The highlights of #SenateHearing this September so far

The highlights of #SenateHearing for September so far

At least, before the month ends; here are the top 12 most memorable moments of #SenateHearing


  1. Herbert Colangco and the company. One of the trending videos of September is Herbert Colangco and other witnesses’ harana for De Lima.


  1. Cayetano’s theory of plan B of LP. Reporters flocked towards Cayetano after a fierce debate inside the hearing. His statements summed his theory of the previous administration’s plot against the current administration.


  1. De Lima’s link to drugs inside bilibid prison. Now that’s something unexpected from a former Department of Justice Secretary.


  1. Breaking news: The death of Tony Co. Just recently, a riot broke in New Bilibid Prison with high profile inmates Tony Co found dead. Vicente Sy, Peter Co, and Jaybee Sebastian injured all in Building 14.


  1. “Extra Judicial Feelings”. And who would have forgotten the former Senate chairperson’s viral sex video?


  1. Pacqiao’s 1-2 punch against De Lima. Points to People’s champion.


  1. De Lima can’t stand anymore. De Lima left the hall while Senator Cayetano is still doing his privilege speech saying she would also do her own privilege speech on the next day. Her screenshot face is priceless.


  1. De Lima out, Dick Gordon sits on the chair. Sixteen senators voted to oust De Lima and was replaced by Senator Dick Gordon the new committee chairperson. His funny interludes makes the session hall .


  1. Trillanes vs Cayetano. Cayetano schooled Trillanes about “half-truth”


  1. Senator Trillanes’s remarkable attitude of turning a fellow colleague microphone off while he’s speaking.


  1. De Lima’s emotional breakdown on her press conference.


  1. The tale of Edgar Matobato. Probably the best unforgettable moments in Senate Hearing.



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