“before I lose it and bite down”



Have you ever seen a very sexy person (man or woman) that’s so sexy, you just wanna bite ’em down? I mean, literally?

This could be the creepiest story I can share to you. Until now, I don’t know if it’s a good thing but I happen to talk to a stranger who think he has a mental disorder of Cannibalism some time last year. If you think about it, it’s kinda creepy yet interesting so I want to share it with you. I suddenly remember this guy when I was checking my Facebook and saw these photos of sexy girls posing for a magazine. So I quickly checked my sound recordings file on my phone to see if my record of his story is still there. I’m surprised that the file is still there and renamed it ‘Before I lose it and bite down’.

I started recording a bit late but it’s okay since the first part of our conversation is just introductions with common topics.

*recording starts*
him: -before I lose it and bite down…
me: I’m sorry. You were once what again?
him: currently hungry.
me: no. I mean your situation.
him: ah! The cannibalism you mean? I think it started few years ago. You know when you suddenly feel hungry while looking at people. Mine is when I look at some photos of sexy and attractive girls like Ellen Adarna. She’s sexy, right? She’s like….every man’s dream. But as I stare longer, my stomach begins to feel empty like it’s pressing down deeper and I become really hungry. I never felt so hungry like that. It doesn’t happen to me when I look at the photos of my crush or other sexy girls before. But now whenever I see sexy photos of thick thighs drenched in heat, and white cleavage trapped in a fit shirt, I’m beginning to feel very hungry. TBH (to be honest) it scares me, especially when I begin to tell myself “I wonder what it taste like if I bite down on them.” At first I thought I was just hungry, until it happened frequently whenever I see girls like them. I imagine swallowing the bitten part without chewing down and hitting my tummy inside. Oh~ It must’ve feel satisfyingly good.

I suddenly felt the urge to pick up my phone on the table and run away as fast as I can. Then he starts talking again.

him: I know you’re already scared. I can see the hair in your arms raising. *grin* But this sickness is somehow selective. I only feel like it when I look at beautiful girls with fair white skin, showy cleavage of a kind-of-big chest in a tight shirt, and smooth legs.

As if he described what I look like on that day. It feels weird and unsafe near him. I don’t know what to say so I just looked at him.

I know I might get jailed for this but somehow, I feel like I can trust you. Besides, in the end of the day, this is just another story and I’m sure this is the last time we will see each other. Telling this to a girl who’s actually a potential meal for cravings like mine and getting off unharmed is a good sign that I didn’t lose it and didn’t bite down. I’m hungry but you’re still okay. You should…

*recording stops*

For the record, that’s the creepiest 1 minute and 46 seconds of my life. I approached him and made him really hungry. It must’ve been a great stomachache for him enduring the urge to bite. To fill the missing part, he just told me I might felt emotionally attacked after hearing what he said but I will soon forget this in time which is what happened. In fact, I already forgot about it as soon as I board the bus. Remembering he thanked me for staying even though I’m obviously scared makes me smile and feel brave.

By Cinderella


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