10 hidden motives found on Facebook trend posts

borrowpanties.jpg Oh wow! Today is the Borrow an Underwear Day! Who would’ve guessed? 😀

Nah, actually I just made that one.

For many times, Facebook have been the medium to spread awareness across the world. It’s been used by organizations and foundations to also solicit donations with a fun twist like the ALS Ice bucket challenge who has received $100 million from its donors since July 29th. That is the power of social media that even you’re not donating, you’re actually taking part of spreading awareness to people.

While these viral posts are trending for greater good, some posts are just nothing but to make you do the trend without any good reason at all. And these posts(mostly chain posts) have hidden and sometimes dirty motives.

It is undeniable that Facebook has become home to critics. That being said, other Trend-Setters sees this as an opportunity to make senseless trends but sounds fun to others so people should do it anyway. And if you don’t, that’s where these critics come in and bombarded you with criticisms if you don’t do or at least share the trend.

So what are those posts exactly?

To name a few, here are 10 hidden motives found in Facebook trending posts:

  1. What [pop culture] are you – Is a type of trend post with the motive of displaying your information to the public. There’s been speculations that this is Facebook and other covert organizations way to spy on you easily. This trend post starts with an application where you allow to analyze your profile and display your personality in a form of pop culture stuff like movie titles, movie characters, president names, states, etc.


  2. Comment and PM dare – These posts will suddenly pop-up on your news feed in many types and ways shared by your friends. One of the most common is the “comment and PM” where the post lets you choose a number or options with a corresponding dare that you will know when the person who posted it sends you the personal message (PM). The dares are often sexual from making out, to one night stand. The hidden motive is obviously there but some people do it anyway for fun. Seriously, this post can get you pregnant with a higher risk of STD.
  3. Tag a friend – Ti could be created for romantic excitement intention, the most recent tag a friend trend today could be a photo of a not so good looking people with a caption saying they’re looking for [insert a commonly used named like “john” here] and he/she needs to be tagged. The motive is clearly for fun but for the people who’s in the photos that are widely used for insult purposes is something that should be stopped.


  4. No Bra Day – In 2011, a trend goes viral in the internet where women are encouraged not to wear bras for a day every October 31. While the origin is still unknown, the viral post aims awareness to the importance of breast cancer and its symptoms. Yeah, the motive seems clean but some people have been altering the said date making the No Bra Day twice and sometimes trice a month exposing the unsuspecting health conscious ladies’ nipples in public.
  5. Social Personality Tests or Quiz Results – Another trend post with the intention of making you more aware of yourself by answering questions or choosing photos and allowing the application to get access to your profile. This actually makes your account vulnerable and threatens your privacy.
  6. Chain posts – Chain posts is another type of trend posts with hidden motives. The post acts more like a Social Quiz Result only this time, you’re the one displaying your personal info. People doing this trend posts will start by posting a status by answering some and often personal questions followed with a dare for readers to trigger the chain effect. Unsuspecting readers will then bites the bate by commenting, receives the same set of questions via message, and then share their answers in a form of status.
  7. Your photos tells your personality – It’s like Social Personality test but with your own photos. Again, you will allow an application to scan your photos and displaying them in public with self-esteeming words. Most of these apps are only for fun and you can prove that buy clicking the refresh button of the page and see how the results change. What you don’t know is that these apps are using the so called “Barnum Effect” where in the app tells your good traits that will make you proud of yourself but is actually a good trait of others too in general.
  8. First letters – These posts will ask the spectators their middle initial, first letter of their birthday, first letter of their crush, etc, to know the corresponding answer which are also showed in the post. the options are always within a definite selection like months (12), letters (26), dates (31), etc. With these posts, you are also giving up your personal info to the public. Sometimes it’s better to be paranoid or killjoy than risking your own life.
  9. Comment your birthday – Some people doesn’t want you to know their birthdays for some reason. It is common to Filipinos because some are afraid to treat the whole gang a birthday blowout. That’s where these posts come in. to know the answer of the post, a person must comment his/her birth month, day, and sometimes even the year to get the answer.
  10. False Information – A post that often uses “according to science…” on the beginning. It’s a type of misinformation that uses preferences like God, science, bible, experts, universities, law, and others that are often unquestionably true. The hidden motives varies with the picture or information used on the post. One of the common examples are to raise awareness about the benefits of sex with the motive that people should have frequent sex than the average times based on science. Now imagine if you’re just a man, ladies of science might just flocking towards you because….IT’S SCIENCE!


And that’s it folks, the 10 common trend posts with hidden motives swimming in the vast ocean of internet. Before you join a trend always check the motive and purpose of the trend. You’ll never know if you’re about to be a victim of something that just came of a social media.

If you think I missed other viral trends with hidden motives, be sure to tell it in the comments. Thanks.




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