My Personal Thoughts about SONA 2017

I chose the word “personal” because that’s what I think the whole SONA was about for the President. Everything’s personal.

I am not with, nor against the President’s words. Making everything a personal matter is common if you’re patriotic and when we’re talking about the national security. There’s a popular saying which goes “Trabaho lang, walang personalan.” But if the job is personal, would you not take it personally?


Like the other ones before yesterday, the SONA didn’t start as scheduled; It started from the moment when the authorities barricaded the streets, before militants flooded half of the Commonwealth Avenue, and helicopters disturbed the sleeping Barangays around Batasang Pambansa Complex. Though the official SONA started at 4PM as scheduled, there are a lot of things that happened before that.

The president arrived in a white chopper. Maybe because his convoy was ambushed days before his SONA. He spent few minutes in a short meeting  with the congress leaders and started the traditional walk towards the Plenary. After making a quick joke on where he used to sit and the people who’s with him that he thought was still absent, he then started his speech.

The President indeed spoke from his heart just like Secretary Ernesto Abella said. Though the expected time to finish the whole statement was only 45 minutes, the additions made it last for 2 hours.

In his statement, he pointed out his war against illegal drugs as his major mission in his time. That f the illegal drugs will continue, it will be, and always have been, the root of evil and suffering. And the that, the option for drug traffickers is only either jail or hell.

President Duterte also explained why he declared Martial Law in Mindanao and why it is the best solution. He explained it was to prevent the rebels escape by pretending to be civilians and spreading violence in the rest of Mindanao.

He then mentioned the mining sectors and their operations that destroy the country’s natural resources. He will make sure that these mining companies will faces steep taxes if they do not spend enough on rehabilitating areas that host their operations.

When it comes to the Natural Disasters, he mentioned this “while we control the acts of man, no one can control or stop the fury and rampage of weather gone wild. When nature fights back, it does so with a vengeance.”

Bias Multimedia was specially mentioned; The President stated that ABS-CBN and Rappler are media that wants to be owned by the Americans for making news against him – the President and his governance. GMA network must have been clapping its ears all day after hearing that.

The President is right. Even I don’t understand how the Filipinos react. When they see the President killing the criminals, they bash him with everything they got. And when there’s a civilian casualty, a woman raped, or a child died, they stay quiet. As if they’re just waiting for him to commit mistakes so they could criticize him again and impeach him. It’s very obvious, truly scary, and utterly pathetic, how these specific people do everything for power.

He asked the Filipino people not to be afraid and help him fight corruption. He gave a number (8888) so people can report directly to him for free. He guaranteed to take care of everything if you help him.


The President advised the authorities to kill the rebels. Why? Like my dad said, if he will be the President, he will do the same. Because these rebels will only cause havoc in the prison cells; and the guards will have to feed them, bathe them, and give them a place to sleep. Then jailbreaks will happen and will only kill these guards and escape and go back in terrorizing people. Make sense. I agree with the President’s decision in this matter.

He also shared his reason of why he doesn’t call the Malacanang Palace a ‘Palace’. Maybe he did that to cool-off the heat in the room. That the Malacanang Palace is just a house of wood where rats from Pasig River runs freely on its halls and gardens. And the soldiers guarding the palace won’t shoot these rodents because they were the ‘Presidential Mouse’. He ended the humor by saying “P*tang*na! Mabuti pa yung mga mouse dito hindi pa pinapatay, iyong tao kinakatay ninyo.”

To provide further support to people’s needs, the President once again his Tax Reform Program which is now in the hands of the Senate. But the Tax Reform Program doesn’t seem to please the taste of the Senate, and he knows that so he already accepted whether they will pass it or not.

What surprised me is when he confronts the militants outside face to face to hear and understand what they were trying to say. He is, in truth and in fact, trying his best to meet the expectations of all the Filipinos. But the way these militants react towards his courtesy would really displease any well-mannered person. I understand that these people are furious about dissatisfaction, but resulting to rage only make things worst. And one person somewhere on the background is shouting “Di ka namin kaylangan!”, so disrespectful. I wonder why he’s in the rally while others stays in their home and understands the statement of the President.