Top 10 of the most useless bills and laws in the Philippines


If you’ve been to Philippines then you’ve probably heard about these silly bills and useless laws.

Here are 10 Modern useless Bills and Laws in the Philippines:

10.  No Garage No Car Policy

Publicly felt on January 11, The No Garage No Car Policy is the solution for the country’s growing traffic crisis in Metro Manila. The law is supposed to be preventing car owners to have a car even without a private parking lot and when caught parking illegally on streets, the authorities will then tow the vehicle. But after few months of its declaration, car owners seem to be ignoring the rule causing traffic on two-way roads.

9. No Vehicles on Yellow Box

If you’re a driver or a commuter, you might have noticed the sign on highway crossings that say: “Vehicles in yellow box during red light will be apprehended”. This is another traffic rule in the Philippines that last for month or two but later ignored often by bus drivers. The rule is suppose to stop vehicles to run against yellow traffic light signal especially during rush hours where traffic is expected to be moderate to heavy.


8. No Riding in Tandem Ordinance

After the current president was elected, a series of extra-judicial killings targeting allegedly drug dealers have became common in the Philippines. Witnesses won’t able to identify the face of the suspects, however, 2 things are common in their statements: The suspects are 2 guys, and riding a motorcycle. With this, the government issued a ‘No Relation, No Back-ride Policy’ or simply ‘No Riding in Tandem Ordinance’ that will not allow motorcycle male drivers to ride with another male. But of course, it’s impossible to monitor a country with about 2.6 million registered motorcycles, right?

7. No Jaywalking

This probably is the most common road policy in the world. But like other countries in the world, some Filipinos are naturally born No-Jaywalking policy breakers. Some of them will even cross under a footbridge just to avoid the sweat of climbing the stairs. It even got to the point where the former MMDA chief put signs on the center island saying: “Wag tumawag, may namatay na dito.” (Do not cross, somebody already died here.)


6.  Anti-distracted Driving Law

Anti-Distracted Driving Law was one of the most recent laws that became in effect just a month ago. The law is simple and easy to follow, really. Drivers just need to remove everything that blocks their view from the road to avoid accidents; i.e, phones, car fresheners, ornaments, those nodding puppies, etc. Sounds fair, right? But what if I told you, cyclists are also included? It’s true, bicycle drivers caught violating the rule will result to confiscating the bike. oh, come on!

5. Nationwide Public Smoking Ban

As a patient of Lung Center of the Philippines, I felt really glad after hearing that finally, smoking in public is not allowed. I’m happy to see authorities cycling around on smoking areas, telling people smoking is bad for their health and so to the people around them. But then again, no matter what kind of warning they put on cigarette packs, even putting disgusting photos of seriously ill patients, people just can’t get enough puffing smokes.


4. Illegal Downloading Law

This one almost made me leave the country. If your whole life is internet, then I’m sure you’ll feel the same when some time last year, a senator proposed a bill that will make downloading illegal. Yes, we all know that online piracy is against the law but by just hearing the news, many Filipinos that rely on internet almost started a revolution. Even a picture is not allowed to be downloaded? I’d say he’s lucky the law didn’t passed.

3. Anti-Planking Law

Just when you thought laws are getting weirder. Philippines have an Anti-Planking Law. Yes, that internet mainstream of people laying face down pretending like a plank of wood everywhere? It’s not allowed here. Though, the law is suppose to be for protesters doing the planking because of the simple reason they might get ram by vehicles on highways, Filipino netizens responded faster than their raising eyebrows combined.

2. The Anti-Selfie Bill

Yes! Could you believe that?! Philippines have a ridiculous bill of anti-selfie. One of the most unbelievable bill is the ‘Anti-Selfie Bill’ because taking selfie apparently is an act of intrusion of personal privacy. The bill states “any person who willfully intrudes into the personal privacy of another, without the consent of that person and with the intent to gain or profit therefrom, shall be civilly liable to the offended party”. That’s just great because I’m pretty sure by now, 90% of people taking selfies are “civilly liable”.


1. Anti Unli-Rice Bill or Unli-Rice Ban

And lastly, the most recent, the most shocking, and perhaps most tragic, is the ‘Anti Unli-Rice Bill’. Proposed by Senator Cynthia Villar, the bill was heard in news a few hours ago that left fast food consumers shocked. Though just an ‘expression of concern’ said by the Senator, the bill if passed could lead dozens of fast food chain and restaurants in the Philippines to be heavily affected, worst, to crash. One of these restaurants is the ‘Mang Inasal’ currently owned by the ‘Jollibee Food Corporation’, with its primary product Chicken Inasal with Ulimited Rice, the bill might kill the business instantly and even send hundreds of it’s workers jobless.

Do you think Anti Unli-Rice Bill and the other laws are useless? Share this blog to make these law makers do their job better. If you think I missed a ridiculous bill or law, say it in the comments and we’ll talk about it.

By: SnowWhite


Filipino Logic: Blame it to the Authority




An afternoon TV News and social media program’s news anchor said that social media transforms not only Filipinos but also other users around the world into instant critiques judging every single statement they see or hear in their news feed. If you think about it, he has a point.

For some, a photo such as this one can tell lots of stories. The sad truth is that stories change when the photos collage, edited, and/or cropped. But photos such as this one tells nothing about the past.

bobong pulis ma read ka pota.jpg

A rally on October 19 at U.S. Embassy became trending when a Police Mobile rammed protesters. Of course, the GTA(Grand Thief Auto) move of PNP caught your attention and so as other Facebook users around the world. And believe me, more than half already decided that it was the PNP to blame. Of course, running over protesters is terrible but since you were playing critique here, you should also think if the video was cropped. In the original video, the police would only stand on their line in a defensive position, like Spartans, and they will only do that when the angry mob is charging. In the same video (if not yet edited), you can hear their leader shouting “walang mambabato!” while protestants throwing stones. A real critique looks not only what happens at the front but also at the back. These protesters are also the ones shouting their actions mean no harm. “peaceful” rally.

That’s our Filipino logic. We have that thing of blaming our mistakes to others and when we don’t want or can’t understand something, we take it as threat and blame the one who posed it. Even a single word of our own elected president means something that some Filipinos wants him impeached. It’s like blaming the interior designer of a mall for being too low that kids chose them as their ‘leap-of-faith’ spot.

Think about this. “If you didn’t do that in the first place, this won’t happen.”


The highlights of #SenateHearing this September so far

The highlights of #SenateHearing for September so far

At least, before the month ends; here are the top 12 most memorable moments of #SenateHearing


  1. Herbert Colangco and the company. One of the trending videos of September is Herbert Colangco and other witnesses’ harana for De Lima.


  1. Cayetano’s theory of plan B of LP. Reporters flocked towards Cayetano after a fierce debate inside the hearing. His statements summed his theory of the previous administration’s plot against the current administration.


  1. De Lima’s link to drugs inside bilibid prison. Now that’s something unexpected from a former Department of Justice Secretary.


  1. Breaking news: The death of Tony Co. Just recently, a riot broke in New Bilibid Prison with high profile inmates Tony Co found dead. Vicente Sy, Peter Co, and Jaybee Sebastian injured all in Building 14.


  1. “Extra Judicial Feelings”. And who would have forgotten the former Senate chairperson’s viral sex video?


  1. Pacqiao’s 1-2 punch against De Lima. Points to People’s champion.


  1. De Lima can’t stand anymore. De Lima left the hall while Senator Cayetano is still doing his privilege speech saying she would also do her own privilege speech on the next day. Her screenshot face is priceless.


  1. De Lima out, Dick Gordon sits on the chair. Sixteen senators voted to oust De Lima and was replaced by Senator Dick Gordon the new committee chairperson. His funny interludes makes the session hall .


  1. Trillanes vs Cayetano. Cayetano schooled Trillanes about “half-truth”


  1. Senator Trillanes’s remarkable attitude of turning a fellow colleague microphone off while he’s speaking.


  1. De Lima’s emotional breakdown on her press conference.


  1. The tale of Edgar Matobato. Probably the best unforgettable moments in Senate Hearing.



Media intentionally misleading people?

Netizens are so fed up with internet and its madness. Some even believe that half of what the internet say is fake. A journalist named Elizabeth Cochrane Seaman made it clear in her blog titled ‘50% of the Internet is Fake”. In her blog she gave examples of how a simple tweets can made the internet lost their minds. You can’t entrust your life in the internet; You’re asking for a death wish.

There’s a rumor that the Philippine Broadcasting Companies have been misleading people by feeding them wrong information using the internet, television, radio, and newspapers. And today, we all have witnessed one:


On September 5, Monday, the Internet ones again set on fire as the recent news reported ‘Duterte called Barrack Obama a Son of a Whore’ in a conference.

If you still remember, Duterte promised he will control his mouth and cannot be rude because he will be representing the Philippines. As true citizens of the Philippine Republic, we are all well aware of how the corrupt people uses money to control things. even the leading broadcasting companies seem suspicious. We are also aware that our President is fierce and expressive. He is known to be very foul mouthed and vulgar with his words.

Now it all comes down to this question: Did the President REALLY called Barrack Obama a “son of a whore”?

If you just heard this gossip, read a couple of articles, and already concluded that he disrespected Barrack Obama, then I have a bad news for you. You have just been manipulated by our media, sir!.

If you missed a lesson back in your English subject, I’m pretty sure it’s the how to use comma -part. In his speech, he clearly said “You must be respectful. Do not just throw away questions and statements. Son of a whore, I will curse you in that forum.”

Did he meant Obama, or did he meant anyone who dares disrespect him with questions?

But in the medias’ reports, they’re saying as if the “son of whore” part was meant for Obama. If you missed the comma on his speech you can watch the video again and see for yourself.

Do you still remember the video of Claudine Barretto when she accidentally slipped and said the same magic word in a concert TV show? Did she intentionally meant the floor-directors for making the stage so slippery? Or the shoes perhaps? No, it’s an expression meant to be added on your statement. It is often caused by sudden burst of feelings. We Filipinos are just sometimes exaggerating things, while some are being payed to intentionally exaggerate them.


Compiltation ng mga Desperadong Galaw at Hindi Napag-Isipang Pananalita ni Mar Roxas

Eleksyon nanaman! Panahon nanaman ng botohan, panganampanya, pag-hingi ng suporta, pagpapa-lakas sa taong bayan, pag vote buers I.D. Voters I.D.(Dahil hindi ka makaka-boto pag wala ka nito). Sa Marso magaganap ang paghahalal ng pinaka-mataas na posisyon, ang pagkapangulo. Ang bawa’t kandidato ay ipinapakita at pinapatunayan sa publiko na sila ang karapat-dapat…maliban sa isa, Si Mar Roxas. Para sakin kasi, iba ang ingay na ginagawa ni Mar Roxas.mar roxas

Sino ba si Mar Roxas? Si Mar Roxas lang naman ang binansagang “Dakilang epal” simula  nitong mga nakaraang buwan lamang ayon sa mga netizens. Bakit? Dahil sa angking galing ni Mar Roxas na sumulpot sa gitna ng gulo o gumawa ng malaking issue dahil sa kanyang hindi napag-iisipang pananalita. Isa pa’ng nakakabilib ay ang walang humpay na pag-sunod sa kanya ng mga photographers upang maipakita sa lahat na nandoon siya. Parang media sa bilis, bigla nalang siyang makakarating sa gitna ng gulo at gaya ng sabi ng lahat, “makiki-epal lang naman.”

Sa sobrang dami ng nagawa niyang pag-epal (or so the netizens would say), nakabuo ako ng listahan ng most remarkably desperate at mga hindi napag-isipang moves ng pambansang epal:


  1. Mar’s political ad of 2009

Oo, yaan nga yung title. Mahahanap mo pa yan sa Youtube. Posibleng yaan ang pinaka-sikat na ad ni Mar Roxas, kung saan ipanapakita si Mar na nakasakay sa isang pedicab na pinapatakbo ng isang payat na bata. Sa video na yan ay may napakaraming mali pero i-point out na natin yung pinaka obvious. Kung tutuusin, pwede naman sanang siya ang magmaneho noong pedicab kaysa hayaan ang batang paandarin ang pedicab para sa kanyang (made-for-tv) stroll.

  1. “Paano naging kasalanan ng gobyerno yun?”

“Kung nagpasok ka ng contraband sa airport, paano naging problema ng goberno yun?” sabi ni Mar Roxas. Although ipinaliwanag niya na ang ibig niyang sabihin ay hindi dapat sisihin ng lahat ang gobyerno kaagad sa insedenteng “laglag bala” kundi ang mga taong nasa likod ng mga anumalyang ito. Kung hindi ko ipinaliwanag, ano ba ang maiisip mo pag sinabi niya yan sa harapan mo?

ala thor

  1. Ala-Thor

Mayroon siyang picture na may hawak siyang martilyo at nag-aayos ng silyang ginagamit sa school. Mga armchair na kahoy. Kapansin-pansin rin na hindi siya marunong humawak ng martilyo. O pwede rin na sadyang galit lang sa kanya ang lahat kaya’t kahit sa pag hawak ng simpleng martilyo ay napupuna siya.

  1. “Kumain sa baso at nag-tubig sa pinggan”

Isang litrato ni Mar na in-edit ngunit totoo yung sinandok niya yung kanin at inilagay sa mug. Yung platong naka-sahod sa gripo, peke po yun. Pero sumikat ito ng todo at umani ng maraming pang-aalaska. Tila bulag ang mga netizens sa katotohanang edited yung kalahati ng picture. Marami talagang galit kay Mar.

  1. Traffic enforcer

Ito marahil ang dahilan kung bakit natawag siyang dakilang epal. Naungkat ang video niyang noon ay maganda sa paningin ng lahat. Naging traffic enforcer siya upang tulungan ang mga motoristang na-stuck sa Commonwealth Avenue noong huling SONA ng dating pangulong Gloria Macapagal Arroyo. Kagaya ng 2009 Ad niya, mahahanap mo pa ito sa Youtube. Kitang-kitang basing-basa siya sa ulan ngunit ngayon maiisip mo, nagpapa-lakas lang pala siya sa mga tao.

  1. “You are a Romualdez and the president is an Aquino”

Kung ako si Tacloban Mayor Romualdez, malamang umiyak din ako matapos ko marinig ‘to mula sa kanya. Issue ito noong kasagsagan ng pananalasa ng bagyong Yolanda sa Tacloban. Binanggit ito ni Mar na parang walang karapatan ang sinuman na tumaliwas o lumapit sa pangulo upang humingi ng tulong dahil ikaw ay “ikaw lang” at siya ay isang Aquino. Kailan pa naging batayan ang apelido upang makatulong? Kung ganon wala na rin akong pakelam sa inyo, kasi maimpluwensya ang mga Mendoza. Haha! Pwede ba yun? Bawas points nanaman yan.

  1. Warehouse raid

Oo, nandoon din ang inyong linkod. At syempre nandoon din ang mga photographers niya. Kumalat din ang pictures niyang buhat-buhat ang isang sakong bigas na pinaniniwalaang kaunti ang laman. Binuhat lang daw niya ang isang ito para sa photo.

  1. He graced the cover of Esquire Magazine

Nakaupo sa kamada ng mga kahoy at naka-ngiti. Yaan ang itsura ni Mar sa harap ng Esquire Magazine para sa unang anibersaryo ng super typhoon Yolanda kahit daw hindi nabanggit sa nilalaman ng magazine ayon sa isang netizen. Sabi ng iba, wala naman daw siyang naitulong doon. Malay natin. Try mo bumili ng nasabing magazine para mapatunayan mo. sa gitna unos.jpg

Kamakailan lang din noong sumikat ang isang comics na iginuhit ng mga supporters ni Mar Roxas. Isang comics na pinamagatang ‘Sa Gitna Ng Unos’. Ayos din yung pagkaka-illustrate, pang-propesyonal (totoo). Kaya nga hindi ko maisip paano na-edit ng ibang artist yung front page e. Naging takot ang matapang na mukha ni Mar, at napatalikod niya yung mga tao na tila aatakihin at sasaktan si Mar. Napalitan din ang title na naging ‘Tikman mo ang Unos’. Sayang. Sa lahat ng campaign strategy ni Mar, ito ang pinaka da best kung hindi lang binaboy. Power of photoshop?


  1. MRT Crisis

Mayroon ding issue na si Mar Roxas ang dapat na responsible sa maintenance ng Metro-manila Rail Transit o MRT. Sabi-sabi lang naman ito pero tiyak hindi ka matutuwa pag nalaman mo ang koneksyon ni Mar Roxas sa poor maintenance ng MRT.


Promise marami pang iba. Pinigilan na lang ako ni Partner.

Oo, eleksyon nanaman. Ito ang tamang pagkakataon upang pumili ng taong karapat-dapat sa mamuno n gating bansa. Marapat lamang na iboto ang taong may kakayahang iwasto ang lahat, kakayahang disiplinahin ang bawat isa, at may angking husay upang labanan ang korapsyon at krimen. Hindi sa paraang gasgas at mabulaklak na pananalita upang makamit ang totoong daang matuwid. Tandaang hindi kailan man mabibili ang karapatan mong pumili. Ito ang tanging pagkakataon mo, ka-bayan. Wag mo ito sayangin. Wala akong karapatan na pakialaman ang desisyon mo kung sino ang iboboto mo at hindi ibig-sabihin nito ay wala nang pag-asa si Mr. Palengke na makuha ang boto ko. Malay mo may gawin ulit siyang bagay na gaya ng sa comics para makuha ang panlasa ko.

“Kung alam mo’ng isa ka sa mga taong makiki-rally sa Mendiolla balang araw upang i-impeach and pangulong ikaw din naman ang bumoto, mabuti pang wag ka na’ng bumoto.” -Mr.Secret


7 Philippine Beliefs and Superstitions

Moon Night SkyFilipinos are naturally superstitious. Filipinos’ daily way of life is encompassed by countless sayings, proverbs, beliefs, and superstitions that have grown in number throughout the various regions and provinces in the country. These beliefs have come from the different sayings of our ancestors that aim to prevent danger from happening or to make a person refrain from doing something in particular.

These beliefs are part of our culture, for one derives their beliefs from the influences of what their customs, traditions and culture have dictated to explain certain phenomena or to put a scare in people.

Some are practiced primarily because Filipinos believe that there is nothing to lose if they will comply with these beliefs. We hear them from our parents and grandparents, even without scientific findings or logical reasons. Most often, they are coincidental and are usually referred to after the effect. Yet, superstitions are interesting components of the chemistry of Filipinos’ day in and day out activities.

blckctA black cat crossing your path means bad luck.

Many people in the Philippines believe that when a cat crosses their path, they should go back to their house and postpone their plan for the day because pushing with the plan may produce bad results. To some, the black cat means a warning that something life-threatening is about to happen.

Black-Wedding-Dress-New-Pics--amp--First-Fitting-The bride should never try on the wedding dress.

It is believed that if the bride tries on the wedding dress before the wedding takes place, the wedding will not come to pass. But how will the bride know if the gown perfectly fits?

Laura BarnettA single woman who sings while cooking will marry a widower.

Single women are often advised not to sing while cooking because they will marry a widower.

moon_phases_diagramThe phase of the moon is very important when planning very important events.

According to Filipino beliefs, the phase of the moon is crucial when planning something. Thus, it is better to find a job during the waxing period of the moon rather than during the waning period.


This is like a curse. According to beliefs, one should not marry within the same year that an immediate family member also got married or when an immediate family member passed away. The repercussion of not following this belief is that bad luck will befall upon the newly-married couple’s life.

dropDropped utensils announce the arrival of a visitor.

When a person drops a fork while eating, this means that a male visitor is about to arrive. On the other hand, a female visitor is expected if a person dining drops a spoon.

No one is really certain as to why fallen utensils are omens for unexpected visitors, but it seems to be a widespread belief in other countries as well. The meaning even behind the specific utensils varies from country to country. Some believe that the direction of the handle indicates the direction from which the visitor is coming from.

family-photo-2Don’t clear the dining table unless everyone has finished eating.

If you do, you doom the last single dinner guest to a life of loneliness. Meal times are sacred. They’re central to just about any culture in the world. There is something intimate about satisfying a basic need alongside other people. Since the shared experience casts a certain bond over all the participants, clearing the dishes before everyone is finished somehow breaks that magic, leaving whoever who is not done eating out of the loop, and thus, live all by himself/herself permanently.

Mentioned above are just a glimpse of more than hundreds superstitions Filipinos have. They may be true; they may be not.

Undoubtedly, some of the superstitions are practiced by my friends, including me, to make an occasion a fun one. I don’t see any problem with them. Superstitions only tell us to be careful with whatever we want to do.



The Two-Faced Singapore

Singapore is a wealthy land. It is one of the world’s major commercial hubs, one of the world’s most prosperous countries, with the fourth-biggest financial center, and world’s busiest port. Singapore is a small island country but with just over five million people, it is a fairly crowded city. Many businesses in Singapore are operated by different races. Its globalized and diversified economy depends heavily on trade, especially manufacturing.

Also, there are a lot of job opportunities that are open to whoever qualifies the positions which is why so many Filipinos try their luck in the Lion City.

Moreover, never did cross my mind that behind the success of Singapore is the concealed discrimination of some Singaporeans. Well, thanks to the blogger of Blood Stained Singapore because you opened not just my eyes but most of your 1 million viewers too. Singapore is actually a place wherein discrimination is tolerated. Because of this disturbing blog, I have searched topics about discrimination in your country and here’s what I found out:

Discrimination in Singapore

First and foremost, it’s hard for me not to get mad or to fight the blogger back because of the most stupid article I’ve ever read entitled, “Filipino infestation in Singapore-5 point guide to showing displeasure without breaking the law.” This article is nothing but a rant of a selfish and one-sided person who disabled the comment section of his blogs. How could you write an article promoting racism and discrimination to the Filipinos in Singapore? How could you, dude?!

abcdThe importance of Filipinos in your city-state economy is undeniable. If you are one of those Singaporeans who have no full appreciation or understanding of the role of Filipinos in your country, then might as well shut your mouth. You are not helping your countrymen either with your selfish hatred to the Filipinos. In fact, your blog does not give a good image to other Singaporeans who actually are good, friendly and fair.

I am curious on how things turned out to be with you that lead you to write the article. What have you done to your country that has not been done by a Filipino worker that makes you think that you are better than them? Why do Filipinos deserve to be treated less than you are, “brilliant” whoever?

Filipino domestic workers, nurses, construction workers, and service staff occupations maybe the most underrated profession in the whole wide world but let me ask you, why can’t you do these small things on your own? As a matter of fact, you need Filipino workers to look after your children; to instill good manners; to be their second parents. You need Filipinos to take care of your elders; to talk to them; to make them laugh while you’re busy in your daily jobs.

And now I wonder, what if all Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) in the world finally comes home to the Philippines? What will happen to the employers that depend on them? What will happen to your country? What will happen to your economy?

I hope you could read this; The Filipinos who made Singapore, Singapore

Everyone should be humble and respectful to all cultures of all countries. Indifferences, arguments and injustice are found everywhere. We are all brothers and sisters. We’re Asians. We’re Humans.