7 hiring interview habits that will set the interviewer off


How’s your job hunting? Did you passed the test and got the job? How’s the first impression of the interviewer to you? For me there’s nothing regretting in job hunting than the opportunity of getting the job but failed because the interviewer doesn’t like me.

It’s not only the resume that does everything when applying for a job. Compared to a personal interview, the resume is just a tissue paper you will be using to wipe-off your tears when you fail. In a personal interview, the interviewer gets to see if you can prove your resume is 100% legit and we’re not fooling around. The interviewer gets the chance to measure your personality and knowledge, and find whether you fit the job or worthy to sing the Call me maybe song.

I’m not gonna tell you how to impress your interviewer but I can at least make you avoid the 7 things that sets the hiring interviewer off:


1. Dead Air – Dead Air or Long Pause in most call center offices particularly in calls is not a good sign because it can make the customer think that you’re actually don’t know what you’re saying, plus it makes the call time very long. If you applied for a call center job, a dead air in the interview is not a pretty good start. Like on calls, you’re already wasting the interviewer’s time, thus failing the interview.

2. Tapping – tapping is habit that disrupts focus and is super annoying. Doing this in an interview wherein the interviewer is analyzing your behavior could cost your application to a failure.


3. Slouching – slouching or drooping while sitting gives the impression that you’re not even interested to get the job. The lazy posture can set-off the interviewer and if you still get passed to that, slouching releases the boredom feeling not just to yourself but also to the people around you in the workplace.

4. Phones – Like tapping, a phone ring or even swiping the screen is a guaranteed next level of pissing off your interviewer. This happens not just in hiring interviews but also in casual conversations. Showing that a nonsense social media status is more important than getting a job is a great disrespect to the interviewer and to the whole process.


5. Arrogance – If you let your arrogance control over your humbleness, it will be all for nothing. Overly confidence and arrogance on the way you speak or actions, can set off the interviewer. Yes, you may have just what it takes to pass everything but you speak as if you will be hired to be the boss, then I suggest you stop right there and forget about applying for a job since that’s what the offended interviewer will say to you anyway.

6. Faking the Resume – Basically lying. Of course it can set anyone off not just the interviewer when you fake something in your resume. It’s embarrassing and shameful to continue an interview trying to convince the interviewer with the lie you just put in your resume. It’s like telling on your resume that your hobby is travelling the world and answering that you haven’t tried going out of the country even once.


7. Seduction – If all else fails, show the bra. Believe it or not, seduction is a common strategy used not just by women but also men, to get hired. Aside with threatening the interviewer, girls (if the interviewer is male) will softly seduce the interviewer by showing some of her body parts to the extent that the interviewer will get more if she gets hired. While on male applicants (if the interviewer is a girl, an older woman, or a gay), he would unbutton his shirt to the extend of God knows what they will be doing next.

I hope the next time you’re applying for a job, you left all of these seven in your house. Because you’ll never know, if you get the chance to meet me as your interviewer, I might hire you right away.


By Cinderella

Top 10 of the most useless bills and laws in the Philippines


If you’ve been to Philippines then you’ve probably heard about these silly bills and useless laws.

Here are 10 Modern useless Bills and Laws in the Philippines:

10.  No Garage No Car Policy

Publicly felt on January 11, The No Garage No Car Policy is the solution for the country’s growing traffic crisis in Metro Manila. The law is supposed to be preventing car owners to have a car even without a private parking lot and when caught parking illegally on streets, the authorities will then tow the vehicle. But after few months of its declaration, car owners seem to be ignoring the rule causing traffic on two-way roads.

9. No Vehicles on Yellow Box

If you’re a driver or a commuter, you might have noticed the sign on highway crossings that say: “Vehicles in yellow box during red light will be apprehended”. This is another traffic rule in the Philippines that last for month or two but later ignored often by bus drivers. The rule is suppose to stop vehicles to run against yellow traffic light signal especially during rush hours where traffic is expected to be moderate to heavy.


8. No Riding in Tandem Ordinance

After the current president was elected, a series of extra-judicial killings targeting allegedly drug dealers have became common in the Philippines. Witnesses won’t able to identify the face of the suspects, however, 2 things are common in their statements: The suspects are 2 guys, and riding a motorcycle. With this, the government issued a ‘No Relation, No Back-ride Policy’ or simply ‘No Riding in Tandem Ordinance’ that will not allow motorcycle male drivers to ride with another male. But of course, it’s impossible to monitor a country with about 2.6 million registered motorcycles, right?

7. No Jaywalking

This probably is the most common road policy in the world. But like other countries in the world, some Filipinos are naturally born No-Jaywalking policy breakers. Some of them will even cross under a footbridge just to avoid the sweat of climbing the stairs. It even got to the point where the former MMDA chief put signs on the center island saying: “Wag tumawag, may namatay na dito.” (Do not cross, somebody already died here.)


6.  Anti-distracted Driving Law

Anti-Distracted Driving Law was one of the most recent laws that became in effect just a month ago. The law is simple and easy to follow, really. Drivers just need to remove everything that blocks their view from the road to avoid accidents; i.e, phones, car fresheners, ornaments, those nodding puppies, etc. Sounds fair, right? But what if I told you, cyclists are also included? It’s true, bicycle drivers caught violating the rule will result to confiscating the bike. oh, come on!

5. Nationwide Public Smoking Ban

As a patient of Lung Center of the Philippines, I felt really glad after hearing that finally, smoking in public is not allowed. I’m happy to see authorities cycling around on smoking areas, telling people smoking is bad for their health and so to the people around them. But then again, no matter what kind of warning they put on cigarette packs, even putting disgusting photos of seriously ill patients, people just can’t get enough puffing smokes.


4. Illegal Downloading Law

This one almost made me leave the country. If your whole life is internet, then I’m sure you’ll feel the same when some time last year, a senator proposed a bill that will make downloading illegal. Yes, we all know that online piracy is against the law but by just hearing the news, many Filipinos that rely on internet almost started a revolution. Even a picture is not allowed to be downloaded? I’d say he’s lucky the law didn’t passed.

3. Anti-Planking Law

Just when you thought laws are getting weirder. Philippines have an Anti-Planking Law. Yes, that internet mainstream of people laying face down pretending like a plank of wood everywhere? It’s not allowed here. Though, the law is suppose to be for protesters doing the planking because of the simple reason they might get ram by vehicles on highways, Filipino netizens responded faster than their raising eyebrows combined.

2. The Anti-Selfie Bill

Yes! Could you believe that?! Philippines have a ridiculous bill of anti-selfie. One of the most unbelievable bill is the ‘Anti-Selfie Bill’ because taking selfie apparently is an act of intrusion of personal privacy. The bill states “any person who willfully intrudes into the personal privacy of another, without the consent of that person and with the intent to gain or profit therefrom, shall be civilly liable to the offended party”. That’s just great because I’m pretty sure by now, 90% of people taking selfies are “civilly liable”.


1. Anti Unli-Rice Bill or Unli-Rice Ban

And lastly, the most recent, the most shocking, and perhaps most tragic, is the ‘Anti Unli-Rice Bill’. Proposed by Senator Cynthia Villar, the bill was heard in news a few hours ago that left fast food consumers shocked. Though just an ‘expression of concern’ said by the Senator, the bill if passed could lead dozens of fast food chain and restaurants in the Philippines to be heavily affected, worst, to crash. One of these restaurants is the ‘Mang Inasal’ currently owned by the ‘Jollibee Food Corporation’, with its primary product Chicken Inasal with Ulimited Rice, the bill might kill the business instantly and even send hundreds of it’s workers jobless.

Do you think Anti Unli-Rice Bill and the other laws are useless? Share this blog to make these law makers do their job better. If you think I missed a ridiculous bill or law, say it in the comments and we’ll talk about it.

By: SnowWhite

What Makes Wonder Woman Different from All Other DC Movies


Have you watched Wonder Woman? If you’re still thinking that Wonder Woman is just another sexy female super hero, then I’d say you haven’t. Like her Eye make-up that never seem to get wiped off, there are many other aspects that made the movie Wonder Woman different from other DC Movies.


Here’s what you can expect. Wonder Woman is still, and the most wondrous female crime-fighting hero in DC universe. Diana’s an amazon, born in an island of women. She’s trained to be genius in combat. Her golden whip can stretch and immobilize her enemies. And she fights alongside Batman and the others in Justice League.


And here’s you probably didn’t know. Watch out because these will spoil your excitement to watch the movie. She’s a demi-human, a child of god and a human which grants her the ability of inhuman speed,  jump on great heights, and super strength that is not alien in nature like Superman. In the movie, Diana is a princess loved by her mother so much that she’s not even allowed to wield a sword; On the contrary, she’s a living weapon destined to defeat Ares, god of war(or wisdom). Though a half-god, she can still be killed with a bullet which explains why she deflects it with her arm guards.


Starring Gal Gadot as Diana Prince – Gal Gadot proved her worth as the story’s main star. Her face is just right, she’s gorgeous, innocent, fierce, and funny, perfect in every occasion. Even behind the scenes (which you could check on youtube), you can see how her game-face change instantly when needed. And check out her eye-liner throughout the movie, it’s a must buy.

The movie is humorous – Think about the other DC movies before Wonder Woman. It’s usually dark, dramatic, and full of suspense. But in Wonder Woman, the watchers are transported to a different world. The scenes and lines are witty and Diana’s ignorance to the real world made it even funnier. And top of that, she was partnered to a ‘Chris’


Chris Pine as Steve Trevor – Yup, we all know that there’s something about Chris(s) that makes all the girls watching superhero movies drool. Steve’s role is vital both in the story and to its viewers. It isn’t enough that only boys enjoys as Diana fights the Nazi army with her bare skin. The girls should see something pleasing too, perhaps a six pack of abs to balance it? If you will watch the movie, Chris Pine will be happy to show you more than that.


Women  can hide swords – Diana taught us under the sleeves are unthinkable tricks, and under the dress are unimaginable blades–swords in particular. Suddenly, women learned that swords go unconventionally perfect behind their backs and it goes smoothly even with a backless gown. Thank you Diana, girls can now attend the ball and slay their partners when caught red-handed dancing with another woman.

Super friends – Not really “super” though. Before Diana joined Justice League, she fought the war with just normal. Steve introduced Diana to his friends, an American native, an Irish Sniper, and an Arab conman. Together, they led the attack that forced the German army to retreat. Yes, she didn’t work alone. Finally,

No Cliff-hanger – Wonder Woman ended just right; giving its viewers the idea that there will be no sequel to the movie than Justice League. Unlike Superman Vs. Batman with a cliff-hanger scene of the dead Clark Kent leaving a clue that he’s going back to life. Will he be showing in Justice League? I don’t know, but he should be. We all know that DC has this thing of suddenly putting a character into the movie without telling the public like what Wonder Woman did.


The movie is so good that I can’t just give away any detailed spoiler. I suggest, you watch it on big screen so you would not miss any action Princess Diana prepared for you. And like how Wonder Woman ended without any cliff-hanger, I’ll stop right here.


War Machine : Why “it” isn’t getting done


In most American war film, it’s always the American forces are the good guys, while men in AKs are the bad guys. Well, ‘War Machine’ is different. The perfect combination of true story, comedy, and drama. An eye-opener. The war just can’t possibly be won so they sack the guy who’s not winning it and bring-in some other guy. And that other guy was Glen.


Starring Brad Pitt as a Four-Star General Glen McMahon who’s recently appointed as the leader of of the United States Coalition Forces in Afghanistan. Together with his best team, he was tasked to clean the mess the US government left in Afghan War. He thought, war should be fought by men and won by ideals. At first you would thought, hey! He’s the best guy for job. Yes he is. He’s born in a military family, he had graduate degree in political affairs and military history and graduated in ranger school. The right guy for the job right? But sometimes, the guy is not the problem. Sometimes it’s the job.

Why don’t we spice up the discussion by putting your feet inside of General McMahon’s combat boots? Let me give you an idea. You will be sent there to assess the country and form a solution. Help rebuild the economy and protect the remaining population …basically, you’re there to clean up the mess. And you will fail. Yeah. Like what happened to Glen and all of his predecessors. Here’s why:

The Civilian Executives are standing on your way of greatness. The American executives wants to get involved as you go to the heart of the problem while they sit on a comfy chair and dictates what needs to be done. They make you feel good by building your confidence and promised they will give you anything you needed to make “it” done. Which of course, they didn’t.

The Leaders of the Afghan republic doesn’t care. Maybe they’re too tired of fighting for their own land and just give up because citizens won’t listen anyway. This will give you the idea that you won’t get any physical support from the Afghanistan President. Only a warm “good luck”.

Math of Insurgency is more difficult than Algebra. When, however, you’ve just gone and invaded a place that you probably shouldn’t have, you end up fighting against just regular people in regular-people clothes called Insurgents. Insurgents are people who picked-up weapons just like what would you do if someone invaded your country. the bad thing is that insurgencies are next to impossible to defeat. Let’s say you’re a soldier and killed two out of ten insurgents, the answer will not be eight but twenty.

Convincing locals that you didn’t invade them which what obviously the United States Government did. The government gave you a very heavy responsibility of convincing the locals that you’re there to help. It’s a popularity contest, convincing the locals that they’re better off with you than they are with the terrorists or insurgents. Plus the fact that you are wearing the uniform of the invader. It’s just so hard to trust you.

Political issues are delaying the progress. I will no longer explain this part since we all know politics is only good in cooking temporary measures and delaying the good ones.

Journalists can cover-up a story and are experts of ruining somebody’s career. They’re swift and quiet, you will never know what hit you. You’ll just wake up one day and you’ll realize your whole career is over. Like how they turn the focus of the real problem in Afghanistan to the only person capable of fixing it. And this is the one that led Glen’s glorious conquest into nothing but a paragraph in his authored book.

War Machine

In 2 hours, the movie pretty much explained everything. This isn’t the story of soldiers fighting rebels. This is the part of the war we don’t see. This war, as Glen saw it, didn’t won because it wasn’t being led. At first I felt bad how everything turned out for Glen. But we can say it’s a good thing too for him that he was relieved from work. The US government don’t deserve a man like him. That’s just how it is. They sack Glen because he’s not winning it and brought-in again some other guy again.

Glen wrote in his book titled ‘One Leg at a Time, Just Like Everybody Else.’ in it, he wrote “All men are imperfect creatures. Left to their own devices, all they really wanna do is play with their d*cks and eat chicken.” Now, you know why. This is the problem when you’re the right guy for the job, but you’re serving the wrong people. “It” is the main priority of rebuilding, supporting and protecting the civilian population despite the fact they don’t trust you.

“The mission was to protect the people. Not killing them. We can’t kill them and help them at the same time. It just ain’t humanly possible.”

-General Glen McMahon


By SnowWhite


#Adulting in my opinion


More and more people are getting a hard time understanding and completing things that they should’ve learned on their earlier years. What were they doing when they were kids? Staying up late thinking how to defeat the Boss on a video game? (If you’re smiling right now, I’m probably right).

Or maybe I am lucky because I grew up in a generation where household activities and paying bills are commonly taught to students. I remember my elementary days where we learned how to sew on the first semester and learned electronics on the next. And every year, we plant vegetables and breed livestock.

I was just so surprised to see that in other country, people on my age knows how to drive a car but can’t sew a button. Worst, can’t even boil an egg. Surprised? You’ll be surprised if I tell you the next batch of Filipino kids are on their way to that situation too.

Because as I grow older, I’m beginning to notice that some teens of this generation are more aware than politics than their basic needs. Most of them even engage to more complex social dramas like relationship and barkada fights. I’m pretty sure, they know how to handle a computer very well but a little knowledge to home economics.

There are many aspects: Could be parents, status, education, and even technology can be the reason for a person with the slightest of idea how to cook rice. Internet could also be another reason (see: https://magingalagadngsining.wordpress.com/2017/03/15/is-the-social-media-keeping-people-to-stay-lazy/ ).

In my opinion, I cant believe that adulthood is something people is currently worrying about. I see dozens of posts about #adulting everyday in my newsfeed and what they are worrying about makes me ask myself: how come they tweet something about North Korea yesterday and don’t know how toilet bowls work today? For me, it doesn’t make sense.

Maybe the education system is failing. Maybe they skipped class because they thought adulthood stuff is something that doesn’t need to take seriously. Maybe they’re relying to “life-hacks” too much because they thought it made things easier. Whatever the maybe(s), I’m still thankful that I belong in a generation where adulthood is a skill necessity that need to be learned.

By Rapunzel

Bakit Hindi Ka Dapat Magpaligaw


Masyadong marami pero sasabihin ko na yung pinaka dahilan kung bakit hindi pwede: Kasi ang panliligaw ay maihahalintulad sa pamimilit.

Hindi ako bitter pero baka hindi ka na rin magpaligaw pagkatapos kong ipaliwanag sayo.

Ang panliligaw marahil ang pinaka-unang hakbang upang magsimula ang isang matibay na pagsasama. Kung dito pa lang sa parteng ito ay magkakamali ka na, siguradong malaki ang magiging epekto nito sa pagsasama niyong dalawa.

Ganito ang istilo ng mga kalalakihan sa panahon ngayon:

1. Pag-Obserba
Kikilalanin ka niya. Marahil bilang isang kaibigan o pag-silip sa Facebook mo. Maari rin sa pagtatanong sa mga tao sa paligid mo. Sa pagkakataong ito ay oobserbahan niya ang iyong kaugalian, estado, kultura, minsan relihiyon, pisikal na pangangatawan, at ang iyong ideal partner. Pag pasado ka, susunod na ang pag-bago niya sa sarili.

2. Pagbago sa sarili
Pipilitan niyang i-adjust ang sarili upang mapansin at magustuhan mo siya. Siya ang magiging ideal guy mo at tiyak na magugustuhan mo siya. At kung sakali namang hindi niya magawa yung ibang mahirap na aspeto (gaya ng pangangatawan), bibigyan ka niya ng ideya na magpapabago sa kagustuhan mo. Halimbawa “Pangit din pag may abs kasi chick magnet. E pag medyo mataba, masarap yakapin.”

3. Panliligaw
Ito ang step kung saan ipapakita niya sa’yo na may interes siya sayo at gusto niyang maging parte ka ng buhay niya. At dahil siya na nga ang ideal guy mo, papayag ka magpaligaw. At sa loob ng maikling panahon na pagpapakilala niya sayo bilang taong pinapangarap mo, ay mahuhulog ka sa kanya.

Wala namang problema doon kung mapapanatili niya ang sarili niya bilang taong hindi totoong siya hanggang sa pag-tanda niyo. Paglumabas ang tunay niyang kulay matapos ang ilang buwan o taon, may pagkakataong ka pa upang ayusin ang lahat. Yoon nga lang, maraming mga araw na ang nasayang. Nakapanghihinayang kung sa loob ng maikling panahon na kasama mo ang maling tao, ay siya namang nagpakita sayo yung totoong taong para sayo. Masasabi kong swerte ka pa. Isipin mo ngayon kung inilabas niya ang tunay niyang pagkatao after ng kasal niyo. Mas malaking problema, diba?

Ganito na lang. Trust your instincts. Sa iyong imahinasyon, gumawa ka ng ideal guy mo. Itsura, estado, ugali, at lahat ng aspetong masasabi mong mapapa-ibig kang talaga. Ang mundo ay may Pitong bilyong tao na may 1:1 ratio, imposibleng hindi mo mahanap ang ideal guy mo. At kung hindi mo siya makita, marahil hindi pa ito ang tamang oras para makilala mo ang taong magpapatibok ng puso mo.

Kung nahanap mo naman na si Mr.Right, ipagtapat mo sa kanya ang tunay mong nararamdaman at wag mo siyang pakawalan. Ingatan mo siya at huwag mong sasaktan. Tandaan mo na kung mutual ang feelings niyo, madali kayong magkakasundo at magkakaunawaan. Ano man ang gawin niyo ay matatanggap ng isa’t-isa.

Hindi niya kailangang manligaw dahil nagpapa-impress lang naman siya sa’yo. Hindi niya pinapakita ang totoong pagkatao niya, bagkos, ipinapakita niya ang taong gusto mong makita sa kanya. Nararapat lamang na magustuhan mo siya sa totoong pagkatao niya at hindi sa pagpapanggap niya.

By Cinderella

The Barkada Outing Attendance

Summer isn’t over and there are still places in your bucket list you need to visit on the next coming weekends. Bags are packed, Summer destinations are set, gadgets fully charged, and the day will never be complete without your friends! This is gonna be one amazing summer vacation because the officials of the team are present. And I’m sure, if your Barkada’s officials are present, every minute of your adventure’s gonna be great.

Since the outing is not a “drawing” anymore, let’s start naming these “officials” before hitting the beach. Here are the Barkada Outing Attendance.

Super Gran – The oldest, the most sensible, and the leader of the group. Super Gran is the grand daddy, the big brother, the final say, the one responsible for the actions of his best pals. He’s often the party starter and the house owner where the Barkada will round up before going out-of-town.

The Joker – He’s the life of the party. He will start everything with a punchline. A simple smirk and everyone will laugh. The group is dead without this guy. Everyone will agree and he won’t to crack a joke. Every time he talks, you will expect a joke following it. It could be a green joke, a smart joke, or a serious one but you will still blast a giant laugh because you thought it’s funny but it’s really serious.

DJ – This friend of yours has the most loudest speaker on her phone. Often a young and stylish lady, this girl have watched every single music video on the topic. She also wears earphones on her neck playing music in 100% which sounds like 75% of your phone volume. Her playlist could be chaotic but she knows which are reggae, kpop, mellow, and rock.

The Thinker – The serious type. This guys spends his journey sitting on the back seat. He could be the one among the group that isn’t laughing when the joker starts to talk that’s why most of the time getting roasted by the joker. He might be quiet but he is a very important person in the team. Days before the outing, you’ll see Super Gran talking to this guy for suggestions and recommendations. An adviser.

Baggage Counter – We sometimes call this guy as ‘Brando’, a wight-lifter, athlete, tall, dark and handsome hunk. The tank of the battle party. He will gladly accept the favor of carrying the excess bags of the ladies. He’s the selfie stick of the group because he has long arms. He can also also piggy-back everyone who’s tired except,

Fridge – the most heavy-weight among the group. He’s the sumo wrestler, she’s the ‘Babe in the City’. This person carries big bags of food but always getting worn-out carrying them. As heavy as real fridge, but reliable when you need an emergency snack. I don’t why but whenever the Fridge is a woman, she’s around 5’1 or 5′ flat in height with 25 or 26 of foot size which is the main reason why these guys always fell when the group is doing a mile hike.

Photographer – It’s always important to bring a camera when going out-of-town but the best camera is nothing without the skillful photographer. He takes picture of everything. Friends, landscape, sea shells, neighbors, skeletons, etc. He’s your friend who’s carrying a distinct bag that he often covers with his body when it’s about to get hit, or raising on the top of his head with full strength when walking on a 3-feet water. He has this expensive camera that costs his college semester tuition fee and he’s gonna die protecting it.

The Cat – The person who shouldn’t be here in the first place. This particular member of the group was just in school an hour ago and now spending a summer vacation with you guys in a remote island miles and miles away. That’s right, she’s currently snorkeling wearing her school uniform. “Ikaw, san aabot ang vacant mo?”

Counter-terrorist – Or sometimes called “Terrorist” depending if he looks like a Taliban. He’s the combat expert. The group’s security guard. He wears camouflage all the time. You can’t actually tell whether he’s going for a tour in an island or the battle zone of Scarborough Shoal. He carries flashlight, army knives, taser, probably a concealable pistol with live rounds in case of real trouble.

The Rich Kid – The Rich kid is wealthier than any of your family wealth combined. Even wealthier than Super Gran. This kid’s so rich if it isn’t it a government property, she’ll purchase it (Or maybe that’s exaggerated). She’s rich, alright? She” join the adventure with a big space on her bag -for souvenirs of course. She might be techie with gadgets she bought online a week ago for the trip. She doesn’t brought much since she can buy what she needs on the area. “I’m sure there’s a store there somewhere.”

Jail-bait – The youngest but look like the same age with Super Gran. The first girl to be approached by the flirts. Her oldest age is 17 but look 28 on her 16. If she approached you, you’ll get jailed. If you approached her, you’ll get jailed. Plus a kick on the face by Brando. That’s better than NATO rounds, right?

Tour-guide – If the tour guide is one of your friends, I’m sure this person have reached many places with the big chance that he already visited your next destination twice. He knows the area and you guys will never be lost as long as you have this walking Dora’s Map. He blends in with locals as if he  grew up with them. He speaks and understand 9 local dialects in the Philippines even if we have only 8. But his monthly travels made his skin very dark because of sun burn which helps him look like one of the locals. I’m not a racist but inside a Barkada, there’s always that “well-done” friend.

And now that the officials of Barkada are all aboard, let’s hit the beach!

By SnowWhite