One week trip

one week trip

Imagine if you’re granted a whole week leave, plus 10,000php to spend only in the vacation, where will you go?

How about we take you to our week-long trip? No heavy preparations needed so pack your bags and get ready coz today we, The Alagad ng Sining Princesses, are taking you to our one week trip.

At first, we were thinking how to make a normal day special? I mean we wake up, take a bath, eat a lot, explore things, travel around, buy some stuff, have fun a little, then we go to sleep. There’s nothing special about them.

*ehh?* (1.wake up… 2. take a bath… 3. eat… 4…)

How about we spice them up with a bit of travel destinations near you? Let’s start by refueling the battle wagon and head to Batangas!

  1. Wake up in an Island, Fortune Island, Batangas – A lot of you might be familiar with the noon time fanta-serye in GMA7, Encantadia right? Four girls with the power of elemental gems in a wondrous place with ruins that look like straight out of a fiction novel. But wait! All is fantasy, but those ruins on top of a rock? That is so real. It is located in Fortune Island, Nasugbu, just few clicks from the Batangas mainland. It is beautiful and ironic for being unfortunate as once a private owned island by Laurentina Pestano and was a devastated by a strong typhoon. What is left are the beautiful ruins on top of a rock, ship wreckage, and over-grown houses.  We spent only 2200php per head to survive there for two days and one night, sleeping on the sand beside the fire, and wake up in a blue sky and clear sea. And that marks the start of our one week journey.
  2. Take a bath in Pansol, Laguna – When we talk about bath time, nothing beats a warm bath in a hot spring pool. And when we say hot springs, Laguna is the first place that pops-out in our heads. It’s because Laguna is home to 24 mountains most of which are inactive volcanoes. The Mt. Banahaw, being an active complex stratovolcano in the province, is home to multiple hotsprings. There are many Hot Spring Resorts in Pansol and we personally prefer the pools in La Vista. The rooms are big, the rates are low, and the pool is clean. For a group of people who visited Laguna just to take a bath, I don’t think a queen-sized bed or a flat-screen cable TV is necessary. 3,500php per 11 hours divided to three of us, then 1,160php per head only! And we didn’t even have utilized the whole 11 hours, because we’re hungry.
  3. Eat lunch in Tagaytay – Who’s cold? Who’s hungry? Wear your jacket and make sure your tummy is empty. Because if we’re gonna try Bulalo, the perfect dish for cold weather, why not try it where it is the best? They say Tagaytay has the best Bulalo in the Philippines so let’s give it a try. Tagaytay City is one of the country’s most popular tourist destinations because of its scenery. The cooler climate provided by its high altitude is what makes the steaming Bulalo the ideal meal you would likely to order. Those are the days when google is at most useful to find the best Bulalo restaurant. We landed in Leslie’s and ordered what we came for. Their special Bulalo is great and only 599 php per order, good for 2 persons. Good thing, Cinderella is on tough diet. Lucky for the 2 of us.
  4. Explore the islands of Caramoan – Caramoan Island hopping is the best way to enjoy dozens of different islands in one day. Sadly, since you’re only there to see the place and not really to swim, you need to scoot early so that there’s more time to check the other islands. Swimming should be in a separate day. You had your plenty of swim in Laguna anyway so maybe 5-10 minutes in the sea water won’t be so bad. The Sand of Manlawi Island is the largest sand bar in the Philippines with 2 hectares of sand bar during low tide. The Caramoan trip for 3 persons is 2,000php per head. They even got the meals covered. Sweet~

    (m) Marvin Cruz (c) Aaron Racelis
  5. Travel Road Trip to North – We have tried this for so many times and we will still do it now. Travel Road Trip from South to North is a daring but fulfilling experience for travelers. While some people can’t find comfort in a long journey, others find it satisfying. I for example, would sometimes ride a bus from Fairview to Baclaran because I feel relaxed in a long travel. And for the ones who can’t endure the butt-aches, like Rapunzel over here, there are always bus stops that sell some sweetened nuts and walis tambo. But you know where is the good place to buy products like that?


  6. Go to Baguio and buy them yourself – Vigan is the ideal place to visit when traveling to the north, but as for the beginners, Baguio City is enough. We see caravans selling brooms, baskets, and cursed mirrors in a weaved frame but we don’t know if they really came from Baguio. So why not buy them there yourself? Doesn’t it feel good when you say to your next post “I came to Baguio just to buy a broom” or “I only eat freshly-picked strawberries.”? If you go to Baguio City to buy something, you gotta make sure you have enough cash. But for us who just visited the summer capital to only try Strawberry Taho and to buy Walis Tambo, 500php is more than enough. And lastly,
  7. Party All Night in The Quarry, Las Pinas – After all these travel destinations, there’s still no place like home. But Before we go straight home, let’s have good time in The Quarry Beer Garden to celebrate our successful one week long travel with our best buddies as we survived the horrific waves of the sea, pushed the van under the scorching heat, and the amount of patience we pour on Snow White‘s world class naps while on the trip. Just 299php for 1 bucket of cold beer. The meals are good too! We’re partying here all night because we earned it. And we’re partying here because it’s easier to go home when we get too drunk.

Next time, we’ll definitely visit the Visayan Islands. See you in our next trip.



Snow White




Field Trip inside the Quezon Heritage House

Have you tried visiting the Quezon Heritage House? Oh, you’ll love it. It’ll complete your title ‘Batang QC‘ experience. As for me, this is an experience I won’t dare to miss.


Aside the whooping 8 x 8 (sometimes 10 x 10) lanes of the longest highway in Metro Manila, The Commonwealth Highway, there are other great things in Quezon City. Its history can be seen everywhere, and most of it are inside the QC Memorial Circle.

When they say Quezon City, who would forget the person behind it? Manuel L. Quezon (MLQ), the 2nd President of the Philippine Republic, and the President of Commonwealth of the Philippines. And recently, his rest house was the new attraction in the block.

Manuel L. Quezon’s rest house is originally located at Gilmore street, New Manila but since the lot is about to get sold, the house was moved inside The QC Memorial Circle. Although it suffered minimal damages while being moved, the city government has successfully completed and opened the house for tourist attraction.


The House:

My historic tour started with the historic steps of the house. They managed to move the stairs except they only moved the 18 of the 19 original steps (must’ve been destroyed upon removal).On the 2nd floor, you will be greeted by these Machuca tiles which just like Tour Guide Elise said, “only the wealthy could afford”. All the doors were the original doors and made of wood.

The first room is Donia Aurora’s bedroom. The wooden bed that came from United States has the symbol of eagle on it’s upper part. Donia Aurora’s rosary are also sitting on it’s pillow, well preserved, beside the bed.


The next is Manuel L. Quezon’s Master’s Bedroom. On the middle, sits the Atay bed where His Excellency takes a rest from long days of work and Tuberculosis illness. The bed is made of wood like Donia Aurora’s bed with a squash-like design on the corner. If the squash is up-side down, the bed is for female.On the side, stands his wardrobe of authentic Gatsby fashion and clothing accessories: classy suits, bow ties, stetson Amsterdam hats, and his stylish walking sticks.

Next to his room is his nurse’s bedroom. It’s important that she’s beside Manuel L Quezon for medical reasons.


Out of these bedrooms is the family room with a round table for card games. Below the window is a giant plant box -gift to Donia Aurora on her birthday February 19, 1941, by Mr. and Mrs. Tapia. The dining room on the same floor has a kitchen but no stove since on their days, the meals are cooked to the back exit outside.

Found on the dark corner of the family room entrance is a narrow steel spiral staircase. and below was big guest room with the collections of his books and certificates when he was still in senate. Cozy seats and wooden tables with the image of Jesus Christ and Mary on the sides. In-cased in a glass box is MLQ’s statute wearing his tux.

Donia Aurora is the founder of Red Cross. Surprisingly, the first ever Red Cross Head Quarters was actually inside the Quezon Rest House.


The kids’ bedrooms ares also on the 1st floor. Inside are beds for each, a giant cabinets with the other made of glass, some old journals and authentic traditional gowns, all well-preserved.

Behind the house is pool. They decided to turn the pool into a fountain for tourist display, though.

Inside QC Memorial Circle is the perfect place where the heritage house should belong. Right next to the remains of MLQ himself, in the center of a great, green, and growing Quezon City.






Special thanks to my tour guide; Elise, and the Quezon City Government.