Haunted places located in Metro Manila

palace-ghost-071916.jpgThere are lots of ghost hot spots here in the Philippines and more than a dozen are located in Metro Manila. These hot spots are always described by many as haunted and is said to remain paranormally active to this date. Through years, numerous ghostly encounters, supporting photos and documentaries have proven these haunted places to be real.

Some of these places are associated with stories that are so hardcore scary, you will think twice to visit them.

I know some of you are all fired up getting ready your cameras so without further ado, here are the 8 haunted places located in Metro Manila:

#1 Ozone Disco Club

Ozone Disco Club, located at Timog Avenue Quezon City, is one of the greatest disco bars in its time. Its incident could be the most tragic fire incident ever happened in the city. Based on reports, the disco burst to flames with all of its panicking patrons trapped inside for 4 hours. With its giant steel doors that can only be opened by pulling from within became the instant cause of 162 deaths. But the horror never stopped there. Passers-by claim to see figures on the windows staring at them at night and even hear disembodied laughs and cries inside the building.

#2 Balete Drive

Balete Drive today seems to be a normal driveway, until you decide to drive though it at night. According to people living in the vicinity, the driveway was named after the Balete trees, a scary looking big tree with long vines around it, that were lined up beside the entire road. To this day, none of the trees are still standing. Some people believed that the trees are home to mystic beings that haunts the road at night. According to stories, a lady in white is said to ride the passing taxi cabs and vanishes right before the car leaves the road.

#3 Manila City Hall Clock Tower

It is said that the shape of Manila City Hall building has something to do with its hauntings. Even the google map satellite imagery shows the clear bizarre shape of the building that looks like a coffin from above. Employees’ stories seem to match with other employees’ experiences when talking about the ghost of Clock Tower.

#4 Walls of Intramuros

The absolute defense of Wall of Intramuros is somewhere between Amusing and Terrifying. Underneath the walls are tunnels connected from one chamber to another. Used by the Spaniards, meaning “within the walls”, The Intramuros is a city fortified with walls both against water and land attacks. but within it’s chambers and tunnels holds the spirits of the soldiers that died there.

Fort Santiago is also famous for its past as the place where tortured soldiers are killed. Some people also seen ghosts of soldiers wearing old uniforms walking around the fort. A recent photo also shows what seems to be a man walking on the side walk but the photographer made it sure that nobody’s out there.

#5 Starmall

And you thought Malls are impossible to be haunted. Starmall Alabang located at Muntinlupa City will disagree of your idea. There’s a story circulating online that a young couple purchased tickets to watch a movie. The theater was so full with people that they had trouble finding a seat but as the movie ended, they realized they are the only ones watching there.

#6 Manila Film Center

The film center built by order of the most described ruthless president of all time Ferdinand Marcos’s wife, Imelda Marcos, is said to be haunted by the workers who died during its construction. The rushed under-construction building collapsed with its 169 workers buried dead and alive. Their spirits haunt the place up to this date.

#7 Malacañang Palace

Even the fierce current president Rodrigo Duterte is no match with these ghosts living in his house. The Malacañang Palace was built in Spanish era, though it undergoes constant maintenance, it is still considered one of the most old and haunted places in Metro Manila. There’s a searchable photo in the internet of a headless man standing beside a well-lit corridors of the Palace..

#8 U.P Diliman

Yes! And schools too can be haunted. Universities are not exempted with spookiness even on vacations. University of the Philippines also have ghost stories that are really creepy. The university has many buildings that are kilometers away from another, vast tree lines, and open grass fields within its campus. A student would have to find a way of transportation in order to reach the next scheduled subject, and one of the most common are jeepneys. According to stories, a student rode a jeepney and upon drop off, the driver told her that she was headless on the back mirror and she needs to burn her clothes in order to shake the curse of certain death.

Another story where another student gets aboard a jeepney but refused to sit saying the jeepney is full and there were no available seats although the jeep is completely empty.

If you’re traveling in Manila this season, feel free to visit those places and witness the true horror at your own risk. I’ve tried some of these places I’ve mentioned but my experience is for me alone. Now it’s your turn.


One thought on “Haunted places located in Metro Manila

  1. I got chills when reading this blog. I love reading horror stories that’s why i read this. the place that caught my attention was starmall alabang where in a young couple watching a movie but after the movie they’re the only ones left in that theater.


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