Not So Seared Enough

“I left the restaurant wishing the food was great as its crew.”

Founded on 2015, with 1700 plus likes and rated 5 stars by 69 people on Facebook, Seared promises a pleasing dining experience to its guests making it an ideal good dinner. I guess some ideas are bad, or at least not good enough.


A week ago, I was searching for a good restaurant near Marco Polo. Then I saw this new restaurant near Home Depot named Seared. Their Google and Facebook photos looks promising so me and friends tried the restaurant on the next day. I gotta try those Spicy Buffalo Wings.

The next day, we were greeted by their impressive well lit atmosphere and their friendly crew. After finding a table, there’s the menu. We were so hungry that time so we ordered the ‘God Father’ Munchies, ‘Malcolm’s X’ burger, Tossed Salad, and my favorite Buffalo Wings named ‘Murdock’. I guess I expect too much.

The twister fries was as good as McDonald’s but the pork chop is not. The crisp and salt is just right, now that’s something that any fast-food clown can achieve.

The burger’s good but by just slicing it, I swear I imagined a mob of screaming evening Zumba Dancers on a sudden electricity black out for it’s oozing fat. It adds flavor, but it’s bad to your health.

But my buffalo wings, oh my G, they’re so dry. Even by just looking at it, you can easily figured out that these wings were just deep fried. I don’t know what kind of Buffalo Wings type of cooking they did but wherever I order a plate of Buffalo Wings, they serve it with the wings cooked together with the sauce. And the Spicy Buffalo Sauce is just a side dip.

The Salad is very small but I understand that. Everything’s fine but I’m really disappointed with their food so we left the table with out utensils on “bad experience” sign.

But then again, we have different tastes in food. You can go to Seared. It is located at Unit 9 Ground Floor, Ortigas Technopoint, Julia Vargas Avenue, Ortigas Center Pasig beside Home Depot and see for yourself.


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