I’m currently in the state of rejuvenating my skin from sunburn last week. Aside with my toasted skin arms, everything that happened for 3 days in Caramoan Island is absolutely amazing! Let me share you what happened so if there’s still at least 3 days remaining in your vacation, you can still visit Caramoan Islands.

Let me share to you my adventure and the secrets of Caramoan Islands.


The Caramoan Peninsula is located at Camarines Sur, near the City of Naga. The municipality covers approximately 277.41 sq.kilometers with approximately 41 miles of irregular coastline surrounded by the vast ocean, bay, seas, and swamps. It is 500 kilometers from Metro Manila which gives you a hint that you’ll be spending almost half of your day travelling by bus. A real pain in the butt. But looking info and photos in the internet is nothing compared to the real experience, so we planned our adventure and immediately booked a trip to Naga City to make this out-of-town before it become straight out-of-paper(a drawing).

We got a tour guide and settled all the payments including food, a place to sleep, and a boat that can take us to the islands. As the day finally came, we packed our gears, charged our gadgets, and board the bus going Naga City.

There are 2 ways to get to Caramoan: You can either ride a plane to avoid the dancing PUVs and busses on zigzag and cliff-sides, or spend a night riding a bus then: tricycle, van, boat, and van again to reach the ideal Villas of Caramoan. Plane is the fastest way to get there but it’s very expensive. The boat is big. It can accommodate 1 whole bus passengers in one trip.

sea taxi

The boat ride is more than 2 hours. You can’t feel the sunny weather because of the cold breeze from the vast sea. The boat constantly slows down whenever we go near an island over very low waters. The crewmen are so careful not to hit the sea floor and the starfishes around.

The next day, our tour guide came to pick us up. We arrived to check-in at La Vila De Leonila Tourist Inn, Caramoan. The area is booming with tourist inns, beer houses, sea food restaurants, and souvenir shops. Upon walking around, we noticed that some shops have a distinctive familiar merchandise of Survivor Philippines.

We got there late and missed the chance to check the nearby islands. But there’s still time so after an hour of resting, we set sail and managed to visit 2 of the 5 islands on the list: The Laos Island and Matukad Island. The Laos Island is like 2 small islands divided by sand bar while Matukad Island is the home to the two mythical Bangus (milkfish). According to the Legend, no one knows how the fresh water fishes get in that mysterious lagoon and how they survived for a long time.

saan aabot ang vacant mo

The next day, we climbed the Mt. Caglago – Grotto of Our Lady of Peace, Bugtong Island. We endured the 500+ steps and reached the top with 360 view of Caramoan. Then jumped to the next island of floating cottages to eat our lunch, the Manlawi Island with 2 hectares of Sand Bar during low tide, holding the record of the biggest sand bar in the Philippines. you can literally walk on water. After lunch, our boatmen showed their boat-driving skill to avoid hitting stones and sea creatures to get us close to Guinahoan Island and see a real light house up-close. After that, we chose Cotivas Island as our final Island for our wondrous adventure before heading back to the inn.


sitting on the water.jpg

Our tour guide was planning to visit a specific island where tourists are not allowed to take photos. But unfortunately, the visiting window is too narrow (plus we’re a bunch of rule-breakers too). This should be a secret island but locals will tell it to you anyway. I won’t tell you, so that you will discover it yourself. The souvenir shops, the amount of foreigners, and the flags will tell you. Something that proves the beauty of our islands internationally. A secret that will keep Caramoan a top tourist destination for decades.

with patrick

On our 3rd and last day, we visited the old town church to thank God and ask for protection on our long journey back to our homes. We bought pasalubongs and souvenirs and finally said goodbye to the inn keepers of the villa at Caramoan, and to our awesome tour guide.

It’s one of the best adventures of my life. The effort and budget I gave is worth it. I wish I can show everything to you, but like what I’ve said, info and photos in the internet is nothing compared to the real experience. If you’re going there, do me a favor:

“Be a responsible tourist and please keep the secret.” okay?

best of two worlds.jpg

By Snow White
Special thanks to my friends (you guys know who you are), to the people of La Villa De Leonila Tourist Inn, to our 2 rocking boatmen, and to our Tour guide Sir.Macky (0918-678-1103 or 0905-230-4464).

The Barkada Outing Attendance

Summer isn’t over and there are still places in your bucket list you need to visit on the next coming weekends. Bags are packed, Summer destinations are set, gadgets fully charged, and the day will never be complete without your friends! This is gonna be one amazing summer vacation because the officials of the team are present. And I’m sure, if your Barkada’s officials are present, every minute of your adventure’s gonna be great.

Since the outing is not a “drawing” anymore, let’s start naming these “officials” before hitting the beach. Here are the Barkada Outing Attendance.

Super Gran – The oldest, the most sensible, and the leader of the group. Super Gran is the grand daddy, the big brother, the final say, the one responsible for the actions of his best pals. He’s often the party starter and the house owner where the Barkada will round up before going out-of-town.

The Joker – He’s the life of the party. He will start everything with a punchline. A simple smirk and everyone will laugh. The group is dead without this guy. Everyone will agree and he won’t to crack a joke. Every time he talks, you will expect a joke following it. It could be a green joke, a smart joke, or a serious one but you will still blast a giant laugh because you thought it’s funny but it’s really serious.

DJ – This friend of yours has the most loudest speaker on her phone. Often a young and stylish lady, this girl have watched every single music video on the topic. She also wears earphones on her neck playing music in 100% which sounds like 75% of your phone volume. Her playlist could be chaotic but she knows which are reggae, kpop, mellow, and rock.

The Thinker – The serious type. This guys spends his journey sitting on the back seat. He could be the one among the group that isn’t laughing when the joker starts to talk that’s why most of the time getting roasted by the joker. He might be quiet but he is a very important person in the team. Days before the outing, you’ll see Super Gran talking to this guy for suggestions and recommendations. An adviser.

Baggage Counter – We sometimes call this guy as ‘Brando’, a wight-lifter, athlete, tall, dark and handsome hunk. The tank of the battle party. He will gladly accept the favor of carrying the excess bags of the ladies. He’s the selfie stick of the group because he has long arms. He can also also piggy-back everyone who’s tired except,

Fridge – the most heavy-weight among the group. He’s the sumo wrestler, she’s the ‘Babe in the City’. This person carries big bags of food but always getting worn-out carrying them. As heavy as real fridge, but reliable when you need an emergency snack. I don’t why but whenever the Fridge is a woman, she’s around 5’1 or 5′ flat in height with 25 or 26 of foot size which is the main reason why these guys always fell when the group is doing a mile hike.

Photographer – It’s always important to bring a camera when going out-of-town but the best camera is nothing without the skillful photographer. He takes picture of everything. Friends, landscape, sea shells, neighbors, skeletons, etc. He’s your friend who’s carrying a distinct bag that he often covers with his body when it’s about to get hit, or raising on the top of his head with full strength when walking on a 3-feet water. He has this expensive camera that costs his college semester tuition fee and he’s gonna die protecting it.

The Cat – The person who shouldn’t be here in the first place. This particular member of the group was just in school an hour ago and now spending a summer vacation with you guys in a remote island miles and miles away. That’s right, she’s currently snorkeling wearing her school uniform. “Ikaw, san aabot ang vacant mo?”

Counter-terrorist – Or sometimes called “Terrorist” depending if he looks like a Taliban. He’s the combat expert. The group’s security guard. He wears camouflage all the time. You can’t actually tell whether he’s going for a tour in an island or the battle zone of Scarborough Shoal. He carries flashlight, army knives, taser, probably a concealable pistol with live rounds in case of real trouble.

The Rich Kid – The Rich kid is wealthier than any of your family wealth combined. Even wealthier than Super Gran. This kid’s so rich if it isn’t it a government property, she’ll purchase it (Or maybe that’s exaggerated). She’s rich, alright? She” join the adventure with a big space on her bag -for souvenirs of course. She might be techie with gadgets she bought online a week ago for the trip. She doesn’t brought much since she can buy what she needs on the area. “I’m sure there’s a store there somewhere.”

Jail-bait – The youngest but look like the same age with Super Gran. The first girl to be approached by the flirts. Her oldest age is 17 but look 28 on her 16. If she approached you, you’ll get jailed. If you approached her, you’ll get jailed. Plus a kick on the face by Brando. That’s better than NATO rounds, right?

Tour-guide – If the tour guide is one of your friends, I’m sure this person have reached many places with the big chance that he already visited your next destination twice. He knows the area and you guys will never be lost as long as you have this walking Dora’s Map. He blends in with locals as if he  grew up with them. He speaks and understand 9 local dialects in the Philippines even if we have only 8. But his monthly travels made his skin very dark because of sun burn which helps him look like one of the locals. I’m not a racist but inside a Barkada, there’s always that “well-done” friend.

And now that the officials of Barkada are all aboard, let’s hit the beach!

By SnowWhite

The Indestructable EDSA Commuter

Life is an Adventure.

Yeah, when you’re in EDSA, I doubt you’ll miss the challenges in life. Because that highway is the very manifestation of all danger you will ever encounter in the road.


If you’re a commuter like me who rides over EDSA everyday, you know what I’m talking about. Car crashes, police checkpoints, thieves, authority bribery, flying buses off the sky ways, and every single bad luck you can experience when you commute. Just boarding on a cruising transport along EDSA highway is already a daily exercise for us, be it physically or mentally.

Here are the 7 proofs that you are a true Unbreakable EDSA Warrior:

1. You know the 13 MRT stations – It took me nearly a dozen of times riding the train just to remember the 13 MRT stations in correct order. I remember it was the days when all stations have free news paper stands beside every stairs, and O’Sullivan’s friends haven’t thought of bringing the Public Wi-Fi idea to the Philippines. And since we have that pact of not sharing the secret to true greatness, I will not tell you the 13 stations so that you’ll google it or see them for yourself.

2. You know your trademark – You know the logos of each establishment, you know the proper pronunciation of Pruegot, you know that it was called Blas F. Ople Building and not PEOA building, you know how many times ‘Shangri La Plaza’ changed their trademark, and you know how many SM malls are in standing beside EDSA.

3. You will avoid MRT Ayala Station on rush hour if you have the chance – You know the hellish experience of this particuar MRT station on 5 pm onward. After the first and hopefully the last time of getting lost in that labyrinth of a station, you will witness the real life “train to Busan” action as the desperate hundred commuters force their way inside the small train from a narrow platform. Believe me, you don’t wanna get off the train to Ayala station on that hour. And speaking of “rush hour”…

4. 7am and 5pm onward means trouble – If you’re riding the MRT, ‘Train to Busan’ experience. If you’re riding a bus or PUVs, it’s ‘300’. You can even imagine people yelling “SPARTAAA!” as they charge towards a bus that can only take two passengers.


5. You have spare coins – You have spare coins ready to avoid bus tickets of returning the wrong amount of change. You stop the jeepney driver before asking “may barya ka?” because you throw the coins on his face like a flying shuriken (at least in your imagination). Coins are also for sneaky Badjaos climbing on-board and ask for a share. And lastly, because the tempting smell of freshly roasted nuts even if you don’t know where exactly they’re roasting them. Just sayin’.

6. You know the ‘Modus’ – You know every trick, every style, every distraction-strategy of a thief. They will do their best to rob or snatch your bag. And you immediately grab your pocket to make sure your phone is in there whenever you get off the bus. And you don’t trust the police for that.

7. Your bag defines you – There are materials that found in your bag but not all of them together. You have shoes glue ready to fix your shoe, pepper spray when you fight back, taser if you’re a bit sadist, ‘skyflakes’ because “baon sa bulsa, handa ang sikmura.”, and the vanishing umbrella because suddenly it wasn’t there when you need it most. Seriously, if a bus company sale all of the umbrellas left by the passengers, I bet they will get the equal boundary of one trip.


8. No seat, no problem – Jeeps are always full on rush hours. So what we commuters do is to grab on those bars at the end of the jeepney’s roof and hang on tight. Literally. Ain’t no sun or rain can back us down. Besides if you haven’t tried it, you’re life in the Philippines will not be complete. Even girls on Nursing uniforms do it. Chivalry? Nah. We prefer the extreme!

9. The PNP logo – This is a good challenge for your friends. If you always ride in EDSA and have an observant eye, you probably noticed that one of Camp Crame’s wall logos facing EDSA highway is not embossed. For the challenge; What is the number of the wall with flat logo if you count all the logos starting from the camp’s EDSA gate going to Annapolis Avenue? Just ask for it.


10. When in doubt, 123 your way out – We don’t want to use this last part but let’s admit it, sometimes we unconsciously or simply forgot to pay the fare. Consider that a blessing. Never do it on a daily basis.

Did you got all of these? I’m sure you do.

By: “Snow White”



10 Temporary Remedies for your Body Problems

When we feel sick, sometimes medicines just not simply work. Well, not all sickness have medicines, right? Like chocking and hiccups. These kind of irritating situations may only be for a moment but real causes a lot of trouble in our daily routine. And since we don’t really have medicines for them, I gathered 9 simple remedies to cure some body problems.

  1. Hiccup solution 1
    Hiccups are burst of inhalation. Most simple cases of hiccups come after drinking or eating too much or too quickly. Normally, people would grab a glass of water. But there’s another way to relieve hiccups. You can treat hiccups by simply holding your breath and covering both of your ear hole with a finger. The pressure on the nerve endings in your ear will cut off hiccups and stop them in their tracks.
  2. Hiccup solution 2
    Hiccup solution 2 is a bit tricky and proven by the magazine Readers Digest. First, try to swallow three balls of air and exhale it with your nose. I know it’s a bit difficult to do but it worked to me dozens of times.
  3. Clogged nose nasal blockages
    Nasal Congestion occurs when nasal and adjacent tissues and blood vessels becomes swollen with excess fluid, causing a “stuffy” feeling. To treat your stuffy nose problems, press your tongue in the roof of your mouth while applying pressure on the bridge of your eye brows between eye brows for 20 seconds.
  4. Brain Freeze
    Everybody loves ice cream and there’s nothing an ice cream can solve. Well, there’s one. Brain freeze! To solve this sweet headache, press your thumb to the roof of your mouth. It will warm your palate and relieve the pain.
  5. Pee
    I know sometimes you want to stop the need to pee feeling. Especially when you’re in the peak of your productivity or in the middle of an important meeting. Worry no more. Coz apparently, there is a way to stop it for awhile. Relieve the tension by scratching the back of your calf. This will preoccupy your brain until you can pee. There’s another way but I don’t wanna say it here. This is a family-friendly blog.
  6. Toothache
    The body pain that will make you believe in two religions at the same time. To be honest, tooth pain doesn’t really come from your tooth, but from the gums under that tooth. And what’s more aggravating with this pain is it always happen on your most vulnerable and unprepared time. rub ice on back of your hand and the skin in the middle of thumb and point finger. This area contains nerve path ways that block pain signals from the face and hands.
  7. Anxiety
    I doubt you will remember this when you’re nervous but I will tell you. By blowing on your thumb, the nerve that controls heart rate will send out messages to your heart, telling it to slow down.
  8. Headache by Dehydration
    There are many causes of headaches, one in particular is dehydration. A jolly professor once told me that our body is forever be depending on water and when you fail to achieve the average water drinking necessity of your body, one of the signals your body will give you is headache. You really don’t have to drink medicine on this one, you can just drink more water and your headache will be surely gone.
  9. Dead Skin
    Dead skin is real problem especially for people with white complexion. Sun Burns and dark spots counts as well. If you love brewed coffee, don’t throw those used coffee grounds away. Rub it the area with dead skin. The coffee’s acidity level will help to remove dead skin cells and also serves as anti-oxidant and skin aging.
  10. Chocking
    This is my favorite of them all. When you get chocked while eating and there’s no water, raise your right arm as high as you can. By doing this, your rib cage and other parts within it will miss-align thus widening your esophagus which will make it easy for you to swallow the food. If this don’t work, it’s still easy to run on the nearest fridge and drink water. Never fails me.


Operation Yellow Ribbon

Simula nang mahalal ang pangulo sa kanyang posisyon, marami nang naging hakbang ang kampo ng mga Aquino para pabagsakin ang kanyang administrasyon. Kaya naman ngayon, kukuha tayo ng sampung taktika na talaga namang masasabi mong TATAK DILAW.

Tila nagiging obvious at desperado ang mga hakbang ng kampo ng mga Aquino at kanilang mga kakampi laban sa kasalukuyang administrasyon. Bagamat kapansin-pansin rin ang pagbabalewala ng pangulo sa kabila ng paninira ng kayang mga katunggali, tiwala siya na ang taong bayan ang sa huli’y lalaban para sa katotohanan.

Ika nga e nagiging “Sambayanang Pilipino laban sa mga PULPOL-itiko”

Kaya’t heto ang sampu sa mga Yellow Tactics na maaring di mo pa nasaksihan:

  1. Plan B – matapos ang matagumpay (nga ba?) na panalo ng Partido Liberal para sa pagka-Vice President na posisyon, marami na kaagad ang kumunot-noo kay Vice President Leni Robredo. Noong una, tahimik at tila “neutral” si Leni, ngunit matapos ang ilang buwan, sinimulan na rin niya ang paglabas ng kanyang tunay na kulay.
  2.  Blame it to the president – “so ano, kasalanan ko nanaman?” Noong nakaraang termino, natatawa ako kung paano isinisisi ng lahat sa pangulo ang problema ng bansa. Tumirik ang MRT, kasalanan ni PNoy; SAF 44, kasalanan ni PNoy; Bumara ang Toilet, kasalanan ni PNoy. Marahil naisip ng kanyang kampo, “kung ginawa nila ito kay PNoy, baka sakaling gumana rin kay Du30.”
  3. EJK – At eto nga. Sinimulan nga nilang isisi sa kasalukuyang pangulo ang lahat ng Extra-Judicial Killings sa bansa. Ginamit nila ang sinabi ng pangulo na papatayin niya ang lahat ng adik sa daan.
  4. De Lima Strategy – Maganda ang ipinakita ni De Lima sa kanyang TV Electoral Campaign, ikukulong niya raw ang mga abuso sa kapangyarian. Tamang-tama para sa hakbang na ito. Usigin ang pangulo at ungkatin ang kanyang mga nakaraan.
  5. DDSatbp – Davao Death Squad at iba pa. Ungkatin ang mga issues ng pangulo para magalit at matakot ang taong bayan. Mas effective at kapanipaniwala kapag kasalukuyang nagaganap ang EJK at Oplan Tokhang.
  6. Hired Witnesses – Kabilang ang mga witnesses na madalas mong naririnig sa balita gaya nila SPO3 Lascañas and sikat na sikat na si Matobato. Medyo narindi na rin ang mga Senador sa paulit-ulit na kwentong hatid ng mga False Witnesses na ito kaya’t sa huli, bumaliktad na ang sitwasyon at si De Lima naman ang inusig at napatunayang may sala at ikinulong.
  7. Bias Media Strategy – Maraming beses nang tinitira ng bias media ang pangulo. Mga kilalang Philippine tabloids, news channels, at maging ang international media ang walang sawang sumisira sa matibay na paniniwala ng mga Pilipino sa Presidente ng bansa. Ngunit kabaliktaran ang nangyari dahil ngayon, pati mga Pilipino sa ibang bansa mas lalo lumakas ang paniniwala kay Pangulong Duterte.
  8. Trillanes for Distraction – Si Senator Trillanes ang isa sa mga maiingay na kakampi ni De Lima ngunit ngayong nakakulong na si De Lima, naipasa na ang bola kay Trillanes na walang sawang humahanap ng dahilan upang mapatalsik ang pangulo. Ang nakakatawa lang, the more na naghahain siya ng reklamo laban sa pangulo, ay the more din na lumalabas ang kanyang kapalpakan na nagpapatunay na siya ay under ng mga Dilaw.
  9. Social Media Strategy – Epektibo sana ang estratehiyang ito upang magpakalat ng maling balita at magpalakas ang Partidong Liberal sa mga tao ngunit mukhang kahit sa Social Media ay mas marami parin ang taga-suporta ng Pangulo. Mas pinalakas pa ng mga kilalang tagapag-balita ng bansa na naghahatid ng totoong balita tungkol sa mga nangyayari.
  10. VP move – Pinaka-latest. Nauubusan na kasi ng maita-topic si Senator Trillanes. Halos marindi na ang taong bayan sa pagiingay ni Trillanes kaya’t this time, si VP Leni naman na tila humihingi ng tulong sa ibang bansa upang mapatalsik sa pwesto ang pangulo. Sa halip, mas nagalit ang sambayanang Pilipino kay VP Leni sa kaniyang hakbang at nagsamasama upang mapatalsik siya sa pwesto. At ang Pangulo? Naging gentleman parin at denepensahan ang kanyang Vice-President. Sampal ulit ito sa kampo ng Partidong Liberal.

Nakakatawa na lang tignan kung gaano ka-desperado nang kanilang kampo Liberal na pabagsakin ang administrasyong Duterte. Mga totoong sakim sa kapangyarihan. Marahil alam nila ang kasalukuyang administrasyon ang makakapagpabagsak sa kanila kaya’t gayon nalamang ang kanilang pagpupursigi na matalo ito.

Nakakatuwa rin na sa likod ng mga ito ay nananatili paring matatag ang pangulo at hindi pinapansin ang mga estratihiyang ito ng kanyang mga katunggali. Sa huli, kapwa Pilipino, tanging ikaw ang makakapag-sabi kung sino ang dapat paniwalaan at suportahan.

By “Cinderella”


The 7 unthinkable and fun uses of flu masks


The Philippine air is becoming  more pollute each year and the public found a way to battle it with style. We adapted other countries’ flu masks and decorated it with fancy ornaments and prints that suits our different personalities. Its primary uses are against air pollution, avoiding airborne bacteria (and hopefully strong viruses), prevent dust entering our facial pores, and to make sure we’re not infecting anyone.



Aside these primary uses, there are still plenty unthinkable ways to use a flu mask. Let’s start counting.

  1. Style – yes, i get it. This one isn’t new. I’m sure if you don’t belong in the examples above, you’ll probably land here. You’re the type of flu mask user because of the style. You’re not really sick, you just to wear it for fashion.
  2. Strengthen your lungs – I bet you didn’t see this one comin’. Wearing masks especially while doing exercise strengthens our lungs. Our lungs gradually learn to use air efficiently through practice. Like taking a deep breath before submerging to the water. The mask minimizes the air intake of the lungs which helps our lungs capacity to hold breath.1ピースかわいいかわいいアニメkaomoji-くんemotiction口マッフル冬コットン面白い口アンチダスト顔マスク
  3. Smile and laugh freely – Stereotypes of the public think you’re crazy for smiling and laughing in front of your phone. Wellp, not anymore.
  4. Speak freely and it wasn’t you – I’ve done this a few times and never get caught. It’s in my personality to say thing straight to anyone but it’s safer now.
  5. Saves you from being recognized – feel like a ninja”. Walk in and walk out of the party unrecognized. A flu mask is still a type of mask to covers the face and that includes your identity.
  6. Snore suppressor – more like saliva catcher. When you’re too tired from work, it’s not easy to stay awake on your journey home. Most workers take a nap on the bus and when the sleep gets deeper, the snore gets louder. your fancy flu-mask doesn’t really stop you from snoring but it lessens the sound.
  7. Sensation concealment – Of course when you cover your face, you cover your expressions. Tough times requires your game face but when you can’t find the ability to do the serious look, you just need something to cover it up.
  8. (BONUS!) Slip away from being reprimanded – This just happened to me earlier. I really don’t want to get scolded by my boss in the office. I’m sick and required to wear my flu mask everyday. And when I’m about to get castigated, “Sorry boss, it seems I lost my flu mask somewhere” and I promise you, he doesn’t want to breathe air coming out of your lungs so the conversation will be over in less than a minute.

-By “Snow White”



Is the Social Media Keeping People to Stay Lazy?

“If it feels good, then it must be right.”

Presenting: The mindset of some people to justify laziness.

Being Lazy sometimes is not a bad thing. But if you get addicted to it, it will cling on you to the point that is almost impossible brush-off. It will stop your development and will result to unwanted effects that you were once vowed to avoid when your just a little kid.

“I want to be a doctor.”

…and where are you now?

Well, they’re not entirely lazy because laziness is when you feel tired to do everything. Most people calls it laziness when you prefer leisure over productivity, like playing video games, Facebook browsing, reading online visual novels, et cetera which are actually your hobbies. And when I say “productivity”, these are the activities that promotes well-being and generally acceptable lifestyle, like finding a job, exercise, skills enhancement, and outdoor explorations.


Social media is both the medium and at fault for keeping some people lazy. Since Facebook and other social networking sites works with the freedom to share on public, everything a person has to say is expected to influence a few who reads his wall posts. Now imagine if highly influential people started posting about feeling good in laziness.

Social media notifications can distract your working attitude and if you’re a blogger like me, you know exactly what I’m talking about. Facebook and other social networking sites are getting frequent updates than your love life. And now, your browser or mobile phone can notify you. This is one of the reasons why social media is highly discouraged in every workplace. Imagine when you’re working on a complex paper work and suddenly *ting!* a pop-up notification on the right corner of your screen? Goodbye focus, hello scroll-down. On your way to laziness pit.


It’s not just the social media, but also the people using the social media are the ones responsible for toppling people off track to adulthood. Remember the trending hashtag #Adulting when teens starting to brag about cooking and other house chores which in our early days, were taught to us by our parents and should’ve practicing it for the rest of our lives? Successfully boiling water doesn’t tell you’re ready for adulthood. Stop being lazy and get things done.


Posting ideology also helps these people to find reasons to be lazy. According to Benjamin P. Hardy, an Organizational Psychology student, It is likely for C students to be more successful in life than of students with A and B ranks because they question the validity of academic system. ideals like these are now circulating on the social media which people uses to reason out why they don’t study their lessons at home.

It could also be a marketing strategy. Because there are more than 1 billion active Facebook users in the world and is impossible that none of them didn’t saw your advertisement. More products are hitting your newsfeed that came from laziness. You’re too lazy to fold the clothes so the market made you a machine that folds for you. You’re too lazy to go to buy the grocery so the market lets you hire a deliveryman for you. You’re too lazy to cook your meal so the market cooked the finest and hot fast food for you.

And all of these products that are way easier to see, thanks to social media, have the tagline “to make your life easier” where in which “to hide the lazy consumer within you”.



Hiding under some cuddling photos is the undeniable fact that you are pleased to be lazy yourself starting by reacting to them. Photos of people under these zodiac signs; photos of a couple lying on a bed all day; photos of cute pandas; photos of laziness quote with strong message; photos of laziness and sarcasm; et cetera. What unacceptable with these persuasive photos is when people find it adorable and they will tag someone. Laziness influence en-route to instant world domination.

Social media is a medium of expression to everyone. Whatever you say or do in your account will affect your social circle. You have followers, admirers, viewers, and people that look up on you. Your posts matters to them. The way you use your social media account reflects the entire you. Be a good example to them and most of all


Laziness is laziness.


By “Cinderella”