify you. This is one of the reasons why social media is highly discouraged in every workplace. Imagine when you’re working on a complex paper work and suddenly *ting!* a pop-up notification on the right corner of your screen? Goodbye focus, hello scroll-down. On your way to laziness pit.


It’s not just the social media, but also the people using the social media are the ones responsible for toppling people off track to adulthood. Remember the trending hashtag #Adulting when teens starting to brag about cooking and other house chores which in our early days, were taught to us by our parents and should’ve practicing it for the rest of our lives? Successfully boiling water doesn’t tell you’re ready for adulthood. Stop being lazy and get things done.


Posting ideology also helps these people to find reasons to be lazy. According to Benjamin P. Hardy, an Organizational Psychology student, It is likely for C students to be more successful in life than of students with A and B ranks because they question the validity of academic system. ideals like these are now circulating on the social media which people uses to reason out why they don’t study their lessons at home.

It could also be a marketing strategy. Because there are more than 1 billion active Facebook users in the world and is impossible that none of them didn’t saw your advertisement. More products are hitting your newsfeed that came from laziness. You’re too lazy to fold the clothes so the market made you a machine that folds for you. You’re too lazy to go to buy the grocery so the market lets you hire a deliveryman for you. You’re too lazy to cook your meal so the market cooked the finest and hot fast food for you.

And all of these products that are way easier to see, thanks to social media, have the tagline “to make your life easier” where in which “to hide the lazy consumer within you”.



Hiding under some cuddling photos is the undeniable fact that you are pleased to be lazy yourself starting by reacting to them. Photos of people under these zodiac signs; photos of a couple lying on a bed all day; photos of cute pandas; photos of laziness quote with strong message; photos of laziness and sarcasm; et cetera. What unacceptable with these persuasive photos is when people find it adorable and they will tag someone. Laziness influence en-route to instant world domination.

Social media is a medium of expression to everyone. Whatever you say or do in your account will affect your social circle. You have followers, admirers, viewers, and people that look up on you. Your posts matters to them. The way you use your social media account reflects the entire you. Be a good example to them and most of all


Laziness is laziness.


By “Cinderella”



4 thoughts on “Is the Social Media Keeping People to Stay Lazy?

  1. *cute kid on the last meme*
    Kidding aside, I totally agree to your point. Which is one reason why I try to remove Facebook from my system. It’s also annoying how people stopped exercising and working out, and do nothing except indulging themselves to different social media accounts. Even dating and family communications are affected. People are now too lazy to hang out, to go shopping, to communicate, to do everything! I remember during college that we were able to finish our thesis by just communicating through Facebook and not spending an overnight at my classmate’s house (well, this isn’t totally negative) but I believe that we could be more productive than that! I also remembered my brother not studying anymore and just ask the answers to the assignment through Facebook. ugh

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