8 of the Most Funniest Dubbed Animal Videos in the Internet

Yes. Today, we will talk about animals and their funny sides.

Animals, including cute and scary ones, believe it or not, have also a funny side in them. And because of the growing multimedia technologies, we now learned that not only fishes can relieve stress but also video clips of other animals especially when you put background music and human voices on them thanks to memes.


In fact, funny animal vines has recently dominating the internet for their adorable looks and hilarious actions. This week, I gathered 8 of the most funniest animal dubbed videos that you can still search them in youtube right now.

You may now kiss your sadness goodbye so here they are,

The 8 most Funniest Dubbed Animals Videos in the Internet.

1. Laughing Lion

Lions are one of the most feared predators in the animal kingdom. Basically, they are “the big dad” of other felines and the boss of the jungle. While most videos show how strong and deadly a lion could be, there’s this one video of a lion who looks like he’s about to sneeze or laughing.


2. Death Metal Rooster

We all know it’s time to wake up when the rooster starts it’s loud cock-a-doodle-doo song in the morning. The sound typically goes for at least 3 seconds but can you imagine if a rooster has a bigger set of lungs like humans? Apparently, there’s a rooster that can do that, as if it was growling like the ones we hear in death metal songs.

3. Death Metal Ants

Ants don’t have a voice box so they use their pair of Antennae and limb gestures to communicate to each other. They also follow the scent of of their kind in order to stay in track while at work. The next video is when ants swirl altogether a meal in a heavy metal music forming a black hole mosh pit.

4. Trololo Cat

Cats are so adorable and they captivate our hearts with their simple acts of cuteness however, they also do some weird stuff that makes us laugh hard especially when combined with music -a classy music.

5. Ozzy Man Reviews: Homewrecker Penguin Fight

Ozzy Man Reviews is a page in youtube commentating a trending video. Recently, he uploaded a wild life video featuring penguin he named “Gerald” who’s coming home from fishing when he saw his wife with another male penguin. I honestly didn’t think that penguins are capable of committing  marriage betrayal but one thing is for sure, the video is not for faint of heart because of Ozzyman’s foul words and MMA penguin fights. And the penguins sing.

6. Screaming Marmot

This is the shortest yet funniest animal video vine I ever watched. A marmot is an animal that look like a beaver but actually a large squirrels in Genus Marmota. They live on mountainous areas, such as Alps and Pyrenees in Europe. In this video, a marmot appears to be squeaking in high pitch and it’s kinda cute but the uploader changed the sound into something loud and funny. The best 11 seconds of my life.

7. Screaming Mudskippers

Mudskippers are amphibious type of fish that lived in intertidal habitats in tropical and temperate regions of Indo-pacific and Atlantic. These fishes are active while out of the water, feeding and interacting with one another. Their battle dance includes opening their mouths to threaten an enemy. They do produce sounds but not like this one in the video.

8. Markiplier’s MEOW

…and you guessed it. Dubbed cats. Markiplier uploaded this video as a response to anime or japanese games that makes cats say “nyaa” instead of “meow”. He even made a dog version of this titled WOOF.




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