How suspension affects you as a student

This is something everyone would definitely relate into this rainy season…

We are all once a student who would somehow, in one point, wishes the faculty to suspend classes even just for a day. And some of us doesn’t realize what happens if school work is delayed for a day, and this is that kind of regret.

-What happens if classes were suspended in day?


Here in Philippines, where pacific typhoons seemingly tests their strength before going to Asian storm rampage, most of the students will always be so delighted whenever classes are suspended because of the strong rain. And who doesn’t? I mean, no classes means no lesson stress, no traffic haggardness, no quizzes, no recitations, lesser school days in a week, more time to hangout with your friends, more time to play games, more time to sleep, and just about everything that you can only do on weekends. We will disregard the affects of typhoon and other omnipotent force to the general population for now.

If there is something that a hard-working student would understand when classes are suspended is the fact that suspensions doesn’t stop the time. Meaning, it doesn’t really delay the deadlines.

An additional free day will allow you to finish the assignments you so planned to do when you reach the school early because copying homework doesn’t really guarantee your classmate’s answers to be correct, but sharing the punishment with a friend is better than to be punished alone for not doing the assignment.

Small school stuff like assignments are okay if delayed, but what about the others like group projects, field activities, school presentations…things that will give an impact to your grades if you’re the type of student who’s not good in academics and only excel with extracurricular activities? If your teachers would be considerate, you’re very lucky if deadlines were postponed.

Class suspension also means postponed lesson. Teachers already created a lesson plan for the whole week, but it’s not really your problem as a student, right? WRONG!!! Teachers based their lessons from your textbook and your books are sufficient enough to teach you everything you need to know based on your current grade. Let’s say you have 500 school days per year and your book also happens to have 500 lessons or so, do you think those lessons at the far end of the book that you didn’t learned means nothing? You just missed the lessons, Einstein.

With suspended classes, you just missed your chance to prove yourself as a student. Everyday is a moment for you to impress your teachers that you might not be as good as top students but showing up in the classroom means you’re trying. I’m not lying to you but there are students that pass the subject only by perfect attendance.

I’m not the type of student that excel in academic stuff too, but there are times when I feel like to listen or excited to learn the next lesson at least. You know, when you wake up and remembered the next lesson is something you’re really interested into then *poof* Classes suspended! Maybe today is just meant for you to sleep all day.


By Rapunzel




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