White Wolf

white wolf.jpg

Dear Black Wolf;

I hope you’re finding me on the right direction. Please look closer. Please focus. Do this and you will find my destination. I hope this message Reaches you in time before you lose My tracks.

Black wolf, If you’re reading this, you will understand why I choose to hide this message in these paragraphsPlease, reconsider your actions and decisions. Whatever you will do next will carve a big dent in your memories forever. It will hurt so much that no amount of tears can erase.

Through years of wandering alone, I have learned a lot. Drama brings down the toughest organizations; Unacceptable opinions cracks the strongest bonds; Messages ignites revolutions. I saw it all, but it made me strong.

I heard that you were disowned by the pack. Please black wolf, come and find me. I left some hints for you.

In our pack, there are 2 rules that cannot be broken: “Family first” and “Respect”.
These rules made our family strong against threat but whenever there’s strength,
there is challenge. This is the moment where our family, the ones who thought us respect, are the same ones who broke it. You are now standing between your family and what is right. The terrible truth is, the reality that no matter what you choose, the pack will still leave you behind.

You are humiliated, shamed, and accused by committing dishonorable deeds by your own kind. If they are pointing fingers at you, please don‘t start fighting them. Conflict only breeds catastrophe. If you fight and win, the ghost of conscience will never stop haunting your thoughts. If you lose, your chance to walk away will be out of hand.

I know family is important to you but sometimes it’s better to walk straight than turning left or right. We’re both trained to survive independently.

Again, don’t fight them. Hurting our kind is just another proof that they are right about you. If we do it, we are no better than a thief.

Please, stay in the trail so you won’t get lost. This could be the last scent I’ll be leaving for you.

Your Real Color.

By “Rapunzel”



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