What about The Wall?

I’m disappointed with you, Cena. You should’ve used that “You can’t see me” trick to get away from there.



Yesterday, I watched the second most disappointing Sniper War movie in my entire life. Next to Steven Seagal’s movie Sniper: Special Ops being number one most disappointing, where he spent more than half of the film sitting inside an empty house with his dying comrade. Have you watched The Wall starring John Cena and Aaron Taylor-Johnson? It was a real drama but if you have an experience with shooting high caliber firearms which my dad and I used to do every weekends, you’ll probably get pissed off right away and I’ll tell you why.


Again, this is just my opinion. I also included my personal alteration on how the movie should have ended for me.

Let’s start with… I’m so disappointed with you, John Cena. I know you should not be the one to blame because you’re just doing what in the script says. Staff Sergeant Shane Matthews is a sniper, a well-trained long range shooter capable of not just clean head shots but also reconnaissance and camouflage. I’m sorry, folks. I just can’t believe he just died there because of these 5 reasons:

1. He didn’t believe his spotter

A sniper’s spotter is his best buddy. In sniper movies, the spotter is the one who usually carries that odd-looking scope beside the sniper. His job is to spot enemy movements inside the perimeter. In this movie, Sergeant Allen Isaac is the spotter and the one who reported that enemy sniper is a “pro” for killing his targets with mostly head shots. But he didn’t believe him and instead decided to do something a normal sniper would not do, and that’s…


2. Walking in the kill zone

Can you believe that? It’s stupid and it’s suicide. Even a starfish knows moving towards death is a bad idea, but Shane did it anyway. And there he is, shot somewhere on his body, lying face-down on the ground. And it all happens because of his…

3. Lack of patience

When dad first allowed me to fire a sniper rifle, he told me two things: (one) “The hardest part in shooting is when not to shoot” and (two), “Patience before pulling the trigger.” Despite hearing Allen’s assessment and warning, Shane still chose to walk down there to collect the dead security guards’ radios. Although I think even doing it after a week will still get him killed, it’s obvious that the enemy sniper has just simply outmatched them.

4. He’s not cautious

If you are a sniper and good at hunting, you could bet your enemy is good at it too. If I’m in Shane’s boots, I would think that he could still be out there. Proceeding with caution is a must. I’ll be moving slowly, crouching to every object I could find. I could also do that booty dance. It’s always better to dance your booty behind a wall than in the open.


5. Random shot

It’s a good try since that’s his only opportunity to strike back. but if I were him, given the fact that the enemy sniper is a pro, I would have no choice but to rely on his professionalism to survive. I won’t waste my rounds targeting a well-hidden enemy. Here’s how I’m going to do it:


Let’s say I’m in his situation where I’m lying down on the ground. I’ll start by considering all the aspects around me: That includes my partner who is still alive and distracting the enemy via radio conversation, my rifle is just inches away from my hands, the desert is providing me a good cover, and my wound is temporarily treated by the time it touched the ground. With all these aspects and where the shots came from finally determined, I will not waste my remaining strength giving the mountain of scraps a cold barrage of rounds like what he did. Instead, I will hug my rifle, roll towards the drums within the flying sand, and restart the shooting game once and for all. I don’t know why the writer chose what just happened but it makes sense to me why the movie is titled “The Wall” and not “The Sniper” or “The Spotter”. I’m not going to tell you what happened in the end. Piece of advice: The Wall is not a war movie, but drama.


By Cinderella


What Makes Wonder Woman Different from All Other DC Movies


Have you watched Wonder Woman? If you’re still thinking that Wonder Woman is just another sexy female super hero, then I’d say you haven’t. Like her Eye make-up that never seem to get wiped off, there are many other aspects that made the movie Wonder Woman different from other DC Movies.


Here’s what you can expect. Wonder Woman is still, and the most wondrous female crime-fighting hero in DC universe. Diana’s an amazon, born in an island of women. She’s trained to be genius in combat. Her golden whip can stretch and immobilize her enemies. And she fights alongside Batman and the others in Justice League.


And here’s you probably didn’t know. Watch out because these will spoil your excitement to watch the movie. She’s a demi-human, a child of god and a human which grants her the ability of inhuman speed,  jump on great heights, and super strength that is not alien in nature like Superman. In the movie, Diana is a princess loved by her mother so much that she’s not even allowed to wield a sword; On the contrary, she’s a living weapon destined to defeat Ares, god of war(or wisdom). Though a half-god, she can still be killed with a bullet which explains why she deflects it with her arm guards.


Starring Gal Gadot as Diana Prince – Gal Gadot proved her worth as the story’s main star. Her face is just right, she’s gorgeous, innocent, fierce, and funny, perfect in every occasion. Even behind the scenes (which you could check on youtube), you can see how her game-face change instantly when needed. And check out her eye-liner throughout the movie, it’s a must buy.

The movie is humorous – Think about the other DC movies before Wonder Woman. It’s usually dark, dramatic, and full of suspense. But in Wonder Woman, the watchers are transported to a different world. The scenes and lines are witty and Diana’s ignorance to the real world made it even funnier. And top of that, she was partnered to a ‘Chris’


Chris Pine as Steve Trevor – Yup, we all know that there’s something about Chris(s) that makes all the girls watching superhero movies drool. Steve’s role is vital both in the story and to its viewers. It isn’t enough that only boys enjoys as Diana fights the Nazi army with her bare skin. The girls should see something pleasing too, perhaps a six pack of abs to balance it? If you will watch the movie, Chris Pine will be happy to show you more than that.


Women  can hide swords – Diana taught us under the sleeves are unthinkable tricks, and under the dress are unimaginable blades–swords in particular. Suddenly, women learned that swords go unconventionally perfect behind their backs and it goes smoothly even with a backless gown. Thank you Diana, girls can now attend the ball and slay their partners when caught red-handed dancing with another woman.

Super friends – Not really “super” though. Before Diana joined Justice League, she fought the war with just normal. Steve introduced Diana to his friends, an American native, an Irish Sniper, and an Arab conman. Together, they led the attack that forced the German army to retreat. Yes, she didn’t work alone. Finally,

No Cliff-hanger – Wonder Woman ended just right; giving its viewers the idea that there will be no sequel to the movie than Justice League. Unlike Superman Vs. Batman with a cliff-hanger scene of the dead Clark Kent leaving a clue that he’s going back to life. Will he be showing in Justice League? I don’t know, but he should be. We all know that DC has this thing of suddenly putting a character into the movie without telling the public like what Wonder Woman did.


The movie is so good that I can’t just give away any detailed spoiler. I suggest, you watch it on big screen so you would not miss any action Princess Diana prepared for you. And like how Wonder Woman ended without any cliff-hanger, I’ll stop right here.



War Machine : Why “it” isn’t getting done


In most American war film, it’s always the American forces are the good guys, while men in AKs are the bad guys. Well, ‘War Machine’ is different. The perfect combination of true story, comedy, and drama. An eye-opener. The war just can’t possibly be won so they sack the guy who’s not winning it and bring-in some other guy. And that other guy was Glen.


Starring Brad Pitt as a Four-Star General Glen McMahon who’s recently appointed as the leader of of the United States Coalition Forces in Afghanistan. Together with his best team, he was tasked to clean the mess the US government left in Afghan War. He thought, war should be fought by men and won by ideals. At first you would thought, hey! He’s the best guy for job. Yes he is. He’s born in a military family, he had graduate degree in political affairs and military history and graduated in ranger school. The right guy for the job right? But sometimes, the guy is not the problem. Sometimes it’s the job.

Why don’t we spice up the discussion by putting your feet inside of General McMahon’s combat boots? Let me give you an idea. You will be sent there to assess the country and form a solution. Help rebuild the economy and protect the remaining population …basically, you’re there to clean up the mess. And you will fail. Yeah. Like what happened to Glen and all of his predecessors. Here’s why:

The Civilian Executives are standing on your way of greatness. The American executives wants to get involved as you go to the heart of the problem while they sit on a comfy chair and dictates what needs to be done. They make you feel good by building your confidence and promised they will give you anything you needed to make “it” done. Which of course, they didn’t.

The Leaders of the Afghan republic doesn’t care. Maybe they’re too tired of fighting for their own land and just give up because citizens won’t listen anyway. This will give you the idea that you won’t get any physical support from the Afghanistan President. Only a warm “good luck”.

Math of Insurgency is more difficult than Algebra. When, however, you’ve just gone and invaded a place that you probably shouldn’t have, you end up fighting against just regular people in regular-people clothes called Insurgents. Insurgents are people who picked-up weapons just like what would you do if someone invaded your country. the bad thing is that insurgencies are next to impossible to defeat. Let’s say you’re a soldier and killed two out of ten insurgents, the answer will not be eight but twenty.

Convincing locals that you didn’t invade them which what obviously the United States Government did. The government gave you a very heavy responsibility of convincing the locals that you’re there to help. It’s a popularity contest, convincing the locals that they’re better off with you than they are with the terrorists or insurgents. Plus the fact that you are wearing the uniform of the invader. It’s just so hard to trust you.

Political issues are delaying the progress. I will no longer explain this part since we all know politics is only good in cooking temporary measures and delaying the good ones.

Journalists can cover-up a story and are experts of ruining somebody’s career. They’re swift and quiet, you will never know what hit you. You’ll just wake up one day and you’ll realize your whole career is over. Like how they turn the focus of the real problem in Afghanistan to the only person capable of fixing it. And this is the one that led Glen’s glorious conquest into nothing but a paragraph in his authored book.

War Machine

In 2 hours, the movie pretty much explained everything. This isn’t the story of soldiers fighting rebels. This is the part of the war we don’t see. This war, as Glen saw it, didn’t won because it wasn’t being led. At first I felt bad how everything turned out for Glen. But we can say it’s a good thing too for him that he was relieved from work. The US government don’t deserve a man like him. That’s just how it is. They sack Glen because he’s not winning it and brought-in again some other guy again.

Glen wrote in his book titled ‘One Leg at a Time, Just Like Everybody Else.’ in it, he wrote “All men are imperfect creatures. Left to their own devices, all they really wanna do is play with their d*cks and eat chicken.” Now, you know why. This is the problem when you’re the right guy for the job, but you’re serving the wrong people. “It” is the main priority of rebuilding, supporting and protecting the civilian population despite the fact they don’t trust you.

“The mission was to protect the people. Not killing them. We can’t kill them and help them at the same time. It just ain’t humanly possible.”

-General Glen McMahon


By SnowWhite



The beauty of Gun Fu

We seen a lot of epic fight scenes performed by greatest martial artists like Jet Li, Jackie Chan, and Bruce Lee. And intense gunneries like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sylvester Stallone, and Bruce Willis. We’ve seen it all. But what kind of action can we do to make the fight scene more blockbuster title worthy?

How about…LET THERE BE GUN-FU!!!

And oh boy! The god of film-making saw it and it was good!


That must be the history of Gun Fu. They imagined Agent J and Agent K (Men in Black) shooting unlimited hobos while running on walls or falling out from a flying helicopter with a loud “LET THE BODIES HIT THE FLOOR” chorus playing on the background and—-TADA! The Matrix was born! But Gun Fu is more complex than that.


What is Gun Fu?

According to Wikipedia (of course) is the portmanteau of gun and kung fu. It is a fictional style of sophisticated close-quarters gun play resembling a martial arts battle played out with firearms instead of traditional weapons like swords and sticks. Imagine the Spartans and their slow-mo shield-and-slash fights with Persians, but instead with guns. Weren’t it be so epic? But it would sound more like Mel Gibson’s The Patriots than 300, right?

And it was good because you don’t have to use mystical powers to prove the leading character’s abilities but still make the viewers go WHOA!


Who is the father of Gun Fu?

There is no Confucius guy or whatsoever who spread the teachings of Gun Fu. No adventurer who climbed the mountains and beat the odds to reach its temple. And no Jedi with the force of any kind from a distant planet brought this to Earth. It’s just John Woo.

John Woo could be considered as the “father of Gun Fu”, though he’s not a martial artist, he’s a director who originated the style in the Hong kong film A Better Tomorrow in 1986. And who’s the first artist who mastered Gun Fu? It was the Hong Kong’s best actor Chow Yun Fat to star as the lead role for the said movie and all other “Heroic Bloodshed” genre films (Thank you Wikipedia).

What are the most popular modern movies with Gun Fu?

After Heroic Bloodshed genre films, many Hollywood films followed the style. Neo and Agent Smith’s epic train station fight scene in The Matrix; Deadpool’s bullet countdown scene; The curving bullets of Wanted; And of course, Selene’s sexy shooting style of The Underworld movies.


Equilibrium starring Christian Bale could be the most systematic and elaborate of them all with scenes of students training the martial art slightly differential to Gun Fu called Gun Kata by anticipating the probabilities instead of pure reflex (i told you it’s “complex”). John wick: Chapter 2, being the latest movie to have this technique showing on big screen is truly much awaited.

Now that I think of it, both Equilibrium and John Wick are action movies that triggered the story because of dog.

The Gun Fu today.

Today, modern self-defense and other gun-associated training have what it seems to be Gun Fu engaging to one or more target from a very short distance, with some even combined with a bladed weapon or flashlight on the other hand (Melee). Nobody wants to walk into the middle of gun war without a good fist fight nowadays.


Come on! It’s 21st Century and everybody’s not that excited to see cowboys shooting on their horses anymore. Unless the horse is armored and got suspensions.


Know your Halloween

Imagine yourself suddenly chosen to name each Halloween costume that is inside the room to win a trip to your dream vacation. Can you name them all or is it bye-bye to your dream island get away?

Let me help you name and identify 20 of the most notorious Halloween character of all time:

  1. Bughuul – commonly known as “Boogeyman” has its most recent and frightening version thanks to the movie ‘Sinister’. You can tell he’s the Boogeyman by looking on his weir face. boogeyman.jpg
  2. Slenderman – is a super tall, super skinny, pale, bald, and faceless man in a suit with long arms. slenderman
  3. Davy Jones – is often mistaken as “the flying dutchman” because of the cartoon ‘Spongebob squarepants’. Note: Flying Dutchman is the cursed ghost ship. Davy Jones came from sailors’ idiom “Davy Jones’ Locker” – The depth of sea where dead sailor and shipwrecks go. If he doesn’t look like a captain, then probably he’s just another pirate.davy jones.jpg
  4. Banshee – or the wailing woman can’t be identified by the looks. A ghost lady is just another ghost until she constantly screams while crying. Then you got yourself a Banshee. banshee.jpg
  5. Wendigo – If today’s Christmas and you saw a costume of a standing deer in Christmas robe, then that’s a Krampus. but since it’s Halloween, that person on reindeer horns is a Wendigo – a Canadian folklore. wendigo.jpg
  6. Yuki-Onna – When you find a lovely lady wearing white kimono in the middle of snowy blizzard, that’s gotta be a ghost. The difference of Yuki Onna from a random Geisha is it’s plain white kimono outfit with extremely white skin and long hair. yukionna.jpg
  7. Stingy Jack – You probably know him as the “pumpkin king” or “Jack of the Lantern”. Stingy Jack is the very reason why people lit carved pumpkin lanterns on Halloween. Stingy Jack based on folklore, tricked the devil twice and forever searching for home as a lost spirit. Trivia: Stingy Jack lit a Turnip, not a pumpkin. stingy jack.jpg
  8.  Dullahan – The headless rider of the movie ‘Sleepy Hollow’. Dullahan appears to be a headless rider who beheads people in European folklore. dullahan.jpg
  9. Baba Yaga – is distinguishable than a normal witch. Baba Yaga came from Slavic folklore. An old lady that flies in a mortar and wields a pestle. baba-yaga
  10. Mary Tudor – is the real name of Bloody Mary, the ghost you call in the mirror. There’s a more challenging version where you taunt Mary by saying “I stole your baby, Bloody Mary”. Bloody Mary is more…well…bloody than a normal ghost white lady. bloody mary.jpg
  11. Sadako – is also distinctly different from a normal white lady ghost. She’s the japanese ghost who leaps from a well, comes out of your TV, and kill you in a horrible way after watching her cursed video giving you 7 days to solve it. She has that long black messy hair and stunning (literally) killer eyes. sadako.jpg
  12. Kharon – is different from Grim Ripper/Death. Kharon is the boatman in the river Styx who agrees to be your ride in exchange of gold coins. charon
  13. Kuchisake Onna – is more scary than her seasonal cousin Yuki Onna and porbably The Joker’s other wife. Kuchisake Onna which means Slit Mouthed Woman wears a decent outfit and flu mask which hides her slit mouth. She offers a chart of question and answer whether you die or live slit-mouthed. kuchisake onna.jpg

‘Your Name’ : The twist and turns


Warning: Spoiler Alert


After ‘5 Centimeters Per Second’made us cry and unconventionally hate trains, the writer Makoto Shinkai, did it again with his new Anime movie: ‘Kimi no Na Wa’ or ‘Your Name’ with the animation of CoMix Wave Films and distributed in by Toho. Was premiered at the Anime Expo 2016 convention in Los Angeles, California on July 3, 2016, and later premiered in Japan on August 26, 2016.


I just can’t move-on of how ‘Kimi no Na Ka’ adds a whole new color on the commonly switching-souls story. The twist is so comprehensive that most viewers didn’t even notice what’s been layed by the writer even from the very beginning of the movie. Putting theme songs as to-make-the-story-short is also a new flavor.

It has full of twists and turns that will make you finish the movie but still asking how it happened. To help you, here are some hints that will summarize the whole story even if you don’t finish it.

Un-surprised grandmother
Ever wonder why the grand mother is not so surprised when her granddaughter Mitsuha acts differently every other day? It all goes way back from her ancestors. Mitsuha’s ability of switching soul with another person is a normal phenomenon on her family.


Taki on rooftop
                Ever noticed why there’s a scene on the start where Taki’s outside watching the comet Tiamat as it splits, but the place seem different when he tried to call on Mitsuha on the night that the comet will suppose to pass the earth? He’s on top of a footbridge or some sort. Why? That’s because the scene where Taki is standing on a rooftop is three years ago. Their timeline is not same. That answers the question why didn’t they just exchange numbers so they call on each other every day.

Photos on the wall
Taki noticed a photo of Mitsuha’s town ___ on wall of memorabilia in the middle of his date with ___ at Photo Exhibition Nostalgia. Well yes, the photos hanging on the wall are the photos of Mitsuha’s town before it was completely devastated by a natural disaster.


The string on Taki’s wrist
The mysterious red string on Taki’s wrist that he’s wearing every morning is actually the ribbon on Mitsuha’s hair. How did it happen? Coz it’s not Taki wasn’t the first one to think that he should meet Mitsuha on her place. Mitsuha, 3 years ago, tried to find Taki. And guess what, she found him inside a train. She even tried talking to him but Taki doesn’t remember her. Why? Coz Taki’s suppose to experience the switching three years after.

The News
The news of the incoming comet Tiamat is only shown on Mitsuha’s time, indicating that the phenomenon only happened three years ago.

2 comet craters
The 2 biggest hints I saw in this movie are these two giant craters. The lake is almost perfect circle, and just few kilometer hikes from this town is another crater. That means this area is actually a drop zone of meteorites ever since. It came to me when I saw the second whole they called the body of Miyamizu Shrine’s god. And this actually scared me because from that moment I knew there will be a third meteor strike like it always do every 1200 years.


And boy! I was right. As Taki discovered what really happened, he suddenly realized that Mitsuha is in the undamaged shrine crater near town. He decided to drink Mitsuha’s sake and was given a chance to rewrite the future but will forget everything slowly and that’s how he turned the whole tragic story into a new chapter.

The feeling you know the person but you can’t remember the name, a story we all can relate with.



20 Reasons why you can’t beat a classic

In the world where almost everything is rapidly changing, there are still things that we can’t simply outwit.

  1. Because -it is- classic. classic
  2. Elegant. It maybe old, but till classy.classy.jpg
  3. Because it’s nostalgic. The sentimental feeling is always there. nostalgia2
  4. It’s overwhelming. Concerts today can’t match the concerts before.koncert-queen-v-kharkove-430kb.jpg
  5. It always work. Maybe not as fast compared to modern techniques, but it
  6. Old School. Parokya Ni Edgar still sounds better than any Philippine disco remix. old-school
  7. Almost as tough as a tank. Try dropping your Laptop and your typewriter 3 ft from the ground. collage
  8. Simply perfect. If you’re too complicated, try to be simple. It’s easier and perfect. simplicity-1-728
  9. Classic men. Always nailing your 20 year-old pop idols. johnny-depp-dior-1.jpg
  10. Classic women. Sexy in their own ways.women.jpg
  11. Classics can be modernized. We can’t modernize something modern, can we? collage2
  12. But we can turn modern into classic. 246723382.jpg
  13. The classic way is the most prescribed by experts. prescription
  14. And also the best described choice.  4009926052_e8c0433095_z
  15. The classics bring back memories. memories_hd1
  16. When the days was good and simple. 11786_Old-house-in-the-middle-on-the-green-field-Fresh-air.jpg
  17. And the classic courting style is sweet. 521256385c18339d02aeaf89ad942c30.jpg
  18. Classics are legends. elvis-presley-1973-performance-billboard-650
  19. Always remembered and never be forgotten. And lastly,Super-Michael-Jackson-Wallpaper.jpg
  20. Because you just can’t.


So, are you a classic person?