The Barkada Outing Attendance

Summer isn’t over and there are still places in your bucket list you need to visit on the next coming weekends. Bags are packed, Summer destinations are set, gadgets fully charged, and the day will never be complete without your friends! This is gonna be one amazing summer vacation because the officials of the team are present. And I’m sure, if your Barkada’s officials are present, every minute of your adventure’s gonna be great.

Since the outing is not a “drawing” anymore, let’s start naming these “officials” before hitting the beach. Here are the Barkada Outing Attendance.

Super Gran – The oldest, the most sensible, and the leader of the group. Super Gran is the grand daddy, the big brother, the final say, the one responsible for the actions of his best pals. He’s often the party starter and the house owner where the Barkada will round up before going out-of-town.

The Joker – He’s the life of the party. He will start everything with a punchline. A simple smirk and everyone will laugh. The group is dead without this guy. Everyone will agree and he won’t to crack a joke. Every time he talks, you will expect a joke following it. It could be a green joke, a smart joke, or a serious one but you will still blast a giant laugh because you thought it’s funny but it’s really serious.

DJ – This friend of yours has the most loudest speaker on her phone. Often a young and stylish lady, this girl have watched every single music video on the topic. She also wears earphones on her neck playing music in 100% which sounds like 75% of your phone volume. Her playlist could be chaotic but she knows which are reggae, kpop, mellow, and rock.

The Thinker – The serious type. This guys spends his journey sitting on the back seat. He could be the one among the group that isn’t laughing when the joker starts to talk that’s why most of the time getting roasted by the joker. He might be quiet but he is a very important person in the team. Days before the outing, you’ll see Super Gran talking to this guy for suggestions and recommendations. An adviser.

Baggage Counter – We sometimes call this guy as ‘Brando’, a wight-lifter, athlete, tall, dark and handsome hunk. The tank of the battle party. He will gladly accept the favor of carrying the excess bags of the ladies. He’s the selfie stick of the group because he has long arms. He can also also piggy-back everyone who’s tired except,

Fridge – the most heavy-weight among the group. He’s the sumo wrestler, she’s the ‘Babe in the City’. This person carries big bags of food but always getting worn-out carrying them. As heavy as real fridge, but reliable when you need an emergency snack. I don’t why but whenever the Fridge is a woman, she’s around 5’1 or 5′ flat in height with 25 or 26 of foot size which is the main reason why these guys always fell when the group is doing a mile hike.

Photographer – It’s always important to bring a camera when going out-of-town but the best camera is nothing without the skillful photographer. He takes picture of everything. Friends, landscape, sea shells, neighbors, skeletons, etc. He’s your friend who’s carrying a distinct bag that he often covers with his body when it’s about to get hit, or raising on the top of his head with full strength when walking on a 3-feet water. He has this expensive camera that costs his college semester tuition fee and he’s gonna die protecting it.

The Cat – The person who shouldn’t be here in the first place. This particular member of the group was just in school an hour ago and now spending a summer vacation with you guys in a remote island miles and miles away. That’s right, she’s currently snorkeling wearing her school uniform. “Ikaw, san aabot ang vacant mo?”

Counter-terrorist – Or sometimes called “Terrorist” depending if he looks like a Taliban. He’s the combat expert. The group’s security guard. He wears camouflage all the time. You can’t actually tell whether he’s going for a tour in an island or the battle zone of Scarborough Shoal. He carries flashlight, army knives, taser, probably a concealable pistol with live rounds in case of real trouble.

The Rich Kid – The Rich kid is wealthier than any of your family wealth combined. Even wealthier than Super Gran. This kid’s so rich if it isn’t it a government property, she’ll purchase it (Or maybe that’s exaggerated). She’s rich, alright? She” join the adventure with a big space on her bag -for souvenirs of course. She might be techie with gadgets she bought online a week ago for the trip. She doesn’t brought much since she can buy what she needs on the area. “I’m sure there’s a store there somewhere.”

Jail-bait – The youngest but look like the same age with Super Gran. The first girl to be approached by the flirts. Her oldest age is 17 but look 28 on her 16. If she approached you, you’ll get jailed. If you approached her, you’ll get jailed. Plus a kick on the face by Brando. That’s better than NATO rounds, right?

Tour-guide – If the tour guide is one of your friends, I’m sure this person have reached many places with the big chance that he already visited your next destination twice. He knows the area and you guys will never be lost as long as you have this walking Dora’s Map. He blends in with locals as if he  grew up with them. He speaks and understand 9 local dialects in the Philippines even if we have only 8. But his monthly travels made his skin very dark because of sun burn which helps him look like one of the locals. I’m not a racist but inside a Barkada, there’s always that “well-done” friend.

And now that the officials of Barkada are all aboard, let’s hit the beach!

By SnowWhite


Signs you Need to Let Go of your Relationship

There are things you can’t control and things you don’t want to happen in your life, but somehow it will eventually happen. It’s not the issue of who’s making the mistakes but about making the right choices. Because people always do stupid, selfish thing that may lead to faults. To some extent that you’re still wishing that somehow, something may change if you stay patient. Deep inside you know you’re just making an excuse for yourself. You feel the guilty of leaving your partner because of the attachment you made. You’re stuck in the past that you think you can’t move on.

Here are some signs you need to know it’s time let him/her go:

Obsession in a different level

Signs you Need to Let Go of your Relationship

Obsession can be from love to hate, like an addiction on something or someone. If you’re feeling this kind of emotion, you might want to consider to let go of that relationship before you became a psychopathic maniac. It’s time you stop before you lose your mind. This kind of emotion can affect your future and everyone around you. Take note that it will also scare the hell out of your partner. The more you drag yourselves in that hollow world of imagination of yours the more it devours your integrity as a person. Reflect on yourself and ask if it’s really love or obsession. If it is another way around better talk to your partner as soon as possible before you created a next door, psycho.

Cheating partners

If you prove it right that’s it, no more explanation needed, a cheater will always be a cheater. But there are some instances that they forgive their partner for doing it. Always remember this line; once is enough, two is too much, thrice is insane, and the fourth one, that is a huge stupidity. You deserve to be treated right, love yourself more, and find yourself peace. Remember, letting go of this kind of person is not a loss but  gain to you.

Foot on neck

Signs you Need to Let Go of your Relationship

If you ever feel you’re not confined or imprison if your partner is not around. The time you feel more comfortable when you’re alone with your friends rather than staying with your partner. Maybe it is time to asks why you feel this and consider a fact that you need to let go. Somehow the main reason for this sign is of lack of privacy, it’s like your neck is on their feet ready to step and choke you if don’t follow their rules and it’s so hard to breath with it. If you must know, a relationship is all about figuring out differences and how you handle them in a fine way. Give space if you must and don’t declare Martial law to your partner. Remember that respecting each other privacy is one of the keys in having a good relationship. You should know your boundaries and limitations to each other.

Miserable at best

If you’re consistently not enjoying yourself when you’re out on with your partner that supposedly to be a fun date, it’s probably time to end things with him/her. Clearly you need to get out of that relationship, I know it’s hard to break your relationship up, but doing it is much easier than not. Staying with your partner and prolonging that connection will only lead to more frustration and resentment and also may lead to harder consequences that you may regret in the future.

Intention of breaking up

Most of the time, when you are seriously considering breaking up but you haven’t done it yet because of something. You often think that it would be easier not tell your partner about it. It is normal in some instances but If these are thoughts you experiencing all of the time. Well you need to consider that you need to let go of your relationship.

Signs you Need to Let Go of your Relationship

In a relationship, sometimes doing what you know is right always may not be the right choice. Sometimes you have to watch things from a distance to see things more clearly. You have to take a step back to think more clearly. You might believe that you respecting your partner’s feelings, but as far as this sign is a concern you’re not. If you ever feel this signs  maybe it’s time you think about letting go of that relationship before  more damage is done. It is unfair to yourself to keep trying to justify why you’re holding on to toxicity. When you finally  learn to let go something better come along.