The struggles of a fashion conscious person

Creative people may have a lot of talents than you, but that doubles our struggle with simple things thing don’t bother you at all. We have so much problems and struggles dealing with our artistic taste so we will focus on only one of them. The struggles of a fashion conscious person.

As a Disciples of Art (Alagad ng Sining), I myself always encounters problems like most of us will get related of. It’s the struggle of choosing the right outfit for the day. If you’re a student who’s required to wear uniform, good for you. But for us office workers without prescribed uniform, it’s a real pain.

How? If you’re a fashion conscious like me, I’ll remind you what had just happen to people like us earlier this morning: We spent nearly 10 minutes by just staring on our wardrobes because we can’t choose the right attire for this day.


We have this equation formula that should be balanced in our heads: The clothes must not been used; should be comfortable; satisfying by color and style; responses to the weather and heat; depending on destination or occasion; and the accessories you can add to make the perfect attire above anyone else’s.

(Availability+Comfort+Satisfaction+Weather+Occasion+Add-ons) = The perfect attire / anyone else’s

But you know what? I may have a solution to ease our daily struggle:


  • First of all, think all of your clothes and accessories: shirt, pants, jacket, skirt, slacks, shoes, blouse, socks, bag, watch, glasses, gloves, hats, ties, belt, watch, jewelry, make-up, and coat.
  • We can plan what to wear before we sleep. It helps to determine what is used and what is still available. The problem is whatever we thought of last night may change on the following morning.
  • I know this one is hard but trust me, it works. On your free day, try to list down your clothes and pair them one by one on a piece of paper. If the combination satisfies you, write it on the paper. make a grid to categorize each combination (weather, occasion, destination).
  • Pair each set after folding them. In this way, it will be easy for you to know if the pair is ready to use.
  • Buy neutral clothes as many as the days before laundry day. Neutral clothes are the white shirts you often wear under your coat or jacket. This is a bit expensive but it helps. Neutral clothes are always used as base for your style.
  • Think about your inspiration. No, seriously. Think about your fashion inspiration to help yourself decide what to wear today. Thinking about your idol will give you instant choice to pick the best outfit.

These solutions has helped me shorten the decision making process everyday. From 10 minutes down to less than 1 minute, only wearing them makes my preparation longer.

Remember: when choosing an outfit don’t pick the stunning combination. Instead, choose the proper one.


By “Cinderella”



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