GOKINJO: The Ultimate Unli-Ramen Experience


…should’ve visited Gokinjo goodness sooner!

Recently, people started talking about a Ramen house located in Marikina City that offers unlimited bowls of Ramen for only P250. And wow, it was the best Ramen trip I have ever experienced.

Ramen is a well-known Japanese dish. It consists of Chinese-style wheat noodles served in a meat- or fish-based broth, after flavored with soy sauce or miso, and uses toppings such as sliced pork, dried seaweeds, menma, green onions, and other ingredients that will stop you from reading this paragraph and start boarding a cab to #43 Rainbow street, Marikina. And I just did,

Because we got the chance to try Gokinjo’s finest Ramens!


Gokinjo is located at 43 Rainbow street, Marikina. Near the corner of Lilac street. the district is like Quezon City’s Maginhawa Food Park. Themed restaurants are everywhere and the street is booming with night lights and food aromas.

Gokinjo is easy to find. Google maps is so aware of its location, they could even provide you a dozen of routes just to make sure you will get there. The Marikina road traffic is just right for you to arrive in Gokinjo with a hungry tummy, enough for 3 bowls of mouth-watering Ramen.

the crew of the store is so accommodating that i’d be the bad guy if I didn’t let them took a picture of us. The waitresses came in like The Flash, very attentive. And they laugh with us in our jokes. The whole crew were standing behind us like they’re ready to take our next order and they’re gonna do it in full force just to satisfy us.


All the ramens were delicious. the P350 unli-ramen where we can try all the different flavors is amazing. The tantanmen “na hinding hindi mo matatantanan” (pun intended) is the best of them all, only P250. Not too salty, not too sweet. Just right.

The sake shot made my friend forgot where he lives. I really wanna try a round too but I don’t wanna go home at Quezon City and wake up in Quiapo fish port the next morning. Looking at my tipsy friend makes me think that the sake was so authentic, he can now speak Japanese. Gokinjo Banzai!


The Dark Chocolate brownie is a one-of-a-kind brownie with mind-boggling ribbon-like caramel garnish. Yes, I started an argument whether the garnish is a frozen tape or what. Good thing, the standby crew, stopped the debate once and for all by giving the answer it was a fried pasta. The brownie’s so good topped with vanilla ice cream. A real winner.


I don’t always eat Ramen. But why I do, I unli Tantanmen.

Gonna return? oh yes, why not?


By “Snow White”



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