Fake Facebook Events


Facebook Fake Events are events that can be seen in Facebook like any other events except they’re completely fake of course, for the sake of fun and entertainment. Involving into these Fake Events is the people’s way to laugh out a problem or an issue. While others are “butt-hurt” about these events, some chooses to join the band wagon and share it to their friends.



One of the most famous among these fake events is the “Sapakan sa ACE Hardware” Event where people actually attended on the said ACE Hardware stores expecting for a boxing match to the point that the ACE Hardware had to announce that they don’t know such an event.

21740563_1658857830815424_458885456444491525_nOne of the much awaited Fake Event so far is the “Rambulan ng SHS Students vs. College Students sa PUP.” Polytechnic University of the Philippines (P.U.P.) is one of the most prestigious universities in the country. A post from a Senior High School student sparked the debate whether who’s the threatened and who’s the best between Senior High Students and College Students. The heat resulted to various meme posts and now, you guessed it, an event. What makes this event so hilarious is when a Facebook page uploaded a photo of a letter that grants the royal rumble within the campus and is even signed

Today, the “Juan Ponce Enrile Immortality Workshop” is the most talked about Fake Event with more than 30,000 Facebook users interested and 8,400 of them even going on the said event. The event is hosted by a Facebook page named ‘redslim08’ and said to be held on December 31, 2 AM to 5 AM, at Claro M. Recto, Manila. Well, we all know December 31 is a national holiday, right? And by December 31, we’re surely busy in our house preparing for the upcoming new year so there’s no way we’re going there. But if you think nobody’s going to these said fake events, check this fake event in particular:


Have you heard of “Scream like Goku in front of Washington Square Arc” that happened just recently, September 1? A lot of people actually gathered on the spot and by the clock reached 4 PM, the crowd actually started screaming like Goku in the anime Dragon Ball Z. You can even search the video of these people shouting with all their strength! Not so “fake” anymore, right?

My favorite Fake Facebook Events so far are the Naruto run events. Unlike other fake events, the Naruto run like a ninja related events have happened to many places and the one that I watched personally is the one that was held in Far-Eastern University (F.E.U.) Manila where dozens of people started running with their arms on backward position. It is believed that ninjas run this way to be more silent and faster. Regardless of what benefit they can got for running like that, they still fulfilled the event.


By Rapunzel


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