What Happened to Our Online Cooking Shows?

Facebook has become our personal diary for years. By just checking your wall, people can already determine your personality, what you typically do on weekends, where you go after work, and even what you cook.


There are hundreds of Facebook pages related to creative cooking recently. Almost all of them uploads easy creative cooking with recipes that you probably haven’t heard of, daily. Mostly snacks and pizzas, these recipes seem so easy to make and looks tasty on the videos that makes you wanna try them as soon as you get home. But upon watching them under good music, lighting, foreign ingredients and all, you’ll begin to realize that something’s missing. Where’s the passion in cooking them?

That’s the reason why people like Gordon Ramsay is born. Maybe the God of cooking sent him to deliver discouraging words so you can try to cook with passion next time.

1. Every food is microwavable. In their videos, you will notice that the cooking lesson is not complete without the magic microwave. They basically bake almost everything from bread to marinated bacon.


2. They put too much Cheese. Most of these videos will make you feel like every dish should have a touch of cheese. There’s even a Swiss dish called Raclette where a wheel of cheese is melted and scraped on top of a dish. What did you order there? -the cheese, of course! In case you didn’t know, cheese is rich with cholesterol and fat. You can gain weight by just adding extra cheese on your burger.

3. Misinformation. Gordon Ramsay made it clear that pineapples don’t go on pizza. Yet every pizza-making video in these Facebook pages are always topped with pizza. They are slowly changing the proper way of cooking by making them easier and sweeter. No, don’t put pineapple on your pizza.

4. And speaking of pizza, you can make any version of pizza now. Vegetable Pizza, sweet pizza, fruity pizza, meaty pizza, etc pizza, and even cake pizza. By just mentioning them, you already know it turned my stomach a bit but some of them do taste good. I tried making the meaty overload pizza, and goodness! It made my nape hurt the whole night.

5. Bacon is the universal meat. Because they say everyone loves bacon -The same “everyone” who loves baked mac. They will either weave or wrap anything with bacon to deep fry or bake.

I don’t know with you but I think cooking videos are getting more absurd everyday.

Oh well. I’m baking Pizza. (sounds so wrong)


By: “Cinderella”



And How About Peter?


It’s almost Holy Week and Catholics are preparing to commemorate the Holy Sacrifice of Jesus Christ. A time we remember His journey together with his apostles. And when we say apostles, the most iconic of them all is probably Judas Iscariot also known as “Judas the Traitor”.

Surely, our parents nor preachers didn’t taught us to hate Judas but somehow, we ended up hating the man. Filipinos even uses his name for cursing when someone broke their trust.

“HUDAS ka talaga!!” 

Seriously, what does Judas got to do with your problem anyway?

And what about Peter? Unfortunately, we’re not here to add fuel on the fire of roasting Judas. We’re gonna have a small talk about how Peter should be in the same place as the traitor Judas.


Both Peter and Judas forsake Jesus but in different ways. You see, Jesus already told Judas that he would betray him from the start simply because it’s part of the plan. It is to make sure Jesus will reach the point of Crucifixion and cleanse the world with his blood. Judas successfully finished the job in exchange of 30 silver coins.

Now let’s go Peter. Like Judas, Peter was also told by Jesus of how he will forsake Him. It is clear Jesus told Peter “This very night, before the rooster crows, you will disown me three times.” and then Peter replied “Even if I have to die with you, I will never disown you.” But on the night when Jesus was captured and beaten, Peter denied Jesus for three times in front of Him. Isn’t that rather rough, don’t you think?


Judas hanged himself for what he have done. And as for Peter? After fleeing away and set apart from other disciplines, he was crucified upside-down in Rome in Rome at his own request since he saw himself unworthy to be crucified in the same way as Jesus.

What do you think? We all know Judas’s betrayal is unpleasant but how about Peter? Isn’t what he did much unacceptable and considered as betrayal? I’m not siding with Judas here but I really think it’s wrong to involve Judas’s name when cursing a traitor especially if we all know, Peter did much worst.

“Isa kang PEDRO!!” (nah~)

By: “Snow White”



10 Temporary Remedies for your Body Problems

When we feel sick, sometimes medicines just not simply work. Well, not all sickness have medicines, right? Like chocking and hiccups. These kind of irritating situations may only be for a moment but real causes a lot of trouble in our daily routine. And since we don’t really have medicines for them, I gathered 9 simple remedies to cure some body problems.

  1. Hiccup solution 1
    Hiccups are burst of inhalation. Most simple cases of hiccups come after drinking or eating too much or too quickly. Normally, people would grab a glass of water. But there’s another way to relieve hiccups. You can treat hiccups by simply holding your breath and covering both of your ear hole with a finger. The pressure on the nerve endings in your ear will cut off hiccups and stop them in their tracks.
  2. Hiccup solution 2
    Hiccup solution 2 is a bit tricky and proven by the magazine Readers Digest. First, try to swallow three balls of air and exhale it with your nose. I know it’s a bit difficult to do but it worked to me dozens of times.
  3. Clogged nose nasal blockages
    Nasal Congestion occurs when nasal and adjacent tissues and blood vessels becomes swollen with excess fluid, causing a “stuffy” feeling. To treat your stuffy nose problems, press your tongue in the roof of your mouth while applying pressure on the bridge of your eye brows between eye brows for 20 seconds.
  4. Brain Freeze
    Everybody loves ice cream and there’s nothing an ice cream can solve. Well, there’s one. Brain freeze! To solve this sweet headache, press your thumb to the roof of your mouth. It will warm your palate and relieve the pain.
  5. Pee
    I know sometimes you want to stop the need to pee feeling. Especially when you’re in the peak of your productivity or in the middle of an important meeting. Worry no more. Coz apparently, there is a way to stop it for awhile. Relieve the tension by scratching the back of your calf. This will preoccupy your brain until you can pee. There’s another way but I don’t wanna say it here. This is a family-friendly blog.
  6. Toothache
    The body pain that will make you believe in two religions at the same time. To be honest, tooth pain doesn’t really come from your tooth, but from the gums under that tooth. And what’s more aggravating with this pain is it always happen on your most vulnerable and unprepared time. rub ice on back of your hand and the skin in the middle of thumb and point finger. This area contains nerve path ways that block pain signals from the face and hands.
  7. Anxiety
    I doubt you will remember this when you’re nervous but I will tell you. By blowing on your thumb, the nerve that controls heart rate will send out messages to your heart, telling it to slow down.
  8. Headache by Dehydration
    There are many causes of headaches, one in particular is dehydration. A jolly professor once told me that our body is forever be depending on water and when you fail to achieve the average water drinking necessity of your body, one of the signals your body will give you is headache. You really don’t have to drink medicine on this one, you can just drink more water and your headache will be surely gone.
  9. Dead Skin
    Dead skin is real problem especially for people with white complexion. Sun Burns and dark spots counts as well. If you love brewed coffee, don’t throw those used coffee grounds away. Rub it the area with dead skin. The coffee’s acidity level will help to remove dead skin cells and also serves as anti-oxidant and skin aging.
  10. Chocking
    This is my favorite of them all. When you get chocked while eating and there’s no water, raise your right arm as high as you can. By doing this, your rib cage and other parts within it will miss-align thus widening your esophagus which will make it easy for you to swallow the food. If this don’t work, it’s still easy to run on the nearest fridge and drink water. Never fails me.


5 Visual Arts that have been Replaced by Technology

Art has been a part of humanity since the early ages. We used art to express feelings, emotions, or even messages in a form of artistic visual form like sculptures and paintings. But as technology dominates everything, some of these arts and creative skills are slowly fading in our practices.


I remember how my classmates used to envy my hands for its artistic talents in school. How I normally write the lessons as if it was the Old Testament. How my teachers calls my name whenever they’re having trouble illustrating on the board. And how I vandalized the school wall and got praised by the Dean. It’s a skill that I learned from years of practice but after a decade, everyone can do it now with the help of technology. I don’t know if feeling bad about it is a bit childish, but the fact that arts are now being replaced by technology is just too much.

Here are 5 arts that are now being replaced by technology:


  1. PhotographyPhotography is the art or practice of taking pictures of places, people, events, or objects. The beauty of a particular photograph is defined by the photographers skill of capturing the particular shot. But ever since the people learned the capabilities of Photoshop and other photo editing applications, everyone is suddenly a skilled photographer. Editing various shots, changing scenery and colors, and even making your own photograph from your own imagination.
  2. Freehand SketchingOne of the most amazing hand skills is the ability to draw. Freehand Sketching is skill of which the artist uses tools like pencils or charcoal to create a visual masterpiece in a canvas. Freehand drawings are often the base for other arts such as architecture, visual novels, and even paintings. But like photography, Freehand sketching can now be done in devices like computers and even mobile phones. In this way, artists don’t have to buy every coloring tool and papers to make a good sketch and saves them to the trouble of uploading them online.
  3. AnimationWould you believe me if tell you that the animation before was done manually? Well the animation before isn’t easy. It is done by putting images or scenes in a running sequence to make a smooth animation like phenakistoscope, praxinoscope, and zoetrope. Each page is carefully drawn by hand with a slightly movement on the next page. Today, cartoons and animes are made easy by computers by their animators to the extent that they can even put 3-Dimensional movements and places to make the scene more realistic. I’m an anime fan myself so for me, this one is okay.


  4. CarvingCarving is another branch of art that uses tools to shape something from a material by scraping away portions of that material. People on the earliest days often uses wax, wood, and stones to make a sculpture. Today, with the modern technology, people can 3D print an object straight from their computers. The object is carefully drafted in 3D in the computer and the 3D printer machine will print it using materials like plastic.
  5. CalligraphyThe most recent type of art that has been replaced by technology, the Calligraphy is one of the most oldest types of art that most artists thought was irreplaceable with technology. Calligraphy is the art of hand writing of letters and lines with a broad tip instrument. A Penman is a master of handwriting using different kinds of pens and tip. Few months ago, people felt in-need of this rare art and started reviving it by making the Calligraphy machine that can hold a writing instrument with precision and copy signatures. Anyone may now do a hand-written work without using their hands.


And those are the 5 visual arts that have been defeated by technology. Do you think technology is taking it too far, or these type of arts should be preserved with practice? Did I missed other visual arts that are in the technology’s replacement list? Tell me in the comments below.

As a disciple of Art, I’m not in favor with replacing art with technology. If you’re with me, we can raise awareness by sharing this blog on our social media accounts. Thank you.

By “Rapunzel”


The struggles of a fashion conscious person

Creative people may have a lot of talents than you, but that doubles our struggle with simple things thing don’t bother you at all. We have so much problems and struggles dealing with our artistic taste so we will focus on only one of them. The struggles of a fashion conscious person.

As a Disciples of Art (Alagad ng Sining), I myself always encounters problems like most of us will get related of. It’s the struggle of choosing the right outfit for the day. If you’re a student who’s required to wear uniform, good for you. But for us office workers without prescribed uniform, it’s a real pain.

How? If you’re a fashion conscious like me, I’ll remind you what had just happen to people like us earlier this morning: We spent nearly 10 minutes by just staring on our wardrobes because we can’t choose the right attire for this day.


We have this equation formula that should be balanced in our heads: The clothes must not been used; should be comfortable; satisfying by color and style; responses to the weather and heat; depending on destination or occasion; and the accessories you can add to make the perfect attire above anyone else’s.

(Availability+Comfort+Satisfaction+Weather+Occasion+Add-ons) = The perfect attire / anyone else’s

But you know what? I may have a solution to ease our daily struggle:


  • First of all, think all of your clothes and accessories: shirt, pants, jacket, skirt, slacks, shoes, blouse, socks, bag, watch, glasses, gloves, hats, ties, belt, watch, jewelry, make-up, and coat.
  • We can plan what to wear before we sleep. It helps to determine what is used and what is still available. The problem is whatever we thought of last night may change on the following morning.
  • I know this one is hard but trust me, it works. On your free day, try to list down your clothes and pair them one by one on a piece of paper. If the combination satisfies you, write it on the paper. make a grid to categorize each combination (weather, occasion, destination).
  • Pair each set after folding them. In this way, it will be easy for you to know if the pair is ready to use.
  • Buy neutral clothes as many as the days before laundry day. Neutral clothes are the white shirts you often wear under your coat or jacket. This is a bit expensive but it helps. Neutral clothes are always used as base for your style.
  • Think about your inspiration. No, seriously. Think about your fashion inspiration to help yourself decide what to wear today. Thinking about your idol will give you instant choice to pick the best outfit.

These solutions has helped me shorten the decision making process everyday. From 10 minutes down to less than 1 minute, only wearing them makes my preparation longer.

Remember: when choosing an outfit don’t pick the stunning combination. Instead, choose the proper one.


By “Cinderella”


White Wolf

white wolf.jpg

Dear Black Wolf;

I hope you’re finding me on the right direction. Please look closer. Please focus. Do this and you will find my destination. I hope this message Reaches you in time before you lose My tracks.

Black wolf, If you’re reading this, you will understand why I choose to hide this message in these paragraphsPlease, reconsider your actions and decisions. Whatever you will do next will carve a big dent in your memories forever. It will hurt so much that no amount of tears can erase.

Through years of wandering alone, I have learned a lot. Drama brings down the toughest organizations; Unacceptable opinions cracks the strongest bonds; Messages ignites revolutions. I saw it all, but it made me strong.

I heard that you were disowned by the pack. Please black wolf, come and find me. I left some hints for you.

In our pack, there are 2 rules that cannot be broken: “Family first” and “Respect”.
These rules made our family strong against threat but whenever there’s strength,
there is challenge. This is the moment where our family, the ones who thought us respect, are the same ones who broke it. You are now standing between your family and what is right. The terrible truth is, the reality that no matter what you choose, the pack will still leave you behind.

You are humiliated, shamed, and accused by committing dishonorable deeds by your own kind. If they are pointing fingers at you, please don‘t start fighting them. Conflict only breeds catastrophe. If you fight and win, the ghost of conscience will never stop haunting your thoughts. If you lose, your chance to walk away will be out of hand.

I know family is important to you but sometimes it’s better to walk straight than turning left or right. We’re both trained to survive independently.

Again, don’t fight them. Hurting our kind is just another proof that they are right about you. If we do it, we are no better than a thief.

Please, stay in the trail so you won’t get lost. This could be the last scent I’ll be leaving for you.

Your Real Color.

By “Rapunzel”


Unexpected Japan

I think Japan is a land of nature lovers. Harmony and peace can be seen everywhere. Even by just looking on their house fences, empty streets, or even street signs. There’s always something that makes you feel…”Yes. This is Japan.”


Fishpond canals

Yes those are side walks with living Kois swimming freely. Recently, Japan learned that side walk drainage canals can also be artistic. We all know these delicate fishes can’t survive on dirty tanks which proves that these street waters are well-maintained clean. The Japanese people are well known for their light artistic touches that keeps them feel relaxed and stress free. These fishes are fed by residents and tourist who passes on these streets.

Spirit Animals

When you visit Japan, you will notice an animal statue sitting right on the next corner. No wonder the stone dogs, cats, raccoons, dragons, and frogs of Japan could out-number the Egyptians statues. Some of them treat these animal figures as spirits or guardians. They dress them, offer food, and light incense on them. Their technology is far more advanced than any of us, yet they still manage to keep their tradition and superstitious side.

tumblr_om3hsfpaIu1s9vky5o1_500.jpgA hidden world

Who would have guessed that narrow, almost dead looking, streets can be a good spot for establishments? Ramen houses, tattoo parlors, and Bars are located on these narrow streets with only lamps or street signs direction to guide you. People also agrees that hidden Ramen houses serve the best Ramon bowl than restaurants inside malls. Yes, the place is not pleasing to eyes and a black cat might likely to jump out anytime, it will be covered with the delicious smell of boiling Ramen soup.

Snow on Summer

Not literally snow. But they fall and lump the streets like snow. The cherry blossom petals when blown by the wind turns every scenery into paradise. These Cherry blossom trees are so beautiful, you just wanna lie under them and forget everything. It’s pinkish petals can cover an entire field and color a creek. The tree has many varieties that can be seen not only in Japan but also in China, Korea, Netherlands, Brazil, and in United States.

Under the rain

tumblr_ojgwc4UoHz1symnfoo1_500.gifYou can feel the warmth everywhere you look. Even under the rain, you can see how the Japanese art blend in to weather to make another masterpiece. The Japanese tradition that’s been carved on roofs and walls expresses strong emotions. Even a simple rain(like that on the picture) could make you feel so mush sadness.

I haven’t been in Japan. But by just watching documentaries about them, animes, live actions, and photos, gosh it’s my ultimate dream to live there someday.