Top 10 of the most useless bills and laws in the Philippines


If you’ve been to Philippines then you’ve probably heard about these silly bills and useless laws.

Here are 10 Modern useless Bills and Laws in the Philippines:

10.  No Garage No Car Policy

Publicly felt on January 11, The No Garage No Car Policy is the solution for the country’s growing traffic crisis in Metro Manila. The law is supposed to be preventing car owners to have a car even without a private parking lot and when caught parking illegally on streets, the authorities will then tow the vehicle. But after few months of its declaration, car owners seem to be ignoring the rule causing traffic on two-way roads.

9. No Vehicles on Yellow Box

If you’re a driver or a commuter, you might have noticed the sign on highway crossings that say: “Vehicles in yellow box during red light will be apprehended”. This is another traffic rule in the Philippines that last for month or two but later ignored often by bus drivers. The rule is suppose to stop vehicles to run against yellow traffic light signal especially during rush hours where traffic is expected to be moderate to heavy.


8. No Riding in Tandem Ordinance

After the current president was elected, a series of extra-judicial killings targeting allegedly drug dealers have became common in the Philippines. Witnesses won’t able to identify the face of the suspects, however, 2 things are common in their statements: The suspects are 2 guys, and riding a motorcycle. With this, the government issued a ‘No Relation, No Back-ride Policy’ or simply ‘No Riding in Tandem Ordinance’ that will not allow motorcycle male drivers to ride with another male. But of course, it’s impossible to monitor a country with about 2.6 million registered motorcycles, right?

7. No Jaywalking

This probably is the most common road policy in the world. But like other countries in the world, some Filipinos are naturally born No-Jaywalking policy breakers. Some of them will even cross under a footbridge just to avoid the sweat of climbing the stairs. It even got to the point where the former MMDA chief put signs on the center island saying: “Wag tumawag, may namatay na dito.” (Do not cross, somebody already died here.)


6.  Anti-distracted Driving Law

Anti-Distracted Driving Law was one of the most recent laws that became in effect just a month ago. The law is simple and easy to follow, really. Drivers just need to remove everything that blocks their view from the road to avoid accidents; i.e, phones, car fresheners, ornaments, those nodding puppies, etc. Sounds fair, right? But what if I told you, cyclists are also included? It’s true, bicycle drivers caught violating the rule will result to confiscating the bike. oh, come on!

5. Nationwide Public Smoking Ban

As a patient of Lung Center of the Philippines, I felt really glad after hearing that finally, smoking in public is not allowed. I’m happy to see authorities cycling around on smoking areas, telling people smoking is bad for their health and so to the people around them. But then again, no matter what kind of warning they put on cigarette packs, even putting disgusting photos of seriously ill patients, people just can’t get enough puffing smokes.


4. Illegal Downloading Law

This one almost made me leave the country. If your whole life is internet, then I’m sure you’ll feel the same when some time last year, a senator proposed a bill that will make downloading illegal. Yes, we all know that online piracy is against the law but by just hearing the news, many Filipinos that rely on internet almost started a revolution. Even a picture is not allowed to be downloaded? I’d say he’s lucky the law didn’t passed.

3. Anti-Planking Law

Just when you thought laws are getting weirder. Philippines have an Anti-Planking Law. Yes, that internet mainstream of people laying face down pretending like a plank of wood everywhere? It’s not allowed here. Though, the law is suppose to be for protesters doing the planking because of the simple reason they might get ram by vehicles on highways, Filipino netizens responded faster than their raising eyebrows combined.

2. The Anti-Selfie Bill

Yes! Could you believe that?! Philippines have a ridiculous bill of anti-selfie. One of the most unbelievable bill is the ‘Anti-Selfie Bill’ because taking selfie apparently is an act of intrusion of personal privacy. The bill states “any person who willfully intrudes into the personal privacy of another, without the consent of that person and with the intent to gain or profit therefrom, shall be civilly liable to the offended party”. That’s just great because I’m pretty sure by now, 90% of people taking selfies are “civilly liable”.


1. Anti Unli-Rice Bill or Unli-Rice Ban

And lastly, the most recent, the most shocking, and perhaps most tragic, is the ‘Anti Unli-Rice Bill’. Proposed by Senator Cynthia Villar, the bill was heard in news a few hours ago that left fast food consumers shocked. Though just an ‘expression of concern’ said by the Senator, the bill if passed could lead dozens of fast food chain and restaurants in the Philippines to be heavily affected, worst, to crash. One of these restaurants is the ‘Mang Inasal’ currently owned by the ‘Jollibee Food Corporation’, with its primary product Chicken Inasal with Ulimited Rice, the bill might kill the business instantly and even send hundreds of it’s workers jobless.

Do you think Anti Unli-Rice Bill and the other laws are useless? Share this blog to make these law makers do their job better. If you think I missed a ridiculous bill or law, say it in the comments and we’ll talk about it.

By: SnowWhite


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