10 Temporary Remedies for your Body Problems

When we feel sick, sometimes medicines just not simply work. Well, not all sickness have medicines, right? Like chocking and hiccups. These kind of irritating situations may only be for a moment but real causes a lot of trouble in our daily routine. And since we don’t really have medicines for them, I gathered 9 simple remedies to cure some body problems.

  1. Hiccup solution 1
    Hiccups are burst of inhalation. Most simple cases of hiccups come after drinking or eating too much or too quickly. Normally, people would grab a glass of water. But there’s another way to relieve hiccups. You can treat hiccups by simply holding your breath and covering both of your ear hole with a finger. The pressure on the nerve endings in your ear will cut off hiccups and stop them in their tracks.
  2. Hiccup solution 2
    Hiccup solution 2 is a bit tricky and proven by the magazine Readers Digest. First, try to swallow three balls of air and exhale it with your nose. I know it’s a bit difficult to do but it worked to me dozens of times.
  3. Clogged nose nasal blockages
    Nasal Congestion occurs when nasal and adjacent tissues and blood vessels becomes swollen with excess fluid, causing a “stuffy” feeling. To treat your stuffy nose problems, press your tongue in the roof of your mouth while applying pressure on the bridge of your eye brows between eye brows for 20 seconds.
  4. Brain Freeze
    Everybody loves ice cream and there’s nothing an ice cream can solve. Well, there’s one. Brain freeze! To solve this sweet headache, press your thumb to the roof of your mouth. It will warm your palate and relieve the pain.
  5. Pee
    I know sometimes you want to stop the need to pee feeling. Especially when you’re in the peak of your productivity or in the middle of an important meeting. Worry no more. Coz apparently, there is a way to stop it for awhile. Relieve the tension by scratching the back of your calf. This will preoccupy your brain until you can pee. There’s another way but I don’t wanna say it here. This is a family-friendly blog.
  6. Toothache
    The body pain that will make you believe in two religions at the same time. To be honest, tooth pain doesn’t really come from your tooth, but from the gums under that tooth. And what’s more aggravating with this pain is it always happen on your most vulnerable and unprepared time. rub ice on back of your hand and the skin in the middle of thumb and point finger. This area contains nerve path ways that block pain signals from the face and hands.
  7. Anxiety
    I doubt you will remember this when you’re nervous but I will tell you. By blowing on your thumb, the nerve that controls heart rate will send out messages to your heart, telling it to slow down.
  8. Headache by Dehydration
    There are many causes of headaches, one in particular is dehydration. A jolly professor once told me that our body is forever be depending on water and when you fail to achieve the average water drinking necessity of your body, one of the signals your body will give you is headache. You really don’t have to drink medicine on this one, you can just drink more water and your headache will be surely gone.
  9. Dead Skin
    Dead skin is real problem especially for people with white complexion. Sun Burns and dark spots counts as well. If you love brewed coffee, don’t throw those used coffee grounds away. Rub it the area with dead skin. The coffee’s acidity level will help to remove dead skin cells and also serves as anti-oxidant and skin aging.
  10. Chocking
    This is my favorite of them all. When you get chocked while eating and there’s no water, raise your right arm as high as you can. By doing this, your rib cage and other parts within it will miss-align thus widening your esophagus which will make it easy for you to swallow the food. If this don’t work, it’s still easy to run on the nearest fridge and drink water. Never fails me.



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