5 Visual Arts that have been Replaced by Technology

Art has been a part of humanity since the early ages. We used art to express feelings, emotions, or even messages in a form of artistic visual form like sculptures and paintings. But as technology dominates everything, some of these arts and creative skills are slowly fading in our practices.


I remember how my classmates used to envy my hands for its artistic talents in school. How I normally write the lessons as if it was the Old Testament. How my teachers calls my name whenever they’re having trouble illustrating on the board. And how I vandalized the school wall and got praised by the Dean. It’s a skill that I learned from years of practice but after a decade, everyone can do it now with the help of technology. I don’t know if feeling bad about it is a bit childish, but the fact that arts are now being replaced by technology is just too much.

Here are 5 arts that are now being replaced by technology:


  1. PhotographyPhotography is the art or practice of taking pictures of places, people, events, or objects. The beauty of a particular photograph is defined by the photographers skill of capturing the particular shot. But ever since the people learned the capabilities of Photoshop and other photo editing applications, everyone is suddenly a skilled photographer. Editing various shots, changing scenery and colors, and even making your own photograph from your own imagination.
  2. Freehand SketchingOne of the most amazing hand skills is the ability to draw. Freehand Sketching is skill of which the artist uses tools like pencils or charcoal to create a visual masterpiece in a canvas. Freehand drawings are often the base for other arts such as architecture, visual novels, and even paintings. But like photography, Freehand sketching can now be done in devices like computers and even mobile phones. In this way, artists don’t have to buy every coloring tool and papers to make a good sketch and saves them to the trouble of uploading them online.
  3. AnimationWould you believe me if tell you that the animation before was done manually? Well the animation before isn’t easy. It is done by putting images or scenes in a running sequence to make a smooth animation like phenakistoscope, praxinoscope, and zoetrope. Each page is carefully drawn by hand with a slightly movement on the next page. Today, cartoons and animes are made easy by computers by their animators to the extent that they can even put 3-Dimensional movements and places to make the scene more realistic. I’m an anime fan myself so for me, this one is okay.


  4. CarvingCarving is another branch of art that uses tools to shape something from a material by scraping away portions of that material. People on the earliest days often uses wax, wood, and stones to make a sculpture. Today, with the modern technology, people can 3D print an object straight from their computers. The object is carefully drafted in 3D in the computer and the 3D printer machine will print it using materials like plastic.
  5. CalligraphyThe most recent type of art that has been replaced by technology, the Calligraphy is one of the most oldest types of art that most artists thought was irreplaceable with technology. Calligraphy is the art of hand writing of letters and lines with a broad tip instrument. A Penman is a master of handwriting using different kinds of pens and tip. Few months ago, people felt in-need of this rare art and started reviving it by making the Calligraphy machine that can hold a writing instrument with precision and copy signatures. Anyone may now do a hand-written work without using their hands.


And those are the 5 visual arts that have been defeated by technology. Do you think technology is taking it too far, or these type of arts should be preserved with practice? Did I missed other visual arts that are in the technology’s replacement list? Tell me in the comments below.

As a disciple of Art, I’m not in favor with replacing art with technology. If you’re with me, we can raise awareness by sharing this blog on our social media accounts. Thank you.

By “Rapunzel”



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