Aaah~! So that’s how it works!

No. Seriously. Have you noticed things and asked yourself “since when did that thing get there?” or “how did that thing work anyway?”

There are many things in this world that we can’t understand. Things we commonly see but not fully understand. Things that you wish you should’ve listened to your science teacher when she’s doing the lesson. So complex, you thought only professionals can explain to you how it works. Well it’s not really hard though. At least 5 of them.


  1. How the crane get there? – Tower cranes are necessary in order to finish massive and high structures. These tall arms of steel can lift heavy loads to assist builders on the highest point of the construction. The question is, with its size, how did it get there and be gone after the construction? Or rather, how does a tower crane works? The secret is the crane itself. You see, cranes are not a one whole giant equipment. Like LEGO blocks, tower cranes can be assembled and extend itself piece by piece. By reversing the process, it can disassemble itself.komedi_1488280152914_538.gif
  2. Hydro-what? – Hydraulic system are also commonly found in construction equipment. Those tubes on tubes called hydraulic cylinders isn’t as tricky as they look. The system works when fluid enters in an air-tight cylinder filling the tube with pressure to pushing out the slimmer rod inside of it thus extending its reach. When their ends are connected in a jointed arm, it will bend the arm by pushing and pulling the fluid. Hydraulic system can also rotate objects by simply applying the same principle.komedi_1490687563911_533.gif
  3. Water Flush Direction – Apparently, flushing the toilet can tell your location in the world. Or at least the hemisphere of your current spot. Hey, did you know that earth’s rotation can accelerate drainage? And depending where you’re standing, the direction of the drainage rotation varies. If you’re in the northern hemisphere, drainage goes counter clockwise. And if you’re in southern hemisphere, drainage goes clockwise.Cities like Quito are one of the few cities located at the world’s equator in Ecuador. and because of that, the city is partly northern and southern hemisphere. And do you know what happens of you do the same draining process between north and south? Well, the drainage will not rotate and simply go down straight.To be honest, I don’t know how can this information help you. Just think of it as a cool knowledge. hehe


  4. How do athletes curve the ball? – Actually, they don’t curve the ball. They only curve it’s direction by adding spin to it. Now how is it possible? When the ball flies with a spin, one side of the ball drags the air along with it while the air at the opposite side of the ball isn’t deflected. As the ball pushes the air to its back, it also pushes the air on the other side upfront thus gives its action to look like rolling on the air. This is called The Magnus Effect. Now that’s a cooler way to explain your “shooting tactics” when you add spin to your ball.komedi_1490708843748_661.gif
  5. Different but same – Because we ride transportation vehicles like bus and taxi cabs, understanding how wheels work is essential. Two wheels going on the same direction have the same speed. But did you know as the vehicle take turns, one of the wheels slows down? No, it doesn’t slide. When turning, one of the wheels must slowdown while the other maintains the speed. The device that enables this action is called the differential. It’s a device on the rear axle that can drive both wheels on different speeds without the other wheel sliding or slipping on turns.[navigate to 2:22]


Congratulations. You have successfully fed your mind with knowledge. After understanding how these 5 things work, my only expression is “aaah~! so that’s how it works!”

By “Rapunzel”



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