What Makes Wonder Woman Different from All Other DC Movies


Have you watched Wonder Woman? If you’re still thinking that Wonder Woman is just another sexy female super hero, then I’d say you haven’t. Like her Eye make-up that never seem to get wiped off, there are many other aspects that made the movie Wonder Woman different from other DC Movies.


Here’s what you can expect. Wonder Woman is still, and the most wondrous female crime-fighting hero in DC universe. Diana’s an amazon, born in an island of women. She’s trained to be genius in combat. Her golden whip can stretch and immobilize her enemies. And she fights alongside Batman and the others in Justice League.


And here’s you probably didn’t know. Watch out because these will spoil your excitement to watch the movie. She’s a demi-human, a child of god and a human which grants her the ability of inhuman speed,  jump on great heights, and super strength that is not alien in nature like Superman. In the movie, Diana is a princess loved by her mother so much that she’s not even allowed to wield a sword; On the contrary, she’s a living weapon destined to defeat Ares, god of war(or wisdom). Though a half-god, she can still be killed with a bullet which explains why she deflects it with her arm guards.


Starring Gal Gadot as Diana Prince – Gal Gadot proved her worth as the story’s main star. Her face is just right, she’s gorgeous, innocent, fierce, and funny, perfect in every occasion. Even behind the scenes (which you could check on youtube), you can see how her game-face change instantly when needed. And check out her eye-liner throughout the movie, it’s a must buy.

The movie is humorous – Think about the other DC movies before Wonder Woman. It’s usually dark, dramatic, and full of suspense. But in Wonder Woman, the watchers are transported to a different world. The scenes and lines are witty and Diana’s ignorance to the real world made it even funnier. And top of that, she was partnered to a ‘Chris’


Chris Pine as Steve Trevor – Yup, we all know that there’s something about Chris(s) that makes all the girls watching superhero movies drool. Steve’s role is vital both in the story and to its viewers. It isn’t enough that only boys enjoys as Diana fights the Nazi army with her bare skin. The girls should see something pleasing too, perhaps a six pack of abs to balance it? If you will watch the movie, Chris Pine will be happy to show you more than that.


Women  can hide swords – Diana taught us under the sleeves are unthinkable tricks, and under the dress are unimaginable blades–swords in particular. Suddenly, women learned that swords go unconventionally perfect behind their backs and it goes smoothly even with a backless gown. Thank you Diana, girls can now attend the ball and slay their partners when caught red-handed dancing with another woman.

Super friends – Not really “super” though. Before Diana joined Justice League, she fought the war with just normal. Steve introduced Diana to his friends, an American native, an Irish Sniper, and an Arab conman. Together, they led the attack that forced the German army to retreat. Yes, she didn’t work alone. Finally,

No Cliff-hanger – Wonder Woman ended just right; giving its viewers the idea that there will be no sequel to the movie than Justice League. Unlike Superman Vs. Batman with a cliff-hanger scene of the dead Clark Kent leaving a clue that he’s going back to life. Will he be showing in Justice League? I don’t know, but he should be. We all know that DC has this thing of suddenly putting a character into the movie without telling the public like what Wonder Woman did.


The movie is so good that I can’t just give away any detailed spoiler. I suggest, you watch it on big screen so you would not miss any action Princess Diana prepared for you. And like how Wonder Woman ended without any cliff-hanger, I’ll stop right here.



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