7 hiring interview habits that will set the interviewer off


How’s your job hunting? Did you passed the test and got the job? How’s the first impression of the interviewer to you? For me there’s nothing regretting in job hunting than the opportunity of getting the job but failed because the interviewer doesn’t like me.

It’s not only the resume that does everything when applying for a job. Compared to a personal interview, the resume is just a tissue paper you will be using to wipe-off your tears when you fail. In a personal interview, the interviewer gets to see if you can prove your resume is 100% legit and we’re not fooling around. The interviewer gets the chance to measure your personality and knowledge, and find whether you fit the job or worthy to sing the Call me maybe song.

I’m not gonna tell you how to impress your interviewer but I can at least make you avoid the 7 things that sets the hiring interviewer off:


1. Dead Air – Dead Air or Long Pause in most call center offices particularly in calls is not a good sign because it can make the customer think that you’re actually don’t know what you’re saying, plus it makes the call time very long. If you applied for a call center job, a dead air in the interview is not a pretty good start. Like on calls, you’re already wasting the interviewer’s time, thus failing the interview.

2. Tapping – tapping is habit that disrupts focus and is super annoying. Doing this in an interview wherein the interviewer is analyzing your behavior could cost your application to a failure.


3. Slouching – slouching or drooping while sitting gives the impression that you’re not even interested to get the job. The lazy posture can set-off the interviewer and if you still get passed to that, slouching releases the boredom feeling not just to yourself but also to the people around you in the workplace.

4. Phones – Like tapping, a phone ring or even swiping the screen is a guaranteed next level of pissing off your interviewer. This happens not just in hiring interviews but also in casual conversations. Showing that a nonsense social media status is more important than getting a job is a great disrespect to the interviewer and to the whole process.


5. Arrogance – If you let your arrogance control over your humbleness, it will be all for nothing. Overly confidence and arrogance on the way you speak or actions, can set off the interviewer. Yes, you may have just what it takes to pass everything but you speak as if you will be hired to be the boss, then I suggest you stop right there and forget about applying for a job since that’s what the offended interviewer will say to you anyway.

6. Faking the Resume – Basically lying. Of course it can set anyone off not just the interviewer when you fake something in your resume. It’s embarrassing and shameful to continue an interview trying to convince the interviewer with the lie you just put in your resume. It’s like telling on your resume that your hobby is travelling the world and answering that you haven’t tried going out of the country even once.


7. Seduction – If all else fails, show the bra. Believe it or not, seduction is a common strategy used not just by women but also men, to get hired. Aside with threatening the interviewer, girls (if the interviewer is male) will softly seduce the interviewer by showing some of her body parts to the extent that the interviewer will get more if she gets hired. While on male applicants (if the interviewer is a girl, an older woman, or a gay), he would unbutton his shirt to the extend of God knows what they will be doing next.

I hope the next time you’re applying for a job, you left all of these seven in your house. Because you’ll never know, if you get the chance to meet me as your interviewer, I might hire you right away.


By Cinderella


The 10 must haves in your bag before going on a vacation



Summer’s here!

It’s the time for weekly outdoor activities! Mountain climbing, swimming, biking, and lots of stuff aside sitting in front of the internet and reading fictional stories like what you’re doing 2 minutes ago. Get out! Time to have fun.

But before you pack those swimwear and fridge in your bag, here are some basic needs you should have this summer.

  1. Sun Screen
    If there’s something that your bag should have not just in summer, that’s the sun screen. Why? because science, my friend. The world’s getting warmer each year and countries near the equator are experiencing hot temperature under the rain. Isn’t that weird? Now imagine if it’s sunny day.
  2. Bottled Water
    Water. Not juice, not Ion energy drink, not coffee. WATER! Going under water, does not mean you’ll never get dehydrated. When you take a bath, you get dehydrated, pretty much the same with swimming. You sweat even under water, plus the sun heat that can fry an egg in minutes.
  3. Sun Glasses
    Do you wear glasses under the sun? I have a good fact here. Wearing a spectacle does amplify the sun’s harmful rays especially when you look directly to the sun. It doubles the radiation from a larger area than a 1mm diameter pupil through the eye’s pupil. That’s why optic shops offer graded glasses with Transition. Besides, you’re not in the beach for sole purpose of reading a book, right?
  4. Power Banks
    Or any reliable power source for that matter. Technology is everywhere and some of them are made for isolate areas but they do still rely on electricity for power. You can buy many types of renewable energy power source online now.
  5. Resealable Bag
    Resealable bags are basically plastic bags that can be sealed. We cannot just leave our devices like phones, earphones, and other gadgets behind so we have no other choice but to bring them with us, even underwater. This is where resealable bags come in handy. You can also use them for your wet clothes or food.
  6. Survival Kit
    You’ll never know when the bad luck struck. Survival Kit includes thin long ropes, pocket knife, flash light, whistle, lighter, crackers, and ion water -All of which are neatly stored in a small compact pouch.
  7. First-Aid Kit
    Because no matter how careful you are, accidents do happen. And your medical kit just got the right equipment to do the job. Like the survival kit, it’s compact. It carries your medicine for common sicknesses like headache, pain, and itchiness.
  8. Back-up Phone
    This phone doesn’t have to be an iPhone. A simple phone capable to texting and calling will do. A phone that’s when got wet, it’s okay because you just got it for free -kind of phone. This particular phone should be fully charged whether you’re in a summer vacation or just at home. It’s purpose is to call for help in-case you got lost or stranded somewhere. These kind of phones also have a build-in flash light. So cute.
  9. Hygiene Kit
    Toothbrush, soap, shampoo, toothpaste, deodorant, cologne, razor(if you’re not boarding a flight), feminine wash (for girls), facial cleanser, and mouth wash. Some inns doesn’t even have a good toilet room, what makes you think they will offer a free hygiene kit for their guests? And finally,
  10. Condoms
    Really. I’m serious. It’s more useful than just for sexual protection. Condoms are like balloons. They’re made of rubber, waterproof, and handy.
    (Just trust me, alright!? Put it in your bag! Ha! Ha!)

Now that all of the real necessities are inside the bag, you may now put your clothes in, extra socks, shoes, hats, extra money or whatever. It should only occupy 1/4th of your 10x12x12 (LxWxH) backpack. Remember, all of this are nothing if you’re not mentally prepared for anything. Your greatest equipment that can cover it all is your brain. Use it wisely.


By Cinderella



Is the Social Media Keeping People to Stay Lazy?

“If it feels good, then it must be right.”

Presenting: The mindset of some people to justify laziness.

Being Lazy sometimes is not a bad thing. But if you get addicted to it, it will cling on you to the point that is almost impossible brush-off. It will stop your development and will result to unwanted effects that you were once vowed to avoid when your just a little kid.

“I want to be a doctor.”

…and where are you now?

Well, they’re not entirely lazy because laziness is when you feel tired to do everything. Most people calls it laziness when you prefer leisure over productivity, like playing video games, Facebook browsing, reading online visual novels, et cetera which are actually your hobbies. And when I say “productivity”, these are the activities that promotes well-being and generally acceptable lifestyle, like finding a job, exercise, skills enhancement, and outdoor explorations.


Social media is both the medium and at fault for keeping some people lazy. Since Facebook and other social networking sites works with the freedom to share on public, everything a person has to say is expected to influence a few who reads his wall posts. Now imagine if highly influential people started posting about feeling good in laziness.

Social media notifications can distract your working attitude and if you’re a blogger like me, you know exactly what I’m talking about. Facebook and other social networking sites are getting frequent updates than your love life. And now, your browser or mobile phone can notify you. This is one of the reasons why social media is highly discouraged in every workplace. Imagine when you’re working on a complex paper work and suddenly *ting!* a pop-up notification on the right corner of your screen? Goodbye focus, hello scroll-down. On your way to laziness pit.


It’s not just the social media, but also the people using the social media are the ones responsible for toppling people off track to adulthood. Remember the trending hashtag #Adulting when teens starting to brag about cooking and other house chores which in our early days, were taught to us by our parents and should’ve practicing it for the rest of our lives? Successfully boiling water doesn’t tell you’re ready for adulthood. Stop being lazy and get things done.


Posting ideology also helps these people to find reasons to be lazy. According to Benjamin P. Hardy, an Organizational Psychology student, It is likely for C students to be more successful in life than of students with A and B ranks because they question the validity of academic system. ideals like these are now circulating on the social media which people uses to reason out why they don’t study their lessons at home.

It could also be a marketing strategy. Because there are more than 1 billion active Facebook users in the world and is impossible that none of them didn’t saw your advertisement. More products are hitting your newsfeed that came from laziness. You’re too lazy to fold the clothes so the market made you a machine that folds for you. You’re too lazy to go to buy the grocery so the market lets you hire a deliveryman for you. You’re too lazy to cook your meal so the market cooked the finest and hot fast food for you.

And all of these products that are way easier to see, thanks to social media, have the tagline “to make your life easier” where in which “to hide the lazy consumer within you”.



Hiding under some cuddling photos is the undeniable fact that you are pleased to be lazy yourself starting by reacting to them. Photos of people under these zodiac signs; photos of a couple lying on a bed all day; photos of cute pandas; photos of laziness quote with strong message; photos of laziness and sarcasm; et cetera. What unacceptable with these persuasive photos is when people find it adorable and they will tag someone. Laziness influence en-route to instant world domination.

Social media is a medium of expression to everyone. Whatever you say or do in your account will affect your social circle. You have followers, admirers, viewers, and people that look up on you. Your posts matters to them. The way you use your social media account reflects the entire you. Be a good example to them and most of all


Laziness is laziness.


By “Cinderella”



Tips Para Hindi Maging Emotionally Attached

emotionally attached


“Thou shalt learn to let go.” Malamang kasama nito ang “Thou shalt not assume” Sa 10 commandments ng pag-ibig. At kung mahal mo talaga siya, minsan kailangan mo rin talaga bumitaw sa pag-sakal sa leeg niya.


Hindi pa tapos ang mga puso ngunit kabi-kabila na ang humuhugot dahil daw tila hindi na sila bida sa paningin ni “mahal. kaya sa araw na ito, tatalakayan naman natin ang mga Tips para hindi ka maging emotionally attached sa isang tao, alinsunod sa ‘Tips para hind imaging assuming’. Tandaan mo, hindi porke hindi siya nag-text ay hindi ka na niya kagad nami-miss.


Ang ma-inlove sa isang tao ay hindi biro kaya’t hindi nakakapagtaka na ang bunga nito ay ang pagiging emotionally attached. Palalim ng palalim ang koneksyon at kalaunan ay mahihirapan ka nang tanggalin ang feelings mo lalo na kung ikaw ay in-relationship na sa kanya. Kapag emotionally-attached ka, hindi ka na kaagad mapakali pag hindi siya nagre-reply sa mga texts mo. Paano kung busy lang talaga siya? O wala siyang load? nagiging over-protective ka hindi dahil concerened ka, kundi dahil obsessed ka na. Nawawala sa lugar ang pagse-selos mo at napag-iisipan ng masama ang mga taong nakakasalamuha niya. Lagi mo na rin hinihingi ang atensyon nya kahit alam mong naiistorbo mo siya. Paranoid ka na nga, assuming ka pa.


Kaya tuloy imbes na umaasenso ang taong mahal mo, ikaw pa ang lumalabas na humihila sa kanya pababa. Kapag tila hindi na gumagana ang tiwala mo sakanya at hindi parin sapat ang maya’t mayang pag-text niya sayo maging totoo man ang hinala mo o hindi, isa nalang ang sulusyon: kailangan mo nang magbago at iwasan maging emotionally-attached.


Hindi gaya ng mga taong naga-assume, kakaunti ang bilang ng mga taong emotionally attached sa taong mahal nila. Naranasan ko ito noong sinabi sa akin ng taong mahal ko na may posibilidad na mangibang-bansa siya sa loob ng tatlong buwan kasama ang boss niya para dumalo sa taunang anibersaryo ng Google dahil may pagkakataong makilala ang kanilang kumpanya ngunit dahil emotionally attached ako sa kanya, hindi pa siya napipili upang sumama ay tinututulan ko na kaagad na para bang aalis na siya bukas. Hindi ko pa napakikinggan ang opinion niya tungkol dito ay nilalatag ko na ang mga pag-move on na gagawin ko kapag umalis siya. Ibinabalita palang niya pero nanginginig na ako sa takot na mawala siya sa akin. Emotionally attached ako at hinila ko pababa ang taong mahal ko dahil sa labis na pagmamahal ko sa kanya.


Boom! ‘Yan tayo, eh! Buti nga nagsabi pa siya ng totoo kasi alam niyang masasaktan ako kapag binigla niya ako. Pero ano, hysterical kaagad ang lola niyo dahil sa pagiging emotionally attached ko sa kanya.


Masakit kasi na mawalay sa taong mahal mo. Hindi naman puwedeng maging manhid pero hindi rin naman puwedeng sobra-sobrang feelings ang ibigay natin kaya’t upang maiwasan ang labis na attachment kay mahal, heto ang ilang tips na makatutulong sa’yo:


  1. Mag-focus sa mga bagay na makakamtan mo sa pamamagitan ng sarili mong lakas. Dahil mayroong mga bagay na hindi kailangan ng dalawang tao upang makamtan. Try mo mag-sports para maging malakas, magtrabahong mabuti upang ma-promote, Mag-aral upang pumasa. Maraming paraan at achievements na puwede mo’ng makamtan mag-isa. be independent. Dahil aminin natin ang totoo, 1 out of 10 lang mag-asawang namamayapa ng sabay.


  1. Ibalik ang bisyo noong hindi mo pa siya nakikilala. Iwasan mo yung masama at be considerate sa less harmful na bisyo dahil alam naman natin na lahat ng sobra ay nakaka-sama. Naaalala mo pa ba noong tila hindi ka nagugutom dahil busy ka sa nilalaro mo’ng video game? O tila hindi mo na napapansin ang cellphone mo kasi kilig na kilig ka sa pinanunuod mong koreanobela? Magandang paraan ito upang maiwasan ang labis na pag-focus sa taong mahal mo.


  1. Kill yourself inside. Wop! Wop! Wop! Bitawan mo ang kutsilyo. Ang tinutukoy ko ay ang personality sa loob mo. Ito ang pagkatao mo’ng nabuo sa haba ng pinagsamahan niyo ng taong mahal mo. Wala ito sayo noong mga araw na cartoons at jolens pa lamang ang mga bagay na iniisip mo. Mapapatay mo (or at least mapahina mo) ito sa pamamagitan ng pag sabi sa sarili ng mga bagay na posibleng mangyayari sa relationship Dahil walang perfect na relationship at mas mabuti na yung handa ka sa posibleng mangyari. Umiyak ka man, hindi iyan tatagal.


  1. Isipin mo ang pamilya mo na naging pinaka malaking kakampi mo sa mga hamon ng buhay. Tandaan mong may posibilidad na talikuran ka ng lahat maliban sa pamilya mo. Sila ang kakampi at 1 supporters mo.


  1. Ilagay mo ang mga paa mo sa sapatos niya. Hindi literal. Isipin mo rin ang sitwasyon niya at ang mga pinag-daanan niyong dalawa ng magkasama. Umabot kayo sa puntong ito ng matatag –hindi man sa panigin mo, kahit sa paningin nalang ng ibang tao na naniniwala sa kakayahan niyong magtagal at basagin ang pader ng #WalangForever ng hawak kamay with fireworks Isipin mong mabuti dahil sa ngayon, ikaw na ang higit na nakaka-kilala sa kanya. Isipin mo, kung ako siya, ano kaya ang ginagawa ko ngayon? Ano kaya ang mga iniisip ko?


  1. Matutong lumingon sa likod. Dahil hindi lang siya ang mundo mo. Paano naman ang mga taong naka-sandal sa likod mo? Mga taong umaasa at nag-aalala sayo? Masyado ka nang nagpo-focus sa kaniya. Siya lang ba ang tao sa mundo? Isipin mong may buhay ka bago mo siya nakilala at ganoon din naman siya.


  1. Be fair at ibalik ang saktong pagtingin na ibinibigay niya sa’yo. Huwag mong ibigay ang 100% dahil alam naman natin na masakit ang umasa at mag-mahal ng buong puso.


  1. Sinabi ko rin ito sa ‘Tips upang hind imaging assuming’. Sa lahat ng mga payo, ito talaga ang una mong dapat gawin. Walang masama sa pagtatanong at walang namamatay sa pagtatanong. Minsan kailangan mo rin manghingi ng payo sa iba dahil maaaaring naranasan na nila ang ganito at makatulong ang experience nila sayo.


Sabi nga ni Elsa, “Let it go~”.

emo atach.jpg




weekly good days.jpg

Well, you know what day it is, right? Here are my 2nd weekly 5 tips to make your day better. I did all of these and it works perfectly fine. I hope it helps you too.

  1. Make your own breakfast

Okay, let’s say you don’t have the potential to be a good cook but practice makes it perfect right? Breaking the yolk when cooking the sunny side up is only at the start. Cooking a sunny side up every day, and eventually, you will learn how to fry the egg without breaking the yellow. Having this as your first trophy for the day is a good start. Achieving the same trophy everyday will get you to the next level –the pancake. More reasons to practice cooking, the more joy it can give. Just make sure you wake up early for this.

alagad ng sining.jpg

  1. Play a cheerful song

Believe me, even if it’s raining outside, this cheerful song can make everything right. It may not blow those dark clouds away but it lightens up your mood because of the joy the song gives. Preparing to go to school or to the office with a song on your ear will make you dance. Your head will bang and your feet will tap. Even if you’re on your way home, listening to music will make you forget how far your home is. You will even find want to move more just to finish the whole album.



  1. Daily caffeine

Some people don’t want to start the day without their daily coffee. It may be in a form of bottled tea juice or a can of cold coffee. These drinks are the best substitute if you don’t have time to enjoy your caffeinated breakfast at home and you want the booze on the go. I chose the word ‘caffeine’ because some of us are not coffee drinkers. But some chocolate drinks, energy drinks, chocolate bars, and tea in any form are also caffeinated.


  1. Sing on the bathroom

I do this a lot. I stretch my fingers like playing a piano while singing my favorite songs. Some people swing their hand as if they’re playing drums. Everyone has their own way of enjoying music while taking a bath. Singing as deep as Frank Sinatra or taking body bend like Pilita Corales to hit that high tone. It boosts morale and guarantees you will repeat the same concert tomorrow.

alagad ng sining 2


  1. Think about your future plans

This part reminds me of my memories with my best friend back at elementary when we planned to make a shelter ball to prepare ourselves in great calamities. Ha! Ha! One of the best ways to produce good results is to think your future plans and the efforts you’re willing to give to achieve it. To become a great business tycoon owner someday, to marry your beloved and have kids, to buy your own home and a car. Always remind yourself your dreams and plans no matter how high they go.

start your day right




weekly good days 1

Like I said on my Facebook account, I’ll be posting my weekly 5 good habits to make your life better. These habits were the things that we should practice and I find effective. For the first part of my Weekly 5 Tips to Make Your Day Better, here are the things you should try to apply in your life.

 weekly 5 tips

  1. Thank God

Regardless of what religion, waking up means another chance of living. To avoid what is wrong from yesterday and do it what it is to be done. Pray to God and promise Him that you will make this day better than yesterday. You don’t have to open your eyes, just mildly whisper the words that you wanted to say. It’s a practice that our parents taught us since we were kids so a simple yet meaningful prayer is not that hard.

weekly good days waking up with smile.jpg 

  1. Smile when you wake up

I just started this last week and it’s really effective. I always wake up 1 hour prior to my set alarm time no matter how late I sleep. It feels good to beat the alarm clock every morning. This could be the first reason why I smile before getting up. The 2nd reason could be my dog who politely greets me in the morning. Start the day right and it will end right.

 weekly good days sleeping

  1. Have a deep sleep

You know how good it feels to hit that 8-hour sleep mark. Deep sleep is important because that’s the only time where you can rest your brain for a long time. In the other hand, sleep deprivation should be avoided because it is proven to disrupt brain function, weight, and coordination. Avoiding sleep completely is impossible as brief microsleeps cannot be avoided however the extended absence of deep sleep can cause death. See how animals sleep for days called hibernation where they don’t eat, just a plain sleep but never die with hunger.

change accepted.jpg

  1. Accept change

There’s a phobia called Neophobia, a fear generally manifests in the elderly. Neophobia is a fear of new things or experiences and can manifest as an unwillingness to try new things or break away from routine. For me, accepting change is pretty normal because everything doesn’t last forever. However, there are some people that hate changes and even tend to react in an unpleasant manner.

  1. Play with your wardrobe

According to the book ‘The One Minute Manager’ by the authors Kenneth Blanchard Ph.D. and Spencer Johnson M.D., “People who feel good to themselves produce good results.” and apparently, I feel good whenever I wear my favorite dresses. Basically, if you feel uncomfortable, your work reflects it. Of course, if you’re a student who’s required to wear a uniform, I guess you have to try this in the other way.

weekly good days.jpg

And that’s it for this week. Remember, there’s no harm in trying. It’s natural for a person to satisfy himself in many ways. Just don’t forget that as long as you think it’s not wrong, then it’s probably right.

start your day right



Tips Para Hindi Maging Assuming


      “Thou shalt not assume.” Kung may 10 commandments din sana ang pag-ibig, malamang kasama na sa utos ang ‘wag maging assuming. Minsan kasi, hindi naman talaga paasa ang taong nagugustuhan mo, madalas ay assuming ka lang talaga.


Ewan ko ba kung bakit ang hilig-hilig nating mag-assume, partikular na ang mga kababaihan. Nag-“Hi!” lang sa’yo ang isang lalaki, iniisip mo, type ka niya agad. Nagkatinginan lang kayo, feeling mo may something na. Nagtanong lang siya sa’yo kung kumain ka na ba, pakiramdam mo, super concerned siya sa kalusugan mo. Nakasabay mo lang siya pauwi, iniisip mo na agad na liligawan ka niya. Sinabihan ka lang niya ng ingat, feeling mo mahal ka na. Porke ba nag-text siya ng wala lang, miss ka na agad?


Hay buhay nga naman, oo! Hilig talaga nating magbigay ng kulay sa mga bagay-bagay. Eh paano kung para sa kanya kaya lang siya nag-hi sa’yo ay dahil nakasalubong ka lang sa daan? Paano kung katabi mo pala ang tinitignan niya? Paano kung gusto ka lang niyang paalisin sa mesa dahil siya naman ang kakain? Paano kung parehas lang kayo ng terminal kaya nakisabay siya? Paano kung alam lang niya talagang tanga ka kaya sinabihan ka niyang mag-ingat? Eh, paano kung wala talaga siyang maisip kaya ganu’n lang ang reply niya? Ang layo sa iniisip mo ‘di ba? Ang colorful talaga. Kulang na lang maging dictionary ka sa kabibigay mo ng meaning sa lahat ng kilos ni kuya o kahit ng ibang tao.


Kaya nga sa totoo lang, may ilang mga lalaki o babae na hirap na hirap kumilos. Kaunting galaw lang, ang dami ng kahulugan agad ang naiisip ng mga nagkakagusto sa kanila. Tandaan na iba-iba tayo ng pananaw sa mga bagay-bagay. Maaaring ang sweet para sa’yo ay normal lang para sa kanya. Gayundin na, ayaw nilang mawala ang friendship. Pero sa totoo lang, hindi rin ako naniniwala sa pangalawa kong tinuran na ayaw mawala ng friendship.


Aminin mo man o hindi, lahat tayo ay assuming. Hindi ka naman talaga masasaktan kung hindi ka nag-assume in the first place. Naaalala ko tuloy ‘yung crush ko nu’ng high school na itatago na lang natin sa pangalang Tom. Actually, ‘yun talaga ang codename ko sa kanya dati kasi noong mga panahong ‘yun, eh, hawig siya ni Tom Felton na gumanap na Draco Malfoy sa Harry Potter films. ‘Yun nga, sa pagkakatanda ko, lagi kaming nagkakasalubungan ng tingin, lagi niya akong inaasar at tuwing may quiz, lagi rin siyang nagtatanong ng sagot. Dumating din sa time na nagkatabi kami sa upuan at tuwing vacant, lagi kaming naglalaro ng tic-tac-toe. Lagi rin kaming nagkukwentuhan at madalas niyang dinadala ang mga gamit ko kapag pinakikisuyo ko. Tandang-tanda ko, lagi kong sinusulat sa calendar ng cellphone ko ang mga kilig-moments ko okay Tom. Nag-assume ako na the feeling is mutual kahit na hindi naman kami magka-text.


Hanggang sa dumating ‘yung Senior year namin, nalaman kong hindi pala ako ang type niya kundi isa sa mga kaibigan ko.

Ay Shocks, laslas na, dre! ‘Yan tayo, eh! Kaya marami ang nabo-brokenhearted dahil sa pagiging assuming. Kung hindi ako nag-assume na may gusto siya sa akin, sa palagay ninyo kaya hindi ako masasaktan nang malaman kong kaibigan ko pala ang gusto niya?

Oo, mahirap pigilan ang pagiging assuming dahil mahirap naman ang maging manhid. Pero para hindi ka masaktan o para maiwasan mo ang pagiging assumero o assumera, heto ang ilang suhestiyon na makatutulong sa’yo:


1. Dugtungan game. Hindi ito laro, seryosohin mo pero masayang gawin. Simple lang naman, lahat ng bibitiwan niyang sweet messages o words ay dudugtungan mo lamang ng ‘as a friend o dahil kaibigan mo ako.’ Halimbawa, sinabi niya na, “Ang bait mo talaga, ikaw na!” Dugtungan mo ng, “Siyempre, dahil kaibigan mo ako.” Kapag sinabi niyang, “gusto kita,” dugtungan mo, “as a friend.” ‘Yun lang, halimbawang ito pa lang kausap mo, eh, pa-fall at binigyan ka ng banat, tandaan na hindi ito applicable sa mga ‘yun. Baka mamaya nagtanong siya ng, “kutsara ka ba?” tapos ang sagot mo, “dahil kaibigan mo ako” o kaya naman “crayons ka ba?” at ang sagot mo ay “as a friend.” Ha-ha-ha!


2. Mag-aral. Naku, kung estudyante ka, ‘di ba dapat ang focus mo ay nasa pag-aaral? Oo, naman masarap pumasok sa iskul kapag may kalukadidang pero minsan, nakasisira ito sa pag-aaral. Okey sana kung inspirasyon mo lang si ate o si kuya pero kung nagagawa na niyang kainin ang oras mo na dapat ay laan sa pag-aaral mo, babagsak ka sa dalawang bagay: sa asignatura at sa sahig.


3. Huwag gawing BFF ang ka-opposite sex kung hindi mo kaya. Naniniwala naman ako na maaaring maging mag-bespren ang lalaki at babae dahil sa totoo lang, marami akong kaibigang lalaki kesa sa mga babae. Mas masarap kasi sila kasama. Anyway, by the way, highway, kung alam mong hindi mo kayang kontrolin ang ma-fall at mag-assume sa ka-opposite sex mo, please lang, huwag ka nang mag-try. Sama ka na lang dun sa alam mong hindi mahuhulog sa’yo at ganu’n ka rin.


4. Mag-assume. Oo nga, sinabi ngang ‘wag mag-assume pero kung mag-a-assume ka rin lang, eh, i-assume mo na ‘yung kabaligtaran. Kung nakita mong nakatingin siya sa iyong direksiyon, imbes na isipin mong may crush siya sa’yo, isipin mong type niya ang katabi mo. Eh, paano pala kung wala kang katabi? Isipin mo na lang banlag siya. Hahaha!


5. Maging lohikal. Subukan mong titigan ang mga bagay-bagay sa pananaw ng iba. Hingang-malalim at mag-isip muna. Kung halimbawang lagi mo siyang kasama sa paggagala, hindi naman ibig sabihin nito ay gusto ka niya. Madalas, hindi lang talaga siya maka-hindi sa’yo para hindi ka ma-disappoint. ‘Yun na ‘yun!


6. Magtanong. Sa lahat ng mga payo, ito talaga ang pinakauna mong dapat gawin. Walang masama sa pagtatanong at walang namamatay sa pagtatanong. Kung mahina ang iyong loob na tanungin siya kung ano ka ba para sa kanya, hindi ka na makaaalis d’yan sa sitwasyon mo. Oo, masakit ang ma-reject pero mas masakit kung maririnig mo pa ang rejection galing sa iba. Kaya ano pa ang hinihintay mo, ang paglapit ng buwan sa araw? Tanong na, bilis! Bottomline: Thou shalt not assume. Makiramdam ka kung ano ba talaga ang turing niya o sino ka sa buhay niya. Kung hindi mo kaya makiramdam, magtanong ka. Oo, may mga lalaki o babaeng nagpaparamdam talaga na gusto ka nila pero mas marami sa kanila ang ipinanganak na best actor o actress kahit na ang mukha nila ay wanted. In short, ‘yun iba, ugali lang nila ‘yun. Sabi nga, “just being nice.”


O, akala mo may susunod pa? ‘Wag kang assuming. Hehehe!


Emotionally attached ka ba? Try mo tong ‘Tips para hindi maging emotionally attached