7 hiring interview habits that will set the interviewer off


How’s your job hunting? Did you passed the test and got the job? How’s the first impression of the interviewer to you? For me there’s nothing regretting in job hunting than the opportunity of getting the job but failed because the interviewer doesn’t like me.

It’s not only the resume that does everything when applying for a job. Compared to a personal interview, the resume is just a tissue paper you will be using to wipe-off your tears when you fail. In a personal interview, the interviewer gets to see if you can prove your resume is 100% legit and we’re not fooling around. The interviewer gets the chance to measure your personality and knowledge, and find whether you fit the job or worthy to sing the Call me maybe song.

I’m not gonna tell you how to impress your interviewer but I can at least make you avoid the 7 things that sets the hiring interviewer off:


1. Dead Air – Dead Air or Long Pause in most call center offices particularly in calls is not a good sign because it can make the customer think that you’re actually don’t know what you’re saying, plus it makes the call time very long. If you applied for a call center job, a dead air in the interview is not a pretty good start. Like on calls, you’re already wasting the interviewer’s time, thus failing the interview.

2. Tapping – tapping is habit that disrupts focus and is super annoying. Doing this in an interview wherein the interviewer is analyzing your behavior could cost your application to a failure.


3. Slouching – slouching or drooping while sitting gives the impression that you’re not even interested to get the job. The lazy posture can set-off the interviewer and if you still get passed to that, slouching releases the boredom feeling not just to yourself but also to the people around you in the workplace.

4. Phones – Like tapping, a phone ring or even swiping the screen is a guaranteed next level of pissing off your interviewer. This happens not just in hiring interviews but also in casual conversations. Showing that a nonsense social media status is more important than getting a job is a great disrespect to the interviewer and to the whole process.


5. Arrogance – If you let your arrogance control over your humbleness, it will be all for nothing. Overly confidence and arrogance on the way you speak or actions, can set off the interviewer. Yes, you may have just what it takes to pass everything but you speak as if you will be hired to be the boss, then I suggest you stop right there and forget about applying for a job since that’s what the offended interviewer will say to you anyway.

6. Faking the Resume – Basically lying. Of course it can set anyone off not just the interviewer when you fake something in your resume. It’s embarrassing and shameful to continue an interview trying to convince the interviewer with the lie you just put in your resume. It’s like telling on your resume that your hobby is travelling the world and answering that you haven’t tried going out of the country even once.


7. Seduction – If all else fails, show the bra. Believe it or not, seduction is a common strategy used not just by women but also men, to get hired. Aside with threatening the interviewer, girls (if the interviewer is male) will softly seduce the interviewer by showing some of her body parts to the extent that the interviewer will get more if she gets hired. While on male applicants (if the interviewer is a girl, an older woman, or a gay), he would unbutton his shirt to the extend of God knows what they will be doing next.

I hope the next time you’re applying for a job, you left all of these seven in your house. Because you’ll never know, if you get the chance to meet me as your interviewer, I might hire you right away.


By Cinderella


Get Hired in your Dream Job

Dream Job - Freeway Exit SignNow that a new school year has ended, many are aspiring to get their first job ever. But little did they know that applying for a position isn’t as simple as it seems. But, it’s not as difficult as you think it would be too unless you have equipped yourself with knowledge and preparation.

Here are some points you need to bear in mind to get your dream job:

1. Study your resume and know it well.

You should know all of the information you have written in your resume from top to bottom. Speaking intelligently about your experience is one of the best ways to ace your job interview every single time. It is your responsibility to convince the interviewer that you can come in and do the job.

2. Know the job description of the position you are applying for.

It would be ridiculous if you were asked by the interviewer about your knowledge in the position you are applying for and you seemed unsure. You simply need to study the job description to truly understand what the interviewer is looking for. If the description calls for attentiveness to detail, you will want to tailor the discussion accordingly. Knowing the job description, you can navigate the interview and discuss examples from previous jobs/experience that will exemplify this trait.

Quiet3. Research the company you are interviewing for.

Gaining knowledge about the company you are being interviewed by gives you a key to being able to ask pertinent questions. Doing so will also show the interviewer that you have a genuine interest in the company.

4. Display your skills with concrete examples.

Every company wants to make sure that the person they hire is hard working but it will be hard for him or her to believe you unless you prove it. Tell a story of how you were hard working and instead of just saying it. Don’t leave it up to the imagination of the interviewer to figure out how. Rather, explain in detail and site example to illustrate it.

research_icon5. Build rapport.

“There’s never a second chance to make a first impression” – this holds very true in the case of job interviews. Know how to build rapport with the interviewer. Create a great setting for your interview by greeting the interviewer with a firm handshake and a pleasant smile. You can also start off by asking how he or she is doing and or make a comment about the weather.

6. Make eye contact.

Eye contact is one of the strongest forms of nonverbal communication and it is a must, if you want to ace your job interview. Eye contact can show whether a person is strong or weak. Direct eye contacts shows two key qualities employers look for in candidates — confidence and high self-esteem. Throughout the interview, make it a point to have direct eye contact in order to create connection and exude confidence.


 7. Be yourself.

No matter how badly you want the job, it you aren’t a good match, you aren’t a good match. Never try to be what you “think” the job requires. Let your true self shine through and you’ll send off the positive energy. If you aren’t being true to yourself, the interviewer will sense your lack of authenticity right away.

 8. Rehearse Your Responses (But Don’t Make Them Sound Rehearsed)

Prepare some answers to the most frequently asked questions during interviews like “What is your greatest weakness?” or “Why should we hire you?” You’ll never know how the interviewer will come at you, so be prepared for questions that are a little out of the field or even totally unrelated to the job, such as “What is your philosophy of life?” or “How do you handle stress?” Practice your responses so your words sound clear and concise but not programmed. Remember to take thoughtful pauses to allow your interviewer to digest and respond to your thoughts.

jobConfidence is the ultimate companion of success, and congeniality is a surefire way to leave a lasting impression. Becoming equipped with the tips stated above, never forget that employers want to hire people who can positively influence others, who are confident in their skills and abilities, and who are just generally pleasant to be around. Before you step into that interview room, make sure you have enough warmth and personality to complement that professional, polished demeanor. Ease any anxiety by reminding yourself that your interviewers are most likely as positive and hopeful about finding a new member of their team as you are about to land the perfect job.