12 things you’re using that you should replace right now

We buy and keep things that are useful to us especially the ones that we frequently use to keep ourselves in good hygiene. But did you know that these items, when used, becomes more dangerous that they should be replaced in days?


Look. The truth is, no matter how pricey or durable things are, it has an expiration date. Even if you take care of it, don’t use it and keep inside your cabinet, it will meet it’s expiration day, therefore it should be replaced. Fabrics and wood rot, stainless and glass tarnishes,  steel rusts, etc.

To give you a list, here are the 12 things you’re frequently using that should be replaced:

  1. Underwear
    Your underwear without a doubt is the unquestionably item you have that should be replaced. I don’t even need to explain further why you should replace your undies in couple of years depending on the quality.
  2. Socks
    Socks are okay. Until you wear them with wet feet. That’s where we get problems. Our feet 2nd to the hand, is our direct contact to germs particularly on the ground. You might be wearing shoes when going out of the house but it can’t protect you from dust with germs hovering on the ground.
  3. Comb
    scratches your scalp, scooping dead cells, and gets stuck on your comb. few blown germs in the air later, your comb is completely surrounded with germs that can harm your scalp. In addition, continuous use of comb can make its misaligned.


  4. Toothbrush
    Especially if your toothbrush doesn’t have a cover, it is prone to many kinds of  bacteria even if it’s inside the fridge which most Filipinos do. Food that gets stuck on your teeth also gets stuck on your toothbrush bristles no matter how much you wash it. Knowing this, will you still use that toothbrush?
  5. Body net scrub
    Those fluffy net scrubs in your bathroom are maybe home to germs feeding dead cells of your skin. And not only your body scrub that’s been party place of your dead skin.
  6. Towel
    The smaller ones to be exact. These handy towels are often used to clean your facial and body sweat and wipe the dirty stuff on your
  7. Undershirt
    Especially the white ones. Nope, bleach can’t always save them from yellow stains and bad odor it carries each day you use them. There’s even these old trick where you soak it with fresh lime squeezes but constant bleaching and stuff like these can worn out undershirts.
  8. Earbuds
    Lets face it. There are times that those tiny holes of your earbuds gets ear wax. Yeah we clean them but it does’t mean it’s 100% clean. That’s also the reason why some earphones have spare rubber buds.
  9. Kitchen Plastic ware
    The kitchen is the second most dirtiest room inside your house. And we cook our meals there. Plastic wears are good breeding grounds for germs and bacteria. This is the reason why plastic tumblers always smells when you forgot to clean them for hours. plastic food containers with rubber seals on their lid apparently is not also safe from germs when not cleaned thoroughly.
  10. Sponge
    These days, sponges are also used on facial cosmetics by most leading cosmetic companies around the world. But what we don’t know is that every time we wipe these sponges on our face, it scratches the skin and carries dead cells along with it, making it a positive target for bacteria.


  11. Eye glasses nose pads
    Eye glasses nose pads are the tiny pair of pads to keep the eye glasses in place. Some frames have pads that are often detachable with screws. Through time, you would notice a dark green color behind these pads. They are actually different kind of germs from air, dust, sweat, and dead skin, mixed together and got stuck.
  12. And lastly, nail cutters and tweezers
    These stainless nail couture materials can be dangerous for you and your cute nails. Most manicurists even boil these things to sanitize them. Yeah sure, it’s safer now right? Well, there’s another problem. These things can get dull and chipped from excessive use and might hurt your fingers when not used wisely or replaced.

And there you have it. 12 things that should be replaced. I know there are other things out there you’re using that should be replaced but I’m giving you the opportunity to  identify and replace them yourself.

If you think that these items should not be replaced, please share your idea by replying on the comment section below and let’s have a fun conversation. I’d be happy to tell you what needs to be replaced.


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