Art is Not for Everyone

everything-has-beauty-but-not-everyone-sees-it-15Art is usually referred to as visual arts, wherein a piece of work is judged through the aesthetics in which it creates. However, art also refers to all human endeavors, including the product of one creative urge. In other words, art does not have to be innovative to be good. Art, therefore, is the communication of an idea, be it visual, musical, communicative, etc.

Art is the interplay between the conscious and unconscious part of our being, between what is real and what an illusion is; it is the voice of our soul through color and form in a constant search for connection with something beyond.

I think of art as the bridge between our souls and the physical world. I see art as both an interaction between our psychological existence and our cultural expression of that existence. Thus, this can include challenging and sometimes disturbing imagery as well as the aesthetically pleasing.

The artist’s conceptual vision and a person’s ability to translate this to an audience is what transform the ordinary experience to a historically and culturally significant event. Moreover, art has a purpose. It is a way of reaching out and sending out a message, of opening a different way of communicating with others, in ways otherwise would not be possible to achieve. Culture definitely plays a big role on the different varieties of art we have in our world today.

What is art? In our modern world, everything which is not easily understandable by the majority automatically receives the label “Art” from his creator. A work of art is something not everyone is meant to understand. Art is not for

Art enthusiasts with jobs that are not connected with the arts are rarely seen in galleries and art museums; because the everyday life smashes them. When you don’t have time for the art gallery, it’s to time to search for the art around you. The modern pop culture provides us lots examples of street pop-art. They are very well accepted by the young audience and it’s also used by the mass media for advertisement.

Art is surely not for everyone. Art is something which is for those which are not with open eyes, but with open minds. Minds open for adaptation of different shapes, dimensions, and perceptions. Art is also an act of giving a small part of you in order to express through the art piece. The portrait of Mona Lisa is not only a portrait of a woman but it is also a portrait of Leonardo’s need to express himself through color and composition.

When we are seeing the picture, we are not staring at just a landscape or portrait; we are observing the artist’s needs and emotions reflected by the needs of society for art; maybe not for me, but for the others or maybe not for the others, but for me. Art is a way to live forever through your work and thoughts.


24 thoughts on “Art is Not for Everyone

  1. You’ve got the points about arts. ARTS – All Reactions That Show. Anything around that makes us react is an art whether your reaction is negative or positive.


  2. True.. When somebody can’t see it, they’ll assume it’s not art… But they didn’t realized that it’s them whom can’t see it and the art is just right there!


  3. I believe anything a person imagine and manifests it onto something is art. It doesn’t have to make sense to everybody else .. but as long as the person who created it thinks its beautiful


  4. I disagree with you. I believe that everybody has an eye for art and every person defines art differently. There is no common yardstick to measure what is good and what is bad and that is why; it may seem that certain people don’t know anything about it, when they actually do! Art is subjective, after all.


  5. I agree that “art” is where emotions and thoughts are being expressed. I think “art” and “music” are the same. We don’t just listen to the melody when listening to a music, but in fact, a good piece actually consist of the thoughts and emotions of the composer or the musician.


  6. It may be true that art is not for everybody, this is because not everybody understand it. I see art in every object, human, place that I encounter in my daiy to day life. Art is love, art is what makes us unique.


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