Know your Halloween

Imagine yourself suddenly chosen to name each Halloween costume that is inside the room to win a trip to your dream vacation. Can you name them all or is it bye-bye to your dream island get away?

Let me help you name and identify 20 of the most notorious Halloween character of all time:

  1. Bughuul – commonly known as “Boogeyman” has its most recent and frightening version thanks to the movie ‘Sinister’. You can tell he’s the Boogeyman by looking on his weir face. boogeyman.jpg
  2. Slenderman – is a super tall, super skinny, pale, bald, and faceless man in a suit with long arms. slenderman
  3. Davy Jones – is often mistaken as “the flying dutchman” because of the cartoon ‘Spongebob squarepants’. Note: Flying Dutchman is the cursed ghost ship. Davy Jones came from sailors’ idiom “Davy Jones’ Locker” – The depth of sea where dead sailor and shipwrecks go. If he doesn’t look like a captain, then probably he’s just another pirate.davy jones.jpg
  4. Banshee – or the wailing woman can’t be identified by the looks. A ghost lady is just another ghost until she constantly screams while crying. Then you got yourself a Banshee. banshee.jpg
  5. Wendigo – If today’s Christmas and you saw a costume of a standing deer in Christmas robe, then that’s a Krampus. but since it’s Halloween, that person on reindeer horns is a Wendigo – a Canadian folklore. wendigo.jpg
  6. Yuki-Onna – When you find a lovely lady wearing white kimono in the middle of snowy blizzard, that’s gotta be a ghost. The difference of Yuki Onna from a random Geisha is it’s plain white kimono outfit with extremely white skin and long hair. yukionna.jpg
  7. Stingy Jack – You probably know him as the “pumpkin king” or “Jack of the Lantern”. Stingy Jack is the very reason why people lit carved pumpkin lanterns on Halloween. Stingy Jack based on folklore, tricked the devil twice and forever searching for home as a lost spirit. Trivia: Stingy Jack lit a Turnip, not a pumpkin. stingy jack.jpg
  8.  Dullahan – The headless rider of the movie ‘Sleepy Hollow’. Dullahan appears to be a headless rider who beheads people in European folklore. dullahan.jpg
  9. Baba Yaga – is distinguishable than a normal witch. Baba Yaga came from Slavic folklore. An old lady that flies in a mortar and wields a pestle. baba-yaga
  10. Mary Tudor – is the real name of Bloody Mary, the ghost you call in the mirror. There’s a more challenging version where you taunt Mary by saying “I stole your baby, Bloody Mary”. Bloody Mary is more…well…bloody than a normal ghost white lady. bloody mary.jpg
  11. Sadako – is also distinctly different from a normal white lady ghost. She’s the japanese ghost who leaps from a well, comes out of your TV, and kill you in a horrible way after watching her cursed video giving you 7 days to solve it. She has that long black messy hair and stunning (literally) killer eyes. sadako.jpg
  12. Kharon – is different from Grim Ripper/Death. Kharon is the boatman in the river Styx who agrees to be your ride in exchange of gold coins. charon
  13. Kuchisake Onna – is more scary than her seasonal cousin Yuki Onna and porbably The Joker’s other wife. Kuchisake Onna which means Slit Mouthed Woman wears a decent outfit and flu mask which hides her slit mouth. She offers a chart of question and answer whether you die or live slit-mouthed. kuchisake onna.jpg

2 thoughts on “Know your Halloween

  1. I thought it was 20 scary characters that you’re going to show. but thats okay. i thought i know a lot of scary characters but this blog tells me that there is more. I’m well entertain about what this blog has. I hope that there’s a lot more of scary character can be add.It’s a good one.


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