My Personal Thoughts about SONA 2017

I chose the word “personal” because that’s what I think the whole SONA was about for the President. Everything’s personal.

I am not with, nor against the President’s words. Making everything a personal matter is common if you’re patriotic and when we’re talking about the national security. There’s a popular saying which goes “Trabaho lang, walang personalan.” But if the job is personal, would you not take it personally?


Like the other ones before yesterday, the SONA didn’t start as scheduled; It started from the moment when the authorities barricaded the streets, before militants flooded half of the Commonwealth Avenue, and helicopters disturbed the sleeping Barangays around Batasang Pambansa Complex. Though the official SONA started at 4PM as scheduled, there are a lot of things that happened before that.

The president arrived in a white chopper. Maybe because his convoy was ambushed days before his SONA. He spent few minutes in a short meeting  with the congress leaders and started the traditional walk towards the Plenary. After making a quick joke on where he used to sit and the people who’s with him that he thought was still absent, he then started his speech.

The President indeed spoke from his heart just like Secretary Ernesto Abella said. Though the expected time to finish the whole statement was only 45 minutes, the additions made it last for 2 hours.

In his statement, he pointed out his war against illegal drugs as his major mission in his time. That f the illegal drugs will continue, it will be, and always have been, the root of evil and suffering. And the that, the option for drug traffickers is only either jail or hell.

President Duterte also explained why he declared Martial Law in Mindanao and why it is the best solution. He explained it was to prevent the rebels escape by pretending to be civilians and spreading violence in the rest of Mindanao.

He then mentioned the mining sectors and their operations that destroy the country’s natural resources. He will make sure that these mining companies will faces steep taxes if they do not spend enough on rehabilitating areas that host their operations.

When it comes to the Natural Disasters, he mentioned this “while we control the acts of man, no one can control or stop the fury and rampage of weather gone wild. When nature fights back, it does so with a vengeance.”

Bias Multimedia was specially mentioned; The President stated that ABS-CBN and Rappler are media that wants to be owned by the Americans for making news against him – the President and his governance. GMA network must have been clapping its ears all day after hearing that.

The President is right. Even I don’t understand how the Filipinos react. When they see the President killing the criminals, they bash him with everything they got. And when there’s a civilian casualty, a woman raped, or a child died, they stay quiet. As if they’re just waiting for him to commit mistakes so they could criticize him again and impeach him. It’s very obvious, truly scary, and utterly pathetic, how these specific people do everything for power.

He asked the Filipino people not to be afraid and help him fight corruption. He gave a number (8888) so people can report directly to him for free. He guaranteed to take care of everything if you help him.


The President advised the authorities to kill the rebels. Why? Like my dad said, if he will be the President, he will do the same. Because these rebels will only cause havoc in the prison cells; and the guards will have to feed them, bathe them, and give them a place to sleep. Then jailbreaks will happen and will only kill these guards and escape and go back in terrorizing people. Make sense. I agree with the President’s decision in this matter.

He also shared his reason of why he doesn’t call the Malacanang Palace a ‘Palace’. Maybe he did that to cool-off the heat in the room. That the Malacanang Palace is just a house of wood where rats from Pasig River runs freely on its halls and gardens. And the soldiers guarding the palace won’t shoot these rodents because they were the ‘Presidential Mouse’. He ended the humor by saying “P*tang*na! Mabuti pa yung mga mouse dito hindi pa pinapatay, iyong tao kinakatay ninyo.”

To provide further support to people’s needs, the President once again his Tax Reform Program which is now in the hands of the Senate. But the Tax Reform Program doesn’t seem to please the taste of the Senate, and he knows that so he already accepted whether they will pass it or not.

What surprised me is when he confronts the militants outside face to face to hear and understand what they were trying to say. He is, in truth and in fact, trying his best to meet the expectations of all the Filipinos. But the way these militants react towards his courtesy would really displease any well-mannered person. I understand that these people are furious about dissatisfaction, but resulting to rage only make things worst. And one person somewhere on the background is shouting “Di ka namin kaylangan!”, so disrespectful. I wonder why he’s in the rally while others stays in their home and understands the statement of the President.





War Machine : Why “it” isn’t getting done


In most American war film, it’s always the American forces are the good guys, while men in AKs are the bad guys. Well, ‘War Machine’ is different. The perfect combination of true story, comedy, and drama. An eye-opener. The war just can’t possibly be won so they sack the guy who’s not winning it and bring-in some other guy. And that other guy was Glen.


Starring Brad Pitt as a Four-Star General Glen McMahon who’s recently appointed as the leader of of the United States Coalition Forces in Afghanistan. Together with his best team, he was tasked to clean the mess the US government left in Afghan War. He thought, war should be fought by men and won by ideals. At first you would thought, hey! He’s the best guy for job. Yes he is. He’s born in a military family, he had graduate degree in political affairs and military history and graduated in ranger school. The right guy for the job right? But sometimes, the guy is not the problem. Sometimes it’s the job.

Why don’t we spice up the discussion by putting your feet inside of General McMahon’s combat boots? Let me give you an idea. You will be sent there to assess the country and form a solution. Help rebuild the economy and protect the remaining population …basically, you’re there to clean up the mess. And you will fail. Yeah. Like what happened to Glen and all of his predecessors. Here’s why:

The Civilian Executives are standing on your way of greatness. The American executives wants to get involved as you go to the heart of the problem while they sit on a comfy chair and dictates what needs to be done. They make you feel good by building your confidence and promised they will give you anything you needed to make “it” done. Which of course, they didn’t.

The Leaders of the Afghan republic doesn’t care. Maybe they’re too tired of fighting for their own land and just give up because citizens won’t listen anyway. This will give you the idea that you won’t get any physical support from the Afghanistan President. Only a warm “good luck”.

Math of Insurgency is more difficult than Algebra. When, however, you’ve just gone and invaded a place that you probably shouldn’t have, you end up fighting against just regular people in regular-people clothes called Insurgents. Insurgents are people who picked-up weapons just like what would you do if someone invaded your country. the bad thing is that insurgencies are next to impossible to defeat. Let’s say you’re a soldier and killed two out of ten insurgents, the answer will not be eight but twenty.

Convincing locals that you didn’t invade them which what obviously the United States Government did. The government gave you a very heavy responsibility of convincing the locals that you’re there to help. It’s a popularity contest, convincing the locals that they’re better off with you than they are with the terrorists or insurgents. Plus the fact that you are wearing the uniform of the invader. It’s just so hard to trust you.

Political issues are delaying the progress. I will no longer explain this part since we all know politics is only good in cooking temporary measures and delaying the good ones.

Journalists can cover-up a story and are experts of ruining somebody’s career. They’re swift and quiet, you will never know what hit you. You’ll just wake up one day and you’ll realize your whole career is over. Like how they turn the focus of the real problem in Afghanistan to the only person capable of fixing it. And this is the one that led Glen’s glorious conquest into nothing but a paragraph in his authored book.

War Machine

In 2 hours, the movie pretty much explained everything. This isn’t the story of soldiers fighting rebels. This is the part of the war we don’t see. This war, as Glen saw it, didn’t won because it wasn’t being led. At first I felt bad how everything turned out for Glen. But we can say it’s a good thing too for him that he was relieved from work. The US government don’t deserve a man like him. That’s just how it is. They sack Glen because he’s not winning it and brought-in again some other guy again.

Glen wrote in his book titled ‘One Leg at a Time, Just Like Everybody Else.’ in it, he wrote “All men are imperfect creatures. Left to their own devices, all they really wanna do is play with their d*cks and eat chicken.” Now, you know why. This is the problem when you’re the right guy for the job, but you’re serving the wrong people. “It” is the main priority of rebuilding, supporting and protecting the civilian population despite the fact they don’t trust you.

“The mission was to protect the people. Not killing them. We can’t kill them and help them at the same time. It just ain’t humanly possible.”

-General Glen McMahon


By SnowWhite



Operation Yellow Ribbon

Simula nang mahalal ang pangulo sa kanyang posisyon, marami nang naging hakbang ang kampo ng mga Aquino para pabagsakin ang kanyang administrasyon. Kaya naman ngayon, kukuha tayo ng sampung taktika na talaga namang masasabi mong TATAK DILAW.

Tila nagiging obvious at desperado ang mga hakbang ng kampo ng mga Aquino at kanilang mga kakampi laban sa kasalukuyang administrasyon. Bagamat kapansin-pansin rin ang pagbabalewala ng pangulo sa kabila ng paninira ng kayang mga katunggali, tiwala siya na ang taong bayan ang sa huli’y lalaban para sa katotohanan.

Ika nga e nagiging “Sambayanang Pilipino laban sa mga PULPOL-itiko”

Kaya’t heto ang sampu sa mga Yellow Tactics na maaring di mo pa nasaksihan:

  1. Plan B – matapos ang matagumpay (nga ba?) na panalo ng Partido Liberal para sa pagka-Vice President na posisyon, marami na kaagad ang kumunot-noo kay Vice President Leni Robredo. Noong una, tahimik at tila “neutral” si Leni, ngunit matapos ang ilang buwan, sinimulan na rin niya ang paglabas ng kanyang tunay na kulay.
  2.  Blame it to the president – “so ano, kasalanan ko nanaman?” Noong nakaraang termino, natatawa ako kung paano isinisisi ng lahat sa pangulo ang problema ng bansa. Tumirik ang MRT, kasalanan ni PNoy; SAF 44, kasalanan ni PNoy; Bumara ang Toilet, kasalanan ni PNoy. Marahil naisip ng kanyang kampo, “kung ginawa nila ito kay PNoy, baka sakaling gumana rin kay Du30.”
  3. EJK – At eto nga. Sinimulan nga nilang isisi sa kasalukuyang pangulo ang lahat ng Extra-Judicial Killings sa bansa. Ginamit nila ang sinabi ng pangulo na papatayin niya ang lahat ng adik sa daan.
  4. De Lima Strategy – Maganda ang ipinakita ni De Lima sa kanyang TV Electoral Campaign, ikukulong niya raw ang mga abuso sa kapangyarian. Tamang-tama para sa hakbang na ito. Usigin ang pangulo at ungkatin ang kanyang mga nakaraan.
  5. DDSatbp – Davao Death Squad at iba pa. Ungkatin ang mga issues ng pangulo para magalit at matakot ang taong bayan. Mas effective at kapanipaniwala kapag kasalukuyang nagaganap ang EJK at Oplan Tokhang.
  6. Hired Witnesses – Kabilang ang mga witnesses na madalas mong naririnig sa balita gaya nila SPO3 Lascañas and sikat na sikat na si Matobato. Medyo narindi na rin ang mga Senador sa paulit-ulit na kwentong hatid ng mga False Witnesses na ito kaya’t sa huli, bumaliktad na ang sitwasyon at si De Lima naman ang inusig at napatunayang may sala at ikinulong.
  7. Bias Media Strategy – Maraming beses nang tinitira ng bias media ang pangulo. Mga kilalang Philippine tabloids, news channels, at maging ang international media ang walang sawang sumisira sa matibay na paniniwala ng mga Pilipino sa Presidente ng bansa. Ngunit kabaliktaran ang nangyari dahil ngayon, pati mga Pilipino sa ibang bansa mas lalo lumakas ang paniniwala kay Pangulong Duterte.
  8. Trillanes for Distraction – Si Senator Trillanes ang isa sa mga maiingay na kakampi ni De Lima ngunit ngayong nakakulong na si De Lima, naipasa na ang bola kay Trillanes na walang sawang humahanap ng dahilan upang mapatalsik ang pangulo. Ang nakakatawa lang, the more na naghahain siya ng reklamo laban sa pangulo, ay the more din na lumalabas ang kanyang kapalpakan na nagpapatunay na siya ay under ng mga Dilaw.
  9. Social Media Strategy – Epektibo sana ang estratehiyang ito upang magpakalat ng maling balita at magpalakas ang Partidong Liberal sa mga tao ngunit mukhang kahit sa Social Media ay mas marami parin ang taga-suporta ng Pangulo. Mas pinalakas pa ng mga kilalang tagapag-balita ng bansa na naghahatid ng totoong balita tungkol sa mga nangyayari.
  10. VP move – Pinaka-latest. Nauubusan na kasi ng maita-topic si Senator Trillanes. Halos marindi na ang taong bayan sa pagiingay ni Trillanes kaya’t this time, si VP Leni naman na tila humihingi ng tulong sa ibang bansa upang mapatalsik sa pwesto ang pangulo. Sa halip, mas nagalit ang sambayanang Pilipino kay VP Leni sa kaniyang hakbang at nagsamasama upang mapatalsik siya sa pwesto. At ang Pangulo? Naging gentleman parin at denepensahan ang kanyang Vice-President. Sampal ulit ito sa kampo ng Partidong Liberal.

Nakakatawa na lang tignan kung gaano ka-desperado nang kanilang kampo Liberal na pabagsakin ang administrasyong Duterte. Mga totoong sakim sa kapangyarihan. Marahil alam nila ang kasalukuyang administrasyon ang makakapagpabagsak sa kanila kaya’t gayon nalamang ang kanilang pagpupursigi na matalo ito.

Nakakatuwa rin na sa likod ng mga ito ay nananatili paring matatag ang pangulo at hindi pinapansin ang mga estratihiyang ito ng kanyang mga katunggali. Sa huli, kapwa Pilipino, tanging ikaw ang makakapag-sabi kung sino ang dapat paniwalaan at suportahan.

By “Cinderella”



Field Trip inside the Quezon Heritage House

Have you tried visiting the Quezon Heritage House? Oh, you’ll love it. It’ll complete your title ‘Batang QC‘ experience. As for me, this is an experience I won’t dare to miss.


Aside the whooping 8 x 8 (sometimes 10 x 10) lanes of the longest highway in Metro Manila, The Commonwealth Highway, there are other great things in Quezon City. Its history can be seen everywhere, and most of it are inside the QC Memorial Circle.

When they say Quezon City, who would forget the person behind it? Manuel L. Quezon (MLQ), the 2nd President of the Philippine Republic, and the President of Commonwealth of the Philippines. And recently, his rest house was the new attraction in the block.

Manuel L. Quezon’s rest house is originally located at Gilmore street, New Manila but since the lot is about to get sold, the house was moved inside The QC Memorial Circle. Although it suffered minimal damages while being moved, the city government has successfully completed and opened the house for tourist attraction.


The House:

My historic tour started with the historic steps of the house. They managed to move the stairs except they only moved the 18 of the 19 original steps (must’ve been destroyed upon removal).On the 2nd floor, you will be greeted by these Machuca tiles which just like Tour Guide Elise said, “only the wealthy could afford”. All the doors were the original doors and made of wood.

The first room is Donia Aurora’s bedroom. The wooden bed that came from United States has the symbol of eagle on it’s upper part. Donia Aurora’s rosary are also sitting on it’s pillow, well preserved, beside the bed.


The next is Manuel L. Quezon’s Master’s Bedroom. On the middle, sits the Atay bed where His Excellency takes a rest from long days of work and Tuberculosis illness. The bed is made of wood like Donia Aurora’s bed with a squash-like design on the corner. If the squash is up-side down, the bed is for female.On the side, stands his wardrobe of authentic Gatsby fashion and clothing accessories: classy suits, bow ties, stetson Amsterdam hats, and his stylish walking sticks.

Next to his room is his nurse’s bedroom. It’s important that she’s beside Manuel L Quezon for medical reasons.


Out of these bedrooms is the family room with a round table for card games. Below the window is a giant plant box -gift to Donia Aurora on her birthday February 19, 1941, by Mr. and Mrs. Tapia. The dining room on the same floor has a kitchen but no stove since on their days, the meals are cooked to the back exit outside.

Found on the dark corner of the family room entrance is a narrow steel spiral staircase. and below was big guest room with the collections of his books and certificates when he was still in senate. Cozy seats and wooden tables with the image of Jesus Christ and Mary on the sides. In-cased in a glass box is MLQ’s statute wearing his tux.

Donia Aurora is the founder of Red Cross. Surprisingly, the first ever Red Cross Head Quarters was actually inside the Quezon Rest House.


The kids’ bedrooms ares also on the 1st floor. Inside are beds for each, a giant cabinets with the other made of glass, some old journals and authentic traditional gowns, all well-preserved.

Behind the house is pool. They decided to turn the pool into a fountain for tourist display, though.

Inside QC Memorial Circle is the perfect place where the heritage house should belong. Right next to the remains of MLQ himself, in the center of a great, green, and growing Quezon City.






Special thanks to my tour guide; Elise, and the Quezon City Government.



Filipino Logic: Blame it to the Authority




An afternoon TV News and social media program’s news anchor said that social media transforms not only Filipinos but also other users around the world into instant critiques judging every single statement they see or hear in their news feed. If you think about it, he has a point.

For some, a photo such as this one can tell lots of stories. The sad truth is that stories change when the photos collage, edited, and/or cropped. But photos such as this one tells nothing about the past.

bobong pulis ma read ka pota.jpg

A rally on October 19 at U.S. Embassy became trending when a Police Mobile rammed protesters. Of course, the GTA(Grand Thief Auto) move of PNP caught your attention and so as other Facebook users around the world. And believe me, more than half already decided that it was the PNP to blame. Of course, running over protesters is terrible but since you were playing critique here, you should also think if the video was cropped. In the original video, the police would only stand on their line in a defensive position, like Spartans, and they will only do that when the angry mob is charging. In the same video (if not yet edited), you can hear their leader shouting “walang mambabato!” while protestants throwing stones. A real critique looks not only what happens at the front but also at the back. These protesters are also the ones shouting their actions mean no harm. “peaceful” rally.

That’s our Filipino logic. We have that thing of blaming our mistakes to others and when we don’t want or can’t understand something, we take it as threat and blame the one who posed it. Even a single word of our own elected president means something that some Filipinos wants him impeached. It’s like blaming the interior designer of a mall for being too low that kids chose them as their ‘leap-of-faith’ spot.

Think about this. “If you didn’t do that in the first place, this won’t happen.”


The highlights of #SenateHearing this September so far

The highlights of #SenateHearing for September so far

At least, before the month ends; here are the top 12 most memorable moments of #SenateHearing


  1. Herbert Colangco and the company. One of the trending videos of September is Herbert Colangco and other witnesses’ harana for De Lima.


  1. Cayetano’s theory of plan B of LP. Reporters flocked towards Cayetano after a fierce debate inside the hearing. His statements summed his theory of the previous administration’s plot against the current administration.


  1. De Lima’s link to drugs inside bilibid prison. Now that’s something unexpected from a former Department of Justice Secretary.


  1. Breaking news: The death of Tony Co. Just recently, a riot broke in New Bilibid Prison with high profile inmates Tony Co found dead. Vicente Sy, Peter Co, and Jaybee Sebastian injured all in Building 14.


  1. “Extra Judicial Feelings”. And who would have forgotten the former Senate chairperson’s viral sex video?


  1. Pacqiao’s 1-2 punch against De Lima. Points to People’s champion.


  1. De Lima can’t stand anymore. De Lima left the hall while Senator Cayetano is still doing his privilege speech saying she would also do her own privilege speech on the next day. Her screenshot face is priceless.


  1. De Lima out, Dick Gordon sits on the chair. Sixteen senators voted to oust De Lima and was replaced by Senator Dick Gordon the new committee chairperson. His funny interludes makes the session hall .


  1. Trillanes vs Cayetano. Cayetano schooled Trillanes about “half-truth”


  1. Senator Trillanes’s remarkable attitude of turning a fellow colleague microphone off while he’s speaking.


  1. De Lima’s emotional breakdown on her press conference.


  1. The tale of Edgar Matobato. Probably the best unforgettable moments in Senate Hearing.



Why Matobato’s story too good to be true

We all know that when a story is too good, you should ask yourself if the story is true.

Just recently today, a man named Edgar Matobato surfaced to be a witness for Extra Judicial Killings case in the Senate Hearing. The 57 year old self-proclaimed Davao Death Squad(DDS) member told Senator Leila De Lima everything he knows that he can remember and share for the public.untitled1

But as the interrogation gets deeper, the story seem to be more and more too good to be true. Here are some points that will give you hints that Edgar Matobato’s statements are nothing but hearsay.

  1. No basis. No evidences
    Mentioning names, places, and events are easy.
  2. Suspect Dead
    After confessing two of DDS’s members “Joel Tapales” and “Loloy Gabas”, he also said they were double-crossed and killed.
  3. Sali-who?
    Matobato mentioned a name “Sali Makdum” who’s apparently not in Google as searched by GMA News.


  4. Alligators
    Yes, he said they fed someone to alligators.
  5. Miraculously Alive
    After depicting DDS’s actions almost heartless for killing swiftly almost anyone even the ones they don’t know and the ones who doesn’t fight back, he’s the only one who’s tortured for 1 week for the reason that he’s retiring and still alive.
  6. Yes-man
    frequently saying “Oo” (yes) whatever Senator Leila De Lima asks.


  7. “What-are-you-saying?” face of Bato
    General “Bato” Dela Rosa doesn’t even know who this guy is.
  8. The details
    As Senator Leila De Lima ask questions, the story gets more detailed.
  9. Duterte was there
    Started a story how his team attacked and over-killed NBI Agent Amisola and suddenly, Duterte came and emptied two magazines of Uzi to this “Amisola”.
  10. Bravery Bias
    Bravely mentioned names involved with killings but can’t mention the person brought him in the hearing.