The Levels of Zombies


Hey, everybody. I know it’s a bit too early to talk about scary things but this one just can’t wait.

We have watched a lot zombie films like ‘World War Z’, and have played zombie video games like the ‘Resident Evil’. Today, we will rate these zombies from easiest to handle to the hardest to kill when you’re in real zombie outbreak situation.

Here are the 10 Levels of Modern Zombie Situation:

Now before we start, let’s keep in mind that the zombies I will be mentioning here are the most common ones that can be seen in each franchise they have appeared on. Meaning, I will be skipping zombies with special abilities like the ones we see in ‘Left 4 Dead’ game. And the candidates will came from games / movies starting year 2000 and above to make sure you’re not getting left out.


  1. The first in our list are the zombies from film ‘Shaun of The Dead’

    Shaun of the Dead is a comedy action film directed by Edgar Wright. The zombies in this movie earned the lowest since they’re very slow and they can even be deceived with child-tactics.

  2. The Walking Dead

    One of the longest running series on AMC, The Walking Dead is an action, drama, suspense series of how to survive a Zombie apocalypse. The zombies here are so slow and silent, but that’s not really the problem here. If you reached the 3rd season of the series, you will learn that every single character is already infected that when they die, even if not bitten, they will still turn to zombies.

  3. ‘Game of Throne’s Wights

    One of the most popular movie series of the century, The Game of Thrones is just not about houses fighting for the crown. It is also about stopping the “undead” to conquer the entire mainland. Wights are zombies that died in the harsh of snow regardless of what killed it. They are later reanimated by the witchcraft power of The Night King – the number one enemy in the series. The difference of these zombies from TWD’s is their ability to bear arms. A wight can still use the weapon in hand right before it died.

  4. The Dead in ‘Left 4 Dead’

    The rampaging army of zombies in the ‘Left 4 Dead’ is one of the most toughest situation you can be in a zombie apocalypse. The zombies here are fast runners and attracted to movements and sounds. Though can be deceived with a pipe bomb, these mob of angry zombies will come for you from time to time. Other Zombie movies like ‘Zombieland’ and ‘Scout’s Guide to Zombie Apocalypse’ also lands in this spot.

  5. Zombies or Plants? ‘The Girl with all the Gifts’

    If you think Plants will help you win the war against zombies, you’re wrong. In this film, let’s just say the plants started the zombie plague first. The outbreak is caused by a mysterious fungal disease causing the infected to become violent. However, these zombies seemingly behave like a fungi and sleeps on day. They also have stages of infection one in which they pile themselves together to over-grow a tall structure to sprout seed pots to contaminate the air .

  6. The infected in ‘Last of Us’

    One of the most hideous looking zombies in this list are the main enemies in the game ‘The Last of Us’ called ‘The Infected” – they are humans who have been infected and subsequently mutated into horrific new forms by the Cordyceps Brain Infection. And like other zombies, they are highly aggressive and will attack any uninfected individual on sight. Imagine a zombie with a weird plant or mushroom on its face. What scares me is that Ophicordyceps unilateralis is a real thing.

  7. The European zombies of ’28 weeks later’

    A viral outbreak had struck the heart of England 28 days later. 28 weeks later, the infection is declared quarantined with the help of National Atlantic Treaty Organization military forces. But when the two main character kids of the story broke into the quarantine zone and discovered their infected mother, the virus outbreak is once again out of control. The zombies here are fresh people so they can run at high speeds. But what’s scary about these zombies is the ability to infect a living host in a matter of seconds.

  8. The Zombies of ‘I am Legend’

    Starring Will Smith, ‘I am Legend’ is one of the most thrilling drama zombie films in the history cinema. The zombies here are called Dark Seekers, they can climb a wall, run so fast, jump high, and even can take out a helicopter with a zombie tower. Some of these Creatures also have affection and ability to follow orders from their alpha. Fortunately, these creatures are afraid of sun light therefore can only attack at night.

  9. ‘World War Z’ zombies

    The zombies in the film ‘World War Z’ could be the most terrifying zombie in this list. If you think you’re fortunate to survive the night in ‘I am Legend’, ‘World War Z’s zombies have the same abilities but can run even in broad daylight. These zombies are drawn to sound. Though can be immobilized when burned, cannot still be killed with fire. Another factor is it’s ability to infect a healthy living host in 12 seconds. The zombies are are pretty picky when choosing a person.

  10. And our top Zombie for this list is non other than the Zombies of ‘Resident Evil’

    Resident Evil’s zombies earned the most difficult to handle in all types of zombies I mentioned because of their ability to adopt and evolve. In the film, the zombies can attack in hoards but not as devastating as Tsunami zombies in World War Z. However, once enhanced, they can be controlled. While the zombies of WWZ are too picky, these zombies will bite anyone whether you’re a cripple or an infected super-soldier. These zombies can be killed by removing or shooting the head which makes them more difficult to kill.


It’s not that we can choose what kind of zombie apocalypse we would like to get, not even hoping for it to come, but we all know that the end will come and if we’re facing a world full undead people, let’s hope it’s as easy as Shaun’s.


By Rapunzel


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