Dozen of reasons why people should always get out of their room

“there is no place like home.”

…particularly, your bed. that’s why most people would choose to stay there all day. There you go. The birth of “bed weather” , “hibernation” , and all kinds of things to justify laziness.


Laziness is not cute. It’s just laziness.It really makes me wonder why other people sees others “cute” when they do nothing all day and staying in the bed, with their messy hair and 9-day pajamas, laptop or cellphones in hand, and potato chip crumbs all over the place.

I know you would choose saving your flat than the world but allow me to give you at least 12 reasons to pull you out of your comfort zone disguised as your room.

1. Your comfort zone is not always there. You always have something to do outside. Something more important. hmm I don’t know, RESPONSIBILITIES perhaps?

2. It keeps you from being independent. And you’re already starting by ignoring the small things that should be done.

3. It makes you think that your house is the best place on earth and that is so not good. You know you gotta move on too.

4. Plus, remember that a house is different from home. You maybe happy with your home but it would have been better if that’s a home. Consider those walls and roof as part of happy you or it will be just another cell.

5. Sweat from outdoor activities is different with bed sweat. S*x is not a valid reason.

6. Every individual needs exercise.

7. There are lots of things out there that is destined for you to discover. The small window in your bed room called “computer screen” is no match with the real adventure the outside world has to offer.

8. And you forgot that you are a reliable independent person who doesn’t need a pamper. Or maybe you never was until I told you?

9. Your friends are waiting for you outside. By restricting yourself to go out, you are also placing steel walls between you and your friends.

10. though there are things that are good when done indoors, there are also things that are better when done outside. You can’t play football inside the house. But you can watch TV outside the house and it’s better with barbecue and with friends.

11.Your skin needs Vitamin D from the sun. You’re not a vampire like the ones in the online books you’re reading. Just don’t stay under the sun too much, you’ll regret it.

12. Socializing outside is far different than socializing online. The authentic you is always better than the virtual you.

and there are more.

Laziness is laziness. No matter how much you look at it, laziness is just laziness. Some people even tried to look for scientific explanations to justify their own laziness but in the end of the day, these reasons are just excuses.


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