The 7 unthinkable and fun uses of flu masks


The Philippine air is becoming  more pollute each year and the public found a way to battle it with style. We adapted other countries’ flu masks and decorated it with fancy ornaments and prints that suits our different personalities. Its primary uses are against air pollution, avoiding airborne bacteria (and hopefully strong viruses), prevent dust entering our facial pores, and to make sure we’re not infecting anyone.



Aside these primary uses, there are still plenty unthinkable ways to use a flu mask. Let’s start counting.

  1. Style – yes, i get it. This one isn’t new. I’m sure if you don’t belong in the examples above, you’ll probably land here. You’re the type of flu mask user because of the style. You’re not really sick, you just to wear it for fashion.
  2. Strengthen your lungs – I bet you didn’t see this one comin’. Wearing masks especially while doing exercise strengthens our lungs. Our lungs gradually learn to use air efficiently through practice. Like taking a deep breath before submerging to the water. The mask minimizes the air intake of the lungs which helps our lungs capacity to hold breath.1ピースかわいいかわいいアニメkaomoji-くんemotiction口マッフル冬コットン面白い口アンチダスト顔マスク
  3. Smile and laugh freely – Stereotypes of the public think you’re crazy for smiling and laughing in front of your phone. Wellp, not anymore.
  4. Speak freely and it wasn’t you – I’ve done this a few times and never get caught. It’s in my personality to say thing straight to anyone but it’s safer now.
  5. Saves you from being recognized – feel like a ninja”. Walk in and walk out of the party unrecognized. A flu mask is still a type of mask to covers the face and that includes your identity.
  6. Snore suppressor – more like saliva catcher. When you’re too tired from work, it’s not easy to stay awake on your journey home. Most workers take a nap on the bus and when the sleep gets deeper, the snore gets louder. your fancy flu-mask doesn’t really stop you from snoring but it lessens the sound.
  7. Sensation concealment – Of course when you cover your face, you cover your expressions. Tough times requires your game face but when you can’t find the ability to do the serious look, you just need something to cover it up.
  8. (BONUS!) Slip away from being reprimanded – This just happened to me earlier. I really don’t want to get scolded by my boss in the office. I’m sick and required to wear my flu mask everyday. And when I’m about to get castigated, “Sorry boss, it seems I lost my flu mask somewhere” and I promise you, he doesn’t want to breathe air coming out of your lungs so the conversation will be over in less than a minute.

-By “Snow White”




Unexpected Japan

I think Japan is a land of nature lovers. Harmony and peace can be seen everywhere. Even by just looking on their house fences, empty streets, or even street signs. There’s always something that makes you feel…”Yes. This is Japan.”


Fishpond canals

Yes those are side walks with living Kois swimming freely. Recently, Japan learned that side walk drainage canals can also be artistic. We all know these delicate fishes can’t survive on dirty tanks which proves that these street waters are well-maintained clean. The Japanese people are well known for their light artistic touches that keeps them feel relaxed and stress free. These fishes are fed by residents and tourist who passes on these streets.

Spirit Animals

When you visit Japan, you will notice an animal statue sitting right on the next corner. No wonder the stone dogs, cats, raccoons, dragons, and frogs of Japan could out-number the Egyptians statues. Some of them treat these animal figures as spirits or guardians. They dress them, offer food, and light incense on them. Their technology is far more advanced than any of us, yet they still manage to keep their tradition and superstitious side.

tumblr_om3hsfpaIu1s9vky5o1_500.jpgA hidden world

Who would have guessed that narrow, almost dead looking, streets can be a good spot for establishments? Ramen houses, tattoo parlors, and Bars are located on these narrow streets with only lamps or street signs direction to guide you. People also agrees that hidden Ramen houses serve the best Ramon bowl than restaurants inside malls. Yes, the place is not pleasing to eyes and a black cat might likely to jump out anytime, it will be covered with the delicious smell of boiling Ramen soup.

Snow on Summer

Not literally snow. But they fall and lump the streets like snow. The cherry blossom petals when blown by the wind turns every scenery into paradise. These Cherry blossom trees are so beautiful, you just wanna lie under them and forget everything. It’s pinkish petals can cover an entire field and color a creek. The tree has many varieties that can be seen not only in Japan but also in China, Korea, Netherlands, Brazil, and in United States.

Under the rain

tumblr_ojgwc4UoHz1symnfoo1_500.gifYou can feel the warmth everywhere you look. Even under the rain, you can see how the Japanese art blend in to weather to make another masterpiece. The Japanese tradition that’s been carved on roofs and walls expresses strong emotions. Even a simple rain(like that on the picture) could make you feel so mush sadness.

I haven’t been in Japan. But by just watching documentaries about them, animes, live actions, and photos, gosh it’s my ultimate dream to live there someday.