Dating Sims is not for everyone


Your crush is inviting you for ‘dinner’ later, choose your answer:
> “YES! I would love to!”
> “MAYBE. I’m not sure with my schedule.”
> “NO. Because you are NOT REAL.”

A Dating Simulation or Dating Sims in short, is a good practice simulation to know whether you will win in captivating the heart of your beloved or he/she will dump you on-the-spot. The series of questions and outcome of those answers will determine your success and theses applications are made just for that.

There are many Dating Sims Applications developed by various gaming industries (mostly from Japan) and they are being played around the world. Some ‘Single’ in their relationship status plays the game to practice, while others in the same status (people what we call “hopeless romantics”) played the game for fun simply because they believe nobody can treat them like princesses as Prince James (name often being used as the charming leading man character of the game).

Those reasons above is acceptable. But what if the person playing the game is currently engaged in a relationship? Doesn’t it make you as his/her partner a bit uncomfortable?


There are many reasons why your partner is playing the game despite the fact that he/she is currently in relationship status with you. First, ask your partner what’s the reason for playing the game. The answer is generally one of the three:

just bee friends.jpg

  • Your partner may not be feeling the treatment he/she is looking for and it turns out that the virtual character can give it to him/her. That’s bad points for you. You have to start finding what your partner likes and do your best to give them.
  • Your partner is a bookworm. Dating sims are made like visual novels but the player can control the outcome of the story. The reason that he/she only feels excited for the hero/heroine that’s why your partner is playing it is absolutely not true. Because reading a story is like a door to another world, putting the readers feet into the main character’s boots is part of the story. You may now raise your doubts.
  • Your partner is looking for ideas. Yes, this one is a good sign. Your partner is playing the game to get tips on how to make you giggle with his words and surprises. If this is your partners reason, then I’d say your future is looking good.

Whatever your partner’s reason for playing the game, it all comes down to his/her sincerity to you. It’s still advisable to be truthful and REAL in a relationship and doing something that the UNREAL world advises you to do isn’t reality at all.