In Finding Mr. Right, What could Possibly Go Wrong?

I’ll tell you what could go wrong in finding Mr. Right.

Your method could be wrong. Your attitude could be wrong. Your mindset could be wrong. And everything goes infinite like the number eight (8) so I’ll give you 8 things you’re doing wrong in finding Mr. Right.


It’s almost February again. It’s almost “that time” when your newsfeed will be flooded with your posts of bitterness, wishful thinking, disappointments, and hoping some way the 14th will be removed out of your calendar. But underneath those miserable posts, your quest in finding Mr. Right is actually your top priority even if you’re hiding it. The determination on search for Mr. Right and that one real happy ending inside of you is always there.

  1. You’re looking at the wrong place – Can you find a fish on a tree? Or a bra on a men’s wear section? Stop using Tinder or other apps that offer the same kind of STD. Stop expecting that a guy will offer you a clean drink and expect he won’t leave you naked on a nearby hotel with a receipt paid from your credit card. Stop wasting time posting in Facebook, thinking one of those guys commenting on your post is the right guy. Open your eyes and look around you. Who knows? Maybe he’s disguised as your friend.15977229_552279241625015_7093385174433893963_n
  2. You’re looking on the wrong time – Like when you’re praying for something and Jesus didn’t gave it to you because it’s not for you, or not this time, or you gotta get it on your own. You gotta consider a lot, like for example your age, maybe you’re too young. I know it’s obvious but trust me, even a 10-year old kid is at it nowadays.
  3. You found him on the wrong time – You’re looking at the wrong time and found him at the wrong time is different. In this moment, let’s say you already found him but there are lots of consequences. There’s the chance that he might be in-relationship with someone (no offense to the girlfriend, if the guy is not meant for you, things won’t work out and you know it) or he maybe he’s single but not into relationship stuff and this kind of relationship rarely survives after a couple of serious quarrels.
  4. You’re choosey – (sorry for the word) your ego is so big; it won the Guinness World Record for 3 consecutive years. Beauty and Money is everything for you. You want a good looking guy, maybe driving a Porsche, and an iPhone-7 on his pocket but by the end of the day, his personality and true affection is really that counts. Don’t be a gold digger, girl. The right guy will give you everything necessary you might need in the future.16002739_1852654768396632_7526403227258201411_n
  5. He found you, you ignored him – There’s a song titled ’12:51′ that focus on a girl’s disappointment because she thought he’s just an ordinary guy until it haunts her every night. That’s true. Who would have thought the person sitting beside you on a train, or the next applicant on your office, or the cashier at the convenient store is Mr. Right. Maybe you should start being nice to everyone. You don’t want to give him the wrong impression, do you?
  6. You found Mr. Wrong – Of all the mistakes you’ve made, this is the most terrible. You want it bad that you forgot to check if you’re compatible with him. We all know opposites attract but not every time. Imagine the world with that kind of thinking and you will surely doubt how humans made it to 2017. Can you ride a bike with desynchronized axles? Harmony is what makes a couple or anything that needs an extra hand to work. Without it, you can expect more arguments than development.14671136_1634982816800565_8361382307895893349_n
  7. You like Mr. Wong – (that is not misspelled). That’s what I call to Asian guys singing and dancing for their fangirls. Even with the realization that they won’t be noticed, their obsessions with these pop artists are unbelievable. To the point that they would choose to ignore Mr. Right for Mr. Wong. Not just Mr. Wong, it could also be fictional characters from an Anime or books. I sign petition against Mr. Wong.
  8. You don’t let the reality checker in – Yes, he knocked your door twice and you didn’t let him in. Well guess what, Mr. Right’s part time job was a reality checker and you missed him twice. You’re so fed up with reality of other people around you and influenced by them that when reality is giving you the right one, you doubt it. You’re so afraid that what if you choose Mr. Wrong again, what if the same hurt happens to you like what happened to your friend? Reality is the cruelest teacher, punishments first before lesson. And you cling to its punishments and didn’t accept the lesson part.

Dear Girls;

You’re the most precious gift a guy could have for his life. You’re gonna be his greatest goal and achievements. Everything he does is not for him. A man can survive on his own, but can’t live without his perfect half. So when you found him, make every moment count.


3 thoughts on “In Finding Mr. Right, What could Possibly Go Wrong?

  1. I’m not sure if I found him…what I know is that I like him and it’s all in my head! Take note, my head, not my heart…
    I just came to know last night that he like me too, he’s just not looking for a relationship right now because he wants to fulfill his dreams first…
    I am fully aware of that, and I barely know him just yet, and I want to befriend him first (with no ulterior motive)
    I hope he’s Mr. Right, but if not…I hope I’ll know…
    You nailed it by the way~! =)

    Liked by 1 person

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